1 - Prepare students to study with digital technologies

Introducing students to the digital technologies they need is key to successfully engaging with courses and are also the first steps in preparing students to take responsibility for, reflect on, and develop lifelong habits of learning with specific regard to their use of technology.
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Before they start their studies, students know how digital tools will be used in their chosen course of study. College/university systems and any specialised software/hardware are fully introduced at induction. Students have opportunities to practise using college/university systems before they start their studies. Students have opportunities to try digital content and learning activities before they start their studies.
Before they start their studies, students know what digital devices and services will be available to them, and what they should provide for themselves. Students have training in online safety, responsibility and ethical issues. Students have opportunities to meet and collaborate in online spaces before they start their studies. Student undertake diagnostic tests on their digital practices and receive personal feedback to guide their development.
From the start, students know where they can get support with their digital skills. Students receive advice about legitimate ways that personal/social technology can support their learning. There is a staged and progressive induction process with targeted support for students’ digital needs.
New students are mentored by existing students on issues which include digital practices.

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