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Frequently Asked Questions

The first place to look for information about Broadmeadow school policies and procedures is the Broadmeadow School Handbook (see attachment at bottom of this page), distributed to Kindergarten and New Families in early fall. Please note, only Kindergarten and New Families will receive hard copies of the Handbook.

*Page updated 7/26/20
Prepare My Child For School
Q: How do I order school supplies?
A: The school supply list for your child's grade will be mailed along with the class lists in July. You may purchase the supplies at any store; however, all supplies at Broadmeadow are pooled together for group use. Therefore, we have made this process easier, for both parents and teachers, by arranging for a school supply purchase program for each grade. Called the School Toolkits program, parents can purchase the supplies that their child needs at a great price. You will receive a School Toolkit brochure in the spring for the following school year. We encourage all parents to participate in this program. After ordering a toolkit, the supplies will be delivered directly to the teachers by the first day of school. If you did not get a chance to order a toolkit, you can contact to see if there are any extra kits.
Q: How can I contact children in my child's class to set up play dates?
A: All kindergarten families will receive a list of contact information for their kindergarten class in July before school starts. This is a great way to set up play dates for your child before the new school year begins. At the beginning of the year, you will receive a Broadmeadow Family Directory Update/Authorization form. Please fill out this form and return it promptly so that you can be included in our Family Directory. The directories are distributed in October/ November. If you are a new family in grades 1-5, or if you join us mid-year, please contact Roberta Redpath in the main office to see if she has any extra copies of the Family Directory. If you have any further questions, contact  When setting up play dates, please note that the school office is not able to handle last minute changes in dismissal plans due to afternoon play dates. To avoid last minute changes, please confirm with your child each morning how they are getting home and write a note to your child's teacher and contact the school office at in the morning if their normal pick-up routine is changing.
Q: Should I pack my child a snack?
A: Packing a snack and a water bottle for your child every day is encouraged. There are suggestions for healthy snacks in the School Handbook. 
Q: How does lunch work?
A: Your child can bring a lunch from home or buy lunch in the cafeteria.  At the beginning of the school year, your child will receive a PIN linked to their cafeteria account (the PIN remains the same throughout their years in Needham).  You can load your child's account by paying by check or credit card.  You will receive an email when your child's account balance is low.  Click for more information on nutrition services or to see the monthly lunch menus.
Q: My child forgot their lunch, coat, etc... How do I deliver them?
A: To minimize disruption, please bring the items (in a bag with your child's name on it) to the drop-off box in the front office. An office staff member will deliver the items to your child. 
Q: What clothing should my child have during the winter?
A: Unless the weather is bitterly cold or raining hard, recess will be held outside.  Many teachers take their classes outside in addition to lunch recess.  If there is snow on the ground, your child must have boots and snowpants to go in the snow.  If they are not wearing snowpants, they will have to stay on the paved areas that have been plowed.  Hats, scarves and gloves are also encouraged as well as a change of shoes so that wet boots can remain outside the classrooms.

