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Our Mission Statement:

The Bronx Compass High School is a community of creative learners engaged in the design, production, and exhibition of high-quality, meaningful work.

Our mission is to honor young people by creating a truly personalized, student-centric school model where learning is aligned to the unique interests, talents, and aspirations of our students.    

Our Vision:
At the Bronx Compass, students are at the center of everything we do. From planning interest-based projects, internships, and special events, to our very own student-led, entertainment company, Dragon Entertainment, we believe that students' interests, talents, and aspirations should be honored.

We honor and celebrate every student at the Bronx Compass by providing the support necessary for each of them to develop a personal vision for his or her future. Using that personal vision as a compass, our school community can put students on a personal pathway to success by connecting them to the opportunities that best suit their vision and by helping them track their progress and make appropriate adjustments along the way. Additionally, our comprehensive arts, technology, and internship programs provide students with ample opportunities to explore their interests and develop mastery related to their talents.

We expect students to create high-quality work, but we also expect them to find their work meaningful. Therefore, we actively pursue ways to bridge our students' "school work" with their "life work."   You can count on our school community to connect students with cutting-edge tools, studio spaces, publishing platforms, real world experts, internships in interest-related fields, and challenging tasks related to their personal visions.  Additionally, our students will design, produce and present their work to authentic audiences and evaluate their work against real world standards.

Overall, we believe every student has something valuable to contribute to the world, and that their ideas and applied talents could solve the problems of tomorrow and improve the possibilities of today. Through these contributions, our students come to know who they are, what they love and where they want to be in the near and distant future.
We will know we have succeeded as a school when our graduates have mastered competencies outlined by high academic standards (i.e. Educating for Sustainability, 21st Century, Common Core, New York State, and real world, Industry Standards). We will know we have succeeded at making learning meaningful when we see our graduates striving to create their vision of a better future for themselves and their communities. And we will know we have succeeded at honoring our students when their voices are a part of everything we do.

For more information on the different types of supports and opportunities we offer to students, please the click on our About the Compass page.

Need to Contact us? Call our main office: 718-828-1206

Parents: You can also email us at CommunityCoordinator@bronxcompass.org.