Our first day...in paradise!

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 Our projects have been a great success. We have donated pillows, dog toys, cat toys, toys, gifts for teachers and on our way to creating even more.

The supply ask list has been updated! If you have items available, we would love them.

Why projects on Wednesdays?

 Working on projects helps the kids build important skills. They learn to create an idea, work with others in collaboration to create their ideas and experience the sense of joy in their accomplishment. They learn what to do when frustrated, how to solve problems and how to work with patience.
We donate or give away all of our projects. This allows the children to understand giving is important and they begin to think outside of themselves. Many people have donated to help us out and this is the experience of gratitude for the kids.

Some of things we are looking for:
  • Tacky Glue
  • Paint- acrylic to use in the classroom
  • Paint brushes- smaller and medium,
  • big and little
  • Baby food or small glass yogurt jars

May 31- Last website

posted Jun 3, 2019, 4:31 PM by Desi Pritchard   [ updated Jun 7, 2019, 1:50 PM ]

Gwyneth plans on many days at the river this summer.

New Faces New People

No matter

Who I am

Or who you are

Bridges is the place for me

Bridges connects to different


Bridges Middle School

Connects different people

Bridges is a path like no other

Its greatest trails are the biggest challenges

At Bridges you can go small

You always go big!

by Boone

Hi guys, Margo a.k.a. Trouble Child here! Today  I am gonna talk about how I have changed.

In September, I was a mess! I yelled a lot, got sent out a lot and had no life skills.

Back then my only friend was Grace, who now goes to a different school (We are still buds!).

In my world, there are different types of people. Meanies/Dinguses: People like a certain mean girl at summer camp. This girl asked me what autism was, so I said: “Uh... it’s a condition?”  and this girl got mad at me because her uncle had autism. Geez!

Oddballs:People like me who don’t fit into the mold. Even you neurotypicals.

Nice people: People like Grace!  and Aunt Barb who is gonna stay at my house for 2 weeks!

Now, when I first managed to get my tuchas into da Flamingo Room, I was surprised that there were more boys than girls. When students left the school for the rest of the year, I felt bummed for a while. Oof. Just Oof ya know? I kinda miss James and stealing bits of ramen off the table for a long time. I also survived being policed ever since September.  No joke guys!


Sometimes, I have bad times. I look at things I am not supposed to look at. I still yell a  lot .

But, I have changed a WHOLE lot. Now I am top website writer and proud of it. So here I am with my                                             Very. Last. WEBSITE! So thank you Mom, Dad, Grace, Aunt Barb, Blaze , Gwynnie,

                                        Kellen, Noa, Roy, Liam, Pritchseidon, Drew, Peter, Ari, Declan, Cousin Peter, Mikey, Batty,                                                     Oliver the Small Fuzzy Potato, Sharlet the Small Furry Potato, Eli, and all the rest of ya.


          GoOdByE hOoMaNs!!!



Hello my name is Boone. I had my ups and downs this year at Bridges. And one of greatest moments at Bridges was my greatest challenge. I always thought that if my paper was not right or if something was not spelled correctly that I failed and I would shut down and I just wanted to do what I wanted to do. But I knew deep down that this was not right so I took a chance to change. And that chance was the best chance I ever took. I finally knew that it was ok to be wrong and when I fixed something that I made a mistake on I felt excited and I wanted to do more. I gained so much confidence this year that I made new friends and met the coolest most awesome teachers.

The best part is ‘’ when you no one knows what you have been through you can talk to the people that have.’’

By Boone;)       

                     The year


 At the beginning of the year in September I was always getting  moody. I wasn't really that social and I was always trying to get myself upset. I've learned how to use a sewing machine,  I’ve learned to be more social and make friends ,me, Peter, Boone, Kellen,and spider man🕷Spider Man but this a different story. One of my favorite moments was going to OMSI with my friends and looking at Pixar and how they made it.I found out that Frozen was Pixar. Me and boone did a ocean project it was about the Great Barrier Reef. I got to read a lot about, how the Great Barrier Reef and how it was getting affected. Fact, you can see the Great Barrier Reef from outer space.

I’ve learned a lot this year.

by Oliver

  How much I’ve grown

Over the year I from 4ft 9, to 5 ft  4 . Back then math was a bit easy, then it became too easy for me. At the beginning of the year I was wanting to go to school with my friends, which I'm still thinking about. Then my mom wanted me to got to Bridges but I was really nervous and little upset.

So I went to the school I was sad, I had no friends and didn't know anybody.It was strange. Then I became friends with Liam and we both like playing guitar and knives, also soccer. Then when a new kid came to the school. At first I thought she was one of those popular kids that excluded people but she was not what I was thinking. She was kind. The next day we were friends. It felt like a warm feeling like I was never alone anymore or felt left out. Then getting close to the end of the year the work felt really easy and too easy like I needed harder work from my teacher and she always knows what I’m learning by far. I love my teacher and how the hard math is know easy.

by Pedro

Website #29

I am writing about what we have done this year and what my favorite part of this year. So what I will do what my favorite part was. My favorite part was the ocean project. Even though I missed the deadline of the ocean project. The research was really fun. But the sad thing was that I missed the fun part of the project, which was making the boarders for the work that we did. When I saw the poster board, I was kind of amazed. But I think that if I added a bit more detail, I think that it would have ended up so much better. But still we did really good even though I did not understand some of it. I missed the poster board part because I was sick and having a fever.  

By reporter: Liam      


Hi! Guys Ari here and this week we will be talking about Spacex. Spacex made the world's most powerful rocket the Falcon Heavy. The Falcon Heavy has flown two successful missions and is going for a 3rd launch on June 22nd. When the Spacecraft launches it will pull up 5.1 million pounds of thrust on liftoff. When the first boosters separate the Spacex team will start to operate the crafts by joystick to bring them back to earth. The two side boosters will perform a landing on the ground. Imagine if the rockets we’re standing in the air and you see them fire up well that's just the entry burn. The final engine burn will only use three out of the nine engines this is to not produce as much thrust. The rockets will then land with the help of four landing legs. The main booster will at sea on the Spacex drone ship with the  “Of course I still love you” written on it. The drone ship lives 500 miles off the the Florida coast.

The Falcon heavy can carry people but Spacex is not planning on it due to the pounds of thrust it needs to carry. Spacex will carry it’s crew vehicle on it’s Falcon 9 rocket. The falcon heavy is just a Falcon 9 with two side boosters. Spacex made grid fins to help lower the speed of the launch vehicle on landing. The Falcon will then take it’s payload to orbit then separate and go nowhere. The Falcon heavy test flight carried Elon Musk’s tesla roadster to a earth/mars orbit. Elon Musk is the Ceo of Spacex. The company is headquartered in Hawthorne,California. Some of the falcon nine spacecraft launch from Vandenberg air force station in California and land it boosters on a landing pad. That’s all for now Reporter: Ari.

Related image

Spacex Falcon Heavy at NASA launch pad 39A where the Apollo missions launched. This is Crew dragon a spacecraft that will take astronauts to the International space station (ISS) launching on 39A if needed it will take off at complex 40 at cape canaveral air force station 10 miles from 39A.

Done there.

End Of The Year.

Since this year is coming to an end why not I talk about it. The next four days will be my last in the flamingo room. Field day is coming up and I am excited. This year had ups and downs but all I can say is goodbye flamingo room. Starting in late 2019 I will be upstairs with friends from the flamingo room in 2018. I will miss project day a lot in there including String art, Mothers day boards and other things such as barnacles for the ocean project and coffee filter planets for the ceiling.

Thanks! For reading reporter Ari!

Bye Website!..

Visit my blog at: https://sites.google.com/view/arisblog/home?authuser=1

So after months of writing with my great friend Luke who wrote “An Adventure Through Time”

an the Timeline Series. So this year I joined at the start year in the flamingo class and my first friend here was Miles who is a great writer but also a big critic who started the empire the Bread army which started as a joke about bread soldiers. Luke and I were the only members for a few months  but for a duration of the year I was actively fighting with paper swords.

Also I wrote my first website story “The Townsfolk of Guineaville ” That was about a forest fire in a town full of guinea pigs but one guinea pig was special he was chosen to be a hero, he had stopped the fire from spreading to the town. This book was was dedicated to Kellen’s guinea pig that died this school year. Anyways after that, it was Halloween and we got to start writing scary stories and dressing up at the Halloween party. This year I was springtrap from Five Nights At Freddy's. Anyways, I started the rough draft of “War Never Changes” which was called Mutants and had the original idea but scarier. Then we watered it down to something better, so I had a great time writing this crossover story to Luke's story.

