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Welcome to the Brighton Virtual Academy:

 Brighton Area Schools understands that today's students learn best in different ways. That is why we created the Brighton Virtual Academy.   
The BVA is ideal for any student opting for a non-traditional learning experience but still wants a MI Merit Core education and the ability to 
play sports/participate in extra-curricular activities at one of the 
best school districts in the state.

BVA now enrolls 7-12 graders and students can participate in sports & extra-curricular activities at Scranton Middle School & Brighton High School 

A BAS Online Learning Success Story:

Meet Hannah Pietila. Hannah was a home school student with an extraordinary gift for golf. At first, home schooling gave Hannah and her family the flexibility they needed to support her budding golf career. However, like many home school families, they soon concluded that the rigors of 9-12 coursework needed more support. Hannah enrolled in the Seat-Time Waiver* program at Brighton High School where she could take classes online and have plenty of time to travel for golf. Plus, Hannah became the captain of the Women's Golf Team at BHS, and was named the All-County Girls Golfer of the Year (3 times) and All-State four years in a row.

Beginning with the 2013-2014 school year, the Brighton Virtual Academy, like the BHS Seat-Time Waiver program, will allow students to take online courses and still participate in 7-12 sports and extra-curricular activities, such as Art Club, Green Group, Jazz Band, Quizbowl, Interact, the renowned BHS Musicals, and many more.

BVA students take 100% of their courses online -- for free -- through Michigan Virtual School. Students will enjoy the independence and flexibility of online course work, while having opportunities to network  with other BVA students through study groups and tutoring sessions. And now that BVA students can participate in sports and extra-curricular activities at SMS or BHS, our students can truly experience the best of all worlds. 

Is the BVA right for you? We invite you to explore our website and decide for yourself.

*Seat-Time Waiver Program: Students take some classes on line while taking classes as students at BHS. BVA students attend BVA full-time.

Quick Facts about the Brighton Virtual Academy 
  • BVA is part of Brighton Area Schools as a Community/Alternative Education Program.
  •  BVA offers students the opportunity to learn from their home, a computer lab ... anywhere they have access to the internet.
  • Students enrolled in the Brighton Virtual Academy attend full-time only and take 100% of their courses online.
  • BVA courses are self-paced in that students may finish coursework anytime during a given tri-mester.
  • BVA is cost-free to all families. Home school families, in particular, enjoy the freedom from paying for costly home school curriculum.
  • BVA courses are aligned with the MI Merit Core Curriculum. Credits can transfer to traditional middle or high schools for credit or lead to a MMC endorsed Brighton Area Schools Diploma.
  • BVA offers middle and high school courses through MI Virtual School and are taught online by certified and highly qualified teachers.

  • BVA students are assigned a local mentor teacher to help guide and support them in their online learning adventure.
  • BVA requires 21 credits to graduate and follows the requirements of the MI Merit Core Curriculum.
  • BVA operates on a trimester schedule, with students taking four classes each trimester.
  • BVA also offers remediation & skill development courses (provided through PLATO Learning). 
  • PLATO remediation programs are facilitated and supported by a certified teacher.
  • BVA offers students opportunities for BVA study groups, social networking, and college visits.
  • BVA students can participate in sports and    extra-curricular activities at SMS or BHS.

Wondering if Brighton Virtual Academy will meet the needs of your academic goals and busy life? Click here to find out.