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 Our projects have been a great success. We have donated pillows, dog toys, cat toys, toys, gifts for teachers and on our way to creating even more.

The supply ask list has been updated! If you have items available, we would love them.

Why projects on Wednesdays?

 Working on projects helps the kids build important skills. They learn to create an idea, work with others in collaboration to create their ideas and experience the sense of joy in their accomplishment. They learn what to do when frustrated, how to solve problems and how to work with patience.
We donate or give away all of our projects. This allows the children to understand giving is important and they begin to think outside of themselves. Many people have donated to help us out and this is the experience of gratitude for the kids.

Some of things we are looking for:
  • Tacky Glue
  • Paint- acrylic to use in the classroom
  • Duct Tape
  • Paint brushes- smaller and medium,
  • big and little
  • Hot glue guns and glue sticks
  • Baby food jars- glass
  • Wood
  • Home Depot cards

December 7

posted Dec 7, 2018, 3:56 PM by Desi Pritchard

An Interview With a Guinea Pig

By Reporter Roy

Today, the guinea pigs are in the spotlight with a interview made out of assumptions.

Reporter: What do you think about your temporary Enclosures at student houses?

Oliver The Guinea pig: I think that they are simple and cozy.  With plenty of hay and food.

Reporter: What about you?

Sharlet The Guinea pig: I think that the hay is the best part because you can hide in it and stay there for hours and be happy.

Reporter: Do you think you have enough food?

Guinea pigs: Yes.  We can eat and eat and eat but we still get more at dinner time.

Reporter: Do you like living in the classroom?

Guinea pigs: Most of the time.  Sometimes we get a bit scared of all the hands but not when the hands have carrots.

Reporter: Do you like dogs?

Guinea pigs: Not normally.  But if the dog is chasing off a guinea pignapper then we both like the dog who did it.

Reporter: Are you satisfied with your enclosure?

Guinea pigs: Yes.  We poop in one end and sleep in the other.  It is quite nice to sleep in the igloo too.

Reporter: Do you ever get worried that you'll get left at school?

Guinea pigs: Nope.  Ms. Pritchard is too smart to forget us.

Well, The Guinea pigs seem to be happy with life currently and like their care provider, Ms. pritchard.

It is now their lunch time and so this is the end of their interview.

Christmas in the flamingo room is like working in a elf workshop getting the room ready for the holidays. Especially on Wednesdays! On Wednesday our class each had our own station for making letters and gifts for our special people. I swear if you walked into our flamingo workshop you would of thought that just entered the papa elf’s house! It was amazing everyone was working in here on little group and working as a team just like an elf workshop. Some of my classmates were working on small gifts and small cards. One thing I would also like to mention is Christmas music was blasting through our workshop so I think a little bit of it was Christmas spirit. But a least we had a great Wednesday.

Sincerely Boone elf :)

Meditation Elective


Hi! Guys this week I will be returning the talk about the meditation elective.In meditation we learned about smell sense. When we smelled the plant, we drew it out and guessed what it was. As I talk about meditation we of course focused on nothing and just the moment, as I said in my last writing on meditation. While we meditated, we talked about our week and our day. Meditation is something to help you relax and stay calm. As you meditate you focus on nothing exactly nothing and just stay in the moment.

Meditating tip: Don’t think about the past.


In art we are making bracelets.  Everybody is making different bracelets. For example I made the bracelet only one color & that was blue. Other people were making different colored bracelets.

Ms. Thompson gave us some squares of cardboard with a hole in the middle. You start where the hole is & count up to three, take the string and put it on the hole and start over. You are weaving. Then you pull the bracelet and you can see it growing.

By reporter Salil

Hello there readers, my name is Mittens. I live in Seattle, Washington which is a good place to have a job. In case you didn't know,  I am not an ordinary kitten, I speak six human languages (Afrikaans, Japanese, Mandarin, French, Hindi, and Spanish.), I can taste sweet things, eat chocolate and I understand TV. I am a gray tabby with a white muzzle, belly, paws and tail-tip (I also wear a black-and white suit with a red tie). I LOVE a good coffee and cat toy. (yet I hate alcohol.).


7:30 a.m. i woke up in my white paw-shaped bed with a blue blanket with Nyan cats on it.

I hopped out of bed to get ready for the morning. First, i put on a Nyan Cat shirt and gray pants and (I forgot to mention I walk on two legs.), I put on Carolina-blue collar that said MITTENS.

Today I had a day off work. 20 minutes later, I was at my favorite Starbucks. “Hello , I want the Mittens Special please.”  i meowed to the employee as I put a few dollars on the counter.

“ What is a kitten like you doing here?” the barista asked me. I pulled out my I.D. card so the barista could know who I am. She was busy blabbing to another customer.

“Oh sorry Mittens, I did not recognize you at first because of your attire.” the barista said.

“Oh that’s alright,I have the day off.” I said as she handed me my coffee with catnip and almond croissant. I ate my breakfast as I went to visit a good friend of mine named Eve who lived on the streets. I was walking towards the Waterfront, where Eve lived.   I was just about to give up, when I saw Eve running towards him “Mittens!” she yowled happily as she came up to Mittens.

“Hi Eve, any good hunting?” I asked her .

“Oh.. it was alright, I wanted to tell you something!” she mewed joyfully.

“ What is it ?” i asked Eve. I noticed her belly was very big (she was a year old the same age as Mittens ).

“I’m expecting kittens!” she said happily as she nuzzled me happily.

“Who is the father Eve?” I asked her concerned that her mate was some dirty Waterfront cat.

“My mate’s names is Mackerel, he is grey with black stripes.” Eve said. I noticed a gray tabby coming toward Eve and I.

“Is that your mate over there?” I asked Eve.  The tabby came up to Eve.

“Yes, this Mackerel, Mackerel this is Mittens. We´re good friends¨ Eve meowed.

¨ Hey Mittens, wanna drop by my place?¨ Mackerel asked me.

¨No thanks, I just remembered I have to drop by King Cat Cafe!”I said because  I was getting weird vibes from Mackerel.

In my art elective, we did winter paintings. The teacher, Ms. Hamilton showed us an example of a night sky and some Christmas trees. We used stencils and watercolor gouache paint. Gouache paint is watercolor paint that first feels squishy or hard instead of liquidy when you touch it. It becomes wet when you add water. I did a painting of a night sky as well, and I added trees and candles. It was really fun and I am really enjoying my elective. When we did the art, we first did the wet on wet technique, when you first put water and then put the watercolor on next. Then when you put the water, it will spread  across the paper. Then we added different colors like purple, blue and green. This was really fun and we did it for the year of Winter. I really like my elective and I wonder what the next elective project is going to be.

By reporter Maya.


   Pioneer Courthouse Square


In our elective group, we hiked to Portland for our urban hiking class.    We hiked to Pioneer courthouse square. The weather in the city was windy, sunny and cold. The place we went to was in the center of the city.  It's called Pioneer Courthouse Square. In the center of the square was a 75 ft Christmas tree. It look just liked a genuine Christmas tree, but only bigger. It also had LED lights decorating  it. We saw numerous pigeons, people, and the Portland KGW news studio.

We went to the park by the Willamette river.  We went there to walk down to the river to skip rocks. My first appearance, I managed to skip a couple of rocks I’ve been wanting to skip a rock since I was 9 years old. And we got to watch the ducks swim.  We then continued to walk back to the school.

by reporter Pedro   

Christmas cards

In projects, Luke, Peter and Maya and I,  all sat near each other. We used die cuts to cut designed color paper. I looked over and saw Peter’s card and he traced a Christmas tree on his card. Then he cut out gold sparkle paper circles for ornaments. So I traced a Christmas tree on my card, cut two hearts for ornaments out and then cut a star out and I had a full Christmas tree.  I put a couple of snowflakes on the top above the star. I put presents under the tree. I had some help with the decorations. Ms. Pritchard’s friend, Lana, helped me. I had to work on the inside, I wrote Merry Christmas. I put a picture of four presents on it then I wrote to and from Kellen.

By reporter Kellen

This book was written as a crossover with Luke who is a awesome writer and wrote “An Adventure Through Time”  Also dedicated to my Grandpa who is also a great writer.

       War Never Changes by Noa          

Chapter 4

River was settling in when she realized PAT IS STILL IN THE CAR.

“Daniel, Pats still in the car!” She said startled

“Let's get to the car” he said

They ran to the car and opened the door Pat was asleep.

She opened the door. The cat was pawing at her he was skinny. They had not fed him in days so she decided to pick him up. She walked back over to the fort again.

“Hey wait up River” Daniel said

River slowed down and opened the door to the Quonset she stepped inside and grabbed her small bit of currency left of her life savings.  

Two Hours Later.

Pat was still passed out for some reason. River had gotten a little bored of her tattered dirty clothes. She was wearing she decided to wear jeans and a flannel jacket with engineers boots. She was proud of her new look. River was walking along the makeshift stores that lined the walls of the fort. she walked by a stand where a man that looked traumatized signaled her down.

“Kid take this” The weird man said as he handed her a piece of paper.

“Ok” she said in an awkward tone.

The paper read:

A Guide To Radiation:

First if you eat in open air which will get stuck in the atoms of the consumable item you hold it will drain out your continence and will make your continence fuse with an item nearby.

To prevent this you must eat food in a building car which will dilute the radiation in your consumable.  

She put this back in the palm of her hand and walked to one of the restaurants over at the center.     

“Hello welcome to the alpine restaurant would you like something to eat?” the clerk said as she wiped the counter top.

“Hmm let me think about it”

River looked at the men it had pretty much generic food like burgers and fries Coke a Cola© hot dogs and just regular american food.

River felt awkward looking up at this clerk. She had always been shy around adults all of her life.

The condescending and awkward smiles being exchanged made her a nervous even at twelve years old.

“Take your time honey” she said in a condescending tone.    

“Can I get a hot dog and fries and some col-” she was cut off because pat ran into the fort she ran to him.

“River!” Pat yelled

“You woke up!” River said  

They kept running until they met in front of each other.

“Wheres Daniel?” Pat asked

“Over at the new house” She said

“New House?” he said

“Yeah lets get going”

“Ok lets go” he said

When they arrived. Pat sat on the bed that River had customized to be her own.

River sat down on the rocking chair and began to groom her long brown hair.

Pat Tripped and pricked River with a needle.

“Ouch” she said as Daniel looked up from his book.

“DNA match with user 60334rd great Grandmother the syringe said.

There was silence for a few minutes.

“Let's just get out of here” Daniel said

They walked by a rather unclean man who was twitching. Who was holding a plastic stick hitting it lightly on his unoccupied hand.

“Hey” he said jittery.

“That's a cool busted up watch I bet it go really good with that crystal I found in a cave the other day” The man said

“Wait haven't I seen you before?” River said.

“No” he said as he chuckled dubiously.

“Well let me cut to the chase, can you get me more of these crystals, about five more of these highly radioactive crystals.”

“Here take these hazmat suits, by the way take the cat too” he said .

“Wait I can help you” a boy said who was in a denim jacket and brown cargo pants. Another boy stood behind  him.

“Alright but we only have three hazmat suits” Pat said

“I already have one” he said.

“Ok” Daniel “thanks” he added.

This is going to be a weird job. River thought as she zipped up the hazmat suit.  

To Be Continued….   

    Christmas in the

Flamingo Room

Christmas in the flamingo room is very fun. We do a lot of stuff in the flamingo room. For Christmas in writing class, we are doing a letter of demand.Ms. Claus won't let the elves eat their candy snacks because it gives the elves a boost. The elves get tired so they can't make toys anymore. So the elves go on strike. So we are writing a letter of demand for negotiating with Ms. Claus for better working conditions.  

by Oliver

This website will be about math this morning. During math this morning what we did was start long division. So basically what happens is that Mrs Hauger would give us nine problems and all of the problems are wrong. Our job was to figure out what the actual answer is and the real question. I had to stop at the end of the fourth problem. But the math class before we did some scavenger hunt but nobody actually solved every single problem that was in the hall. But I got though most of them. Some of the math class was working with a partner but I was not working with a partner. Well I started of working with Ava and some of the time, Owen. But then I got confused between both of them because they were on different problems and I tried to sort it out. So then I just gave up and told Mrs. Hauger that I wanted to work on my work. Then all of the flamingos had to leave from math class.  

By reporter: Liam


Reporter Miles here.  Today, I’m going to be asking inanimate  objects from around the school some questions. I’m interested in the opinions of random objects. Inanimate objects are a vocal minority. Today I will hear what they think about this school and what happens in it. Some people say that things that aren’t alive, can’t talk but they are just insane. Now time to do some interviewing.

I’ll start by seeing what inanimate objects think about the website. The tube of Elmer's glue says that it’s not sticky enough. Its glue stick brothers say that it needs to mention tables more. There is massive political turmoil around tables in this room.

The pair of scissors say that it needs to cut up into more sections. Noah’s hat thinks that tables should not be mentioned. The conflict between the glue sticks and Noah’s hat may grow.  Hopefully there will be a compromise met.

Now I will ask what  inanimate objects think about water. Roy’s watch thinks water should be dry. I don’t think his watch understands that water is wet and if it was dry it would not be water. Pedro’s hat thinks that water should grow on trees. The brown paper napkins think that water does not exist. The pencils think water is wet.

Now I will see what inanimate objects think about math class. The pencils think that without them, math could not be done. Research has shown that pencils aren’t the only things you can use to write out math problems. Oliver’s hat thinks math class tastes like butter. The brooms think math needs more sweeping. The fridge thinks math should be stored in it so that it does not spoil. Apparently the fridge believes math worksheets can spoil. The table thinks that people should stop doing math on it due to the fact that every time a pencil writes on paper some of the impact of the pencil pressing the paper jabs at the table.

Those are the opinions of some objects from around the classroom. I hope you were informed by this story. Remember to think of the opinions of random inanimate objects.

This is reporter Miles, Signing out.

Special Fitness

By Reporter Adam

Every week on Tuesday and Thursday, Kellen and I go with his mom to run stairs downtown.  We actually run one hundred and eight stairs, four times. Also if Kellen and I run up the stairs in under forty seconds, we have to run the stairs five times.  But starting today, Thursday, December sixth, 2018, my mom Katie is coming to help with fitness.

What we usually do is run straights and curves and if you don’t know what that is it is on a track. What you do is sprint on the straight part of the track and jog on the curved part of the track.  On Thursday, Kellen and I went to Duniway park (AKA the track.) At Duniway park, we threw tires and ran laps and sprints and ran backwards on the turf field so if we fell, we wouldn’t get hurt. We also ran races with the tires on our shoulders. Kellen and his mom played soccer at Duniway park last year until Mrs. Pritchard told Kellen and his mom that playing soccer is too fun. Circuit training is just higher level fitness. To finish my article I would like to say thank you to Amanda and Katie for taking us to the track and the stairs for fitness.

Opposite Story

Chapter 1

Once upon a time there was a panda that said quack, who was very good friends with a fish that said meow. They also  lived in a huge mansion. They had a butler named Jeff and he was a cow that said blub blub blub. Their pet was a crow that said neigh. This story is written from the crows point of view.

One day I was sitting in my bird cage resting.  I was awakened by a loud CRASH! There was only one thing that it could be, we were being ROBBED!!!, I grabbed the bird cage door knob and twisted it and pushed. I flew down the stairs, landed on the robber's head and pecked as hard as I could (which is not a very hard peck).  The robber squealed in pain and ran away from the house as fast as he could (which is pretty fast).

My family finally woke up (oh i forgot to tell you we understand each other so this is not going to be a bunch of random animal sounds) “What was all that ruckus?” said quack-panda.

“Yes what was it?” said meow-fish

“Oh just another robber” I said.

“ANOTHER!!! Oh not again!” said meow-fish. “that's the third time this week” he said.  

by Drew    



The guinea pigs are named Sharlet and Oliver Jack Twist. They are friendly. They do not bite humans that exist on earth. They are quiet. Other people like to hold them. I have a hedgehog. They are cuter than 🐨. I don´t know much about them because I am allergic to hay. Hello guinea pig my old pet I´ve come to play with you again. They are cared for by the students. The students take the guinea pigs home every week day. Their cage is cleaned by the students.

by James

This book was written with a crossover to ‘War Never Changes” by Noa to

Mr. Patrick Lautenbach for giving me such a fantastic name to use

And to Noa for everything and Miles aka Lord Crumpets for inspiring me to write my 1st sci fi story

 Chapter 3 Speckles

Two days later

Pat had a nice dream. He was floating over a Barren landscape.With cracked trees and crushed rocks. One rock stood high up 30 ft In the air. There were markings on it. Not in any language Pat knew. He heard a sound like a  hundred quwantanym boots stomping towards him. Suddenly He heard hissssss But not the hissing of a reptile the hissing of a cat. Two yellow eyes looked at him. And he heard mroow. Pat woke up. He was sitting in the backseat of a car. the car the car he'd been driving in. Few he thought he didn't recognize it. But realized he'd been sleeping in the car. River and Daniel. Were gone. So it wasn't a dream I really had traveled to a different era he thoughts. He ran out of the car. And saw a fort a guard stood in front of the fort pat ran up to him.