So anyways this year I made three friends. One of them was my first friend Ava,(At this school) who was the first person here to really make me feel supported and they are one of the people I value as a person.  Friends to me are the very people that I value the most of all. My friends walked off to say, California, I would be nothing without them.

So what I've learned from this year is….

  1. That you should think before you act,

  2. You should be humble and not smug.

by Noa

Best moments

Of Bridges Middle School

I made so many friends at Bridges middle school. We went on a Field trip to OMSI. I improved in math and in Social. Also one of my favorite moments is when I met Ms. Pritchard. She was the best 6th grade teacher of all the years I've been in different school. Mrs. Mesa has the best fitness teacher. Miss Thompson to the best art teacher And Miss Rainbow is the best social teacher. So many things I like about Bridges Middle School. One of those things is not getting bullied.

By reporter Peter

My Year At Bridges

When I came to Bridges, I wasn't even aware of a lot of my problems, much less ready to fix them.  My four biggest problems (as well as at least 100 others), got solved over the course of the year. My big problems were with having things fair and exploding when they weren't, getting angry/crying/yelling about things I shouldn't be upset about.  I also had something against writing, I would start crying or yelling at the mere mention of me doing it. It was worse when someone made me do it. I also had a hard time having empathy or compassion when someone got hurt if I thought they were faking it(even if they weren't).

I know that it had to be VERY frustrating to keep teaching me, and not to just give up and send me home for the year (I only got sent home once for behavioral issues, I’m a lucky boy!).

As the year progressed, I started to improve and get better.  At the beginning of the year, if someone were to give me a suggestion or a tip, I would either get upset and have a hard time holding back tears, or start crying and/or yelling.  I am proud to say that I am MUCH gooder at taking helpful criticism and will start attempting to improve on it immediately.  That is just one example. I want to thank Ms. Pritchard for being magical and making me be a better person.

Thank you also to all my friends, who are awesome and despite being made late in the year, have supported me and watched movies with me and gone to hagg lake with me.  

My favorite part of the school year was playing dodgeball, but only when Mr . Lautenbach was reffing.  If he wasn't, then people got too competitive.  But that’s okay because I could just leave. My favorite thing this year was watching detective pikachu with Peter and going to hagg lake with miles.  I want to thank Ms. Pritchard again for teaching me how to be social the right way and knowing when to be a mean teacher and when to be a nice one.  

Thank you also to Kellen, Margo, Miles, Luke, Boone, Noa, Peter, Drew, Pedro, Declan, Maya, Salil, Ari, Oliver, and Liam, for going through this year with me.

My final two thank you’s go to Mr. Lautenbach and Ms. Pritchard.

I take that back. I would also like to thank all the volunteers this year.

Thank you so much, Reporter Roy, finishing up my article for the last time of the 2018-2019 school year.

Hello! It's Maya here and today is the last day for Website for the year. Since the year is coming to an end, I will be talking about my favorite moments and how I and have changed. One of the best parts in the year was when I had a Spanish conversation with Liam at break and went we went off campus at fitness. Another part I really loved was when we took a light rail, which is a train to a ceramics show where we did pottery and saw a lot of art. When we worked with clay, I made a little guitar. I also loved it when I painted pictures of people’s pets. I did a painting for one in school that has a pet. In the Flamingo room I did one for Roy, Kellen, Noa, Liam, and Peter. Upstairs, I did one for my two friends, Jack and Mia. I also did one for Ms. Pritchard, Mrs. Byrnes, Ms. O ‘Donnel, Ms. Hauger, Ms. Hofeld and Ms. Mesa. I felt really happy about talented and artsy was. Another part I really liked was hanging out with Jack and Mia. I think I have done pretty good the last few months. I have gotten better at explaining problems and ignoring people when they are being unkind to me. I am going to miss my friends and teachers during the summer, but I will still see them next year. I also really loved the electives have been in this year. My favorites are Glee Club, Watercolor, and Mosaics. It also meant a lot to when we sang songs from Coco in Glee club. It showed me that people really supported me and were not making fun of me. This is all for the last website of the year. Come back next year and I will have new things to share.

by Maya

The Flexible Change

Hi my name is Declan and I am now attending Bridges Middle School with hopes for success. I was one of the 4.5% of kids born with ADHD in the state of Oregon on the year of 2007. By the time I was seven years old I had lost hope in myself. I felt different I thought that I wasn't normal. Different yes, I was not normal also true. It wasn't till I was 11 that I realized that there is no human being that is normal when we live in a world where everyone is different. I didn't have hope until Bridges and Mrs. Pritchard. My hope slowly started rising then it stopped halfway. I worried. Then I had noticed that I knew nobody. Sure enough I made friends and I had hope once again.

One thing I have learned that has helped me is how to read facial expressions better.

By reporter Declan

My name is Salil. I am in the Flamingo classroom o Bridges Middle School. I have been here for two years! Mrs Pritchard has been my teacher here. Mrs Pritchard has taught me math and  writing using IEW! When I came to Bridges the first year, I was a shy kid. I did not talk much. Now I talk a lot. I talk in the breaks with my friends in school. That has been a very big change in me.

When I joined Bridges two years ago I wasn’t sure if I would make friends.  Now I am able to make friends at school. I feel happy that I have friends.

At Bridges, on Wednesdays, we have electives which are optional subjects. They are very interesting. This year I chose many interesting electives such as chess, cooking etc. I enjoyed these activities. I also wrote about them on this website. I have started writing a bit. I still have a long way to go!

I am continuing to learn Math at the school. I like math. This year I learned percents, fractions & decimals. I hope these changes continue next year too!

By reporter Salil



This is my 2nd year at Bridges. So I would like to say some memories about the flamingo room because I will not be in it next year. I am 12 yrs old and in 6th grade. Some of my favorite moments were spirit week. I was proud of myself for the crazy hair thing I did💆. The Portland Timbers⚽ player meeting was fun too. I will miss project day too. I hope that I will enjoy upstairs, the classes are harder and have more curriculum. I also liked the field trips that we all had in the flamingo room, like OMSITM, the convention center with all the art that was made. I also liked going up to the library with the upper kids. I will really miss the flamingo room and Ms. Pritchard.





2 Years at Bridges.                   6/2/19

Hi! Guys Ari here and this week we will be talking about my two years at bridges. They will be in categories. A lot of information. Also of course a lot about me.



We started math this year doing addition and I must say I struggled for a bit but ended up doing eight- digit addition like a pro. In math we did Addition, Multiplication, Subtraction and division. Right now we are doing more complicated geometry. Currently we are adding length like five feet or one foot. Ending the year with adding geometry is challenging but yet fun.


Art and social are really fun we were able to draw paint and watch videos and best of all learn. In social we learned social interactions and focus. In Art we learned Watercolor skills, learning about artists and drawing airplanes- well I did.


We start by silent reading for 20 minutes. I read Michael Vey, Harry Potter and Spy Camp. We started to read Storyworks and may not finish the magazine by the end of the year. All to say Reading is fun I’m learning more than I never known.

Pause right there website readers this is my final website of me in the flamingo room.


In science we learned about human bodies, oceans and geography. Peter and I wrote about the coral reefs in Hawaii and how people are not treating them properly. When your in Hawaii make sure to were sunscreen that is at stores at the beaches they will have the most coral safe sunscreen. Also in Science we have been watching Blue Planet which is an ocean show on Netflix. Right now we’re mainly watching Blue Planet as our ocean project has been displayed and taken home.  In science we did forensics for a week.


In fitness we went to so many places including the under Armour track, Lair hill park and the Keller Auditorium fountains. I am in Mrs. Mesa’s fitness group. Mrs. Mesa is the humanities teacher upstairs. She does fitness with the upper graders on Wednesdays.


Dear Website I have sat in your presence for long enough and it’s time to say goodbye.


Hello, about to not be reporter Miles here. Soon I shall go to the 7th grade. Summer approaches and the days shall soon have a searing heat that scorches the ground. The year started pretty decent. I started a kind of group within the school called the Bread army. I met my friends Luke and Noa. We made paper swords and whacked those who challenged us. Some other folks joined. I became a second year on the first day and was gifted with the authority  that came with the role. I went by the name Lord Crumpets and I was a pretty good ruler for my army of wheat enthusiasts. We fought some other groups of people but most of them collapsed because they broke rules. But then winter came. December lacked snow and I had a fine winter break. But when I returned a great plague had swept the world. My least favorite game of all time a game called Fortnite had swelled in popularity. Kids were doing the dances from it, people started having religious devotion to certain players of the game. Armageddon had come. This was a problem that the army I had made could not fix. We went back into the shadows not to be seen again (mainly because you cannot whack a video game itself with paper swords therefore it was beyond my comprehension of the universe).

