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The Tamarac High School Band is an award-winning Concert Band dedicated to the performance of quality literature and to the pursuit of teamwork, practice, and musical growth. 

"Welcome to Band!"

Great East trip Friday May 3.  Leave at 8AM return around 7 PM.

78 Band Final Performance Exam and Rubric

     Grading Rubric

Brittonkill Friends of Music Scholarship Application (due May 2)

(Links to the songs we are practicing)


Lesson Schedules

Scales         Scale Drills    
Band Music Theory Sheet

Concert Recordings

Letter of Understanding 

Free Online Metronome!!

Remind 101

The HS Band and HS Jazz Ensemble are use Remind 101.  This is a communication tool where the teacher can send text messages and emails to students and parents. 

Remind101 is a one-way text messaging and email system. With Remind101, all personal information remains completely confidential. Teachers will never see your phone number, nor will you ever see theirs. Visit www.remind.com to learn more.

Click here for instructions


Some general band things to remember...

  • What to say to your teacher when you have a scheduled band lesson:  "I have a band lesson."  
    Do not ask "Are we doing anything important today" or "Are we doing anything today?"

  • Texting is not allowed during rehearsals and lessons.  If I see it, I will take it! You may use phones / ipods for audio recording with permission.

  • If I have a recording of a song we are doing, you can listen to it on the Listening Page.

  • Socializing is not part of rehearsal.  We emphasize teamwork and cooperation.

  • Instruments and materials are left in the band room at your own risk.  
    See Mr. C if you would like a combination lock for your band locker.

  • No gum, food, or drink in the band room.  It is bad for your instrument, poor etiquette, and could be a choking hazard.

  • You are responsible for pulling your weight in the band.  If you need extra practice,  DO IT!!!

  • High School Concert Dress is black pants, black socks, black shoes, and a white shirt.  Gentlemen will wear ties.   Check with your director for middle school band concert dress expectations.    

  • Always have a positive attitude and do your best!