VLE LMS virtual classroom

Here is the link to the Blackboard site "Brookes Virtual", that we are using to host synchronous and asynchronous discussions.

Attached to this page you will find a guides to Brookes Virtual and general advice about web browsers for use in Brookes online courses.

  • Tutor's Note: If you are in doubt about your preferred browser, try it out. You will not break the system if your browser is "not supported by the VLE". I use Firefox 6.0.2 on Mac OSX 10.6.8. Every time I log in the VLE throws up a screen telling me that I have an unsupported browser. It works fine. I have also used the VLE on Microsoft systems running Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 8, which is "supported", but the rich text editor doesn't work. Silly VLE. (GR)
  • A note on the virtual classroom. The supported browser list is different for the virtual classroom. A link to a guide to supported browsers also attached below.

If you are not registered on the course

People who are not registered on the course will not have access to the VLE forums.

People who are not registered on this course are free to establish their own discussion forums on platforms of their choosing.

If you use the hashtag #eyolc on Twitter and Google+ we should be able to follow these conversations.

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