What does character education look like at Tamarac Elementary School?
At Tamarac Elementary School, we have a long-standing tradition of promoting good character both in and out of the classroom.  We work to teach and strengthen positive character traits in our students so that they can become responsible citizens in school and in the world.  The Character Education Committee has selected ten core character traits to be taught over the course of each school year.  Each month, we focus our efforts on one specific character trait.  We use incentive programs, morning program meetings, bulletin boards, and daily morning announcements to promote the character trait of the month.  Our overarching theme is Peace, as is reflected by our student-composed "Peace Pledge" and the Peace Pole located in front of our building. We are also responsible for a number of annual events and ongoing projects.

 Recent News:
- On June 21, our students had a chance to reflect on this past school year as well as say goodbye to the retiring faculty.  The students revealed statues of ducks that will be included in the landscaping around the peace pole to honor Mrs. Lederman as she retires. 

- Our last Spirit Day was "Red White and Blue Day"!  On Tuesday, June 14th, students came to school wearing the colors of our Star Spangled Banner!  Let's see your school spirit!

The Character Trait for June is:
 Our Peace Pledge
"We pledge to make our school and world more peaceful 
by treating others in the same way that we want to be treated.

We will be friendly and kind to others.

We will use kind words when working and playing.

We will settle our differences without fighting

We promise not to bully others by fighting or being mean.

We promise to treat others with fairness and courtesy.

We pledge to show respect and self control in all our actions.
By doing these things we will make our world a better place."