“Let my in!” he said.

“Why” said the guard.

“I need to get in my friends are in their!”

“Give me their full name” said the guard

“River And Daniel”

“Fair enough” said the guard as He opened the door

Pat ran in and saw River.

“River!”he called.

“River ran to him you woke up” she said.

she kept running until they were in front of each other

“Where is Daniel” Pat asked.

“Over at the new house” she said.

"new house?" Pat asked.

“Yeah let's get going she said.

When Pat sat on Rivers bed  he realized hey I know how to find my relative from this era Pat thought. Pat took a needle and got up and tripped over the cat which he found who was named speckles ( by River)  and pricked River on the arm by accident, promptly landing on the floor.

“DNA match with user 60334th great Grandmother” the futuristic needle said.

“Ouch” River said.

Daniel looked up from his book. There was silence for a few minutes.

“Let's just get out of here” Daniel said.

A few minutes later they were outside they walked by a rather strange man he was twitching. He was holding a baton as though it was a gun.

“Hey” he said.

“That's a cool busted up watch I bet it go really good with that Crystal I found in a cave the  other day”

“wait haven't I seen you before” River said

“No” the man said.

“Well let me cut to the chase can you get me more of these crystals about five more of these highly radioactive crystals”said the man

“Here take these hazmat suits, by the way take the cat too” he said.

“Wait I can help you” a boy said.

“Alright but we only have three hazmat suits” Pat said

“I already have one” he said.

“Ok” Daniel “thanks” he added as they walked down the trail.

Pat looked back the man he seemed to be talking in to the baton wean. He saw Pat looking. He quickly put the baton down and smiled. Pat looked away out of the corner of his eye. He saw the man start talking again whatever was going on Pat had a feeling they would not come back to the Quonset hut for a long time.

November 30th, 2018

posted Nov 30, 2018, 4:09 PM by Desi Pritchard

Bridges Middle School is collecting clothes for the homeless. If you can, deliver any of these items.

  • Toothbrushes

  • Socks

  • Hand warmers

  • Underwear

  • Gloves

  • Coats

  • Hats

  • Boots

  • Shoes

  • Instant oatmeal cups

  • Dog food

  • Breakfast and granola bars

This was Mrs. Byrnes idea. She is our principal

I think this follows the core values of respect and compassion.

It is important to help the homeless because nobody deserves to suffer with no home.

By reporter James

Have fun with Roy's Christmas Puzzles!

Christmas Puzzles


In Bridges, we do something called grammar. In grammar there are four sentences on one page. You have to make corrections to the sentences.

First we found nouns and pronouns and the ending signs. For the words that are written in bold, we write the meanings. Then we rewrite the story  as an entire paragraph. All sentences together make a story.

By reporter Salil

Dr.Spiro visit          

By: Ari      

Hi Guys, it your boy Ari here and this week we will be taking about the visit of Dr.Spiro A.K.A Oliver's dad. Oliver’s dad works for OHSU as a pediatrician at the emergency room. He also owns a company called Reel Dx which sends videos of real patient stories to medical schools and other hospitals around the country. For example, he showed us a kid who was struggling to breath out. It was still easy for him to breath in. One of the main things he was teaching us was about the respiratory system and that the kid was ok.  After we watched the video he told asked us what was wrong with him and what do you think was wrong? Dr. Spiro told us that if he were to have a struggle breathing in it would be a whole other story. He just had crupe. We thank Dr. Spiro for coming and we had an enjoyable time.

Thanks! For reading reporter Ari.

Sudoku by Declan

On Wednesday, November 28 in my art elective, we learned how to mix watercolors. The teacher, Ms. Hamilton, showed us an example with the yellow paint. She showed us two ways to make green. They were just the green paint itself with nothing mixed with it, and mixing yellow and blue. The paint was really dry and not wet like normal paint. We still needed to use water to make the paint turn into watercolors. After the example, we did our own color mixing. I mixed pink and blue and it made a magenta purple. I also did blue and green and it made turquoise. It was really fun and at the end, I did a painting of New York City. I was really proud of it and I really enjoy my elective.

by reporter Maya

Bridges website by: Drew. on the Photography Elective

In my elective, the photography elective, we use ipads to take photos. On the 1st day we took photos of random objects , the 2nd day we took pictures of objects  that resembled the letters of our names, the 3rd day we made step by step photos. A step by step photo is where you take photos that show step by step instructions. I took photos to show cooking miniature feet into green paper. For my name photo I made a D by taking a picture of an umbrella shaped object and turning it on it’s side.

Song Crossword by Adam (with key)

Diary of a Mouse- THE FINAL CHAPTER

Hi my name is Chamomile, I miss the Flower Army deeply. Right now, I am travelling with my unlikely companion, Jesse.  We are currently travelling to a village where Jesse’s true father might have been.

I was about to ask him what was going on when I tripped.

“Oww…” I said.

“Are you alright Chamomile?”

Yes  but my tail hurts.”

“There was a flower shape there earlier, now there’s blood.”

Jesse managed to heal my wound but I had a nasty scar.  After bandaging my wound, we

Noticed the village. “ Jesse that village does not look like a field mouse village, it looks like a pet-mouse village!” I said and he agreed. As we approached the village, instead of sturdy little huts,

There were brightly colored tubes and dishes that had water and food in them, with strange- shaped houses.  I noticed a lilac-coloured she- mouse who was walking towards them.

“ᬑᬂ᭸᭸᭙” the mouse said. Clearly she was not from here. “Jesse do you know what she said?” I asked him curiously.

“ I think she’s speaking in the language of rats.” Jesse replied. Rats? UGH!  I though ras were said to be  brutes. “Can you speak Rat?” I asked Jesse.

Yes my fake father taught me” he said.  The lilac mouse  seemed annoyed hat no one responded.

“᭛ᬞᬤ᭙ ᭷᭶᭵  ᭄ᭃ᭭ ᬧᬫᬩᬄ.” Jesse said “She says her name is Azalea  and

everyone speaks her language here and this village is called Tubetown.” Jesse said.

I was thankful to know the name of the town yet the name was was actually quite ridiculous.

“Hey Jesse?” I asked.

“Yes Chamomile?” he answered.

“Can you translate what I say to Azalea for me?” I asked. I wanted to at least talk to her.

Jesse agreed, apparently his father was residing here and was expecting him.

Soon enough, Jesse and I were travelling to where Azalea told Jesse to go. Twenty minutes later, they arrived  at a small sturdy hut where a male mouse was waiting for him.

“Archie? Is that you my son?” he asked Jesse.

“My name is Jesse actually.” Jesse said correcting his father.

“ Oh so Squeak named you?” his father said.

“Yes. He said HE was my father.”

“Come on let’s go home. Bring your friend too.”

             The End

                     (for real this time)

                           Now go eat marshmallows.

This week, my website will be about urban hiking which is my elective. It was pouring rain and we were outside for an hour. What we saw was the whole waterfront that we walked around. The thing is that I would have liked it better if it wasn’t raining and I wish there can be more sun during that time but we did not get what we wished for this time. But anyways while we were under one of those bigger bridges witch I don’t remember what the name of the bridge was. But Pedro and I were trying to skip rocks that were around where we were. Then we went near the water but sadly did not get to swim. Well we could have been really cold anyway. Then we walked back to the school in freezing rain. We were very cold after this whole trip.  Most of us were very cold after that but the good news is that we all got to pull cubes because we never complained about being cold.

By reporter: Liam    


In math this week we got introduced to DynaMath. DynaMath is a magazine with cool articles in it. When you are done with the article you read the math questions that go with the article. My favorite math question to an article was one with a  manta ray and how their population was going down. Why I liked this article and math questions is because it is about the ocean and the ocean is my favorite place in the world. And I love sea animals!



Social Bridges

On Tuesday my group had social instead of art. The people in my group are: Miles, Noa, Adam, Drew, Declan, Peter, Roy. We had art on Monday. On Tuesdays we have Mr. Shaw. We did this thing to test our brains. It was called more than one way. The first question was how many letters do you see in this box? There were six blank cardboard boxes and it said how many letters can you see in this box? The actual answer was 31. The rest I did not understand. The next one was called more than one perspective. We did this one as a group. The first one was a face. That one was confusing. The next one looked like a wine glass but if you looked closely you could see 2 faces. The last one was what animal do you see. It either was a duck or a rabbit. I am really looking forward to egg towers.

By Reporter Kellen.   

Hello reporter Miles here. Today I’m writing how to make a bad story. I’m going to make an example a of a horrible story. This story is not meant to be enjoyable at all. If you would like a good read, go find something else. I think I can start by not explaining what anything is. This story is meant to make no sense. Now prepare to not be entertained. Also a quick note this is based of how not to write an I.E.W which is a form of writing in this classroom.

We start with our hero. We won’t even tell you who they are cause that’s a waste of time. They have a quest. I’m not going to tell you what it is.  They have to defeat a villain who doesn’t have a description. Then Sally died a horrible death and then the town knew the true meaning of Christmas. Now I’m not sure why that’s in the story but it’s in it. Then the  hero set off to the magical land of Blank. Then the big, big chicken came from the sky and potato chips ruled the ocean for as many years as there are donkeys with fifty toe nails. Well it appears I keep putting in sentences that just don’t fit in. Our hero came to the mountain made of pickles. It was where the villain lived.

The villain didn’t look like anything. That’s because it takes actual effort to describe something. The hero killed the villain by doing something. Then something happened and stuff lived happily ever after. The end

I hope you thought that was horrible. I hope nobody ever reads a story that bad again.

This is reporter Miles, signing out.

  🎨 Watercolor elective !

Every Wednesday we do electives. And you can choose different electives and I chose water color elective. Today we learned what two  colors together will equal a different color.

Red and blue will make  purple.

yellow and red will make orange.

Red and green will brown.

White and red will make pink

Also we learned if you put crayon on the paper, the watercolor will go over the crayon.   

by reporter Oliver

This book was written as a crossover with Luke who is a awesome writer and wrote “An Adventure Through Time”  Also dedicated to my Grandpa who is also a great writer.


War Never Changes by Noa      

Chapter 3

“Where are we going” Pat said.

“West Virginia.” Daniel said, as silence filled the car. Only the sound of the forest filled their ears.

They went down the cracked road, whirring past signs and ruins of houses.

River was going to start up a conversation but stopped with her mouth open.

Ok just don't crash she thought as she grasped the wheel tighter. Daniel dozed off, looking at the road. While he blinked, he broke the spell. They drove by a mangled old diner. River stopped abruptly. She got out of the car. She ran into the kitchen. The food was still intact and looked edible. She grabbed the food and loaded it into a trash bag.  She came back to the car and threw it into the trunk she got in the car and started driving again.

¨I just grabbed a few things you know food and stuff.” she said.

She heard a meow from the back seat.

“Do you have a cat?” she said.                                                     

“Yeah I picked him up after some gloves broke my watch” he said.

River slammed on the breaks.  

“Wait, what?” she said.

“You broke it?!” she yelled.

“Uh, uh, yeah” he said nervously.   

Pat sat there in silence.

Thirty Minutes Later….

Welcome to Tennessee a sign said. Pat was asleep in the back.

Some settlers were in a camp.  River sped past them as they tried to signal them.

The cat walked up on the dashboard over the word Corvette.

“Meow” it said.

“Aww” River said.

It walked off the dashboard.

“Can we stop for a second?” D

aniel said.

“Ok” River said.

She stopped. Daniel walked out of the car  and picked up something from the middle of the road. It was propaganda  of some sorts. It read:

         The survivors sanctuary

All People welcome NO FUSED.

We have clean water, food, traders,medics and places to stay.

Our settlement is located in the remnants of the national guard base.

Signed George Vixen.

Daniel folded the flyer and put it in his pocket. He got back in the car and River started driving again.

“Why did you have me stop?” River said.

“This” he said as he handed the flyer to her.

She read it and handed it back.

“I guess that's where we're going” she said.

“Yeah” he said.

Two Days Later

Daniel and River walked out of the car. They were at the old base. It was on a mountain near a still intact Ski Resort. Pat was asleep again. They had left him in the car, which was now dented and dinged. They left the car down the mountain aways. They walked up to the walls of the fort that stood like tombstones in a graveyard. Two heavily armored  guards walked out and stopped at the sight of the two children.

“Hello and welcome to our settlement. Are you visiting or looking to become a citizen?” a Guard said in a friendly voice.

“We’re coming to try to become citizens” River said.

“Ok welcome in” the other Guard said.

Inside the walls there was many soldiers and citizens. They were escorted to a small Quonset Hut with some beds. River crawled up on the top bunk.  

“I call the top bunk!” River said in a childlike manner.  

“Ok, I guess i'll take the bottom bunk” Daniel said as he laid down on the bottom bunk

“Ahh, I missed my bed at home.” River said in a relaxed voice.

To Be Continued….

November 9th

posted Nov 13, 2018, 12:05 PM by Desi Pritchard

Urban Hiking

For my ninth website I am going to talk about my new elective which was urban hiking with Mrs. Hofeld. Our group that was with us was some of the same people from my previous elective, running, except two new people which were Haimanot and Frankie. That day, we walked to the waterfront near the Willamette river. There we saw some crazy inventions that people made over the years in Portland. Well some of them I think are from Portland. But first we saw a tiny bench that was sitting in the middle of everything. It had two parts of the bench one part where two people can sit and the other side is only where one person can sit. One fact about that chair is that it is made from garbage that is in the river making sea life in danger. When we went to see the river, we looked down, I saw something unusual. That  unusual thing was probably just a random stick in some people's opinions. But I thought that it was probably just a fish or something. Or maybe it was just a thing of garbage. Just to be honest with you, I do not know what it was. But anyways, we tried to memorize all of the bridges in the city of Portland. Oh yeah and by the way, just one fact about the city of Portland is that Portland has 15 bridges which are the Oregon Slough Railroad Bridge, Burlington Northern Railroad Bridge, Interstate Bridge, Glen L. Jackson Memorial Bridge, St. Johns Bridge, Fremont Bridge, Broadway Bridge, Steel Bridge, Burnside Bridge, Morrison Bridge, Hawthorne Bridge, Marquam Bridge, Tilikum Bridge, Ross Island Bridge and the Sellwood Bridge. After we looked at the river we went back to school because flamingos had to get back to school because they leave earlier than the seventh and eighth graders because of traffic. Then we got to go home.

By reporter, Liam

 Urban Hiking

Urban Hiking is a elective at Bridges Middle where you get to walk and run. We get to walk around Portland,  OR. We visited parks in Portland. We get to see buildings and birds. It’s great thing about Urban Hiking. You really get to experience what nature and animals and places in the world you probably don’t know. So basically we’re in a group of 7 kids and the teacher who leads us. Her name is Ms. Hofeld and the one rule is stay in the group and especially don’t run on the streets. The point of this elective is waking up your muscles and you become familiar with your city.

by Pedro

Hello folks prepare to be amazed. Today I present an amazing piece of literature. It’s called, drum roll please, Mr. Murny makes a sandwich. Now the name may sound boring but I assure you this is amazing. Unlike your average story this story is based around a guy making a sandwich. Nobody ever seems to write about somebody making a sandwich. This will be the greatest story of the century. Now I present the story of Mr. Murny making a sandwich.

One day a man named Mr. Murny was sitting in his house when he became hungry. Mr. Murny wore a sweater made of seaweed and jeans made of seaweed. He loved sandwiches but had no idea how to make one. He didn’t want to leave his house because he needed to guard the chair he was sitting in from raccoons. Mr. Murny thought that racoons wanted to steal his favorite chair. Mr. Murny decided that he needed to make his own sandwich. Mr. Murny got out of his chair and then went into his garage. He got out a hammer, a saw, a drill, an axe, a wrench, a screwdriver and a chainsaw. Mr. Murny took the tools into his kitchen so he could use them to build a sandwich.

Mr. Murny pulled out two slices of bread. He decided that they were not good looking enough so he sprinkled glitter all over them. He was still not content with how his bread looked. He got out his hammer and hit the slices of bread until they were flattened out. He was happy with his shiny flat bread. Mr. Murny needed a nice base meat for his bread. He looked in his fridge. He had ten pounds of deep fried alligator meat. He also had three pounds of penguin legs. He took out a bit of the alligator meat and a bit of the penguin meat. He then pounded the meat together with a sledge hammer. Then he got up on the kitchen counter and stomped on the meaty mix with his biggest winter boots. Then for a final touch he blow torched the meat to heat it up. Mr. Murny was proud of his accomplishment.

