Welcome to the course!

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This course is designed for teachers and trainers from all education sectors and all disciplines who are interested in exploring the ideas and potential for learning beyond the hype around Web 2.0, the net generation and social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc). It will be of most interest to teaching staff who intend to or already make use of online learning environments and interactive discussions.

Audio introduction

Course aims

This course is a chance to experiment with a wide range of educational technologies and tools, you will
  • Identify and discuss learning opportunities that are appropriate for interactive engagement with particular social software tools
  • Discover, develop and integrate the tools into interactive and authentic learning tasks
  • Identify challenges and contested issues related to adopting them, generally, in the learning environment.

Week 0 Introduction

If you haven't done so already, please do listen to the Audio introduction.

Session objectives

  • Establish principal communication channels and baseline for participation
  • Introduce people and establish relationships
  • Introduce the basic principles underlying the course design
  • Set out the structure of the course