Welcome to Social Media Collaborative Work: SMCW Research. by Bazil S Solomon


SMCW: anyone, at anytime, anywhere can work across the internet at will: with global rapid collaboration, emergent and creative outcomes, giving all a voice


The use of Social Media for Collaborative work issues forth a Renaissance in universal collaborative work and the evolution of the Internet, WWW and CSCW, allowing small groups or millions of users to perform novel and highly creative collaborative work from Building Systems with Twitter and Facebook social networking to Managing Engineering projects with Email, Skype and Smart phone text or millions of Facebook users networking and solving their day-to-day problems collaboratively. This self-motivated increase in Collaborative Work (CW) , however needs a Framework so that stakeholders and actors can effectively  use the SMCW systems and  do Requirements Engineering via conceptual modelling especially for the social work relationships.  Tools are needed for SMCW network graph and Relationship analyses together with visualisation tools of users interactions, all for better user-centered management etc. The SMCW project aims to address these issues through the establishment of methodologies, using the well established fields of CSCW and TechnoSocial systems with Business, Psychological and Social sciences playing integral roles.

We are using a Diabetes community and conducting action research to validate our approach to modeling such systems etc. We are also conducting a Social Media use in Global Software Engineering to validate our theories and discover more about the phenomenon to help global software engineers

In order to develop a Framework for measuring effective social media collaborative work , the following objectives have been set:

1) To develop a taxonomy for SMCW systems, functions, searches and interactions.

2) To model SMCW systems using methodologies such as Soft Systems Methodology, i*,  social psychology, empirical analyses, etc.
3) To build on the well-established field of CSCW but also incorporate relevant systems  thinking, social and business theory to develop Social Media for Collaborative Work as a field of research in its own right
4) To Develop SMCW Metrics
5) To Develop SMCW Matrix



Department of Computing and Communications Technologies