Welcome to my classroom!

Hi, my name is Kayleen Olson!  I am so happy to be part of the Briggsdale team.  This is my fourth year as a teacher at Briggsdale.  I love the small town feel of this school.  I also love how everyone in the community treats you like family.  The motto that I have for my life is to Take Courage and Encourage.  My goal is to share this motto with my students.  I want them to have courage in all areas of their life, including the classroom.  I also want them to encourage the people that are around them.  I count it as an honor to be a teacher because I get to encourage the future generation every day!


Happy New Year!

Wow, this year just seem to be flying by!  The first half of the year has been great.  The 4th grade class has been very busy working, but we have also taken some time to have fun.  Even though it was freezing cold, we loved our field trip to the gold mine in Central City.  Mrs. Sandy has also filled us with wonder as she tells her beautiful stories to us once a month.  The elementary students did an amazing job this year in their production of the North Pole Musical.  They made this teacher very proud!  I would also like to thank all of the students, parents, family, and friends for making our fall fundraiser such a success!  Thank you for joining us at the chili supper and sell quilt raffle tickets.  It is truly a blessing to be apart of this community!

During the second semester, we have a few things to be aware of and to look forward too.
Testing: Students will be taking the middle of year and end of year Ed performance testing.  This will take place in January and May.  
The 4th graders will also be taking the CMAS Social Studies test, and of course, the PARCC test will be coming up.  

We will have Valentine's party On Wednesday, Feb. 14th and an Easter party Friday, March 30th. 

Our spring field trip will be May 10th and we will be going to the History of Colorado Museum.  

I can't wait to enjoy the rest of this year with this group of kids!

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to email me.