Greetings and welcome to the Resource Room and Mrs. Brecheisen's site. My bio is accessible through the link at the upper left corner of this page.

In the Resource Room, depending upon a student's individual needs, we focus on basic reading skills, reading skills, reading comprehension, language arts, English, basic math skills, intervention math, or other skills a student may need. In the resource room we also teach Algebra I, Geometry and Business Math if a student requires support services in these areas.

Due to the various assignments individual students may need,  individual lesson plans in the resource room are unavailable.  

You are welcome to contact me by phone, email or in person  regarding  assignments, grades, homework, or any other questions you may have.

If you have any questions or need to contact me, please call 970 656 3417 Ext 116.

You can email Mrs. Brecheisen at mrsbrecheisen@briggsdaleschool.org

In addition to Mrs. Brecheisen, (Mrs. B.) Special Education Teacher, the Resource Room has several para professionals who work in this area.

Michelle Sheller
Ms. Sheller is our longest serving para professional in the Resource Room. Ms. Sheller (Ms. S) began working in both the Resource Room as needed and also the cafeteria. Ms. Sheller now works full time in the position of para professional primarily supporting student needs within the general education classroom.

Amy Anderson
Mrs. Anderson is one of the new full time para professionsals supporting student needs, but certainly not new to Briggsdale school nor the Resource Room. Mrs. Anderson has spent significant time working as a substitute at Briggsdale school and in the Resource Room before coming aboard full time supporting student needs.

Max Fokken
Mr. Max Fokken is our newest addition to the para professional team working to meet student needs in the many areas that students may need support.

We are glad you are here. We are looking forward to working with your child (children) this year!

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