School Procedures
Q: My child will be absent (or late) from school.  How do I notify the school? 
A: You should call the school Safe Arrival System at 781-455-0448 extension 1 to let them know of your child's absence or late arrival. Another option is to email If your child will arrive late, bring them to the Main Entry (#1 in map below) where they will sign-in before going to their class.
Q: How do I notify the school if I need to pick up my child early?
A: You should inform your child's teacher in writing with a note or an email and contact the school office at When you pick up your child, come to the Main Entry (#1 in map below) and the office staff will call your child's classroom. If an unavoidable circumstance occurs and you need to pick up your child early and have not notified the teacher or school office, please email and indicate it is an "Early Dismissal" and list your child's name and the date.
Q: Something came up suddenly and I need to change my child's dismissal plan for today.  How do I notify the school?
A:  With almost 600 students to safely dismiss each day, the school office is not able to handle last minute changes in dismissal plans due to afternoon play dates. If something unavoidable comes up, please email and indicate it is a "Dismissal Change" and list your child's name, the date and how your child will be picked up (e.g. normally your child takes the bus, but someone will be picking them up at car pick-up). To avoid last minute changes, please confirm with your child each morning how they are getting home and write a note to your child's teacher in the morning if their normal pick-up routine is changing.
Q: How do I enter the school building during the day?
A: To maintain the safety of all of our students and staff, the Broadmeadow School is locked at all times. For entrance to the building during the day, please go to the Main Entry (#1 in map below) and press the buzzer to the left of the front doors. An office staff member will buzz you in. Once inside, please sign in and wear a visitor badge or sticker while in the building.
Q: How can I volunteer during the school day?
A: Your child’s teacher may request volunteers throughout the school year to help with class projects or field trips. In addition, the PTC recruits volunteers to help during the school day. One volunteer opportunity always in need of additional support/help is the Media Center.  All volunteers that work in the school or on a field trip will need to fill out a CORI form and Confidentiality Agreement and submit them to the school office.
Q: How are birthdays celebrated at Broadmeadow?
A: Each teacher has a special way to recognize a child’s birthday. Generally speaking, classroom celebrations do not involve food due to our food allergy policy. Please speak to your child’s teacher about classroom celebrations. You may also recognize your child’s birthday by purchasing a book in their honor for the school Media Center. The school librarian will send a form home at the beginning of the year explaining the birthday book program.
Q: Can I bring my dog when walking to drop off or pick up my child?
A: For safety reasons, dogs are not allowed on school property between 8:00 am and 3:00 pm. 
Q: Can my child ride their bike to school?
A: Please read the School Handbook for information on the policies for riding bikes, roller blades or scooters. Broadmeadow offers a wonderful program on Bicycle Safety for all 3rd Graders. Each child will learn about their bike, learn rules of the road and bring their bike to school to show their skills to our PE teacher. Once the unit has been completed in the spring, the students receive a "bike license" from the Needham Police Department. 

School Schedule
Q: What are Broadmeadow's school hours?
A:  The hours are as follows:
  • Grades K-5                    8:20*-2:45
  • Early Release Days         8:20*-12:15
*Students may enter the building at 8:05; they are marked tardy at 8:20.

Q: What are the recess/lunch times?
A:  All students have recess first and then lunch.  The times are as follows:
  • Grade 1 --  12:05-12:50
  • Grade 2 --  11:10-11:55
  • Grade 3 --  10:45-11:30
  • Grade 4 --  11:40-12:25
  • Grade 5 --  12:30-1:15
Q: What are "Specials"?
A: Each week, all students in grades K-5 will spend time with one or more of the specialists - Physical Education, Media Center (library), Music, Art, Spanish and four 9-week rotations in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math). They will also visit our Tech Center as needed.
  • Kindergarten: PE, Music, and Media once a week
  • 1st Grade: PE twice a week; Media, Art, Spanish, Music, and STEAM rotation once a week
  • 2nd Grade: PE twice a week; Media, Art, Spanish, Music, and STEAM rotation once a week
  • 3rd Grade: PE and Spanish twice a week; Media, Art, Music, and STEAM rotation once a week
  • 4th Grade: PE and Spanish twice a week; Media, Art, Music, and Chorus once a week
  • 5th Grade: PE and Spanish twice a week; Media, Art, Music, and Chorus once a week
Q: My child is interested in playing an instrument. Does Broadmeadow offer musical instruction?
A: Yes. The Needham Public Schools offer a beginning strings program starting in the 3rd grade. Practice is held before school once a week. Also in 3rd grade, all students will learn to play the recorder during their weekly music class. Starting in 4th grade, children can start instruction on a band instrument. Group instrument lessons are held once a week before school. The 4th grade band also practices together once a week, starting in January. The 5th grade band meets once a week. 5th graders also have the option of trying out for Honors Band, Jazz Band, Honors Chorus and the Needham-wide string orchestra. Private instruction on all instruments is available with Department-approved instructors for a weekly fee. Please see the Fine Arts Department website for more information.

Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures
Q: How do I drop off my child in the morning?
A: Your child can get to school in one of three ways:

  • Walkers may enter the building at the Main Entry (#1 in map below) or the Rear Entry (aka Second Grade door, #9 in map below). Please make sure if you come from the front of the building that you use the crosswalk and the sidewalks. Students will be welcomed into the building beginning at 8:05. Children arriving by foot are expected to proceed to their classroom unescorted by their grown-up. After 8:20, your child must enter through the Main Entrance.
  • Your child's bus will arrive at the rear entrance to the school and students will go directly to their classrooms.  Kindergarteners gather inside the rear entrance and a 5th grade patrol or a staff member will escort them to their classroom.
Car Drop-off:
  • You may drop off your child at the Gym Door entrance to the building (#14 in map below). You must wait until 8:05 am to drop off your child. You should remain in your car. Your child will exit your car from the passenger side only. A safety patrol or staff member will assist students in getting out of the car. Once inside, your child will walk to their classroom. At the beginning of the year, Kindergarteners can be escorted by staff or older students to their classroom.
Q: Can I accompany my child to their classroom at drop off?
A: No. Children are expected to proceed to their classroom unescorted by their grown-up.  The only exception is the first and last day of school and the first week of school for Kindergarten. Parents are welcome to enter the building if they need to access the PTC table, talk to an office staff member, meet with the nurse, or check the lost and found.  As a reminder, all visitors must sign-in upon entering the building. 
Q: How do I pick up my child in the afternoon?
A: At the beginning of the year, you will indicate to your child’s teacher how your child will be picked up each day – either Walker, Bus or Car. A "Walker" is any child that either walks home or walks with an adult to the location where you parked your car. "Car" means that you will wait for your child to be escorted to your car in the lower parking lot. You can also indicate if your child will be walking home with a sibling. If you need to change these arrangements, such as for a play date or due to weather, you need to write a note or an email to your child’s teacher and email for that school day.
  • Please wait for your child outside the building
  • Kindergartners will be released to an adult at the K/1 Breezeway (playground side) (#5 in map below)
  • 1st Graders will be released to an adult at the K/1 Breezeway (Broadmeadow Rd. side) (#2 in map below)
  • 2nd through 5th graders may leave through the Second Grade door (#9 in map below) or the Main Entry (#1 in map below)
Bus/Day Care Vans:
  • Students will gather in the Performance Center and then they are escorted to their bus or van through either the Second Grade door (#9 in map below) or the Main Entry (#1 in map below).
Car Pick-up:
  • Students will gather in the gym lobby and wait for their name to be called.
  • You will pick up your child on the passenger side only at the Gym Door entrance (#14 in map below).
  • The car pick up line can get very long in the winter and inclement weather, so plan to arrive early. 
  • Any child not picked up by 3:00 pm will go to the school office so that their parents can be contacted.
Q: Where can I park during school hours?
A: During drop-off or pick-up (from 8:00-8:30 am and 2:30-3:00 pm), you can park on one of the neighboring streets and walk in.  Between 8:30 and 2:30, you can park on the school entrance road (off Broadmeadow Rd.) or a neighboring street if that area is full.
  • DO NOT park on school property during drop-off or pick-up
  • DO NOT park in the school parking lot; it is reserved for staff 
  • DO NOT park in the circle in front of the school
  • DO NOT enter the bus circle in the back of the school at any time (off Barbara Rd)
  • DO NOT enter Broadmeadow Rd. from Greendale Ave. during drop-off and pick-up; it is One Way
  • DO NOT block neighboring driveways
  • DO NOT park on both sides of the road -- buses will not be able to get through!

Broadmeadow Elementary School Map


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