Bucks County Technical High School Application Instructions

Students and Parent/Guardians, listed below are the two-page instructions for applying to the Bucks County Technical High School. Please please read them carefully and see Miss Jones with any questions.

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Open House Invitation

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Technical Programs and Course Offerings


Bucks County Technical High School Student Activities

"Success in the New Economy - How Perspective College Students Can Gain a Competitive Edge" Watch the video to gain a better understanding of how you can become successful in your chosen career.

Bucks County Technical High School Open House Handout

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Thaddeus Stevens College http://stevenscollege.edu/

A unique scholarship, the Thaddeus Stevens Grant, that enables a student of demonstrated financial need defined by FASFA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) to obtain a career education at minimal to zero Student Loan debt.

Fifty percent (50%) of the student population who attend Thaddeus Stevens College are funded by the Thaddeus Stevens Grant that consists of tuition, residency, meal plan, text books and tools; a $36,000-dollar value.

Please contact Mr. Warren Taylor at Taylor@stevenscollege.edu or 717-391-7237 for complete details.

Final Thoughts:

1. Getting yourself to all of your classes on time.

2. Turning your completed assignments in on time.

3. Asking your teachers clarifying questions when needed.

4. Behaving appropriately by following the ROCKS Rules.

5. Remembering to turn in your absence notes to your homeroom teacher when you return from being ill.

6. Checking your Google Classrooms for any assignments and 6th, 7th, or or 8th Grade Student Body Classroom for important school-wide announcements.

7. Logging into your Student Portal account, http://bit.ly/2T5Fe33, to keeping track of your grades and attendance. Please click on this link: http://bit.ly/2V4Ni3X to review COURSE PREREQUISITE CHART and other Truman course selection documents.

8. Seeing your school counselor when you need support. Mr. Pierce A- L Grade 6 and Grade 7 or Miss Jones M – Z Grade 6 and Grade 8.

9. Keeping your locker combinations (hallway and Physical Education) private.

10.Understanding BTSD’s Grade Calculations and Policies and Promotion Requirements. http://bit.ly/33cK1o7.