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School Community

Kindergarten Welcome Committee
The PTC wants to make the transition into Broadmeadow as smooth as possible for our new families.  Kindergarten is a big transition for both children and parents!  Over the summer, PTC volunteers reach out to new Kindergarten families to welcome them to the community. Lawn signs or door signs are distributed to each new kindergartner so that neighbors can welcome them to the school. Before school starts, the PTC hosts a play date for each Kindergarten class at Broadmeadow so that families can meet. Finally, the PTC organizes a parent coffee after drop-off on the first day of Kindergarten (one in the morning and one in the afternoon).

PTC Rep Program
The School Community Coordinators run our PTC Rep program to help build community in our large school. Check out the PTC Rep page for more information.

SEPAC Liaison
The Needham Special Education Advisory Council (SEPAC) is not a PTC committee, but rather a district-wide parents' organization that provides information for parents and advocates for children in the Needham special education program. Monthly meetings are held to inform parents on issues of general interest and topics specific to Needham. Many topics are applicable to all Needham parents, not just those with special needs children. For more information, contact the Broadmeadow liaison at Needham SEPAC.

Transferring Family Welcome
The School Community Coordinators reach out to all new non-kindergarten families that are transferring into Broadmeadow to help answer questions and ease their transition into a new school.  A New Family Reception is held after the annual PTC Open House so all new families get a chance to meet each other.