Noa and Luke had been writing a book and it was going well. I never read it because I’m a super lazy potato but im sure its good. Well actually I read most of it. Although it doesn’t count as reading a book until its fully read. They are working on a sequel as of now. Spring came and brought a bounty of springness. My favorite moment from the school year was when I started the bread army and met new friends. I liked this year more than the last. I’m excited that in the upper grades there is history class. I have a few fields of expertise here are all of them listed. Writing, being a know it all, nerdology, using stinging insults (very rarely because I don’t wanna really ruin somebody's day), eating cupcakes whole in one bite (one of my greatest talents, SCIENCE, history, watching documentaries, beating up people (which I can do but have never done because nobody has forced me to use self defense), using foreign accents, I'm decent at math too.

Thank you for reading all the websites I make. This is my last website ever of all time. I hope all of you enjoyed my time as a website writer. Nobody's gonna remember these websites in ten years, but I hope I made some kinda mark here I’ll always look fondly on my time entertaining you folks with my writing. Hopefully all of you have a good a summer, a good life and a good year. You might be reading this with  your kid while he may be yelling about how nerdy and annoying Miles is. If you’re that kid you can eat a muffin made of broken glass and spiders for all I care. Now I must ascend to the upper grades and dominate the other students and slowly climb to the top of the social ladder. You’ll all bow before me! All of you will know the name Miles! Ah ha ha aha ha ha ha aha ahaha ha hha ha ha…

Now this is not reporter but just Miles Harrison Blocked for Safety, Signing out for the last time. Goodbye people of this planet, I’ll miss you all, stay chill and remember to respect all the people that make humanity better. Goodbye your all great people (other than the kid who ate the broken glass and spider muffin he’s not a great person he’s a mortally wounded person now). To the stars and beyond!

At Bridges I learned a lot of stuff, like growth mindset. Which is a thing were you think about skills as built not borne. Among many, my favorite moments were mostly about writing my book with Noa. At Bridges I improved a lot more than I ever have before. For me Bridges has been a huge success helping me in every way possible: physically mentally and academically. All year I worked really hard to be an ambassador of the school. It was hard but I got accepted as a ambassador and I had to keep the title and work very hard to do that. Bridges has helped me so much. Thank you to all the teachers for all your help.

by Reporter Luke

May 23- Adventure to OMSI !

posted May 30, 2019, 8:44 AM by Desi Pritchard

Hello, reporter Miles here. Today I will be giving a strategy guide on how to win a game of dodge ball. I am talking about the version of the rules where if the person who hit you gets hit you get to go back in. Keep in mind that this guide takes dodge ball seriously.

Here are actual tips about dodge ball. Before the start of the match consult your team on an effective strategy. Keep one or two people on your team as defenders. They can always carry balls and block incoming balls from the other team. Keep a few players as distracters. They can distract the tougher enemy players by throwing balls at them and distracting them by staring at them and doing other distracting things. Meanwhile 2 or 3 players could throw balls at the players that are distracted. After the players who are decently good are all out. Just start chucking balls at the players who are horrible. If the entire enemy team is good at the game just try to get a ball monopoly by getting all the balls. Don’t throw the balls just keep them until the enemy team let’s their guard down then throw all the balls at them. You can also have a player on the enemy team help you by giving balls to your side and telling your team information.

That’s my strategy guide for dodge ball. Keep in mind to look at this guide if your not doing so good at dodge ball. Or maybe dodge ball just isn’t your type of thing. In that case take up other hobbies. I hope you enjoyed my strategy guide. Have a nice weekend. This is reporter Miles, signing out.

Soccer auction thing

In the auction Simon’s dad wanted to suggest a Portland Timbers player (Zarek Valentin) to come over to the school and have pizza with us. And then him and a group of kids would go to the Under Armour field and play a game of soccer. The kids that came were: Oliver, Boone, Roy, Liam, Ari, Simon, & Charlie.B & Mrs. Hofelds son Sam wanted to go to. When we had pizza we went to the under Armour field. I brought my goalkeeper gloves. The people on my team were Mrs. Hauger, Boone, Oliver, and Liam. Simon scored first. Then Boone scored. Then we all saw Sam play, he was really good. He had some mad skills. Then when I played goalkeeper, I made an amazing save. I scored two goals. One was an easy shot and the other one I got a good pass to. Then I faked left then I faked right and then I took the shot, I thought that I was not going to make it but Roy was goalkeeper so I nutmegged him (nutmeg means you kick the ball in between both of someone's legs). It was a really fun time and I hope it happens next year.  

by reporter Kellen


Welcome back to the website! Today I am talking about a new concept I have started to learn in math. We are going to talk about volume. Volume is the area of a cube or any 3- dimensional shape that includes length times width, or length times height. This how you would write it:

        A= L x W x H


 Image result for volume in math cube  

5 x 5 x 5


V= 15 in



To find out the volume of a shape, first you do area equals length times width times height, Then you multiply the cubic sides, The last, you write your answer start with Volume equals…, then you put your answer down width the given unit. One other thing to remember when doing volume is that above your answer, you need to put a squared number on top. For example:



 The 2 and the 3 that you see above is showing 2 squared by 3. We call this, 2 to the third power. I hope enjoyed learning about volume and learning how to find it in  3 dimensional shapes, and I’ll see you next time for a new website!

By reporter Maya

Last day of

Urban Hiking

(second time I got in)

Today something special is going to happen on the last day of elective’s. Since it's the last day of electives for urban hiking, we have the  privilege to bring our wallets to buy something to eat or you can get a beverage. We went to an ice cream shop near the boats. I got cookie dough ice cream and I shared it with Pedro and I also bought a mango smoothie. I brought my wallet and Haimanot brought her wallet  I bought Frankie some ice cream two. Then we passed geese and baby geese- they’re so adorable and so fluffy. It was really a fun time going with everybody and having a fun time. I rate urban hiking 10 out of 10.

By reporter Peter

  I learned how to mountain bike with Growth Mindset

Last week I learn to mountain bike. It was a outdoor skill I wanted to try out this year. This took bit of time to do. Me and my friend and his brother tried it out.  It was kind of scary because it's all downhill you have to commit to and never hesitate . A little more practice required. The next day me and my friends brother worked on a trail to bike on. The trail had to ways to go one  had a ramp that was a foot tall it was not that bad to go on. The next day I went alone on the bike trail in the forest. Going down with a hill and there was jump that you have to jump your bike. I turned to sharp right to the  hill that goes down to a small jump than down to a field. When I went down my friend saw me. He was¨ bro you man¨. It took me one week and 47 mins to commit. I was so proud of myself. I kept on telling myself that I can do and I never stop saying and I never gave up.

by Pedro


On Wednesday we used marshmallows and pretzels to make art with it and then eating it. Mr. Shaw  gave us some examples of what we can make. I made pillars. Everyone else had different things.

By reporter Salil

Book report on Tales of an 8-bit kitten (lost in the nether)

Tales of an 8-bit kitten Is about a Minecraft ocelot named Eebs who goes into the forest. He travels through it makes it to the other end of the forest. Finds a mountain range sees wolves. The wolves chase him through the forest. He finds a nether portal. He runs through it, but a wolf follows him. He runs from the wolf. The wolf chases him through the nether and corner's him on a cliff above lava. The wolf pounces, knocking them both off the cliff- just kidding!

Eebs is the main character so why end this book report so early? Okay, so what really happens is Eebs jumps in the air dodging the wolves attack and the wolf falls into the lava. “Poor little guy” Eebs thought “I just wanted to get away”. He left the cliff area, found a small hill and saw something floating big and white. It turned around it looks like a big white cloud but it had a face.  It was crying and seemed really sad. Eebs wondered what it was. He asked if it was okay “I don't have any friends” Sniffled the ghost like creature

“What are you?” said Eebs

“You haven't seen a ghost before?”

“I'll be your friend”


“uh huh” said Eebs.

The ghost whirled around seeming happy “ I’m so happy”. Well I guess that is a book report for today.

By reporter Drew

Soccer Trip

Hi! Guys Ari here and this week we will be the Soccer trip with Timber player Zarek Valentin. The trip was really fun and I’m excited to share some details with you. First we met him in the parking lot and obviously played soccer at break. Once break ended, we had pizza like on Friday. After pizza time we went on a short walk to the Under Armour field. During the walk I asked questions such as: How long have you been on the timbers? How long have you played soccer? and so on. Once we arrived at the field we ran to the other side to bring the goal to the other side. There was already a goal on the side we wanted to play on. I played as offence a lot to try to score a goal. I had 4 goal chances and ruined them all. On one of my  though I scored a goal. I scored a goal from a short but long distance. Then it was over. We spent alot of the time at the school but still had a fun time with that we had at the field. Forgot some information so here you go. I went with school friends, Kellen, Boone, Oliver, Roy and Liam. All good friends don’t worry. And that all for now Thanks for Reading Reporter: Ari

Find more information on this in the coming weeks on my blog.