Mr. Murny’s sandwich lacked some more ingredients. He went outside into his backyard and pulled out tons of random plants. He brought them into the kitchen and began his assembly of his sandwich. He got out some potatoes and mashed them up into mashed potatoes. He put butter on them and he had mashed potatoes. He then spread the mashed potatoes over his meat. Mr. Murny had no idea that mashed potatoes were not supposed to go in a sandwich. He then got out some lettuce and cooked it in his oven for a whole hour. He then put it in his sandwich. He needed one more thing for his sandwich. He went out into his yard and pulled out a massive beet. He then used the beet to set a trap for the greatest prey. That prey was a wild sky moose. Mr. Murny hid behind a tree. When the sky moose came he would throw a lamp at it. He would knock it out and collect the dust that emits from a sky moose’s antlers.

After a while a moose with wings flew down to eat the beet. The moose had blue fur. The wings and the blue hide were a sign that it was a sky moose. Mr. Murny then threw a lamp at the moose. It was knocked out cold. Then Mr. Murny collected the dust of its antlers into a jar. Mr. Murny ran back into his house and sprinkled the dust on his sandwich. Then he sat on his favorite chair and ate the sandwich. The sandwich tasted horrible due to it’s mismatched ingredients. Mr. Murny learned that he should only use ingredients that seem to actually make sense.

That was my website for this week I hope everybody liked it. This is reporter Miles, signing out.

Water coloring!

My elective was water coloring. I chose it because it is an art elective and I enjoy doing art. Water coloring comes from the artist William Reeves. It was invented in 1780 and many artists loved to use this type of art. One of my favorite uses in

water coloring is matching colors together and make one big color. On top of everything water coloring is pretty enjoyable apart from getting watercolor ink all over you however it was easy to get off. I hoped that you enjoyed my website.

By Boone   


Card Game Elective

In the card game elective, we do different kinds of card games. For example, we play solitaire and rummy. The card game I was playing was war. We watched a video on how to play solitaire. Our teacher for card games is Mr. Shaw.

by Salil

Urban Hiking club

On Wednesday, 2018 November 7, seven students had a decent amount of fun around Portland.  They, were doing URBAN HIKING!!!! They started at Bridges Middle School and made their way to a lookout next to the Hawthorne Bridge and back.  The first part of the hike was down a road named 1st street. Then they crossed Naito Parkway to the Waterfront. After that they saw the design museum.  There was a small building, complete with a free do-it-yourself bike repair station (we didn't go there). And some cool benches. One of which was made completely out of plastic found in the ocean.  And the other bench, wich was flipped upside down but had a cool way to sit on it. After the art benches, they walked past the Salmon Street Fountains. They then turned around. They passed a police memorial which had a name from 1879.  That was really cool. Then, they made their way back to school. It was more than a decent amount of fun.

By Reporter Roy

War Never Changes

Chapter 2

Two red eyes stared at them.

“What is that?” River said.

“What are you talking about. I'm just a regular kid.” the eyes said.

“You sound like death itself.” Daniel said.

“Well you look strange because you’re not wearing the legal civilian cyborg electro suit.” The eyes replied.

“ What and…. I’m River and this is Daniel and are you from the Twilight Zone?” River said.

“I’m Pat and what the heck is the twilight zone?” Pat said as he turned into a black haired 11 year old boy.

“You know the Twilight Zone on the television?” River said with scepticism.  

Pat looked down at his watch.

“What the heck?” Pat said.

“What?” Daniel said.

“Where am I?” Pat said.

“Redwood, Missouri. October 4th, 1951?” River said.

River handed over some purified water.

“Welcome to the fallout.” she said.

River and Daniel  had found out that Pat was a time traveler from the year 60334.

They had found a camp and everyone just slept with a good meal in their stomachs.

Her mom was in a white wedding dress her hair waving around, They were in a field.

River began to cry.

“Why can't you see me?!!” River said sobbing.

She woke up. Pat and Daniel were still asleep.

She walked out of the camp and over to her house. She was hungry and she couldn't eat in open air. She walked down into the Bunker. Her dad was lying on the ground. A television was behind her. It played creepy music.

“No don’t hurt me. I'LL find a cure” she said nervously.

The television lunged at her and she dodged it. The television stopped and put her dad's face on the screen.

“I'M YOUR DAD” He said angrily.

Pat walked in and kicked the television screen. It shattered.  

“Thanks” she said.

“But that was my dad” she added.

River ate some beans while Pat walked out. River went over to Susie.   

“Why did this have to happen?” she said sobbing.

Daniel woke up. No one was in the camp. He ran to River’s house. She's got to be at her house he thought. He found her there. She was crying and hugging Susie.

“Um, River” he said.

“Hi Daniel” she said.

“Why did you leave?” he said.

“I wanted to visit Susie, you know long days, the past few days...”  she said.

“I get it, considering my losses” he said, sobbing a bit.

“Hey I was fiddling with Pat’s watch. I found out he can check people’s status in any timeline, he's in, so he could probably find us and help us if we tried to escape to West Virginia, where I heard on the surviving radio stations there's a Sanctuary for survivors. If Pat wanted to find us, he could” Daniel said trying to change the vibe.

“Yeah, but we have to walk all the way to West Virginia?” she said.

“Oh yeah, but anything to get back to society” he said.

“I know” she said.

“Do you know why Missouri was bombed?” she asked.

“Fort Elyse in Jefferson city was a major military loading dock” He said.


“ Wait, maybe we can find a car to get us to West Virginia” he said.

“But we don't have drivers licenses. We’re twelve.” she said.

They stopped  and found Pat looking up at the car with his futuristic knife in hand.

“Need a ride?” she said as she cranked the window down.

To Be Continued….  

by Noa

gloves against the glass, he called it animated Gloves.

In the Meditation elective we learned what Meditation does to our bodies. The first thing we did was watch two videos on Meditating. In the videos we learned that Meditating for ten minutes each day can do things to our bodies including making them stronger. When we Meditate we tighten our bones and in reality making them stronger. When we Meditate it makes us feel calm and relaxed. Also while we Meditate we concentrate on nothing exactly nothing. When we think of nothing it just helps us relax in a deep and calm matter.

Thank you for reading reporter: Ari!

I'm going to ask some people in the flamingo room.

How should we make a better community in the flamingo room.

Oliver: I think that we should have our muggle studies back

Liam:  I think that we should have more furniture for the reading class.

Peter: We should have better playground Supplies. Like a slide or a small zipline. Or we could do some monkey bars .

Roy: I think that we should have more electives. In the week. Because we can't finish all of our projects .

Maya:  I think that we should celebrate the Day of the Dead And Halloween next year.

Miles:   we should have lots of more options for writing. We need to make it so people can better express their creativity through literature. Maybe we could even try to have people review others stories. I have more stuff to say but I want to keep this short.

Margo;  we need some more books like Graphic Novels and chapter books.

Declan;  I think they class president. or we have our own jobs that we have to do.


Kellen; I think that we should have more art time and social time.

by reporter Oliver

Photography: Mrs. Hauger

We started new electives this week. They include Urban Hiking: Mrs. Hofeld, Watercolors: Mrs. Thompson. Card Games: Mr. Shaw. Meditation with Mrs. Mesa. and Photography with Mrs. Hauger. I choose photography. We use an ipad for taking pictures and we are going to learn to enhance them.

The kids in my elective are: Me, Noa, Luke, Drew, Wyatt and Jack. I first started out with a chair against the wall. I don’t think it was really good. Then I found out that we are supposed to use one object for the whole time. I used a plastic hand. Luke did this cool thing with the yellow gloves against the glass. He called it the animated gloves.

When I was using the hand, I took a film canister and put the hand on it to pretend it was a trash can. I am really looking forward to this elective.



In science class we are finishing up our health books and working on body diagrams. When we finish the body diagrams we hang them up on the wall. Here are the organs on the body:

1. Heart

2. Pancreas

3. Esophagus

4. Skull

5. Lungs

6. Trachea

7. Brain

8. Stomach

9. Small intestine and large intestine

10. Leg bones

11. Arm muscle

12. Liver

13. Urinary bladder.

First, we color the pictures.  After that we cut them out. We have a big piece of paper that we lay out the organs on and then we staple them together.

P.S. they look a little weird




Diary of a Mouse

Chapter 2

Jesse was walking under the dense forest of green grass as he remembered Blossom, That snake

tricked my father!  he thought  as he recalled the russet she-mouse. Jesse paused to see a dove-fawn mouse searching for food. He wanted to call out but the dove-fawn mouse was talking to a russet she-mouse. Blossom!  He thought angrily but then he paused to hear what they were saying:

¨Chamomile! Nice of you to join us!¨ Blossom squeaked

”Yes, Quite the honor your Majesty. Chamomile responded.

¨”You have been seen with a Male mouse! Blossom said triumphantly.

*other mice gasp*

¨I was only telling him to stay away!¨ Chamomile retorted.

¨Either you get demoted to the Pup Trainer or you LEAVE us forever!¨ Blossom said in a sing-song voice. Jesse couldn’t take it anymore,  ¨STOP¨ he yelled.

”A male mouse!” a Champagne she-mouse squealed.

“Jesse, what are you doing here?” Blossom said.

“I would say the same, Blossom, because, you. Ruined. MY .LIFE!” Jesse yelled.

“Oh honey, I knew you wouldn’t last long when I was around.” Blossom said lazily.

Jesse could NOT take it. He knocked Blossom over as she was going to turn around.


Then Blossom started crying as she said:

“ F-fine! I admit it! Your father did love me and then realized who I was! A spoiled little mouse who wanted it all!”  Jesse then realized why his father made him do all the work, why his father acted like Jesse was not his son.

“ Is he even my father?” Jesse asked.

“No, Squeak he is you true father’s old friend” Blossom said.

“ You should go, take Chamomile with you.”Blossom said.

“ I am sorry about what I said.” Jesse said bowing his head.

“ Same here, goodbye Jesse.” Jesse told Chamomile to follow him and she dipped her head to Blossom and followed Jesse.

“ Hello, Jesse right?” Chamomile asked Jesse.

“Yeah”  he said.

“ i was part of the  Flower Army. “

“Nice, but we have to get moving we cannot stay in one place we are Wanderers.”

Jesse looked in the direction where his Father’s mouse hole was. The world is my home now, and Chamomile’s too. We will journey until we find a place to start over, this is my world and this is My Diary.


   Chamomile Diary Coming soon on a chrome book near you

(here is a preview)

Hi my name is Chamomile, I miss the Flower Army deeply. Right  now I am travelling with

My unlikely comrade Jesse. We are currently travelling to a small village where his true father might have been.

I was about to ask him what was going on when I tripped.

gloves against the glass, he called it animated Gloves.


November 2, 2018

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 👻   Halloween party 👻


Every  Halloween our school has a Halloween party. First we do projects because at every project day we do a lot of projects. But on Halloween it is different. On Halloween project day, we colored in a ring and we made spiders that had numbers on  them. I will explain to you why that happened later. After that we had lunch. After lunch we put on our costumes. 🕸 Then we had break. We didn't really do soccer that break. Or basketball.We just looked at each other's costume.

 Then we all came to the flamingo room. They said that we were going to do six activities and we were splitting up into 6 groups. I'm not going to say all of the activities, but I will say some of them. We did  pumpkin bowling and we decorated our pumpkins like this. 🕷


🎨 Then Ms.Byrnes told us  a scary story. Remember the spiders, that we made at the beginning of the day? We used them to play a game.

How to play, try to collect as much spiders as you can with one foot and who's the one to put their foot down, you're out and then you see how much spiders you have. Remember how we put numbers on the spiders? Those are points and who has the most points wins. Then we did some other games.👾and then after that, the day was over. When we were leaving to go out the door, the teachers handed out candy and erasers  and then we went home. It was fun.👽






Final Elective           11/1/18                   

Hi! Guys this week we will be talking about my final environmental justice class. In environmental justice we were working on a paper for Mrs.Byrnes to send to elected officials about what diesel particulates do to our bodies. One main thing we talked about in the elective was that our sensor bots were breaking apart more than it should at least twice a month right now. My sensor bot has been only collecting temperature data lately and that’s the data we don’t need. Since our sensorbots keep breaking, we decided to have a meeting at least once a month to talk about what going on and bringing our sensorbots in to fix. When we made our sensorbot, we tested them and some of them did not work but most of them did. My sensorbot on the other hand did not work. Since it did not work, I brought it to Mrs. Byrnes and she tested it fixed it and it was all good.

Now let's have an interview with Mrs. Byrnes since I didn't do it last time I was writing this topic

Me: Why did you create the elective?

Mrs.Byrnes: Because outside of school I'm very passionate about working collaboratively with others to address air pollution in Portland. I was excited to expand this work to include out students while providing  hands on educational experience.

Me: How does it affect our bodies?

Mrs.Byrnes: It affects our brains out lungs our reproductive organs Long term exposure can cause symptoms ranging from headaches and nosebleeds, asthma, Ecoma, Infertility, and a recent Washington post article illustrates a connection to diesel pollution and Alzheimer's.

Me: What kind of data are we trying to collect?

Mrs.Byrnes: We’re measuring levels of air pollution with a specific focus on diesel particulates. We’re also collecting weather temperature to look for trends during times of increased pollution.

Me: Why are we sending a paper to the elected officials?

Mrs.Byrnes: We want to let them know that we our concerned about air pollution in our city and we want to motivate them to make changes at the city, state and county levels to help all of us breath easier.


by reporter Ari

Spider games

Spider games were popular this Halloween and will be for years.  This year, at Bridges Middle School, there were three. They were all very fun.  They also were all very creative and simple. But the simplicity made it more fun, because the more simple the rules, the better.

My favorite was the floor web.  This could have been because of the challenge, because of how I worked on it, or both.  Either way, I had the luck of getting to help make the spiders that morning.

You made the spiders by coloring cut out bumps on egg cartons, the part that the egg sits in.  We used sharpie to color it. After that, you punch eight evenly spaced holes in the egg carton.  Then, you stick legs made out of pipe cleaners on it by looping it through the holes you punched earlier and twisting it together.  They don't need to be super pretty because when you play the game, they will get quite beat up.

To set up the game, you can put tape on the floor like a spider web and then spread the spiders out on the floor.  The rules are simple. Stand and hop on one foot, if you put your foot down, then you are out and keep the spiders you have.  The goal of the game is to pick up more spiders than everyone else. The player who has the most spiders wins. When I played the game we both had a decent balance and so it was kind of a frenzy for the spiders.  I ended up driving for the last spider and tying with the other player. It was a lot of fun.

The second game I played was a spider race.  You have two plastic spiders and two clean straws.  The goal of the game is to blow the spider off the end of the table sooner than the other player blows his off.  There are basically no rules. Other than you can not touch the other spider with your body or your straw. It's a fast paced easy to set up game that is tons of fun.

The third game is similar to the spider race.  The difference is that there is only one spider and the goal is to have the plastic spider off of your side by the end of the game.  To set it up you just have to put a piece of tape across the middle of the table. It is much easier with side barriers but they are not needed.  

There were many many more spider games played this year and there are thousands more how to’s for them on youtube.  But these will have a 90% chance of staying my favorite for the rest of my life.

By Reporter: Roy

Health class.

In science class we are studying health which has to do with our organs. We are cutting out little pictures of organs and putting them in these books with our names on them that James’ family made.  We write about them on computers and when we are done with that, we put that in our little books.

   These are the organs we studied.  #1 The Heart #2 The Skeleton #3 The Lungs  #4 The Liver# 5 The Intestines #6 The Kidneys and #7 The Stomach .

by reporter Drew



This Wednesday our class  had a Halloween party. Let me tell you a little bit about it. When lunch was over everybody got their Halloween costumes on and showed off their Halloween spirit. All the costumes were spectacular. After lunch recess, we all met up  in the flamingo room and made groups of four or five. We went through six stations that had fun games and challenges. Now I will tell you about my three favorite stations and how they work. The first station that I did was the ping pong obstacle course. At first  you had to put your ping pong on a spoon and balance it all the way up the stairs around a cone and all the way back. Then you put your ping pong on the ground and putt it into a pumpkin's mouth. That one was fun because I love relays. The next one that our group went up to was pumpkin head bowling. What you do is you set up bowling pins then you get two pumpkins and you roll them into the pins, hoping you will get all the pins down. Well that was just a few of the stations that I did. And I hope you enjoyed me telling you about our schools Halloween party.    

Sincerely, Boone

Health class.

