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English Class!

Contact Information
(518) 279-4600 ext. 1433

Dates to Remember

The Outsiders Unit Test: Friday, 12/14

The Outsiders Essay completed mostly in class) will be due: Monday 12/17

The Outsiders MOVIE: 12/17-12/20

HOLIDAY BREAK: 12/21-1/2

Second Quarter Book Project due: Friday 1/11

Homework Assignments

We have FINISHED The Outsiders!

The Outsiders Chapter 1 questions and Character Packet- due Mon. 10/29
Chapter 2 questions due Wed. 10/31
Chapter 3 questions due Fri. 11/2
Chapter 4 questions due Thurs. 11/8
CHAPTER 1-4 QUIZ: Fri. 11/9
Chapter 5 questions due Tues. 11/13
Chapter 6 questions due Fri. 11/16
Chapter 7 questions due Tues, 11/21
Chapter 8 questions due Wed. 11/28
CHAPTER 5-8 QUIZ: Fri. 11/30
Chapter 9 questions due Tues. 12/4
Chapter 10 questions due Thurs. 12/6
Chapter 11 questions due Fri. 12/7
Chapter 12 questions due Mon. 12/10
The Outsiders Review Packet due Fri. 12/14
The Outsiders UNIT TEST: Fri. 12/14

Use Quizlet to study!

The Outsiders FINAL ESSAY due Mon. 12/17

What are we reading & writing in class?

Review- Fiction vs. Nonfiction

Unit 1: Types of Nonfiction
  • NFL News Article
  • "American Dream" Speech
  • "An American Childhood" Memoir
Unit 2: Short Stories
  • "All Summer in a Day" by Ray Bradbury
  • "Charles" by Shirley Jackson
  • "Thank You, Ma'm" by Langston Hughes
Unit 3: Realistic Fiction: The Outsiders

"Reading gives us some place to go when we have to stay where we are."
-Mason Cooley-

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