Link: https://sites.google.com/view/arisblog/home?authuser=1

Next week Final website please expect a long one it will explain my journey in the flamingo room.

Wazzzup Gwnyeth here with yet another WEBSITE! Also just so you knows I do not do all the typing and editing. My main man Boone does the typing and my person does all the editing. (Boone’s not too good at grammar) ‘’What?’’ (Do not tell him I said that) Ok we cool! Good.

First people always come up to me and give belly rubs which don’t get me wrong they are amazing but da flamingos ask me the hardest questions like who is your favorite, Gwyneth? Or why are you so cute? There is just way too much pressure.

Sincerely Boone/Gwyneth


First things first we use foam balls even though if we can dodge a wrench. We dodge a ball.  Here's the main rules we play by:

1. Head shots are not outs.

2. If you catch a ball it is a jailbreak for your team (this rule only applies in ultimate).

3. Have integrity.

4. Once a ball hits another ball it is dead until it is thrown again.

5. Be a good sport.

6. A teacher must choose the teams and be watching the game.

7. Have fun.

We have two different versions, ultimate, and team showdown. Team showdown is just last man standing once you are out you’re out until the next game. It is really fun and we enjoy it.

By reporter Declan

   Goat Sucker

                                        A short story

by Margo

Night.  The only time where I can feed without being noticed by humans.  I strain my ears to pick up the sounds of prey. Then, I hear it. A goat’s bleat sounds out not far from here. I taste the air, disappointed to smell no goat. Instead,  I smell the scent of humans, probably trying to catch me and prove my existence. The goat’s bleat sounds out yet again. I step closer to see two humans with a recording device.  One human presses a button and the bleat sounds out again. The other human is fixing a metal box to contain me. Maybe I should give them a scare. I think to myself.

So, while the two humans are fixing the metal container, I hide behind a fairly large boulder.

Just as the humans turn their heads, I dash quickly to a saguaro. One of the humans make an alarmed shriek. I dash up a hill before I am noticed again. A few minutes later, a farm appears in the distance. I see a few goats  inside a fence grazing on some plants. I look for the weakest goat. There is a goat with a slight limp.  Dinner.  In a flash I zoom down the hill  and bite the weak goat. Full, I head back to my lair to sleep.

Forensics Friday…  Aaaand then a Tuesday…  Aaaand a bunch of fingerprints…  AKA: Forensics Friday continued.

We matched fingerprints together and identified who wrote the graffiti question mark on 14 pieces of paper and we also identified how different fingerprints can be very similar but are never exactly the same.  This was cool because there are so many different things on an individual fingerprint that, no matter how smudged it might be, you can almost always identify the owner of the fingerprint. Because it will have dots and lines in certain places that are completely unique from any other fingerprint.  We got to use some fingerprinting ink from the bank too. Ms. Pritchard had to sign a paper saying that she would not use the ink for illegal purposes because she got it from one of the kids parents who works at a bank. Then we made our own fingerprints and after making the fingerprints Oliver and Roy and probably some other kids made fingerprint men.  They looked like potatoes that had grown arms and legs. Fingerprinting forensics was fun and I enjoyed it.

I hope you liked my article

By reporter Roy

For this website, I am going to write about Forensic Friday (FF). During this day, there was a “Mystery of the murdered rubber chicken”. Drew would have loved doing this. Ms. Pritchard said that Gwyn was guarding the crime. As soon as she said that, I immediately thought that it was Gwyn. I thought to myself Gwyn would never do anything like that. But then when I saw the things that were in the scene, I saw that there was blood on the floor with a knife. Well it was obviously fake blood. There was a variety of things that were on the floor such as a knife, a piece of paper with a phone number on it, a pill, a beer can and there was a lot of other stuff and we had to solve who murdered the rubber chicken. The detectives gave us a clue that the blood was really a couple of vegetables. We eventually solved it.

By reporter: Liam and Gwyneth  

“Atom Fate”     

Chapter 1

A new book by Noa

River looked at the wasteland she used to call home 3010 years ago.

“Hello?” River yelled out as it echoed in the closed off old world.

A person in brown torn hooded rags walked out of a cabin.

“You're one of the Grahams I see on the news” The person said in a feminine voice “Welcome to the land of the unfortunate” the person said.

The person pulled off their hood it and it was a girl who was about 13 years old.

“Who are you?” River asked.

“I'm Atom and you...” Atom said.

“ I'm River, River Graham” River said.

“What are you doing down here” River asked.

“I am one of the  poorer people of the Planet of Isotope ” Atom explained.

“Where are we?” River asked.

“Under the city we live in the postwar world ” Atom said

“How do I get out of here” River asked

“I don't know but  i'm sure that the surface dwellers will get you back up there” Atom said.

“You know I have always dreamed of going to the surface” Atom said.

“Well I just moved there I used to live down here” River explained.

“Really but… the Grahams have been rich for thousands of years?” Atom asked.

“Yeah I lived before the bombs I time traveled.”

“A really long time ago years ago?” Atom asked.

“River?!” Daniel yelled.

Daniel looked in the shower curtains he saw a huge hole going through the floors.

“What” Daniel whispered.

“Yeah” River “I am technically 3010 years old” she added.

“But I'm chronically 12.”

“Hey River you know how you're going to be here awhile, why don't you stay with me and my family?” Atom said.

“Sure but what if the police find the spot I was in but I'm gone” River asked

“Don't worry we will be 100 yards away”

Why did my best friend go missing Daniel thought.

Daniel heard the dialing sound on the phone he was trying to call 911.

“Hello 911 what's your emergency?”  The operator said

“I-I-I N-Need the cops we need a search party over here my Friend fell into the sewers” Daniel said.

“They'll be on their way” he said.

“Thank you”

Two minutes later….

The cops arrived and Daniel Waved them down.

“Here come with me” Daniel said.

They both ran into the bathroom and he showed them the hole.

They looked down this void of broken re bar ceramic and wood.

A police officer shined his light down the hole.

“What happened?” he asked.

“I don't know” Daniel said.

A police officer looked down and the hole mysteriously was filled again like nothing happened

And then it opened again and a tentacle grabbed a police officer.

“Help get me out!!” the officer yelled.

The void filled again and everyone stared in silence at the bathtub that somehow magically appeared again.

“Dispatch we're gonna need the D.C.U” an officer said on his radio.


May 10

posted May 16, 2019, 11:40 AM by Desi Pritchard

Gwyneth says Thank you- she loves the teacher's cookies that look like her.

We helped clean up the teacher's side of the school!

Top God last Minute Update.                                         

Hi! Guys Ari here and this week we will be talking about Top God. Top God is an event for the 8th graders to show their studies about Greek Mythology. During the show we will have the Ambassador Awards, Slideshow and the main event of the night- the Top God winner announcement. During Top God, you will be handed a slip for you to vote for your god. The 8th graders will have speeches on what their gods can do for the school. You can also look at the boards on the table outside of the auditorium where the flamingos will show their ocean projects. The show is about an hour and a half long so we recommend you eat dinner before arriving.

The show has changed to Emanuel Hospital. This is the 11th annual Top God. Please arrive at 6:00 so you can have time to explore the boards. If your child is an Ambassador, please arrive by 6:00pm. The show will also have a poetry reading.

Location: Emanuel Hospital/ Lorenzen Conference Center.

Time: 6:30- Please arrive by 6pm.

Date: 5/16/19

Have Fun and Enjoy the Show! Reporter: Ari.

Hello friends, Gwyneth dog back with a website. In today's website I will be writing about the week and a few other questions about stuff I do not quite get anyway. I hope you enjoy.

Alright we got a problem humans. There is a big, bright, yellow ball in the sky and none of you humans had noticed it. And the worst thing is my person said I have to stay home today because it was too hot. Darn you bright yellow ball!

Anyway I do got some good news for you humans. I found out who the flamingos were! There the people that I go to school with and give me crackers and full on DOG spas! Wow I am such a smart doggo.

Ok that was a lot of doin' the writing. Hope you enjoyed the Gwyneth website.


Gwyneth and Boone

Ocean project website

In ocean projects I am working with Miles. We are writing about the gray whale. Miles is an amazing writer so this was a good choice so thank you Ms. Pritchard. And mostly I was sick during the partner picking so Miles did most of the writing while I was sick. But I wrote one paragraph with 225 words and I edited it out loud. In all we had 1,187 words in the entire story. I wrote about the gray whale migration. Then we had to print it out. Miles drew a diagram of a gray whale, and I drew 3 gray whales, then we had to copy it. I had to cut it out for our board. Our background color is dark blue. When I was done cutting out the whales that I drew. Then I put them on the board with the information about all the gray whale migration. We will be able to glue soon.