In science class we are studying health which has to do with our organs. We are cutting out little pictures of organs and putting them in these books with our names on them that James’ family made.  We write about them on computers and when we are done with that, we put that in our little books.

   These are the organs we studied.  #1 The Heart #2 The Skeleton #3 The Lungs  #4 The Liver# 5 The Intestines #6 The Kidneys and #7 The Stomach .

by reporter Drew

This book was written as a crossover with Luke who wrote “An Adventure through Time”. Also dedicated to my Grandpa who is also a great writer.   


War Never Changes by Noa            

The bombs were going off as explosions filled the air. Susie was grasping on to her doll as though it was living. The  Russian army was invading. River just knew. Dad opened a can of beans and started to eat it.

“Open the BUNKER civilians!!!!” a Russian soldier said.

 He’s coming in,  River thought.

BOOM! The bomb went off, the one they all feared, it went off.

                   Earlier that day October 3rd,  1951.

“Hey River, can you get me a toothpick?” River’s dad said.

“Sure dad.” River said.

She walked in the kitchen and grabbed the box and set it down on the coffee table.

“Thanks.” he said.  

The alarm screeched.


River got up with a gasp. She looked over to the corner. Susie had been playing with her doll.

Susie was gone. She looked over and saw the doll moving and Susie laying there like a rag doll.

Am I going nuts? she thought.  Rivers lip quivered.

“DAD HELP.”  she said desperately.  

Her Dad woke up.

“River, I had a hard day yesterday- just let me sleep.” he said.

I wish mom was still alive River thought.

River went outside and the smell of metal filled her lungs.

River coughed and she closed the Bunker door.

“River don't open the door, you don't want to end up like Susie.”  he said with a tear in his eye.

“YOU KNEW!!!” River said.

“Of course, I worked at the Power Plant. I know when you consume something in open air near atomic material your soul fuses with something that you’re holding, like Susie probably fused with her clothes, then her doll.” he said.

River walked through the waste land. She went over to her best friend's house and opened the door.

“Hello?’ she said.

She found a note “Dear River. If you have found this you should know we have gone to the local Fallout Shelter.

We are fine but not all of us. Dad and Mittens (our cat)  have died. We’re all going crazy. We keep seeing all of their belongings moving- it must be the radiation.”-Daniel.

River heard muffled footsteps. She whipped around and there was a giant Teddy bear.

It slashed at her with the forks taped to its hand. It caught onto her dress. She pushed It back. She dashed through the window and into the bushes. She ran to the house beside Daniel’s house.

She ran inside and  grabbed a baseball bat. She ran down to the window and crawled through and ran through the forest.  I don't need dad River thought as she walked by a sign that said:

Fallout Shelter. She walked by and clutched the bat harder.

“Hey River.” a voice said.

River swung the bat and hit something.

“What the heck was that for” Daniel said, lying down hurt.

“Oh sorry, are you ok?” River  said.

“It's fine, come with me.” Daniel said.

“Where's your dad?” Daniel said .

“Nowhere. He lied to me and I just left the bunker.” she said.

River looked up at the door. It was huge for a local Vault. River and Daniel walked in.

They walked into a  small room. it had two beds, a couch and a radio. It was very tidy.           

“So here is the room I stay in.” he said.  “By the way, would you like to stay here?” he added  “I mean it's terrible out there.” he said.

“Lets go to the Cafeteria, ” Daniel said.  

They walked in and atomic material was leaking out of a pipe.                

“OH NO A LEAK!” Daniel said  as they ran out of the Shelter and into the Cemetery.

by Noa

An Adventure through Time.

This book was written with a crossover to “The world is always changing” by Noa

to Mr. Lautenbach for giving me such a fantastic name to use

And to Noa for everything and Miles aka Lord Crumpets for inspiring me to write my 1st sci fi story

It was the year 60334 and a group of oceanographers we're exploring the ocean when they found a large cave. They traversed the cave for a few months. Finally the leader of the oceanographers was starting to give up. He sat down heavily. The cavern floor failed. Suddenly they were all in a huge Chamber. The leader grabbed a flashlight and looked at the wall “WHAT THE !@#$$#$%” he said they looked around in awe. On the Cave walls were drawing of creatures they have never seen. “I've seen it all” said one. “Oh this exploration will give us gold” said another.  

“Show me famous people who cares about out gold is fo-” He never finished his sentence. The others looked around in horror, to find two great yellow eyes. They looked at the cave drawings. They were glowing. Little did they know it was the first time glowing in many millennia. Yellow eyes moved closer and before any of them could react they disappeared.


Life in 60334 was very dull. There was world peace and of all the space exploration had stopped. There were no new awesome inventions because the world's best scientist,  Luke English, had just died of heroically saving the world or whatever. Pat, a 11 year old, black- haired kid, was sitting on his bed listening to the news when he heard “Recently, bones discovered in a cave. A group of oceanographers was found in a cave underwater. The police brought them back. The city that they had landed in exploded. They were just able to send the transmission before the explosion destroyed them and now with sports….The news droned on. Pat sat up on his bed. This was interesting he thought. I wonder what City blew up? As if to answer this question, a wall of debris came flying through the apartment. Pat went flying back. His vision started to blur. Bits of rock and metal were flying everywhere. He heard his mom scream. Then he was falling all the way off the top of the exploding apartment tower, falling through the flaming air towards the street, towards the explosion, towards the never ending  Inferno. That would be his home for all of eternity. Tears welled up in his eyes from the explosion. As he fell and suddenly his vision went black…

9 hours later Pat rolled over on the broken sidewalk.

“I don't have to get up, Mom it's not a school night” he said.

He opened one eye. He felt like his leg was broken. When he looked around, he concluded it probably was. He stood up and looked around. He saw a arm in a pile of rubble. He ran to it he lifted the boulders. When he saw what it was, he was depressed. The human underneath was dead. I'll check my map and see where I am, he thought. He scavenged around in his pocket. Finally he found a flat piece of metal. he looked on the front.

A map normally would be  metal on one side and on the other, glass. The special part about a map was that you would tap a button on the side and it would show you where you were on the glass, like a movie screen. The glass on his map was cracked and the button was missing.  He walked down the street trying to find a building with supplies in it. Finally, he saw Demos Interstellar exploration gear. He ran inside. Inside, he saw a flashlight. He looked around for more. He found a real working map, an electronic rope, glasses that allow you to see through walls, and an electronic knife. Just as he was about to leave, Pat saw a strange glowing electronic watch. He picked it up. On it was the exact time and date. It was still ticking even though there was no power. He checked for batteries. There were none. He put it on. The time was 10. “

“Oh no it's my bedtime” he said. “Wait, I can just turn the time back” he said jokingly.

He typed in a random day and time and hit submit. He didn't know what that button did. He felt like he was folding in on himself. Then suddenly,  it felt like his face and head melted off his body and suddenly he was solid again.

by Luke

Hi reporter Miles here. Today I will be talking about what we are doing in math right now. We are doing an interesting assignment with a Halloween theme. We are doing an escape room puzzle. Ms. Hauger spread a few papers with fraction puzzles around the room. We are split up into two teams. The goal is to get the number combination from all five answers of the puzzles. My team has solved three out of five answers. The puzzles all were quite unique.

The first puzzle we did involved finding equal fractions. There was a sheet that had a row of simple fractions. There were tons of random fractions on pieces of paper spread throughout the table. We had to find the equivalent fractions. Each piece of paper had a letter on it. When we matched the fractions to their equivalents we saw the answer. The letter spelled out the number that was the answer. It took time to find the answer to that puzzle.

The next puzzle had at least four or five green puzzle pieces. A few had fractions on them. The ones with fraction had subtraction, division and equal signs on them. There were three fraction pieces each with one of the signs.  We had to put together the puzzle and solve an equation. The answer of the equation was the puzzles answer. I couldn’t really understand that one.

The third one we did used a fraction number line. We had to go from smallest to largest fraction. We found the answer in a bit. We found it by finding the hidden final numerator. Or maybe it was a denominator? The number line was in the shape of a circle. The circle was the circle of pedals on a flower. There were two other flowers with number lines. Those were for giving us an idea of how to solve the puzzle.

I liked the escape room activity and I look forward to doing it tomorrow. It is a nice teamwork exercise. I like teamwork games. Everybody was helping out in our group. Owen wrote down lots of stuff on the whiteboard so we could remember what we had figured out. Charlie did a lot of the calculating. I had lots of moments were I just suddenly realized answers. Even before we had figured out the hints I randomly without really thinking figured out the answer to the flower problem. And Rufus was a boost to the moral of our team. In conclusion this is a really fun activity.

This is reporter Miles, signing out.


In art we doing the monster art designing. You need a printed piece of paper and a dice. Each monster has a different picture. Each number has its own different monster shape. For example, if the dice shows one dot, the first roll there will be small feet & the body,  If you get one dot again, you have to do the eyes. But If you get two dots, you have to start a new picture.

By reporter Salil

In class we are studying the kidney. The kidney is a part of the body that are two bean- shaped organs that are in the renal system. Some people don’t know where the kidneys are, but you can actually feel them by putting your hands on your hips. Here is how: First, put your hands on your hips until you can feel the rib cage. Next put your thumbs on your back. You can’t feel them, but then that is where your kids are. One of the jobs for the kidney is to waste out of your blood. The blood delivers nutrients to your body. You have two kidneys. This is because kidneys come in pairs, which means two. If you have ever seen a kidney bean, they are the same shape as your real kidneys. Both kidneys are 5 inches, 3 centimeters long and 3 inches and 8 centimeters wide. They are about the size of a computer mouse. I hope you enjoyed learning something new about kidneys.

by reporter Maya

My Week

This week I was not at school, because my parents planned a trip to Washington, DC. My birthday was going to happen there and I did not want to go. The trip turned out to be actually really good. We went to the zoo on my birthday, we saw pandas, lions and bears. We went into the reptile room I close my eyes the entire time because I really hate snakes, But my mom took pictures of the snakes for me. The day after my birthday, we went to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. It was really cool.

We saw a mineral room and we saw the most expensive diamond in the world, The Hope Diamond, probably the most expensive gem in the entire world. There were a couple other diamonds in there in the room also.  We saw Emerald diamonds and we even saw the most expensive Portuguese Diamond. Then we got to sign up to go into a full room of butterflies. One of them went on me but for 2 seconds and then I saw that there was one on this kid's head. After that, we went into a room where there were a bunch of bugs like scorpions, spiders, centipedes and beetles and all that kind of stuff. When I first walked in I saw the centipede and he wasn't doing anything. He was just sitting there enjoying all the attention. I looked at the next table and I saw what looked like a half scorpion, half hair wig but I couldn't find it. It was probably just hiding in the cactus ball. I looked in the next one and then I saw a bunch of beetles. There were a lot of them. A few of them were blue and most of them were black. I couldn't tell what they were. I went to the next tank and I saw a scorpion hiding under the cactus ball and it was really cool. Then there was one more. I saw a black widow spider hanging from its web!

Then I saw a few other tanks on the other side and there was a tarantula in one of them. It was cool. I actually thought the trip was awesome at the end.




At school at 11:30, the Halloween party began and I wore a cool steampunk plague doctor with a giant beak. The giant beak was real long ago because they filled the beak with herbs so they did not smell the corpses. I might have had one of the best costumes. I wore a mechanical eyeball that looks around. A mask with the giant beak that I was talking about, and it lights up.

We also played lots of games while we were at school. What really happened was I went home right after.  

by James

Diary of a Mouse

December 21st, The Storm.

Squeak was running from the flames,which burned down his mouse hole. How unfortunate he thought as he scurried away.  Squeak stopped as he saw female mouse carrying his pups “ MINNIE!” he shouted, his mate was trapped by the flame. He scurried up the wall before the flames could get to him, just as he was about to catch her, a large part of the fence went between them. Squeak was about to panic as he began to hear a tiny squeak.(end of prologue.------------------------------------------------------------------------

Chapter 1

Jesse woke to his father shuffling about in their mouse hole.

“Morning Dad.”

His father drew back in surprise and said nothing guess I’ll fetch my own breakfast then Jesse thought annoyed.

“Oh … hello Jesse”. his father said seeming distracted.

Jesse went out of the mouse hole to fetch breakfast when he noticed a pretty female mouse scurry up to his mouse hole.  His father came up to the mouse with a squeak of delight.

Jesse carried on getting breakfast which was a small piece of grain he found in a hole he had buried.

“Father, who was that she-mouse?’

“Oh… that was just Blossom.”

Jesse turned away from his father. He noticed that Blossom was in the mouse hole so he tried to squeak a friendly hello to her but she ignored him, the nerve!.

“What was THAT for?!”

“Ah-ah-ah.. That’s no way to talk to a Lady.

“Fine. why did you Ignore me?

“ Because number one, I only like hot guys and two, make nice before I kick you out.”

“Yes ma'am.” Jesse said sweetly to Blossom as he went to his room.

He was just about to go to sleep when his father snatched his pillow and said “Get out.”


“Blossom says you ignored her and said Ah-ah-ah.. That’s no way to talk to a Gentleman.”

¨ B-But SHE said that to me!¨

¨Pack your things, Jesse.¨

Jesse packed his things and quickly left.

Jesse then noticed Blossom and shouted:

¨ THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!”and walked off.

Deep down, Jesse regretted everything.

by Margo

My favorite and interesting things about the body


Today I'm going to tell you about  my favorite and, what I consider, interesting things about the body.  These parts include the heart, lungs, intestines and more. I hope you enjoy this website reading

My favorite and interesting thing about the heart is that it's one of our muscles in our body.  It pumps blood through different parts of our body to help us move our parts like our arms legs and neck and much more. In one minute The heart can pump 10 liters of blood through our body.

The heart

There are two sides of heart does for you. On the right side of your heart receives blood from the body and pump it to the lungs. On the left side of the heart It does exactly the opposite. It receives blood from the lungs and pumps it out of your body. It's interesting how it works right.

The lungs

The lungs have  a very important job they help us keep breathing so then we can breathe air. The carbon dioxide is carried by the red blood cells in the lungs capillaries to the alveoli, where it is emptied into the air that leaves the body when you breathe out.

The liver

The liver does many jobs, but here are three big ones: It cleans your blood. It produces an important digestive liquid called bile. It stores energy in the form of a sugar called glycogen.It’s located underneath your rib cage.

The Intestines

This system deals with all the food and drink you take in your body. The intestines are the part of the digestive system between the stomach and the anus. They are all rolled up to fit in your stomach. The small intestine is a tube approximately 6 meters in an adult.

The kidney

The kidneys  filters that take the waste out of the blood and make pee. the ureters: tubes that carry the urine from each kidney to the bladder. ... the urethra: a tube that carries the pee from the bladder out of the body.

The stomach

As we all know the stomach helps us digest and and clear system this is what it does. The walls of your stomach make gastric juice, a strong acid that helps break down the food you eat. Food broken down into tiny pieces and mixed with gastric juice in the stomach.


As you all know all these body parts you have inside your body are very important.without all these very important organs we all could die in various seconds. Or we could turn to mush. Be healthy be clean and make sure to take care of your body we do not want to turn to mush do we .

by Peter

October 26th

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Every week, two students choose and create a quote for the week. 

This week, students had the choice of submitting a scary story for the website. Enjoy the scare!

What is Art night?

Art night is something Mrs.Thompson does once a year. We do this because we enjoy our family and it is something we can show them what we do. During art night, we can make art talk with friends and parents and do their things or just have fun with their family. Last night, Thursday, we made art with ink which is you put it in water very carefully you will make a big circle. If you do it very carefully you could make a seahorse like me or a unicorn like my sister. I tried to make a flamingo but it did not come out as good as I thought. In the middle of Art night one of the teachers there told my fellow friend Owen to pull a cube. Nice job Owen! I read the website. It was an amazing night and I would love to do it again. By the way this was the third or fourth art night since it started and can't wait to see it continue. I'm not sure how to explain how it worked but i at least know the


Suminagashi ink            


A plastic bin                   

Construction paper     

Paint brush                     

Place the plastic bin with water in it on the table. Then put some drops of ink in a paint pallet and them put the paint brush. Put the ink in the bowl of water then place the paper in the bowl. Take it out and damp it on a dry cloth bottom and top and let it dry and that's it. So simple right but let's have some more fun and have an interview with Mrs.Hamilton about it.

Me: What is art night?

Mrs.Hamilton: It is a chance for parents and students to get together to work as a team and make some Art.

Me: What did we do?

Mrs.Hamilton: We did Suminagashi marbling art with ink.

Me: Why do we have art night?

Mrs.Hamilton: We have art night to make a community with teacher, families and students.

Thanks for reading Reporter Ari

Making Mummies for Halloween!

