Dragon Entertainment

Our Company:
Dragon Entertainment is a student-led entertainment company specializing in Music Production, Media Arts, Video Game Design and Interactive Electronics Engineering. Through Dragon Entertainment, students develop STEAM competencies (science, technology, engineering, art & math) to prepare for college and connect to real-world opportunities that build an entrepreneurial skill set.  

Music Production
Our Music Production department uses GarageBand & ProTools and our in-house recording booth. Students combine their knowledge of choral and instrumental music with musical recording and production technology to produce their own style and create beats, tracks, and albums.

Why is Bobby McFerrin on our website? Because he is just that cool. 
Watch him show how music is a part of us all.

Video Game Design  
Our Game Design department uses GameStar Mechanic, Xcode, Photoshop and Illustrator to design and program online and app video games. Students develop their skills as game designers and developers by practicing conceptual game design, narrative writing, iOS programing, graphic art & animation to create and share original games and new takes on old favorites.

Video games are about more than pushing buttons. The game industry employs game designers, sound engineers, concept artists, animators, programers, project managers, and even game testers.  
Game design is also an up and coming academic discipline (You can go to college for it!) and a theme for many professional writers.

Media Art
Our Media Art department uses Adobe Software, Autodesk, iMovie, Final Cut Pro and fine arts to create graphic art, mixed media, and animations. Students combine their knowledge of fine arts with media art skills and tools to create and share beautiful works of self-expression.  

Is this what real-world artists do? You bet!

Interactive Electronics Engineering  
Our Engineering department uses the 3D printing technology from MakerBot and the Arduino prototyping platform to design, create, and share cool, interactive toys and gadgets. With 3D printers, students can design and print plastic objects, engines and even their own faces.  

No, seriously. You can print your face!

Arduino is a microcontroller/prototyping platform that allows students to build skills in electrical engineering and programming. Students develop their skills as designers and engineers practicing product design and prototyping and by making their on electronics like this one...