    Friendship -o- drama meter

The friendship-o-drama meter is a meter that shows how much drama is in your friendship. So you can find out whether your friendship healthy or not healthy.

1. Healthy friends 😀

Being respectful. Being honest including others. Communicating. Getting along.

2. Aches and pains 😐

Eye rolls.Interrupting. Overreacting. Whispering. Ignoring. Being competitive

3. Friendship fever 😨

Dirty looks. Being rude and then being nice. Lying. Blaming. Using sarcasm. Teasing.

4. Bites and bruises😣

Sharing secrets. Gossiping. Criticism. Using silent treatment. Siding against.

5.Broken bones 😠

Name calling. Threatening. Excluding. Spreading rumors. Fighting. Controlling.

One of the Dolphins I studied was the Amazon River dolphin. It lives in the Amazon River. It has a long nose and is Pink They eat fish an adult Amazon River dolphin. It grows to be 400 lb and 8 ft long. The older they get the more pinkish they become. They live only in freshwater and they don't live in large groups. Their scientific name is Inia Geoffrensis. They are the largest species of river dolphin.

By reporter Drew

  Growth Mindset

I do some things differently, like say I tie my shoes in a different way.

I been using growth mindset since this year and when I’m going to the gym and practice . I learn things new each week. Last year I have always wanted to make an Indiana Jones whip because I watched the movie when I was little. Also I never stop trying. This year I practiced doing a flip, knife/axe throwing, mountain biking, skateboarding, and training at the gym. Doing the flip I trained on the trampoleen  and it worked ok. I also did practice on the ground. I hesitated so much that I got scared , that right there is fear I thought to myself why did I do this. Why I did this was this was something this skill that I don’t know how to do and I will never stop trying.

by Pedro


The Trail

It was scorching hot (well for Oregon at least).  It was a perfect day for a hike, so we decided that we we were going to hike up and down a trial from the under armor track to lilac park to Terwilliger Blvd. It was fun even though I was scared of falling. There were different sized widths of paths. Some were one feet and a half, some one, two, or three feet, and one of them one half of a foot which freaked me out. When we got to the top, we walked directly under the tram and walked back to school. It was so fun and I felt like I had accomplished something great.

By reporter Declan

Welcome back! It’s Maya back at Bridges Middle School for another website article. Today we are going to learn about the parts in a circle that I am learning about in math. We are going to be talking about the radius, diameter, pi, and circumference. Let’s first talk about the  pi. I don’t mean an actual pie, but in a circle, pi is the radio of the radius and circumference. It is equal to 3.14. It is also the circumference of a circles diameter to it’s radius.

Now, we are going to learn about the radius. The radius is the part of a circle that has a half line going across. It is the measurement to the edge of a circle. Now we are going to move on to learning about the diameter. Diameter is a circle with a full line going across. It is the measurement to one center point to the other side in a circle.  

Now we are going to talk about our last math vocabulary word of the day: Circumference. The circumference of a circle is the length all around the circle’s edge. This is all for this article. Have a good day and I’ll see next Thursday for another website!

By reporter Maya

The Document Song

I login to his account, to tidy things up- but when I move  things around… IT ALL COMES UNDONE!

Ohhh DOCUMENT, why you no work?

DOCUMENT please I’m going berserk!

I try to move  a few a things, but the pictures won’t work with me!  

Nothing will make sense you see, except for ctrl-x ,ctrl-v and the  UNDO KEY!

Oh DOCUMENT! If that’s how you wanna play it, fine! DOCUMENT it’s a week before deadline!

Oh I just wanted to help my absent partner.. But I mess things up without help- and defeat is all I smell.

Someone, help PLEASE!

I will not give up yet, I am one of the BEST!

DOCUMENT, I will master you!

DOCUMENT It’s just me and you!

 *leg slap solo.*

by reporter Margo

Cover Up!

Playing outdoors has been a huge part of children’s lives for thousands of years.  Nature is a part of almost all Oregonians lives and it is important to spend a while outdoors every day.  But as summer and those great days at water parks approach, it is important to remember to cover up. I don’t mean to always wear pants and a long sleeve shirt, what I mean is to make sure to apply sunscreen at least 10 minutes before going outside, and making sure to reapply every hour, or as directed on the can/tube.  If you have an allergic reaction to a certain type of sunscreen, that’s okay, because you will almost always be able to find a type of sunscreen that you won’t have a reaction to. If you go to somewhere like mount hood for hiking or another high altitude area, you should put on sunscreen more often.

Here at Bridges, we also need to wear sunscreen for hikes and walks.  Otherwise we can also risk exposure to sunburns.

Have fun in the sun,

By Reporter Roy

Urban hiking

Pioneer Beach in


Today we're going to Pioneer beach in Portland and the reason why is because it's a sunny day. And the best part is when we passed by we saw two geese and five baby geese they were so adorable. The mother was very protective of her five geese. We went there to skip rocks, Pedro was the best of all of us. He taught me how to skip rocks but I still have a lot to learn. People that came to Pioneer Beach left a fire pit. On our way down to the beach was words and poems about people. People were in the water having a fun time. The sun was shining on me like it was Summer and the breeze washed over my thin skin but  yet somehow it was warm . Pioneer Beach is a great place to go to get in and get wet and have a fun time with your family.

by Reporter Peter

April 26th

posted Apr 29, 2019, 7:40 AM by Desi Pritchard   [ updated Apr 29, 2019, 2:08 PM ]

Hi. so you want to know how things work in the Flamingo Room? Now this is NOT an easy task, you must heed the warnings of the other students. Now let’s talk about Ms. Pritchard! First of all, do not mess around she will notice and you will be sent out. Second, always keep some Oreos handy, Ms. Pritchard Loves  Oreos.  Third, watch out for tattletale second-years*. I went through some similar scenarios with one of them.  For those of you who have shadowed here, you all have seen  nothing  in what you think is a ‘normal’ day at Bridges. Normalness is obsolete here. Same upstairs.

HERE WEIRDNESS RULES SUPREME! So for all you normal people, be weird or be a black sheep.

                                 Now that is all the info I can supply! See ya next time-Margo

*Ms. Pritchard says it's really following the core values...

                                                                    Buying Gwyneth's new water bowl!

Gathering of the Guilds.                                             4/29/19

Hi! Guys Ari here and this week we will be writing about the Gathering of the Guilds. At the Gathering of the Guilds they had a ceramic show and the Gathering of the Guilds.

Ceramic Show

At the Ceramic show there was a lot of clay. People from all around Oregon came to this show but it’s a panel of judges that decides who's the best of the best to come participate in the ceramic show and Gathering of the Guilds. Gathering of the Guilds was located at the Convention Center at convention Hall B. The guild happens once a year mostly in late April or early May. There is people selling their art and just there for show like the Oregon High School showcase where many high schools around Oregon show their work. We bought a doggie bowl for Gwyneth and a mug for Mr.L. We bought a cup for Mrs. Byrnes and it had a cute little bee on it and she loves bees.

Gathering of the Guilds.

The Gathering of the guild is different than the Ceramic show but has a lot of similarities. One similarity is that you can buy work from creators and just take a look. The Oregon bead association is there showcasing their works from many creators with most having their own stand. I don’t have much information on this side of because we did not have much time to be on this side after lunch. There are some areas where you can cut wood and take it home or just look around. One person had a stand with beads and goes to conventions often to buy beads for her stand. There was also people selling Jewelry such as rings, necklaces and more. That’s it for the Gathering of the Guilds.

And that's all for this week

Thanks for reading both of my websites

Reporter: Ari.


In the flamingo room we are doing ocean projects. Salil and I are writing about dolphins. Here are some things that we learned about dolphins. Dolphins are found living in water all around the world. They live in all of the oceans except for the Caspian sea and Aral sea. They also are found in some important rivers. Most of them live in saltwater. Dolphins eat fish and squid. They also live to be 60 years old.  Echolocation is the process that dolphins, bats and whales use to find food.  Dolphins use echolocation to tell the size difference between multiple objects.  For instance, dolphins can tell the difference between a baseball and a tennis ball.  They can also tell how far away objects are.

By reporter Drew

Chapter 2 by Noa

River and Atom arrived in the hut that Atom and her family called home.

Atom opened the door with a creak.

A man with a rusty laser pistol  turned around.

“DROP YOUR WEAPONS” the man screamed.

“Dad it's just me and our new guest River” Atom said.

“No I still don't trust her” Atoms dad said.