For my seventh website, I am going to write about health class. Health class is one of my favorite classes of the day except when we don’t have it that day. Health is the most important thing for your body.

James grandma and James himself kindly made journals that have flamingos on it. Every person has one. The books had as many different types of paper that you can imagine. There is lined paper and paper with tiny squares in it. There is also blank paper and there is many other types of paper in the world. Paper is made from trees. But anyways, we studied about the heart, the lungs, the liver, the skeleton, the brain and our brand new one, the kidneys. We had to stop health class because everyone was interrupting Ms. Pritchard which is rude to do to your teacher. In fact, you might get in trouble but not exactly in big trouble. Then we had to do silent reading until Fitness. After Fitness, we actually got to science which was really fun at the time. There was still some interruptions during the class. After we got everything done, everyone got to do typing on the computers and then it was dismissal. Everyone was happy.

By reporter: Liam   

Halloween Limericks

There once was a dog.

He got lost in a bog.

He met a friendly ghost.

Who really liked to boast.

About his rocket powered cog.

There once was a man named Shazzam.

He met his end with a BAM!

An incident with a firework.

Caused his last word to be “URK”.

His obituary was written by a clam.

by Reporter Roy

Storyboard That

Hello reporter Miles here. Today I will talk about something I know nothing about. The thing I speak of is Storyboard That. Storyboard That is a website. It’s a way to write stories and have cartoon pictures above them. It kind of looks like a comic. I’m going to start asking around about Storyboard That and hopefully find what's so good about it.

Boone likes how many types of different looking characters and backgrounds you can put into your storyboard. Boone also says that he likes to put basketball players in his storyboards. Boone seems to enjoy using Storyboard That. Now time to ask Oliver. Oliver says that it’s good. Nothing else, just that it’s good. I’m beginning to think the Storyboard That is not really widely used as I think it is. Margo says Storyboard should have more electronic devices and computers. She also thinks it should have stuff from video games. Declan likes that he can use it to put what his visualization of his story is, on to a screen. I have gathered that not everybody is using storyboard that. The people who do use it like it.

I think I have interviewed all the Storyboard That users. My opinion is that if your writing a story it should have a picture that takes a whole page every chapter.  I think that Storyboard That is a good idea but I think people should try to think about how the story is written more than just making something quick then going to make a storyboard. Hopefully Storyboard That would be nice as a way for people to express things  that they can’t really put into writing. This could help people who need help being descriptive. I'm very sorry that this website is not as long as others that I have written. I hope all of you have enjoyed this. Have a great weekend.

This is reporter Miles, signing out.

At school, Ms. Thompson, the art teacher had an art night. This is when we could come at night to do art with our parents. I came with my dad and we did a project that  used special ink. We dipped it in water with a paintbrush and then dipped pieces of paper inside. Then when we took it out and it made a beautiful design. I thought it was so cool and so many kids came. We used the colors red, orange, green, blue and yellow. We only dipped it at the top of the water. It left a really nice swirling designs afterward. I had so much fun and I can’t wait for the next one.     

by reporter Maya   


Social Bridges 2018   

In social we are  coloring spooky animals. We are making spooky spot pattern books. One example is the Mummy mind reading, the bat is the title, the ghost overgeneralizing the cat all or nothing, the pot stewing, predicting the future.    


By reporter Salil

Diary of a Wimpy Kid book report

By reporter Drew

Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a really good book. It is also very funny. It is a combo of chapter books and comics. I enjoy this format because I like the combination of pictures and story.

The main character is a kid named Greg. The story follows his everyday life, even though it is not so “everyday”.

The author and illustrator of the series is named Jeff Kinney.

The importance of Water

by Peter

Water, the nectar of the gods is the most important sources on earth that helps us survive. Without it we could die. I'm going to tell you what water can do to us and help us with our bodies and what it can do to help us survive !           

If you're outside playing with your friends for a very long time (like for an hour) you need absolutely some water or something to drink. It's important to keep your body healthy because just inside your body generates heat when you play or exercise your producing sweat so that when you are sweating it keeps you cooled down. But your brain is telling you that you need something to drink such as water or something that can hydrate you to keep you from dehydrating . But if you don't drink water or something to keep you hydrated, stuff can happen to you.  You can get dizzy, vomit or your tummy can hurt. And the worst is a headache. A headache can cause the most problems because you won't even get to play outside or do something that you what to do. Drinking something like water, obviously V8 vegetable juice, very healthy has salt but it can still be healthy . Drink either soda water or water or something nice that can help you not be dehydrated Drink healthy things that's healthy but not sugar water. Stay healthy stay clean and drink water .

Escape Haunted House in Math Class

One day Ms. Pritchard came into the class and she said ¨Okay class put down your books- it's math time¨. We all thought we were going to do decimals like usual. But she told us today for math that we were going to be doing escape the haunted house. So  she read us the the quick version of chapter one. She said something like this, by walking to that monster house there were many regrets for me and my friends.You think it was some good ol exploring adventure. No problem  it was just a spooky Mansion that was in the in the Forbidden Forest. You probably expect that's when the curiosity struck. I wish I could have took it all back. It was horrible! The room monsters were there and there was a king monster.

Then they took us to the dungeon and we're still trying to escape! The only thing that's on my mind is what happens if I don't get out of this horrid place, and I don't want to know and I don't want to know if I'm going to get out of this place or not. The spiders are really freaking  me out at night!

So we began- there was a message on the wall probably from someone else that already been here but to figure it out we had to solve math problems and see the numbers where they are up there and place the letters from under. After that we have to add up all or numbers that we had and that were above the letters get the answer and choose when the bricks with our answer on it.  But we're still trying to get through it. It's going to be hard. After that you'll read chapter 2 after Miss Pritchard and Mr Lautenbach have accepted it for us and so on. Our journey continues.


The Girl

By Boone

October 23rd 2018

Jack Miller and his friend Johnny Moore were sitting on his uncle's lawn, looking up at the stars and at the cornfields.  As they were looking at the corn fields, they saw something come out of it.

It looked like a human but they weren’t quite sure. It looked like a girl with a dress. She went back into the cornfield  and came back out. This time, she started to float towards them so they ran but the girl didn't. As they got to the front door and  looked back she was just staring at them. Johnny Moore said to Jack Miller “I'm going to go get a better look.” When he got closer, he saw the girl with  beaming yellow eyes and black goop dripping down from her skirt.

It grabbed at him with her hands and scratched him on his arm. He screamed “Ahhh run”. Jack Miller saw him running towards him and Johnny kept screaming and running all the way to his uncle's house.

After a couple weeks, Johnny Moore got very sick and died. When he died, he looked exactly like the girl that scratched him that night.  

  Boone delivered a Halloween surprise that he made for Ms. Thompson!


Milo dreamed he was back on the streets with his best friend and a calico named Hiroshi. They were heading to a sushi

restaurant until Milo scented Cageplace humans . He yowled for Hiroshi as he dashed into the restaurant.

“Hey  You!” Milo woke up to a she-cat meowing at him.

“Wuz goin on?” Milo mewed sleepily.

“My name is Sakura,  Hiroshi’s littermate, we’re here to get you out!”

“ My name is Milo”.  After the introduction ,  a gray tom immediately started using a piece of metal to wrench the bars apart so Milo could escape.  He did.

Milo ran until he jumped out a window.  I’m free, now to find Hiroshi

BEEP,BEEP BEEP! I woke up to my annoying digital alarm clock, I immediately turned it of stupid alarm clock. I thought as he trudged out of bed, got dressed  and brushed my hair.

“Morning mom” I  said.

“Oh there you are sweety. We need to talk.”

“What is it?”

“We’re moving into your father’s household.”

“WHAT?! But you never  phone him!”

“We need support honey, pack your things.”

I packed clothes, video games, photos, action figures, books and snacks. I had never even MET my dad, after I finished packing I taped on every box RICKY’S ROOM.

“Hey mom, we forgot breakfast”

“oh I’ll make some eggs over easy with bacon. I grudgingly put a FOR SALE sign in the front yard, ate breakfast and watched the moving truck pull into the driveway. It said SPEED-E-MOVE.

When we arrived  at our new place, a boy who looked 20 years old greeted us,  then he noticed me and said

“Hey bro!” Am I related to this dude?

Are we bros?”


“Do I have more siblings?” Ricky asked.

“ 3 brothers and 3 sisters”

“What’s your name?” “


“I’m Ricky.”I walked inside the house which smelled like potato chips and B.O.

I was walking around until I noticed a chubby calico came toward me.

“Hey Kai, who’s your cat?” Kai smiled “Oh this is Sakura. She’s pregnant. Sakura came up to me purring like a motorboat.

by Margo

                      Oliver ‘s Scary Stories

I woke up one morning. I realized I fell asleep on  Broadway. My head was a little dizzy. I went to my work. Everybody looked at me and they started screaming. they said it's him it's him so I ran out of my work. I had no clue what was going on.

And then I realized I had a wife,And she would probably recognize me.I walked down the park to my house.Everybody was looking at me. either walking away or screaming. I finally came home. I walked in my house. I saw my wife crying. I said “What's wrong?” She said ,my  husband died a day ago.

She looked at him and screamed. She said, get out get out!.       

I ran he out of the house . I said, what's going on?.

She looked at him and screamed. She said, “Get out get out!”

I ran he out of the house . I said, “What's going on?”

I looked in the puddle and I screamed.

I got into a car crash on October 31st 2018.

October 19- almost Halloween!

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How to make Halloween Tombstone

First, take a strip of cardboard. Make sure it is a good size to cut out for you to make a tombstone. Next you will cut out the cardboard into the shape of a tombstone.   Then you will paint the tombstone grey, black or whatever color you would like it to be. While you are letting it dry come up with the design for it. It can be a picture, it could be a limerick, it could be a poem. Or, you can have a picture with a limerick or poem on it. If you don't want any of those, you can use any other thing. For instance you could put on  R.I.P. Once the paint has dried and you have chosen your design you can then draw your design with paint on the tombstone or you can use Google Docs and print out your limerick or design. Cut it out and glue it on to the tombstone. After that you’re ready to scare kids and who knows, you may scare a few adults. Just be prepared.

By reporter Declan

What is environmental justice?

Environmental justice is an elective here at school. There were many students that wanted to do environmental justice but there we only so many spots available as many students wanted to join. So in environmental justice our goal is to stop diesel particulate come near schools as it affects our lungs strongly. If you read the Cascadia Times newspaper you would have noticed that we were in the paper talking about what we are doing. In environmental justice we made a Sensor Bot.  I will give you some information on the sensorbot. Our sensor bots want to collect data on diesel particulates which is again a bad thing for us to breathe. There is other data we collect like temperature but diesel particulates is our big one.

 Students at Bridges Middle School in Portland assemble air monitors in bottles. Photo by Beven Byrnes

Here read the Cascadia times story on my website here we go.


Even schoolkids are building air monitors. At Bridges Middle School, an independent nonprofit school in downtown Portland, students in an environmental justice class have been assembling particulate monitors in bottles. Principal Beven Byrnes plans to place 10 of them around the school.

In about six weeks, the students will collect the data and send it to regulatory agencies, elected officials and media outlets.

“We will become change agents,” Byrnes says. “Clean air warriors!”

(Copy from Cascadia times.)

Thanks! For reading reporter Ari.

Thanks! For reading reporter Ari and sorry I have not made a website in a few weeks.

Website #6

My sixth website is how the Living Room Works in the flamingo room. How the living room works is that every week, we change where people sit in the living room. The furniture that is in the living room is that there is a Big Sofa, Little Sofa and two chairs. Every week we change where everyone sits. Four people can sit on the big sofa, three people can sit on the small sofa and one person can sit on one of the two chairs that are in the living room.

Now I will talk about the pillows on the couches. The pillows in the living room have many decorations on them. Some of the pillows were actually sewed by many different people. Two of the pillows have many flamingos because I am in the flamingo room. Other pillows have colorful stripes and others have letters like the letters A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z. One fact is that there are 26 letters in the alphabet. Everyone will have a chance to sit on every single piece of furniture in the classroom. Also, there is a chart to see who gets to go on a piece of furniture. This week I got to sit on the big sofa but I have never sat in either of the 2 chairs yet.    


by reporter Liam

In class we studied the liver, an organ of your body. The liver is an organ in your body that produces proteins that are important in the blood clotting. Your liver also does many jobs. The most important jobs it does are cleaning your blood, producing an important digestive liquid called bile, and storing energy in the form of a sugar called glycogen. The liver cleans blood that is enriched with vitamins and minerals during digestion. You might be wondering, “Can you ever live without a liver?” Well, estimates say that a lot of people would not be able to live for more than a year without a liver. I hope that answered your question and you enjoyed learning a little bit about your liver.

by reporter Maya

Social bridges is really fun. We are learning how to stand up to a bully. We learned  you either need to either ignore a bully or go get friends or family or teachers to help. I have been bullied before it is scary. if you need more info go to WAIT I AM NOT A LICENSED ADVERTISER.com. We also did a bully bingo sheet.

by reporter James

My Favorite Classes


My favorite class is art . I simply like it I do not know why I just do .

Science- new books

I like the new books . In our books we included the heart,lungs,liver,and skeleton


I like what we are learning in social .

By Reporter Drew

                                      Limericks Website  

A limericks is basically a five line poem that is supposed have a specific rhyme scheme.  In our class we have a Halloween edition. Some limericks can be turned into a horror story just make sure there is no gore in it.  I’ll show you an example.

There once  was a teacher, Mrs Bowers (A)

Who now lies here pushing up flowers  (A)

Her students drove her to death           (B)

Until her last breath                                 (B)

And now she’s out haunting for hours  (A)

Now that right there what you just heard was a limerick.  

by Pedro


1One may not go down the stairs if wearing shoelaces

2 To eat lunch, Miss Thompson must approve If lunch is made of paint

3 You may not eat Oreos unless you are in Ms. Pritchard presence and share one with her
4 If you are in an Electives and you do not like which elective you are in, you must eat a french fry with your eye

5 If you have shoe laces on your shoe you cannot remove your shoe

6 If you are a flamingo, you must jump in the air and flap your arms when you get your Elective

7 If you do project day, always make your favorite Teacher a gift

8 You may not use the microwave. Instead you must use water

9 Teacher Tax Day is real. Send candy.

10 By law you can pull 100 cubes If you are able to scare Mister Lautenbach.

By reporter Luke

Halloween Jokes

By Reporter Roy

Jimmy:  What song do vampires hate?

Bob:  … Well I don't know Jimmy.

Jimmy:  You are my sunshine!

Ghost:  Why did the skeleton go to the prom alone?

Vampire:  Why?

Ghost:  Because he couldn't find any body to go with

Skeleton:  HEY!

Q:  Why did the traveling witch throw up?

A:  Because she was broom sick!

Jack:  How do you fix a broken jack-o-lantern?

Talking lantern:  With a pumpkin patch!

Q:  Why do witches ride on brooms?

A:  Because vacuum cleaners are too expensive.

Granny:  What does tweety bird say on halloween?

Tweety:  I alweady know

Granny:  Twick or tweet.

These two are from Boys Life, a magazine.


A photographer goes to a haunted castle determined to get a picture of a ghost on Halloween. The ghost he encounters turns out to be friendly and poses for a snapshot. The happy photographer later downloads his photos and finds that the photos are underexposed and completely blank.

Moral to the story: The spirit is willing, but the flash is weak.

Joke submitted by Jacob S., Lebanon, Ore.

A book never written: “Did a Vampire Bite Me?” by Chick Yerneck.

That's all.

Tombstone 2018

What we do with our tombstones first is typing our three different Limericks. After that we print it. The tombstone is made of foam board. We paint our tombstone gray. After that we put our limerick onto the tombstone. For example I wrote

There was once a ghost named Bud.

He liked to suck blood.

He made a giant mistake because he ate a poison cake.

Then exploded into a muddy thud.

Happy Halloween!!

by reporter Salil

   Halloween by: Noa

  Hi there and welcome back to the flamingo website and today I will be writing about Halloween at this school. We usually a have a party after lunch where you can  dress up in your costume and you can do activities, socialize and show off your custom ( ps: don't be too much of a showoff.)

Well anyways I asked people  what they’re going to be and there's some variety.

For example I’m going to be springtrap from FNAF from Five Nights at Freddy's.

But on the other hand we've got Pixar characters, Pink Panther, Pokemon, and some not even dressing up. So on Halloween, we are allowed to bring our costumes but not any weapons (because its dead weight.) So the Halloween party takes up the rest of the day after lunch because its a half day.  After all that we can go home and get some exercise from trick or treating and then eat a bunch of candy and mess up our bodies again.

                                Happy Halloween

Post scriptum: a new short story is coming out by me.

