About Benchmarking

“EnergyScoreCards is helping us find ways to save energy 
and track the results of upgrades like solar PV and insulation.”
— Marcus Vivona, Director of Asset Management, Volunteers of America

Energy and water utility benchmarking is the comparison of a building’s performance to similar buildings. It is done by tracking energy and water use over time through utility usage information, and allows owners to understand how their buildings use energy in order to make strategic investments in energy and water efficiency. 

EnergyScoreCards Minnesota uses an online energy management and benchmarking tool called EnergyScoreCards™, which creates a Property ScoreCard for your building based on utility bills, local weather data and basic property information. The Property ScoreCard provides easy-to-interpret letter grades (A through D) to indicate how a property compares to similar properties.
The Property ScoreCard

Useful numbers on the scorecard include:
    • Total annual energy use. 
    • Energy use per square foot, and per unit. 
    • Total annual energy costs. 
    • Annual energy costs per end use (such as heating, cooling, lighting). 
    • End use energy costs per square foot and per unit.

Learn more about EnergyScoreCards benchmarking at www.energyscorecards.com.