“She could be one of those shape shifters” He said.

“Alright i'm gonna find this out for sure that your really River Graham” He said.

“Who was the first branch of the Graham family?” he asked.

“Um first recorded was uh… my d-dad” River said.

“Alright fair enough I'll be watching you little miss” Atoms dad said.

He lowered his weapon and put it back in his hollister.

“Kids, Lana you can come out” He said as two children and a woman  walked out.

One of the children were about four the other was about thirteen.

“Welcome River this is my home, Not the greatest home but it works” Atom said.

She guided her to a small room that had grey walls and was quite gloomy.

“Thanks” River said.

She fell on the bed and fell asleep.

Two hours later

Daniel was scared he had saw a man get eaten alive tonight and next the D.C.U was coming. he did not know what the D.C.U was but it was not good. He ran into his room and stared out at the new West Virginia the forests were still their but the original buildings were gone to time then he saw a van with a hazmat team coming up the stairs of the house.

Seconds later they were in the bathroom along with the cops.

They poked their plasma cannons at the bath tub.

“Where is it Deputy 1337” The D.C.U Hazmat Officer said.

“The void has been filled due to component mutations” the Deputy 1337 said.

River woke up and she got up and went to their dining room.

Atom and her family were watching tv on their centuries old television.

Then Atoms dad walked in the room.

 “Hey kids you know what day it is because its the day to see the mutant gladiator fights!” He said.

“Munant…. What?” River said.

“Fights you know like gladiator fights from Rome like in the texts books” Atoms dad said.

“Alright kids let's go, Atom Go get ol’ Girl” Atoms dad said.

Daniel Heard the fire alarm and ran out the house as a nervous reaction and then he couldn't move and then his head forcefully moved up and he saw humanoid creatures their skin was as black as the midnight sky they had two antennas large wings and sharp claws and a beak just like the kraken and two small eyes.

“HELP ME SOMEONE!!!!!” he screamed as he was levatiting into the air craft.

“No NO NO NO NO PLEASE NO” he screamed.

Two hours later.

Daniel was tied up  in a white futuristic room with lots of chrome and plastic that he could see his reflection in with those things speaking English for some reason.

“What do you want you monsters” Daniel said.  

“Know too much” The thing said in a gravelly voice.

“Who are you, where am I?!!!” he asked.

“None of your business” It said.


“You need to calm down” It said as he slammed a shot into his arm.

He fell unconscious.

River was in the car with Atoms family they arrived at “The Compound” (Which was a post war school called Graphite Creek Elementary.

Hello! Welcome back! It’s Thursday! Nice weather we are having, aren’t we? it’s a beautiful sunny day for another Website! It’s me, Maya and today I will be talking my elective, Glee club with Dr. Hall. As always, we each got turns to choose a song to sing. When it was my turn to choose, we did “Let it go.” from the movie Frozen by Idina Menzel. I thought it is and was a good song because helps you clear way your problems. Even in the name of the song it tells you what to do if you have a problem! We also did a song called “A Million Dreams.” by The Greatest Showman, and “Confident.” by Demi Lovato. I really enjoy my elective and I really like Dr. Hall because she is very nice. This is all for this article, and next Thursday, I’ll have more exciting news for you!

By reporter Maya

Map testing

We as a class do MAP testing three times a year.  There are three categories of tests: math, reading, language and there is a new one, science. It is called MAP testing because it creates a MAP of your academics so the teachers know what to teach us.

Not everybody like it but just like eating your veggies you don't want to but you know you have to eat them.  If goal is just to finish than this test is designed just for you as soon as you start speeding through it will note the proctor and she will stop you.  The other interesting thing about the test is that it is impossible to get 100% not even the smartest person in the world could do that. This test is really helping the kids at bridges.

Written by de best Declan


The Elective I am in is poetry with Mrs. Mesa. I am the only flamingo in the elective. The snake was not there because Mrs. Mesa said that it escaped for three days. So it had time to stay home for awhile. I was working on a poem for the top god contest. It is called what if.

Well first I wrote a haiku about chores here it is now.


I really hate chores

They are filled with so much death

They are filled with dirt.

Then Cedar was going to read one of his random word poems, he wrote one about realistic fudge. Ava E-mailed one to Mrs. Mesa because she was in Mexico. I could not remember what it was called but Mrs. mesa said it was very gory and violent. Then Cedar went around asking say a random word. Breziah said “The power.’’ and Rosie said “carrot.’’ so Cedar named his poem “the power of the carrot.’’ I really like the poetry elective.



For this website I am going to write about MAP testing. So what happens is everyone has a computer that is on a website called “NWEA”. I have no idea what that stands for but I don’t think that really matters unless its mandatory to know. But anyways, I think that all of the tests go in order which I think is a good thing because it should be very organized. The person that helps us with the MAP testing (confirming people), is Dr. Hall. What may surprise people, is that while we do the test, we can get mints. It sometimes helps people focus because the flavor is just so strong and it helps you concentrate. Honestly, I am not really a big fan of mint flavored stuff but it was worth it.

By reporter: Liam   

The Martian Book Review.

Hi! Guys Ari here and this week we will be talking about the Martian Book. The book The Martian is written by Andy Weir. The Martian is about this one Astronaut who get stranded on mars after getting hit by a light during a storm. The storm was too strong so they had to abort staying on Mars for any longer. If they were to stay on Mars there ship that would get them back home would tip and would not be able to get the other crew back home. The commander decided to stay searching for the the other astronaut for longer but ended up going to the ship to get home. The mission was called Ares 3. Mark the astronaut who was on mars actually survived. He only told earth because he did not want to get his crew mate worried. NASA ended up telling the crew but not until they had 10 months to get home. The astronauts did not have the supplies to go back to Mars so a ship from China called the Tai en Shin went up to the Hermes the space station to get the astronaut to mars and back. The astronauts go a message from Mark and they were shocked because when mark go hit his suit systems were offline. The astronauts did a telemetry change to get a boost from the earth's atmosphere. Mark had to go into the rover or MAV for short to go to another ares ship as NASA wants there ships on mars early to be prepared for the unknown. When the astronauts arrived back on mars they only had one chance to save mark. Mark launched from mars but did not have enough altitude to dock successfully so what he did is poke hole in his EVA suit mostly used for spacewalk. If you watch marvel films you will know what i’m saying He used the thrusters to fly around like iron man.

Thanks for reading reporter: Ari

And btw Please read this book it’s so good.

Cooking 2

       This cooking class, we actively learned how to make tacos. First we separated into two tables.One table was cutting salad and tomatoes. The other group was cutting peppers and grating the cheese.  My job was to cut the peppers and a little bit cutting the tomatoes. When we were done with all that we started making the meat and refried beans. Then we made meat. At the end we made our own buffet and we had to choose our own toppings for our taco. I had to eat it and it was fun.

By reporter Oliver

April 19

posted Apr 19, 2019, 2:22 PM by Desi Pritchard   [ updated Apr 19, 2019, 2:23 PM ]

Hello my name is Gwyneth. Everyone in the class calls me good girl or aww, Gwyneth. But my name is Gwyneth! How hard is that to remember! Anyway for my website I will be telling you humans about my week.

First, all dogs should come here! I mean it’s a wonderland this human is writing- go right to the next chair and bam in 2 seconds there giving me a full on dog spa. Also during lunch all these humans leave crumbles everywhere. And sometimes on special days I get full size crackers!

Alright humans that was a lot of doing the writing.

Just one more thing who are the flamingos?



Welcome to Website! Today I am going to be talking about my elective. Glee Club with Dr. Hall. As always, We got to choose song suggestions to sing. We did a song called “Shotgun” by a singer called George Ezra, and “All of me” by John Legend. We also did “How Far I’ll go”  from the movie Moana. Then soon, It was my turn to make a suggestion and we did “Proud Corazon.” which is “Proud Heart” Spanish, from my all- time favorite movie, Coco. I really enjoy my elective and I like most of the songs that we do. This is all for today, but come back next time for another website article.

By reporter Maya

Website about Gwyneth.