Project Day

In the Flamingo room there's this thing called Projects day. Project day is where people

are in groups or by yourself. Project day is on Wednesday.  This project day we did a lot of Projects. There were some people doing the stage . There was one person who was doing little mushrooms out of acorns. And some people are doing coffee filters. Coffee filters is where they color coffee filters. and glue them to balls. We have this thing where we get jars. We paint the inside white and then use electrical tape to make eyes in and at the end it looks like a ghost. We decorated  the Flamingo classroom. Project day is fun.

by reporter Oliver  

In PE, on Thursday, we went to the Under Armor track for circuit training. It was really fun. Let me tell you something about it.

When we first got to the track. Mr. Lautenbach made us run around the track once and then we stopped and did flutter kicks  for 1 minute which was hard but fun in a way. Then we did another lap around the track and went back to the shaded area. We did 30 jumping jacks and went for another run and came back and did planks for 1 minute and then we made a pyramid with doing planks. After that we did one more full track run and went back to Bridges.



Hi, reporter Miles here. Today I’m going to be talking about my elective. My elective is dancing. Dancing has been my favorite elective. I’m pretty good at dancing. I believe that dancing isn’t some fancy memorized series of steps learned from a video. Or some elaborate fancy waltz for classical music. I think dancing is just simply moving to the rhythm and sound of a song. I feel like popular culture is making people think that dancing is just repeating a single movement again and again and again. In fact it seems that dancing isn’t original anymore. It’s becoming entirely based on silly trends instead of people just dancing to a song. Well enough about my opinion and down to the actual class.

In dance class we give song recommendations to the teacher. I usually give electronic music song recommendations. My favorite type of music  is dubstep. I doubt anybody who’s reading this knows what dubstep is. I don’t know any “official dances” but I just kind of dance to the song. I don’t really have a set dance. I just have a variety of moves I know. I have dance offs sometimes. I usually go against Kellen. He seems to be getting better every day.

Sometimes Ms. Mesa brings up recorded videos of a game called just dance. In just dance players must just dance. Somehow the game monitors movement and when the people dance they must mimic what characters on the screen are doing. We don’t play the game cause Ms. Mesa doesn’t have it. The recorded videos are just videos of the game. Not the real game. Also Ms. Mesa sometimes shows us dancing tutorials and dancing videos. In conclusion dance class is a very fun class that allows people to show of their dancing talents among others. It takes first place in my favorite electives.

This is reporter Miles, signing out

Hey everybody, Margo here. Today I decided I might be  one of the Flamingo Website’s series writers.

I will create a series of stories called Ricky and Milo. Ricky is ten years old and loves Lifesavers gummies. Milo however, is a gray-and black cat with yellow eyes who accompanies Ricky on his misadventures. The comic is set in Portland Oregon, where they goof off and try to stay away from Dicky. Dicky is a teacher's pet and has a Schnauzer named Bartholomew,who thinks he is a cat (the crazier the better!). So I hope all of you enjoy Ricky and Milo and get lots and lots of laughs!-Margo

October 12

posted Oct 12, 2018, 5:13 PM by Desi Pritchard   [ updated Oct 12, 2018, 5:30 PM ]


There was once a beautiful 15 year old girl named Dot. Her hair was brownish-blonde and her eyes were light hazel . The day she died started out normally, it was November 31st 2012. She had woken up to the sound of  her cat Splot, meowing at her “Mrow myaow meow”

“Morning kitty” Dot said a little dismissively. Today was Dot’s birthday, her “sweet sixteen” Dot was excited she was going out with her friends!  She would invite her BFF’s Shelley, Mary, Jackie, Ophileia and Mandi. She would have SO much fun!!!!!!!!!!.

Her mother called her downstairs “But mom, it’s SATURDAY- oh my GOSH!!!!!!!!” Dot was also a bit dramatic. She put on a white shirt with golden sequins that spelled out the word BEAUTIFUL, she put on a greenish-tan jacket, a pair of Mordache jeans, white socks with red hearts all over and Inglewood shoes. She walked downstairs into the kitchen where her mother was making coconut pancakes with butter and syrup. Dot’s mother was named Marella (Dot’s grandmother liked Anne of Green Gables.). She was dark haired with green eyes and she was a few heads taller than her daughter.

After breakfast, Dot heard the doorbell ring and at the door was her friend Mandi. “Where are the others?” Dot asked.

“Couldn’t come “ Mandi said they took a train to to the Edge of Portland where they ate lunch at a Chinese restaurant and played in an arcade. They noticed an old candy store named Amara’s sweet shop. They went inside. There were all sorts of candy such as lollipops,chocolates, licorice and gummies (Dot bought all of them). The old woman asked “Would you like to see my specialty?” Dot of course, said yes. The candy she had taken from the old lady were some decadent chocolates with a lovely filling. She then ate all of the candy. She offered Mandy some of the chocolates  and Mandy said no.

After she ate half of the candy she had bought, her mother took Dot to the dentist in Sandy. The doctor said this candy she ate would make Dot rot. A few days later all that was left of her were bits of chocolate.

               by reporter Margo

(dun dun Duuuun!)

Coffee  Filter Art

To start the first thing you need to do is take a coffee filter. You will see a small circle in the middle of the coffee filter. The other paper folds up and covers around the circle when we use it. You will then flatten the coffee filter with your hands. Take marker of any color of your choice remember the little circle and color around that. Circle going up and down, up and down until you reach where you started coloring. You set that coffee filter to the side. Take another one out of the pile and repeat these steps until you think you have enough. After that ,it is your choice what you want to do to the coffee filter. You can then take up to 1 to 5 coffee filters that are colored and cut the edges not all the way into the center, all the way around but into the circle we talked about. On the edge of that circle you will stop cutting.  Or you can just fold them halfway, then you will fold halfway again and then you fold to the left, creating a triangular shaped coffee filter. Now it's down to the hot gluers job. He will hot glue these onto a sphere shaped thing and keep gluing till the ball is covered then you may hang.

by reporter Declan

This week in writing, we are learning to write Limericks.   A Limerick is a short, often, funny poem. Limericks are five lines long poems. They have a AABBA pattern of rhyme. Example:

There once was a young man named Fred.

Who woke up and thought he was dead

He arose with a fright

At a horrible sight

A sheet was draped over his head.

by reporter Drew

 The stage

On Wednesday we have project day. And for this project day a couple people worked on a stage. First we had to build the outside which is two small pieces  of wood and two big pieces of wood. After that, we started putting pieces of wood inside of it to make it stable. Then we took a huge flat square of wood and they put it on  platform, but the platform was too wide so we cut a quarter off and then we screwed it on to the long side of the big piece of wood. It was a platform where we could walk on it and then we started painting the sides of it. We painted two long pieces which would attach to it.

by reporter Oliver

Nyarlathotep Book Report

“That is not dead which can eternal lie. And with strange aeons even death may die” is my favorite quote by H.P. Lovecraft. The quote is related to the book because it was made by the same author.

I am doing a book report on a short story called Nyarlathotep. It is about a demon named Nyarlathotep haunting a city.

Rating: 1000 out of 1-1000

Author: H.P. Lovecraft

Main character: Does not say

Enemy: Nyarlathotep

Genre: Horror

by reporter James

                      Five nights at Freddy's

The Fourth Closet  

by: Scott Cawthon

and Kira Breed Wrisley

                    WARNING SPOILERS

Hello and welcome to my book report because it's halloween and I LOVE horror, I decided to write about my favorite book series. Which is horror! Well anyways, here's the back of the book;

“What really happened to Charlie? It's the question John can't seem to shake,along with the nightmares of Charlie's seeming death and miraculous reappearance john just wants to forget the whole terrifying saga of Freddy Fazbear's pizza, but the past isn't so easily buried .meanwhile there's a new animatronic pizzeria opening in Hurricane, along with a new rash of kidnappings that feel all to familiar. Bound together by their childhood loss, John reluctantly teams up with Jessica Marla and Carlton to solve the case and unravel the twisted mystery of what really happened to charlie and the haunting legacy  of her father's creations.” -Scott Cawthon and Kira Breed Wrisley

So you already get the gist . Let me introduce the characters.  

First we have John who is wise for his age and is and is witty and is always by Charlie’s side.

And second we have Charlie who is  smart, awkward, kind and has a hard time trusting people. She appreciates her friends a lot and the special bond they share.

Third we have Jessica who is smart and always willing to lend a hand and is a very trustworthy person.

And fourth we have Marla who is very kind,  loveable and extremely loyal. She has said once  “I’m the one who brings hugs and band aids”.

And last but not least Carlton, who is a practical joker and the son of the police chief of Hurricane and is a childhood friend of Marla,Charlie,Jessica and John.

The trilogy takes place after the events Five nights at Freddy's  1,2,4 and 6. The book takes place in the Five Nights at Freddy's universe in Hurricane, Utah in what people think is the early 1990s. Five nights at Freddy's series  are stories about animatronics that are possessed by dead children's souls and you are the night guard which is bad because the animatronics attack at night.

Thanks for reading - by: Reporter Noa

 In class now, we are studying the body part, lungs. The lungs help us breathe and are protected by the rib cage just like all our organs are. This happens because when we breathe, the diaphragm contracts goes down. It increases space in the chest cavity, which is the body chamber of vertebrates, into where the lungs expand. The muscles between the ribs help the chest cavity. It pulls the rib cage up and out when you inhale. Some people in the world live with only one lung. This may sound strange, but it limits the physical strength and doesn’t stop you from living a normal life. The primary part of the lungs is to transport oxygen from the air we breathe. We breathe carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide comes out when we breathe air. I hope you learned something new about the lungs and you enjoyed it.

by reporter Maya


  On October 10, 2018, a seemingly ordinary Wednesday, the Flamingo class say. Little did they know today was going to be a very historic day! The first surprise came when Margo's mom, a world famous doctor, came striding through the door and told us many interesting facts about the bones. When she left, the biggest surprise of all came right through the door- the very door, the Flamingos has just walked through. In came Alex.

Luckily, I, Peter and Drew had all brought their Pokemon cards. Alex attended our Project Day and told us of the times when he was a student at Bridges, in this class!

At break, the best thing happened. He showed the Flamingos Pokemon Mats and the 10th Best Pokemon deck in the world. Then he looked at Peter's , Drew's and my cards. He was about to play against Peter. When the most horrible thing happened- Ms. Pritchard said break is over.

Peter was sad. At lunch recess, Alex did not show his Pokemon cards again. Electives came and Alex participated in the dance elective. Drew was doing anime, Peter origami and I am in Chess.

I wanted Alex to sign my first Pokemon card, which is my best, which was my cousin's Mega Mewto X. I asked Mr. Shaw and he went and pulled Alex out of dance and he signed it. He told me I wouldn't be able to use these cards in a tournament, but I don't care. Peter also stayed after to have his cards signed.

That is the historic day of Alex, the 10th Pokemon World Champion visiting Bridges Middle School.

by reporter Luke


BY Reporter: Adam

Soccer is a popular activity at Bridges Middle School, but sometimes a precarious one. It can be precarious because at Bridges, we don’t have a soccer field so we play in the parking lot where we sometimes fall and get scraped up. But we always get through it. Our secretary, Ms. O'Donnell, is prepared with band aids, tape and pads to help protect and heal the scrapes and cuts.One time, I was tripped by a different student and smacked my head on the asphalt. I didn’t go to my doctor because I didn’t have any sign of a concussion. But I did have a big bump on my head. Other than that, playing soccer at recess is awesome. What makes it awesome is the teamwork and getting to play with your friends. Getting to play with your friends is an awesome privilege to have.

by Adam

Limerick website

In the flamingo room, for Halloween, the whole class is writing scary halloween limericks. A limerick is like a poem, except it has to rhyme There are five lines each of them that have to rhyme. For example, Declans is pretty good. It is about a zombie named Ned who loses his head, here is how it goes:

There once was a guy named Ned

who one day lost a head

It was one of many

so he didn't need any

But he is not dead.

Mine was pretty good. It was about a guy named Seth who was on the verge of death. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.

by reporter Kellen

  Boot Camp

Boot Camp is a circuit base fitness class. Our teachers who teaches us, is named Mr. Lautenbach. He makes use do stretches, lifting weights, go on the air bike, jump roping, do push ups, and planks. Boot Camp is not what you’re thinking. Boot Camp is not for like boys who don’t behave and wine who go their to be ordered around.

We just do work out  to make you healthy and tough and strong in life. Our teacher teaches us how to be strong and how we should respect ourselves. And if we don’t do the work out and you don’t want to do it at all he will encourage you do 10 or 20 push ups. That's why boot camp is there in the school.

by reporter Pedro    

Image result for weight lifts




We are making figures out of wire. We watched a video in how you can make wiring figures doing different actions.You can make the figure do any action you want. The examples are dabbing and  superman. My art wiring figure has tied up legs. Ms.Thompson the art teacher will give you instructions in how to make it. Happy wiring day!!

By reporter Salil.   

Hi my name is Boone and today I will be telling you about my family's dog Rosie. She is a springer spaniel and she is 3 years old and she loves to go to the park every morning with my mom. What she likes to do at the park?

Rosie likes to chase the ball when me and my brother are passing it. And she likes when my mom brings the Chuck- it because she gets to run and catch the ball in her mouth. When she is at home, Rosie is usually either begging for food or belly rubs. But I mean what kind of dog does not like human food and belly rubs? (: She also likes to chase the cats all around the house like she just ate 1,000 doggy biscuits. And some nights she just is really tired which is fine because that means she gets even more belly rubs.    

Sincerely, Boone      


This day in art, we had to make wire people. But these wired people had to be doing something in motion. A couple of examples of people doing things in motion is like running or jumping or being happy. Everybody did their own piece of art. Many people did many different things that I never thought that existed like getting killed by a shark which I think would never happen because I don’t think that sharks exist. But the truth is that sharks still exist (according to the internet which is sometimes wrong). Sometimes people say that art is the best but other have different interests in life. Everyone has to know about famous people and learn about them. That is the same for art. People can be inspired by art and also learn what is best for you.

Paint was man made in the world. Do you want to hear the process of how to make paint on your own and see how hard it was for them? Well you start by picking flowers. Then you try to make them into liquid. Then you would have to freeze the liquid to make the flavor of the flower join together to make the actual paint. Then what you do is that you leave it in the sun so then the frozen part drys and it makes itself in to paint.

by reporter Liam   



What Is Pokemon?

Pokemon originated in Japan.  

It's also called Pocket Monsters. Japanese Pokemon is a card game It’s very popular. There are more than you think. There  are games about Pokemon like Pokemon go, Pokemon duels, Pokemon Quest, pokemon 3ds games and pokemon cards. Pokemon cards are fun and supposed to be dueled with other people and traded with people. Believe me it's cool and fun and exciting!!!! So get get out there and try to excite friends and make them experience the life of trading and playing Pokemon!

by reporter Peter

Compost Bins

By Reporter Roy

Bridges needs another compost bin.  This is because as the year goes on the two compost bins at Bridges will slowly fill up and then we will need another.  And then Bridges will have a larger trash footprint and nobody wants that.

If you don't have a compost bin then I would advise getting one.  Then you won’t need to have as big of a trash can. You might even make money off of it by selling the “Black Gold” that comes out of it.  Black gold is a liquid that is unbelievably valuable and come from compost bins.

By now you might be thinking, “Should I get a compost bin?”  And yes, you totally should. And if you are still reading this, then I advise to get one that is bigger than you would think because you will make more compost and use up space faster than you would think.  I also recommend getting one that collects the juice that comes out of it. Because that is the black gold.

How big you would think:  

How big I recommend:

October 4

posted Oct 5, 2018, 3:41 PM by Desi Pritchard

Growth mindset: embrace challenges, persists in the face of setbacks, see effort as the path to mastery, learn from criticism and find lessons in the success of others.

Growth mindset is good. People who have a growth mindset are successful article, people are not successful might have a fixed mindset. At Bridges, the teachers empower the students to change their mindset to growth mindset. We even have a class called social Bridges where we improve our skills to get a better  life and be happy because we have growth mindset! Growth mindset people are very intelligent because they believe that people all can learn. Even if you are born with no intelligence you can have amazing intelligent because -News flash!- everyone starts at zero.

