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Youtube Playlist of other Productions of Dorothy in Wonderland. 

Lots of good costume and blocking ideas. (Also a lot of "what not to do"s) I like a lot of the ideas of the WHS Acting II ones. Some of the middle school ones have good set ideas. The 'Making of" one has some good ideas within their photos.  

SCENE 3: The Tin Man's Arrest

Starts at 10:04
I like the Humpty Dumpty Costume and how the bully the Tin Man behind the wall, to step on the egg shells

SCENE 4: The Battle

In front of curtain? Bounce. Keep lines clear.

SCENE 7: The Stolen Tarts

Starts at 28:00
Just a general idea for blocking. Alice has redhand to start. 

Another version of Scene 7.  

SCENE 8: Painting the Roses Red

Ideas of how to stage. Don't like the costumes or the wall.