Gwyneth is Ms. Pritchard’s dog And she comes to the classroom every day. She has a squeaky toy shaped like a salmon that my parents got her. She is fluffy and cute. She has a green stuffed donut, elephant and 3 tennis balls. She is a golden retriever. Gweny likes sleeping. In human years, Gwyneth is 12 and in dog years she is 84. Gwyneth comes to our school because it's a privilege for us. I like to pet Gwyneth. Gwyneth likes to chew her bone and likes to play tug o war.

by Drew


In cooking elective we made pancakes. First we put 4 cups of flour, then we put water in the bowl. When we were done stirring we put some vanilla in the bowl then we poured some of it in a cup.  Then we used the leftover of the batter and put cinnamon in to the bowl and poured it into a different cup. Then we put the pancake batter in the griddle. After that we waited until the pancake batter started bubbling and that means that it is ready to flip. Then we ate our pancakes.🍴

by Oliver


Yesterday In cooking elective we made pancakes. Everyone in cooking made different flavors of pancakes. For example  my partner and I made chocolate pancakes. First my partner added some flour. Next we added some water. We added the flavors of added cinnamon and chocolate.  When everybody was done with the mix, we would take turn making pancakes. Then then we got to eat them.

by Salil

Auction 2019                                                                        

Hi! Guys Ari here and this week we will be talking about the 2019 auction. This year at the auction we made over $120,000 and from all of us here at Bridges- Thank you very much for your donation. The auction was a huge success this year and we are so glad you could make it. So let’s talk about the lunch with Mrs. Byrnes. My mom and dad bought me lunch with Mrs. Byrnes. I have the choice to take one friend. Who will it be?. My parents also bought a game that James mom made. My parents also bought 5 Specialty athletic training passes. Specialty athletic training is a fitness company that work with kid with ADHD, Autism and much more. Now on to an interview with Mrs.Byrnes.

How did the auction go?

It was a smashing success. All of the attendees had fun. The few from the 23rd floor of the Hilton was beautiful and we raised $120,000+.

What did you do at the auction?

Mrs.Byrnes is responsible for managing the auction the parent volunteers, Marketing the data collection and accounting and the overall management of the event. At the auction her role was to make the guests feel welcomed, make the program run smoothly and to start off with a speech.

Why were the highlights at the auction?

68 Packages in the silent and live auction including a vacation in a RV, a trip to Cabo, the limo and lunch with the principle and the suite  level Blazer tickets with a basketball signed by the entire team, just to name a few.

Thank you for reading reporter: Ari.

Oh and by the way I’m planning on going to Deschutes Brewing with Mrs. Byrnes.

Urban hiking

second elective part 2

Last time we did not go all the way through Hawthorne Bridge. We went only halfway but we actually went over all the way through Hawthorne Bridge. And as you all know Mrs. Hofeld is our elected urban hiking teacher. Near the river was a bunch of lined up geese. Half were sleeping and half where playing. We didn't just go over Hawthorne Bridge we stopped by and sat on the benches near OMSI. Then we passed  Starbucks and Elephant Hut. When we went over the Hawthorne Bridge the water was pretty cool and wonderful. We saw logs and trees and more debris.On the side of Hawthorne Bridge there's a little ladder and two geese were on the edge of it or just looking around, so cute.

By reporter Peter

         Atom Fate”            

                          Chapter 1

by Noa

River looked at the wasteland she used to call home 60337 years ago

“Hello?” River yelled out as it echoed in the closed off old world

A person in brown torn hooded rags walked out of a cabin.

“You're one of the Grahams I see on the news” The person said in a feminine voice “Welcome to the land of the unfortunate” the person said.

The person pulled off their hood it and it was a girl who was about 13 years old.

“Who are you?” River asked.

“Im Atom and you...” Atom said.

“ Im River, River Graham” River said.

“What are you doing down here” River asked.

“I am one of the  poorer people of the Planet of Isotope ” Atom explained.

“Where are we?” River asked.

“Under the city we live in the postwar world ” Atom said

“How do I get out of here” River asked

“I don't know but  i'm sure that the surface dwellers will get you back up there” Atom said

“You know I have always dreamed of going to the surface” Atom said

“Well I just moved there I used to live down here” River explained

“Really but… the Grahams have been rich for thousands of years?” Atom asked

“Yeah I lived before the bombs I time traveled”

“60337 years ago?” Atom asked

“River?!” Daniel yelled

Daniel looked in the shower curtains he saw a huge hole going through the floors.

“What” Daniel whispered

“Yeah” River “I am technically 60337 years old” she added

“But i'm chronically 12”

“Hey River you know how you're going to be here awhile, why don't you stay with me and my family” Atom said

“Sure but what if the police find the spot I was in but i'm gone” River asked

“Don't worry we will be 100 yards away”

Why did my best friend go missing Daniel thought

Daniel heard the dialing sound on the phone he was trying to call 911.

“Hello 911 what's your emergency?”  The operator said

“I-I-I N-Need the cops we need a search party over here my Friend fell into the sewers” Daniel said.

“They'll be on their way” he said.

“Thank you”

Two minutes later….

The cops arrived and Daniel Waved them down.

“Here come with me” Daniel said.

They both ran into the bathroom and he showed them the hole.

They looked down this void of broken rebar ceramic and wood.

A police officer shined his light down the hole.

“What happened?” he asked.

“I don't know” Daniel said.

A police officer looked down and the hole mysteriously was filled again like nothing happened

And then it opened again and a tentacle grabbed a police officer.

“Help get me out!!” the officer yelled.

The void filled again and everyone stared in silence at the bathtub that somehow magically appeared again.

“Dispatch we're gonna need the D.C.U” an officer said on his radio.

For this website I am going to write about fitness on Tuesday. What we did was we walked to Keller Fountain Park. When we got there, there was some people fixing some vents. We decided to stay away from them. Instead we decided to play hide and seek. Most of us played but others did not. We played hide and seek for a while until it was time to go. So then we left. We walked back to school. For some of the walk back, Margo and I were talking to Ms. Mesa about pets and how Margo would train a rat to do some crazy things.

By reporter: Liam

Poetry Elective

I made Mrs. Mesa’s poetry elective. And I am the only flamingo in it. I am in the poetry class with: Breziah, Rosie, Jude, Ava, Cedar and Dexter. There was also a pet baby snake in a small bin on Mrs. Mesa’s desk. So I got to my poem. Well it is a type of poem, it is called a haiku. A haiku is a poem with 5 syllables on the top, 7 in the middle, and five more on the bottom. I am going to show you my haiku really quick.

Brazil nuts

Brazil nuts are gross

Brazil nuts really irk me

They taste really bad.

Then Cedar asked me a question, “Think of the randomness topic?” I said grass. Then he asked Jude and Dexter, think of the most randomness topic, Jude said “Watts” and Dexter said “Tolkien.’’ So Cedar named his poem Grass Tolkien Watts.

This is a great elective.




Hello, reporter Miles here. Today I will be talking about the project we did in math this Thursday.  This website article is not sponsored by the Kellogg food company behind Pringles. I am thankful for Ms. Haugers idea to give us a fun physics based project. I can’t remember the last time we got to do something like this so it was a nice refreshing project to do. Now I will tell you about what this project was.

Today in Ms. Hauger’s math class we did an interesting project involving pringles. We were split up into several teams. My team consisted of Liam, Zander, Bohdon and I. Our task was to use Pringles to make a circle that stood by itself. These Pringle circles had to stand by themselves on  a table with the only supports being the part of the circle touching the table and their own integrity. When it started our team got to work quickly. Bohdon and Zander worked the hardest at the start. I helped them place the chips. Liam didn’t place any at the beginning. Although he sometimes talked about his opinions on our progress of the structure. Due to the curved nature of Pringles they can be stacked in a manner in which if done right they can be made into a curved shape. After a few failed attempts we kept trying. The farther we got was a U shape. After a while Bohdon and Zander stopped working. Liam tried doing it all on his own. He tried his own design. Although he certainly persisted. Eventually Zander started trying again. Then I helped out Zander. Eventually Liam stopped trying to finish his design because he got feedback from us that it wasn’t working out and he handed over his chips so they could be used in our final attempt. I think we got pretty close. Although we didn’t finish. I'm pretty sure only one group finished. At the end of class we were able to eat the Pringles. I hope you enjoyed this website. Have a good weekend.

This is reporter Miles, Signing out.


In geometry, a quadrilateral is a shape with four angles and four sides.  There are many types of quadrilaterals. One type of quadrilateral is a trapezoid which has one pair of parallel sides.  A parallelogram is also a quadrilateral and it has two pairs of parallel sides. Another type of quadrilateral is a rhombus which has two pairs of parallel sides of equal length.  A square is one of the most known quadrilaterals and it has equal sides and equal 90 degree angles. The last type of quadrilateral is a rectangle which has four equal 90 degree angles and two pairs of equal sides.  All quadrilaterals can be split up into two triangles.

By Reporter Declan.

Lego Elective is literally ALL about legos. You can build, and play with legos. The elective is taught by Ms.Hauger, who does not really know anything about legos.(She repaired my crocs with black tape that looked snazzy with neon green and pink.) I mainly play with Charlie B’s

BIONICLE figures. If you want to, you can donate legos or unused sets!

