Advanced Ind. Tech. Final Exam Reveiw Guide

Advanced Industrial Technology Final Exam Review Guide

Safety- Know what personal protective equipment is and how to select it for a task.

Drawing and sketching- Orthographic projections (3 views) and  line types: object, hidden, center, dimensions.  Know when an auxiliary view is needed.

Wood Grain:

·         Know which way to plane, join etc. 

·         Shrinkage and swelling

·         What wood products are dimensionally stable?  Which way?


·         lathe nomenclature

·         basic spindle, face plate turning and sanding operations on the lathe

·         Use of friction polish

Pocket-hole joinery- What is it and how is it done?

Production: Know what process flow charts are and how to sequence operations.  Know what jigs and fixtures are used for.

Power equipment- Know what types of cuts or processes for the following:

1.       Bandsaw

2.       Drill Press

3.       Joiner

4.       Planer

5.       Radial Arm Saw

6.       Scroll Saw

7.       Table Saw- Rip vs. crosscut or miter

Portable Power Tools

1.       Jig Saw or Saber Saw

2.       Impact Driver, countersink and drive bits

Hand Tools

1.       Framing Square

2.       Try-Square

3.       Combination Square

4.       Sliding “T” Bevel

Steel Fabrication

1.       Abrasive saw

2.       Angle Grinder

3.       MIG welder

4.       Oxy-acetylene rig

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