Virtual classroom Wk 1

This week we make explicit the 1200 for 1230 start. The first half hour is getting settled time. If this is your first time in the virtual classroom, please make sure you join at 1200. And, please review the recording of last week's session.

The classroom can be found here.

A link to a guide to supported browsers (in light of last week's challenges for some)

The recording this week will start from 1230.
  • 1200-1230 Arrivals ongoing platform troubleshooting - get settled with your coffee
  • 1230 Review and evaluation of week 1 activities
    • Native, immigrant? Visitor, resident? Voyeur, flaneur?
    • Do you follow or friend your students?
    • Social citation
  • 1300 Introduce week 2 & 3 activities
    • Task ideas
    • Forming groups
    • Hosting artefacts
  • 1345 Feedback: start, stop, continue
  • 1400 Ends