Welcome to EnergyScoreCards Minnesota, a two-year effort to implement web-based energy and water benchmarking and tracking at multifamily buildings in Minnesota. 

In early 2012, over one hundred multifamily building owners and managers submitted almost six hundred building surveys to this pilot project. We are honored so many individuals and organizations see this pilot as valuable and applied to participate.  If you are one of those applicants, or helped spread the word about the effort, thank you!

For the next phase of the pilot, we will be working directly with participating buildings. This is a two-year effort and this website will receive infrequent updates until pilot reports and results will be available in late 2014. If you are interested in receiving periodic updates on the pilot, sign up for our newsletter.  

If you submitted buildings to the pilot, please stay tuned for a notification of when you will receive access to EnergyScoreCards.

Feel free to contact us at any point with questions. 
"Utility costs are usually the largest single expense for our properties. Benchmarking has enabled us reduce or control our utility costs. This process of collecting, analyzing and reviewing energy data performance has enabled us to drive more energy savings across our portfolio of all property types."
- Pam Schmidt, Vice President of Residential Property Management, Sherman Associates, Inc.