By reporter Luke the awesome one

In class for growth mindset, my teacher read us a book called The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes. It is by Mark Pett and Gary Rubinstein. It is about this girl named Beatrice who never made any mistakes. This made her not want to try anything new. In one part in the book, she almost made her first mistake. She had almost dropped eggs on the floor when she caught them just before they could fall. Then one day at a talent show at school she had made her first mistake. She was juggling a water balloon, salt shaker, and her pet hamster. Then she realized that the salt was not white and the hamster sneezed it out. Then with surprise, he grabbed the balloon. After making her first mistake, she learned that it was okay to make mistakes. I learned that when we make mistakes, we can learn from them.

by reporter Maya

This Wednesday I did a project with acorns and paint. Sounds kinda weird right? Well it turned out to be beautiful mushrooms. Some of them were blue with white dots and red with yellow dots. We had some struggles with trying to be patient painting. It was hard to not make them small and not making the paint so thin so you can see the acorn through the yellow paint or putting too much paint and having paint drip everywhere. Overall, it was a very fun experience. Why did I do this project? Because I really wanted to do something with nature and Ms. Pritchard and I went on to Pinterest and saw these adorable acorn mushrooms and we really wanted to make them.

So that is what we did and it was really fun.

Sincerely Boone  

          The Weekly News Wrap up, by Miles

Hello reporter Miles here. Today I will be summing up the whole week in one paper. This Monday in art we started making people made of metal wire. It’s a simple process of wrapping and bending. Making wire people was real fun. This Wednesday we worked on some spooky Halloween projects which was a great activity. On Wednesday I discovered an art material called fun foam. It’s like felt but its not flappy and fabric. I also did some painting. My favorite part of Wednesday is dance class because first of all I can share my taste of music. Second of all I’m great at dancing. Now that we got through one half of the week time to go to Thursday.

I am writing this paper Thursday so I have to mention Thursday. Lucky for us Thursday is going to be the end of the school week. Today we did not work on wire figures. Which kinda wasn’t that nice. I really enjoy making those little wire folks. Not much has happened on Thursday so far but I am enjoying this day. Time for some information on the other days. I only have one detail about Tuesday but at least it’s a big detail. We did stretches in fitness on Tuesday. My idea of stretches is that they are ways to slowly become a big piece of rubber. I’m not very rubbery but some folks have become quite rubbery due to mass stretching. My theory is that if you stretch enough you will ascend to the land of rubber in the sky. Of course to get there you must  become so flexible that you can roll into a bouncing ball and bounce beyond the clouds. I’m probably wrong about all of that but at least it’s something for you to look forward to if you like to stretch a lot.

On Wednesday Ms. Pritchard introduced a new system for books. Some books that people really like to read are put into the holy cycle of reading. The holy cycle of reading is a way for people to put their names on a list of people to read the book that they want. There aren’t that many book in the holy cycle of reading yet. Maybe there will be more books in it in the future. Currently I’m actually on the list for one of the books. Also time to break some news to you folks. There is a group of people called the bread army at this school. It includes me and some other enlightened beings. We make stuff. Here's a picture of us.

And that was the wrap up. I plan to make one for every week. Also here's a list of the books in the holy cycle of reading. The books are The Mobbit, Boxers, Infinity ring and a book of comics that we just call the big comic book. Nobody has actually put their name on the list for the big comic book. Now I hope that all of you wonderful people have a great time and a great weekend. This is reporter Miles, signing out.


A beautiful heart for

Unnamed Teacher.

From Peter

My project is is a Heart shape for an unnamed teacher and I  will tell you what it will look like. From the bottom it will have a stem and it will go all the way up to look like it would be a flower. On the outside we will call her Violet Lee and on the inside it will be a flower that is all rainbow and then we will make it look pretty .  We'll get to hot glue every single piece so then we could put it up for the unnamed teacher. And I'm working with Kellen so then we can make it for the unnamed teacher but it's going to be hard but it's going to be worth it.When it's finished we are going to give it to the unnamed teacher and then it will be already for the Unnamed teacher and it will be so beautiful that that she will cry. Bridges is awesome!  


During recess a few other kids and I play soccer.  Before we started playing for fun, we were counting points and it became a bit too competitive because too many people wanted to win.  So one day, a teacher told us “you guys should play for fun”. We tried that out. Sometimes I had to remind them’ hey guys we're just playing for fun”.  We play with the two little blue goals. They're pretty small and hard to shoot into, but they still get the job done. Each time one person on each team is a Defender, basically the goalie, since the goals are only two and a half feet wide. The defendor has the choice of being exactly the right spot or a bit forwards or the third option basically playing Midfield running around back and forth stopping the ball.  We have many balls but we all decide to use the classic one which is also softer. You pump three quarters full of air or so it's not too hard because most kids can kick pretty hard. When someone gets hurt we stop. We forget all about the ball check on the person and if it's bad we get a teacher but usually we don't have to because the teachers are already out there watching. In my opinion I like spending my recess playing soccer because I get to have fun with my friends, I get to do something sporty just what I like doing, and it's fun.  Maybe you can try playing soccer for a change I think it might inspire you to have a healthy and fit life.

by reporter Declan

Special report from Blaze, the cat

Hello Everyone, my name is Blaze I am a cat. Some of my favorite hobbies are napping, playing and being pet. My owners have two children, a male one and a female one - they fight. A lot sometimes over me. I am grey with black stripes, a white muzzle with a brownish smudge, white forepaws, one leg with a long black smudge. today I woke up under my owner’s bed. I looked at the clock- 6:15 a.m.  I walked downstairs and jumped up. I took a few bites of kibble, it was a little bland, but it was filling. I went outside and noticed the younger female human was outside also. She noticed me “oh hello” I mewed. She came over to me and gave me a quick petting. A few minutes later, the two younger humans went away. I of course, headed inside to talk with Sable. I went inside and and she was barking at nothing, again.  “OUT YOU RUFFIAN OUT!”


“yes? Oh hello Blaze.”

 “you were barking at nothing again.”

“ I swear I saw a  pomeranian.”

“How has your day been so far?”

“Normal”.  I sighed. Sable is very old. Our owners put a diaper over her. I do not know why. After my conversation with sable I went under the patio table and took a nap.

by reporter Margo

Thank you so much for donating the book, Mobbit to the flamingos . It was so popular we had to make a checklist for it .

The Mobbit is basically the ¨Hobbit”, but it happens in the Minecraft world.  The Mobbitś name is Steve. Some other characters are the Miners and Gandoof the wizard.  There is also Thorgan Minecraft Shield.

They went on a journey.  They had to fight zombies as part of their journey.  At the end they had to fight a dragon called the Ender Dragon.  

It is a reeeeaaaaaaly good book.

By reporter Drew

Toilet paper roll art

In projects Peter and I are making toilet paper roll art. James and Maya would cut the rolls. Peter and I made it into a ❤ with a ❁ in the middle. We would color the inside of the heart red and the outside pinkish maroon. That is when my mother arrived to volunteer. The middle    was colored silver. I colored the stem bright green. Around the stem I did bronze. This will be a lot of coloring.

By reporter Kellen


On Wednesday,  it was projects day and electives day. My elective was running.  Running was very fun. We ran at least 8 laps or more but I did 9 laps because I did one extra with Mrs. Hofeld and Roy. Ferris and Rufus did almost 4 laps because they were walking around the track and I think laped them at least twice. Then we had a plank challenge and as always, I lost the plank challenge. Then when we were all done with running, we went back to the school and then it was dismissal for flamingos and I am one of those flamingos. Also, we were a little late because Mrs. Hofeld said to do at least 2 more laps.  

By reporter, Liam  

Dinosaurs and them having feathers

We are studying skeletons in Bridges Middle School which gave me the idea to make this story because dinosaur fossils are bones.There is a dinosaur called Kulindadromeus zabaikalicus that is a land dinosaur with feathers that came from the velociraptor which might have had feathers too and people think that at least five species had feathers. The maximum with feathers is all of them. The fossils were found in Siberia. Dinosaurs are fascinating creatures.

by James

         The Townsfolk of Guineaville by Noa  

Greetings I'm a townsfolk of Guineaville, the sanctuary for guinea pigs. I'm Nibbles, a black haired satin. I'm the town's main income of tourism. Until now……….

“ Nibbles we lost our tourist income for the whole year because of the forest fires in guinea forest.”  my dad said as he sprayed down the house. The sun had shown today meaning it was was going to be hot. The house Pops and I lived in was a wooden house that was tiny but nice. It was made before people worried about the teenage guinea pigs blowing up firew

orks in the forest. I went inside and sat down and turned on the TV. “So the fires  have grown a lot. So we are advising the citizens of guinea ville to evacuate the town. or maybe even leave the state of guinea fornia” said Tom the G.T.V  anchorman changed the channel and started chewing on my hoodie strings.

“ Maybe I'm hungry” I said as I left the living room and into the kitchen. I grabbed some cheese popcorn and  went back and I sat down on the couch again and ate. The talk show host’s voice was a bit annoying. I thought ugh our cable bill isn't gonna be payed for, for weeks…” I looked out the window. Flashes of cars zoomed by. Probably ditching the state I thought.  Guineafornia was a small state and we mostly had trees and lots of rain, and very hot summers.  THUMP THUMP. Someone was at the door

“I'm coming!” I said.

I opened the door and there was my neighbor Reverend  at the door.

“Kid I need your help. Our firefighters didn't make it. The national guard is currently occupied with a mission and there's a fire.  We’re gonna lose all of our town to these ignorant teenagers who think they can just do as they please” Reverend said.

          Later on the helicopter……..

“ Hey sir don't you think we should have told my dad?” I said, concerned

“ Kid, this is much more important” Reverend  said.

We were landing on a concrete landing strip. I got out and other guinea pigs were greeting me. They seemed urgent. I looked out in the trees. The fire swarmed around the forest.

“KID GRAB THIS” Reverend said as he threw a fire hose. The water stream hit me and I was knocked back and then  I started spraying the trees with water. The fire sizzled from the cold water. All of the sudden, a tree branch fell  “hel-” I was cut off and my whole world went dark and all I could see was bright figure that was floating it was a beautiful sight.

“ Hello” I said.

“Am I dead?” I said.

“You must wake up and see your family again ” the bright figure said.

The figure sounded like my best friend who died when I was in elementary school.

“Stewie?” I said.

“Sorry, Nibbles I can't talk now” Stewie said “Wake up.”

I was panting. I looked up and the forest was no longer burning.  

“You saved them, when you got knocked out, your body weight blew up the hose and sprayed tons of water everywhere. Pretty cool, huh” Reverend said.

The helicopter ride home was mostly just nice comments about me I just sat back and relaxed I guess Stewie's my guardian angel controlling my body or something.  Later at home my dad took me out to dinner. Im a town hero now and my dad and I have gained a fortune from the tourists coming to the “ home of the hero”.   

Post scriptum:  In loving memory of  Gus the guinea pig 2016-2018  we will miss you.



In Projects we make things every Wednesday and do different crafts like making stuff out of wood, painting, coffee filters, holiday crafts, and a stage.  

My project is sanding and making it into a halloween wooden cat.  So how I made it is with leftover wood that got donated to the school. We sand the wood with sandpaper

And make sure you get the top and bottom. Once you’ve done that, stain it with acrylic paint. Let it dry.

by reporter Pedro


In the flamingo classroom homework works like this: On Monday at the end of the day, Ms. Pritchard asks us to bring our homework folder up to her desk and asks us what level we are at and then, if our last page or pages were to easy or too hard. If the flamingo students receive homework on Monday they are supposed to turn it in on Tuesday.  If they don’t Ms. Pritchard won’t get super mad like public school teachers. Also on Wednesday, we don’t have homework because our electives are at the end of the day and Ms. Pritchard doesn't have time to give us homework. In the morning we do Projects, so it’s a very cramped day.

By Reporter Adam

September 28th

posted Sep 28, 2018, 4:53 PM by Desi Pritchard

Hi reporter Miles here. Today I’m going to be writing this week’s Oliver and Sharlet adventures. One day Oliver and Sharlet were sitting in the guinea pig cage eating hay. Little did they know that a great invasion was coming to Portland. Outside the school in downtown portland people were going about drinking coffee at Starbucks. Starbucks was gaining lots of profit from the whole coffee business. Oliver and Sharlet knew nothing of the great coffee empire the was right outside the school. Oliver and Sharlet were having a great day. When the school closed down Ms. Pritchard started looking over the student’s papers. Oliver and Sharlet were chomping on hay. After they had chomped all the hay they could chomp, they just sat.

Meanwhile at the Starbucks World Headquarters, the owner of Starbucks was watching them. In case you do not know the owner of Starbucks is, he is a guy called Jeff. Jeff had died in a fire. But then by using the power of caffeine he had came back to life. Jeff loved coffee and he lived in a massive coffee bean. The massive coffee bean he lived in was the Starbucks World Headquarters. He was thinking about something. Oliver and Sharlet had once accidentally broke his favorite coffee cup. That had been years ago. Despite all the years, Jeff had never forgotten his favorite cup. He thought up the greatest plan of all time. Jeff decided to try to destroy the school and make it into a Starbucks.

Once the day was over, Ms. Pritchard started to pack up. Jeff saw his perfect chance. All the coffee cups in the world were made with tiny cameras in them that allowed Jeff to see everything. When Ms. Pritchard was walking out the door with the guinea pigs, she had a most horrible event happen to her. A starbucks employee on the roof threw down a great big net and caught Ms. Pritchard. Ms. Pritchard was stuck on the roof. Although, the guinea pigs were able to escape through the holes in the net. The starbucks employee was picked up by a helicopter that had the Starbucks logo on it. The guinea pigs had to stop Jeff.

The guinea pigs had to sleep outside the school throughout the night. Sharlet and Oliver woke up ready to stop Jeff. Jeff arrived in yet another Starbucks helicopter. The helicopter was followed by many bulldozers. Jeff looked like a zombie. He looked like he hadn’t had sleep in years. That was because instead of sleeping, he just drank coffee. He was extremely pale.  He had bloodshot eyes. His hair was the color of coffee beans. He wore a white suit and a tie. He hunched over on his back like he was too tired to walk.

“Now time to get revenge on those silly guinea pigs. It’s a good thing I trapped them.” Jeff said in an extremely tired voice.

The problem was the guinea pigs were never trapped. Jeff had failed. Oliver walked up to Jeff and simply squeaked. Jeff fell over and passed out. Jeff was so tired and weak that just a squeak could topple him.  After that all the Starbuck employees retreated. They gave Ms. Pritchard back and Oliver and Sharlet gave them Jeff. After that, Jeff started his many year long sleep he needed because he had not slept for many years

The lesson of this story is to never drink too much coffee and to never trust Starbucks

by reporter Miles

A Tour of bridges M.S by: Noa

Hello and welcome to Bridges Middle School and today you will be taking a tour of our school. As we walk in, we see the front desk where we have a phones/tablet bin where you leave your phone or tablet for the day. We can collect them when we go home. Our receptionist, Ms. O'Donnell, sits at the front desk and can help you with lots of things. So you will enter a corridor that you can go down and turn right and you can get to  the quiet room which is a place to work quietly. If you keep going to the end of the hall, you can reach Mr Shaw's office were you can talk to him when you’re having a rough day. If we go back a few steps we can go down a smaller corridor were we have the other cool down room where we can go sometimes. If we go to the end of the hall you can go to the art room were you can do art some days. At the other side of the room, we have the cafeteria that is connected to our art room. If  we leave through the other exit, you can walk to the flamingo room which there is the 5th and some of the 6th graders working . If we go to the stairs near the window, we can walk up them and get to the upper classrooms and the library. So let's go to the first classroom. Welcome to the history/fitness room where Ms Mesa teaches fitness and history which is a good combination. Next we go to the library where we can pick out books or read. Next is Ms Hauger’s Room. She is the school’s math teacher. Next is Ms Hohfeld's room where she teaches science.

             Thanks for reading and Goodbye   

by Noa

Hi my name is reporter Drew and I am typing about the school and how good  I think it is.

Bridges is a great school.

1.The classes are great .

My favorite class is art because we use such cool supplies  to work with.

2.On Friday we always get cheese pizza.

Because pizza is yummy in my  opinion.

3.The teachers are very nice.

Because they are not bossy.

By reporter Drew.



How how to draw a manga character. Circle the measure the rain three circles is the legs two circles is the body. And if you want a larger body you make the circle bigger.

1 Measure the character by their height of their head.

2 Draw circles to plot where to draw each body part .

3 Draw a rough under drawing to decide their powers and proportions.

4 Draw details like your face, clothing, and hair, on top of your under drawing.

5 Erase that reference lines Yu-Gi-Oh earlier and we draw clean lines on top When necessary.

by reporter Oliver

This week art class we were doing art with wires. It all began with with an inspiration of Alexander Calder, whom Mrs.Thompson told us about. she showed us a few videos about this Alexander Calder and we soon began to understand this art was pretty cool. She told us that we were going to be doing stuff like this.  We're going to be making stick figures or that's how it starts. But we end up covering it around it with a bunch of wire and making it one whole 3D body. Which I personally think it's pretty cool. I really wonder how mine will turn out.

by reporter Declan

Chess Part 2: Rules

  1. In chess here are many rules.

  2. The names are: Pawn, Knight, Rook, Bishop, Queen

  3. Number of pieces: 8pawn,2knight,2rook,2bishop,1queen

  4. Movement: pawn moves 1 forward,knight 2 forward and 1 side,rook moves side back and forward,bishop moves diagonally and the queen moves anywhere,

  5. Fact: pawn moves two on first move. If it touches the back, it  becomes a queen. It only captures diagonally. The knight jumps over its own pieces.

