Classroom and Workshop Rules, and Safety Pledge

Bridgman High School Shop Safety Rules

  1. Safety glasses must be worn in all areas of the shop when machines or tools are in use and as specified by the instructor. 
  2. Shoes that cover the entire foot must be worn when working with tools.
  3. Hearing protection should be worn in certain areas of the shop, when loud equipment is in use, as specified by the instructor.
  4. Concentrate on the task at hand and avoid being distracted by other activities.  Conversely avoid distracting others.
  5. No running, boisterous behavior or horseplay in the shop.
  6. Clothing and jewelry must not be worn that could become caught in equipment. Long hair should be properly secured so it doesn’t get caught in machines.
  7. Vises should be left with the jaws almost closed and the handles in the vertical position.
  8. Obtain the instructors permission before operating machinery.  Do not use any tools or equipment without proper safety and use instruction.  Please refrain from “fiddling” or playing with things that are lying out.
  9. All work should be properly secured before using hand or power tools.
  10. Report any loose, broken or out of adjustment tools, machines, jigs and fixtures to the instructor immediately.
  11. Tools, equipment, jigs and fixtures should only be used in the manner in which they are intended.
  12. Never test a tool for sharpness by touching its edge.
  13. Finishing materials (paints, solvents and stains) should only be used according to instructions in the proper locations.  Brushes, rags and waste must be promptly taken care of in the correct manner.
  14. Report any injuries to the instructor immediately.
  15. Help keep the shop clean!  Do your cleaning assignment and leave things neater than you found them.

General Classroom Rules

  1. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself. 
  2. Be prepared: Bring a pencil to class every day and additional materials as per instruction.
  3. Follow directions, both written and spoken, as provided by the teacher.
  4. Do not talk out of turn. Raise your hand if you wish to participate in the discussion.

Safety Pledge

I have reviewed the above rules with my student and agree to hold them to these standards.  I approve of their participation in an Industrial Technology course.

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As a student I realize that the above rules are for my protection and will lead to a more organized and beneficial learning environment for everyone.  I will accept responsibility for my actions and understand that I will be subject to disciplinary action if I violate the rules.

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