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Submitting Buildings

The deadline for building submission to EnergyScoreCards Minnesota has passed.

Submission materials and requirements are shown below.

1) Verify Your Buildings are Eligible

Review eligibility rules on the Participate page to verify that your buildings are eligible.

2) Download Building Survey

Download the blank survey spreadsheet file. For each building survey you complete, save a version of the file to your computer with the name of the property (e.g. Lakeview Apartments.xlsx).

3)   Enter Building Information

On the Start tab, enter basic information about your building.  Note that fields in green are required in order to complete EnergyScoreCards benchmarking analysis on your building.  You may submit surveys with incomplete information in these required fields, but buildingswith complete and accurate surveys will be given priority for participation in the pilot.  

Critical or Very Important data fields on the Start tab include:

  • Building address
  • Total building square footage
  • # of units
  • # of bedrooms
  • Occupancy type
  • Building type

4)   Define Utility Accounts

On the Accounts tab, list all utility accounts paid by the owner at this building.  Include electric, gas, water/sewer, propane, oil or district steam accounts if applicable. In the “Account Name” column, name each account to identify its use and location (e.g. “Gas Heat”, “Building A Lights”).

Tip: If you do not see your utility company on the drop-down list in column F, please select ‘Other’ and type the name of your utility company column K.

Include all available utility account login information (account number, login and password, meter number). Utility login information is required and will allow EnergyScoreCards Minnesota to collect your historical and current utility data - so you don’t have to.  If you do not have an online login for a utility account, please visit your utility company website to create one.

In the box titled “Utility Authorization” (to the right of the accounts list), please include your name, and the date of completing the survey.

Critical or Very Important data fields on the Accounts tab include:

  • Owner electric account numbers(s), utility provider, login(s) and and password(s) (non-Xcel customers)
  • Owner gas account number(s), utility provider, login(s) and and password(s) (non-Xcel customers)
  • For Xcel accounts, name the account (to identify what it serves), utility type, Xcel as provider, account numbers
  • Water account numbers, utility provider, login(s) and password(s) (except for Minneapolis water)

If you have information about tenant-paid utility accounts and are interested in tracking tenant utility consumption, you are welcome to include these accounts. Although not required, buildings opting to track tenant data will be given priority for selection in the pilot.

5)   Enter Historical Utility Bills (optional)

On the Bills tab, you can enter historical utility bills. This step is not required, as EnergyScoreCards will gather available utility billing and consumption data from your utility website.  However, if you have historical utility data readily available in a form that can be easily transferred into the spreadsheet, you are welcome to include it.  

For each bill you wish to enter, select the utility account from the drop-down menu in column A and enter the bill date, consumption amount and cost information on that row.  All utility accounts you have defined on the Accounts tab will appear in the drop-down in column A. Note: You can enter bills from all accounts, any time period in any order. Our software will sort this information by date and account.

6)   Define Apartment Types (optional)  If you are interested in tracking tenant apartment utility, define apartment types in your building on the Apartment Types-Spaces tab.  Define each major type of apartment (e.g. 1- bedroom, 3-bedroom) in the table on the left. If you have entered tenant-paid accounts on the accounts tab, use the table on the right to assign specific accounts to apartment types. 

7) Complete the “EnergyScoreCards Minnesota Participant Agreement”

To be considered for participation your property owners or managers must complete and return the EnergyScoreCards Minnesota Participant Agreement.  The Participant Agreement assures EnergyScoreCards Minnesota that the person submitting information is a representative of the property owner or manager, and provides authorization for us to gather your utility information for the duration of the pilot. 

8)   E-mail survey Excel file(s) and signed participant agreement to

An EnergyScoreCards Minnesota representative will contact you to confirm that we received your survey(s) and agreement. We will also address any questions about the information you have provided. Complete and accurate property surveys will be prioritized for participation!