Chapter 5: Movement: M Policies

'Bold Type' M Policies - that is: the policy without the supporting text
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Chapter 5: Movement

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    MI Transport Development Control Criteria

M1 Development will be permitted provided that it meets the relevant criteria listed below, having regard to the particular nature of the development proposed:–
  • (i) It safeguards transport proposals, as shown on the Proposals Map

  • (ii) It provides safe and adequate access on to the existing highway network having regard to environmental considerations. Where the development has internal circulation areas for vehicles, it achieves a high standard of road safety

  • (iii) It avoids the introduction of traffic of excessive volume, size or weight on to unsuitable highways or into residential and other environmentally sensitive areas

  • (iv) It provides off-street parking, servicing and loading facilities in accordance with the standards set out in the schedule

  • (v) It provides facilities for cyclists and pedestrians

  • (vi) It provides traffic calming measures

  • (vii) It provides funding of appropriate transport improvements to overcome unsatisfactory transport conditions created or exacerbated as a direct result of the development

  • (viii) It does not increase the need to travel and does not encourage the unnecessary use of cars or lorries

  • (ix) It provides for access by disabled people within the external layout of buildings

  • (x) It does not involve the loss of rear access lanes and garage courts which provide valuable off-street parking, or makes alternative provision for any such loss

  • (xi) It avoids the introduction of unnecessary lorry traffic into the city centre or where environmental quality would be harmed or congestion increased.

    M2 Development in Traffic Free Areas

M2 In the special circumstances where, for safety and environmental reasons, general traffic will be excluded, development will be permitted provided that a balance isstruck between convenience, safety and environmental considerations, whilst still giving access for service and emergency vehicles.

    M3 Public transport provision for large scale developments

M3 In developments whose scale, location or intensity is such that they will generate substantial numbers or concentrations of trips, facilities for public transport will be provided.

    M4 Public Transport: Park and Ride

    M5 Park and Ride: Avonmouth site

    M6 Public Transport: Bus and Coach Station – Marlborough Street

    M7 Public Transport: Alternative Coach Station

    M8 Public Transport: Coach Facilities

    M9 Public Transport: Temple Meads

  M10 Public Transport: Rail Improvements

  M11 Public Transport: Rail Stations

  M12 Public Transport: Protection of Ex-Rail Corridors

M12 Development will not be permitted on ex-railway corridors which may serve to provide cycle routes, pedestrian paths or rapid transit routes.

Existing ex-railway corridors are defined as Greenways and/or safeguarded rapid transit routes on the Proposals Map.

  M13 Public Transport: Light Rapid Transit Safeguarded Routes

Parking: Commuter Parking

Parking: Commuted Payments

Cycling and Pedestrians

M16 In determining Planning Applications account will be taken of opportunities to enhance the pedestrian and cycle networks.

Development will be permitted when it incorporates measures to take advantage of such opportunities.

  M17 Traffic Management and Avonmouth

  M18 Freight: Rail Freight Facilities

  M19 Highway Network: New Roads – Environmental and Economic Effects

  M20 Highway Network: Improvements to the Primary Road Network

  M21 Highway Network: Primary Route Network Amendments: Redcliffe Way

  M22 Highway Network: Avonmouth/Severnside

  M23 Highway Network: Minor Road Improvements

  M24 Highway Network: Highway Improvements/Abandonment of Old Road Improvement Lines

  Schedule to Policies

M1, M14, M15 P107 Revised Parking Standards Explanatory Notes

Car Parking  Standards

Cycle Parking Standards P118