  6. KING: When captured the game is over. If in Jeopardy but able to move out of Jeopardy, it is called check. King can not move into check. It can move any direction one space if no escape, it is called checkmate.

By Luke.

Website #2

On my second website now I will be talking about our class projects that we did on Wednesday. Everybody loves projects day because all we basically do is that we throw everything out from anything and then we make something either really cool or not so cool. But what I did is that with Salil, Pedro, Margo and some of the time, Roy. Also Maya was also talking about about flags and how she loves them flags and how she also knows every flag in the world. That day on projects day, we colored coffee filters with the earth colors which in this case are blue, brown, green and yellow. The Yellow is surprising for some people because yellow is the color of the sun. And the sun rises close to the earth.  Just to warn you the sun is very hot and everyone knows that. We used many different colors. There was also another blue thing. But this time we had to use the colors of the sun, which are yellow, red and orange. I think we made at least 50 coffee filters. The process of making the coffee filters was easy. All you had to do was, color the coffee filters, then you cut the coffee filters and then you stick them on to the balloon thing. We did a whole bunch of that until projects was done. After projects, it was lunch, then electives.

By reporter, Liam

Hey everyone Margo here, today I am going to talk about Bridges Middle School. This school is an amazing place. Bridges is a great school for kids with special needs and atypical kids.I believe every kid who goes to Bridges will become more mature and a better person.

I am thankful to all the staff, my cat, my mom and dad and and Alluwha for being absolutely  HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bridges is a great place for everyone it’s great A+ 100%!. So thank you, everyone


 At recess We play football And just to let you guys all know I'm the only  Mini Odell Beckham Jr. here Image result for Odell Beckham making a one-handed catch  but Kellen is kind of like Tom Brady. Mo is just one of those tall dudes. Ferres is just practically a defensive end. She is always trying to knock out the ball out of my hands and take me to the ground. But it gives me bloody knees because I land on the bark chips. But you have to put your life on the line when you are playing football.  I like that some of the people in our school want to play games with me and play football because I'm into it and I like those people.

by Alluwha

In class, we are studying the skeleton. We are doing reports on the skeleton bones. I have learned a lot about them such as, skeletons are part of the human body, they help us move around, and when we die, they start breaking. We also made our very own skeletons and I was the first one to get it done. We used paper bones and brads to make the paper skeletons. When I did mine I was really proud of it. I did enjoy learning about the skeleton and I really enjoy writing my report because it is so relaxing and fun- Even though it is an assignment!

by reporter Maya

Hello my name is Salil. I'm going to write about tea. Here in Bridges Middle School we can drink tea. My favorite tea is blueberry tea & mint tea. To make tea, you first get a tea bag & a tea cup. First, you boil the water then put  the water in the tea cup. You let it steep for 3 minutes, then you drink it. Happy drink.

By Reporter Salil

Paper Airplanes

The amazing math teacher, Mrs. Hauger has taken a new approach to teaching… Paper airplanes!  Starting Friday she has been encouraging making paper airplanes in our free time because it supports resourceful thinking.  I have been enjoying this and there have been multiple paper airplanes flying around during recess. Paper airplane throwing has become a sport and I have been helping repair paper airplanes.  

Paper airplanes include a lot of physics and physics normally goes with math.  That is because paper airplanes normally includes lift, drag, weight, gravity, and many other things that go with math.  Another thing about paper airplanes is that you are constantly refining your skills every time you work on it. And it is also like math in a lot of ways.  I also encourage anyone who is reading this article to make paper airplanes and have provided links for it.

These links are for different websites and youtube videos on paper airplanes.

by reporter Roy





In fitness Mr. Lautenbach is the teacher. The other kids that are in the class are:  Alluwha, Oliver, Boone, Declan and I. We all do something called circuit training. Circuit training is where we mix around stations from a workout. The first circuit was bike, push ups, squat jumps, jumping jacks shadow boxing.The second circuit was side straddle hops, shoulder press, running in place, bicep curl, bike. The third circuit is jump rope, flutter kicks, bear crawl, body weight squats and bike. I love circuit training.

By reporter Kellen

How We Write the Website

In the flamingo classroom we write a website about our school every week. Our website process works like this: We usually  start writing on Thursday, but this week we are starting Friday. Starting on Thursday gives us plenty of time but starting on Friday is sometimes cramped timewise. Ms. Pritchard writes our name up on the whiteboard and asks us what we would like to write about. Then we tell her what we want to write about and grab chromebooks to write our website on. The flamingo students share their website topic with her then later that day she tells us the two lead article. A lead article means that you have one of the best article in the flamingo classroom. And last but not least, we edit our stories with our C.U.P.S.

(capitalization, understanding, punctuation and spelling)

by reporter Adam

The human skeleton

The Human body and skeleton are the the most Interesting thing that scientists can explore. It’s a mystery to people that the skeleton has many interesting facts and origin stories about the skeleton!

Rib cage

Part .1

The skull.


The skull is part of us that allows us to keep our brain in our system and bones protect it from coming out of our ears.

Part .2

The rib cage.


The rib cage keeps the heart and the lungs pumping to help us breathe and they protect us from total drama rama.!

Part .3

Arms and legs

Helps us flex so then we can move them and protect us and can be used for fighting. Legs helps us move our body and keep us from sitting down.

by Peter



September 21, 2018

posted Sep 21, 2018, 4:55 PM by Desi Pritchard   [ updated Sep 21, 2018, 4:59 PM ]

The Environmental Justice Elective  

In this elective we're trying to get rid of pollution in the air. Pollution causes a lot of problems such as breathing problems and  global warming. There's a lot of items that makes pollution in the air. The examples are volcano explosions, wildfires, vehicles and factories.We are using plastic to build our sensor bots.  We are going to build sensor bots to detect how much pollution there is in the air. I wish I could do this next time too!!!

By reporter Salil

Classroom Math and homework

and How it Works

In the Flamingo Classroom we work on math differently than most schools. In lots of schools the teachers choose homework then make their students complete it. In the Flamingo classroom, the teachers give us tests to complete to see what level each student is at. Then the teachers recommend math that is at the students level. The teachers trust you to also choose your own homework that you say is good (not too hard not too easy) for you.

From a personal point of view,I think that the Flamingo classroom homework  system works perfectly.     

By reporter Adam



My topic for my second website was project’s day. That day, we did some sewing. At least 10 adults were helping us. When we gathered in to groups. I said to myself, I can sew easily. I told Ms. Pritchard that I sewed last year in 5th grade. But another thing, is that I weaved in 4th and 5th grade. Those activities were very fun. For my weaving project 2 years ago, I tried to do Britain's flag and I succeeded. But anyways, for my sewing, I grabbed cloth and a back to connect it to make it as a pillow for the guinea pigs. When James grandma helped me a little, I started getting the hang of it. Then she said that I had the best one in the class (which I thought was true) because I had already done sewing before, but when we started I had completely forgotten how to do it. But now I know how to sew. After I finished my sewing, I moved on to making flowers with toilet paper rolls. I was working on the flowers with Kellen and some of the time, James. At first, before Kellen came to help me, I had already made a guinea pig but I did not really like it, so I just bunched it together and then it made itself into a reindeer. But then, to actually make it look like a reindeer, I put a red nose in the middle of the reindeers face. Even though I tried to do Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer.  But then I had to break it apart which was very sad because we want to use all of the pieces. After all of this time we had to stop for break time.

by reporter Liam

Hello my name is Drew and I am typing  about ROCKS!!!!!! (Ect on the !’s)

Rocks can be found everywhere! And they are very easy to collect. Smooth rocks are found along the beach. They are polished by sand and water, and mountain rocks are sharp. Some stones are valuable. DIAMONDS are the hardest mineral rings, necklaces, and earrings are all made of precious stones. Sand is simply ground up stone.

By reporter Drew

Math this Week

In math class this week people have been working on a few different things.  The math teacher, Mrs. Hauger has been having a lot of work too. The first three days Monday, Tuesday and, Thursday have been test days and we had a visitor come and help.  And Friday was tests set up by the math teacher that have been continuing from last week. We also learned our sign in codes for IXL. That all adds up to a lot of work for Mrs. Hauger.  

by reporter Roy

Portland Thorns

One day I was playing soccer during break when Mrs. Hauger came out  stopped us and told us ¨I have some exciting news follow me¨. So we did. We walked inside and to the front desk there we noticed Portland Thorns merchandise and some of us thought we were going to get to keep but we were wrong.  Right then we found out that after lunch break we would wear this gear and then get a picture for a chance to win Thorns player to come to our school for a whole day!!! We all went outside to resume the game while screaming in the warm summer air.  We were all syked. Then came lunch break. We took the picture after that. Everyone started talking and saying words ¨This better work¨ or ¨I can't believe this is happening¨ as we all walked back to our classrooms. We couldn't wait to hear whether or not it was going to happen.

By writer Declan

Ps.  Still don´t know if it's going to happen or not but hopes are still up.

Project Day

This weeks project day everyone learned to sew. But I was assigned to fix the flamingo pillow, its neck had a hole in it. When I was done with that I wanted to find fabric for the new pillow. I went down to the basement with Mr. Lautenbach and we found a whole bin of old fabric.  We went upstairs, and I found a ton of unfinished cat toys in the bin. I took them to the sewing table and I fixed them up, while Alluwha worked on the fabric. After a while, I told Ms. Pritchard I was tired of sewing, so she sent me to go work on the toilet paper roll art with Liam and James. I love sewing and projects day.

by reporter Kellen

My flags Project. By Maya

During break time at school, I am usually reading about world flags, memorizing flags on my school notebook, or reading about different cultures. One day I learned that the country Brazil, in South America, capital: Brasilia, actually comes from a Portuguese word called “Brasa,” which is “Glowing Colors.” in English. Now, I am giving my teacher a flag everyday of different countries. So far I have given her The United States, India, Bangladesh, Japan, Brazil, and Russia. She decided that she and I do a project just for me and no else in the class: A flags banner for the outside of the classroom so the whole school can see. We are also going to pin a tag saying how we say “Hello!” in all those countries so that people can learn how to say hello in different languages. I have the same exact banners in my room at home and I also put how you say hello in all the countries. I think that my classmates are going to be so proud of me and that this will be fun.

United States flag

India flag (In the middle is the Ashoka Chakra (Ah- show- kah- Cha- ka- rah), a 24- spoke wheel that stands for India.)

Brazil flag

Bangladesh flag

Japan flag

Russia flag


This week I read Sisters by Raina Telgemeier. It was written in 2014. This book is about two sisters who hate each other. They can not stop fighting and arguing. In this book, they are going on a road trip from California to Colorado. On this trip, they learn that working together, instead of fighting is better than arguing all the time and is a better way then sitting around and yelling at each other and just not having a good life.

by reporter Boone

Our electives are great. My family,the school, and I are making robots that scan the pollution in our area. Many people do not care about the world dying but we do care. We made it out of recycled materials. We used sensors and a computer chip and bottles that used to have tea in them. We tested them with a volt tester.

Thank you to all the parents that helped including mine.

by reporter James

Luke writing! We have 2 guinea pigs in the classroom named Sharlet and Oliver. I decided  to make a felt forest for them.

First I found the felt and then measured it. Then I cut the measurement. Half way done, Adam joined me and helped finish. Then we were joined by James’ mom and Peter.

We cut strips of felt and did some sewing. Then, we slid twine through and hung it in the cage.

by reporter Luke

A Day In The Life  Of A Flamingo Kid.

By Noa a 6th grader in the flamingo room

So  being a kid in the flamingo room is a very unique opportunity in our school. We have a lot of privileges and responsibilities. So let's enter the world of a flamingo kid………….                       

Early Morning: so when we arrive at the school we wait until the school opens its magic gates just kidding there just doors. We walk inside and go to our classroom we usually get in and put our stuff away and sit down and wait for Ms Pritchards directions.

Mid Morning so we usually do math work at this time and then getting assigned homework. Our homework is very simple here just math and twenty minutes of Reading

Late Morning so we get some break time  at the end of the morning. At this time you can do what you want outside like make obstacle courses. Or stay inside and eat snack or just play board games.

Midday at this time we do writing like website writing,essays, or creative writing we have a choice  to use a chromebook ( like I'm using) or a desktop or an IPad.

Early AfterNoon at this time we have lunch Our school has NO HOT LUNCH so we bring our own. But on Fridays  our school orders pizza for kids that are willing to pay the fee. After lunch we have 2nd Recess and then……….

Mid Afternoon we have art or social bridges. We rotate each day in art we go with Ms Thompson where we can do art projects. In Social bridges we go with mr Shaw to learn about how to cope or meditate and we also learn about how to get along with the people around us.

Late Afternoon on Tuesdays and Thursdays we usually do fitness with Ms. Mesa. Usually we go do stuff with Ms. Pritchard on other days But the 8th graders are doing mythology on these days so it all works out.  In fitness we usually do running or just a 3rd resses where you have to stand up the WHOLE time. It's a really fun way to get exercise

End Of The Day  at this time we pack up our stuff and wait outside. Sometimes you can wait inside if you carpooling with an upper kid

Home  I as a student I think you should try to finish your homework first and then watch TV or playing video games.     

Thanks for reading my article  (-; Post Scriptum: be sure to read my short stories in October      .


         The sewing machine


I was lucky enough to use the sewing machine. It was very fun. At first we didn't really know how to use it.  Ms. O’Donnell figured out how to use it. The machine can do all sorts of types of designs. It is very fun. I made two pillows and then we made a napkin that had a name on it. Then I made a bag for the Orangutans  to deliver the toys in.

Sewing machines are fun.  

by Oliver

Hi Margo here, today I will talk about the school library which is directly above the flamingo room.I found that out because i saw the two trees that are behind Miles who i sit across from.

It has lots of books, well of course it does it’s a library! It has a few tables and plenty of chairs

An emoji that is made of sticky-notes.  There are Goosebumps books by R.L. Stine,

Warriors books by Erin Hunter and many more authors. I like to go whenever I can because I am an avid reader unless it is adults stuff. We are also doing a book drive so if you want to

Donate please do!.-Margo

My electives is dance club. It's where we get to dance, listen to music, have fun, talk and sing to the music and make funny noises. The people in dance club are named Gabby, Kellen, Declan, me, Maya and  Kazi. But what we did yesterday was so much fun too, because we got to watch this little YouTube video about people dancing and dubstep music with people dancing. One of the best parts was the Boogie storm. If you ever watched America's Got Talent, then you would understand it, but either way, the Boogie storm music is: It's the Savage Stormtroopers that dance to Star Wars music, Want to Hear You Sing, Whip Nae Nae,Whooping Gangnam Style, I'm a Single Lady and Baby You're a Firework . The only problem was that the flamingos had to leave at 1:45 so we didn't get to finish watching it but it was still amazing.

By reporter Alluwha

Week 2- Whip Making

Once you have done that, let’s work on the core of the whip which is its heart. So for the handle foundation use a 1mm, 9 inch nail spike and file the spike to make it smooth. This puts weight in the whip. Some whipmakers use paracord for the core and fill it up with either bbs or lead shot .

To make it heavy, fill it up about 3 ft of whatever choice you choose.  Attach the core to end of the nail spike and bind it on with artificial sinew, short for wax thread. Braid a 4 strand round braid. Start out at the end of the handle when the laces get short, cut them staggered and bind it with some artificial sinew.

Then roll the whip. What this does it makes it smooth and gap less and for the material to do this, use marble or a sinner block wood. Next tie and use the scrap piece of leather that you cut off the hide and bind it tightly. I’ll show what that looks likeImage result for bullwhip bolsterbolster  

. Image result for how to make a whip   

Now the final layer the overlay the the braid is a 12 strand braid .

                            To be continued\

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So I will showed you how to braid 12 strands- it is under 2 over 3. Keep on doing pattern. At the end, we end with 6 laces and we need to make a fall which is a strip of leather. At the end, we have to tie on what’s called a fall hitch this is how to do it. You wrap it around the braided portion

Go under the loop and pull tight- continue doing that. This Is what it looks like.

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                                 Fall hitch

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At the end of the handle, wrap a 1 inch piece of leather with some artificial sinew and make 2 passes 5x4 turks head knot. The tool a I use to make a turks head is a lacing needle. And here is the finished whip.  by Pedro

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