Thank you to those who already donated. For those of you who love legos, check out Bricks & Minifigs on 3040 NE Sandy Boulevard! I went there and went bonkers! You can make your OWN minifigure.  My classmates Drew and Miles are in Lego Elective with me. On my first day in Lego Elective, Jack and Simon made a bridge.

See you all next time! - Margo

    Urban hiking                                                                       

In urban hiking we went to the hawthorne bridge. We walk from our school to the bridge to OMSI. Eventually we were going to have to cross the hawthorne bridge it was a bit scary the main reason why is some of the kids in my group are afraid of heights or falling into the water. some kids  got over it that the fact of falling. Just then we came across omsi. The building look really cool, I thought of this idea of skipping a rock but I failed. Next we cross the Tilikum bridge it was really amazing to see how high and to see what was in the water. I saw a sea lion in the water hunting for fish. My elective by far was the best.

by Pedro


April 11

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Core values:








There are six core values at Bridges Middle School.  They are used to keep kids on track or regulated. Respect is, in a way, a rule, but also a value to have in life.  It could mean that you pick up a piece of trash on the beach. It could mean that you shake someone’s hand when you first meet them.  Integrity means honesty. Integrity means that, if nobody is watching, you still do the right thing. Compassion means that, in a way, you feel for someone.  It means that you have kindness toward someone and that you are someone that they want to be around because you are nice. Excellence means that you do your work to the best of your ability, that it is not sloppy, and that you do your best no matter what.  Justice means that you enforce the rules fairly and that you help someone when they need help. Citizenship means that you are a good citizen to the community or the area. When you are a citizen you help out with the place that you are at to make it a good place.   It means that you join together with other people to make a good team. All the core values together make one gigantic world of happiness and make a good place and a safe environment. The core values prevent bullying they also help us have a Growth Mindset ( a Growth Mindset  mean to have a healthy mind to never say I can't and being open to new ideas and skills that stop us from blocking our mind a fixed mindset is the opposite). These values and mindsets will help us every day of our life up to when we die. The core values are the rules.

By reporter Declan

Hello my name is Boone and today I will be telling you about cliff jumping.

What is cliff jumping?

Cliff jumping is a sport or activity that people do for fun. Sometimes it could be for facing your fears. When doing cliff jumping with a parashoot it is called base jumping. What my brother and I do is different, we jump off smaller cliffs or built in ledges into water. My biggest cliff jump I have done is 25 FEET!

My favorite part of cliff jumping is when you just leave the cliff and you’re in the air. You feel like it is in slow-mo and that you’re flying and you can let out the biggest scream and then splash!

By Boone

For this website I am going to write about the March Madness pool bracket. Even though the tournament is over, I will still be talking about it. March Madness is a college basketball tournament. There are normally 68 teams but it’s the round of 64. Most people would think, why would there be a round of 64 teams, when there is actually 68 teams. To tell you the truth, the 68 team coaches agree of who would not be in the tournament. They only take out one team from each region. In the tournament, all 64 teams are seeded 1-16. There are four of the same seed because all of the teams are divided into region. This year Virginia (the number one seed) won the whole tournament!

By reporter: Liam  


Boeing field                                                  

Hi guys! Ari here and this week we will be talking about my trip to Paine, Everett Boeing factory. The factory in Everett is home to the 787 Dreamliner, 777, 777X and the Boeing Dreamlifter which can carry a whole dreamliner. You're probably wondering how big the factory is so lets go there first. Imagine how big Disneyland is and the compare a photo of Boeing field in Everett, Washington. If you compare Disneyland to Boeing field you would see that Boeing field is 12 acres bigger. Guinness world record has said it is the largest building on the planet.

First let’s mention the 737 MAX series the 737 max is more fuel efficient then the previous 737 models. The 737 Max factory is located in Renton, Washington about 12 miles west of Seatac Airport. Now on to the 777 and 777X series. The 777 is more fuel efficient then the previous 747 aircraft and can carry more passengers. The 777X Is more fuel efficient then the 777 and can travel more distance and can carry more passengers. The 737 max 9 is made in Everett not Renton due to the size of the aircraft. Now to the 787 Dreamliner. The Dreamliner is more fuel efficient than both the 777 and the 777X. The dreamliner travels to more than 800+ destinations worldwide. Boeing does not fly the planes that is up to the airlines. The top 3 airlines with Dreamliner orders is

  1. British Airways

  2. Virgin atlantic (Most orders cancelled for the A350-1000)

  3. Air france

Now on to the 747-8 The 747-8 is a cargo version of the 747 and can carry up to 200 tons of cargo that about 2 million amazon packages if my calculations are correct. The current orders are only for UPS with 28 aircraft and that is for this week.

Thank for reading reporter: Ari.

Cooking elective  

By reporter Salil

We have new electives for  Wednesdays this week. This week I am in a elective called cooking elective. On the computer, we were looking at types of food you can make. Then  we add it to the list. For example, I chose blackberry pie. But we are not just making desserts, we will make other types of food as well but not yet.  

Baxter the Heroic Potato

4:35 am  on the roadside across from a McDonalds.

A McDonald’s employee steps out side with potato peelers. Me and the other potatoes shudder with fear . The employee grumbles about how they are out of potatoes. Me and 14 others hide behind the box we were delivered in, however the slowest potato was grabbed by the employee. In grief, me and the others dig under the ground to sleep.

8:57 am: in a bush.

“This HAS to stop!” I said “ 15 of our friends were taken by McDonald's employees.”

The others grumbled and murmured. A few nodded .

“Baxter, you are not leader, Root is.” said Tako . Others glared at Tako.

“ I need a team of 6 able bodied potatoes to go into the  McDonalds. “ I declared “ O-or two would do…” I stuttered.

Spud and Tater stepped up. “We’ll  come.” said Tater. “Root was our big brother.” Spud added.

  Spud, Tater and I each grabbed some toothpicks and  ran into the McDonalds and hid in a Happy Meal bag.

Spud had a  map of the McDonalds. “Okay  Root is probably in the kitchen by now we  enter through here, then turn here. So me  and Tater got behind Spud and crawled in the vents. 3 minutes later, we were looking at the kitchen.

Spud counted to three and we dropped down on the floor and started poking  the employees. Until one told us where Root was. He was a bag of french fries. On french fry looked at Spud and Tater.

“Guys! I am so glad you are here!” Root/ French fry #10

Tater grabbed  the french fries made  from root and arrived at the roof of the McDonalds.

“Are you guys gonna leave me?” Root asked.

“No! I said you could be useful come on , Tako is gonna flip.”  Tater said . we arrived at the bush and Tako hugged the fries and said: ‘You are all in so much trouble.”

       The End

                   (No school tomorrow. yay!)

by Margo

 I got Urban Hiking Again

The second time of urban hiking was different. We went down to the river at Portland City. The River Tide was high and we were skipping rocks to river and make it look like it was bouncing. On the way we also saw geese. They were really cool. one of them was communicating with a geese.  Pedro knew how to skip rocks. He taught me how to skip rocks. But I still have a lot to learn. We passed an ice cream shop, we passed a candy shop and more. We also watched the Hawthorne Bridge lift up the middle for a boat to pass under the bridge . Then we went back to Bridges because it started raining a little bit harder.

By reporter Peter

Thought Distortions

Thought distortions are a part of growth mindset. The document we use has word bubbles in them. There are 12 of them.

They say:Overgeneralizing, All or nothing thinking, Minimizing, Jumping to conclusions, mental filtering, Should-ing, Emotional reasoning, mind reading, personalization, Catastrophizing, Labeling and disqualifying the positive. The document showed little pictures right next to them. I colored those in.

On the list is the following:

Overgeneralizing: Based on a single event concluding the negative experience will always happen. Minimizing: Disregarding important feelings and experiences.

Jumping to conclusions: predicting the future of the outcoming event. Mental filtering: only paying attention to certain types of evidence and ignoring important facts. Should-ing: believing inflexible rules about how you and others should act. Emotional reasoning: assuming that because you feel a certain way that must be true. Mind Reading: assuming others are thinking negative about you. Personalization: blaming yourself for something that is not in your control. Catastrophizing: assuming the worst will happen. Labeling: using negative labels for ourselves & other people. And the last one, Disqualifying the positive, discounting the good things.


Welcome back to Website! Today we are going to learn about new geometry I am learning in math. We are going to learn about complementary and supplementary angles. Let’s first start with complementary angles. Complementary angles are angles that are of 2 angles and add up to 90 degrees. Supplementary angles are also angles that are of 2 angles, but instead, they add up to 180 degrees. Now, since we finished talking about complementary and supplementary angles, we are now going to move on to polygons. Polygons are 2- dimensional shapes that are formed with straight lines. For instance, some examples of polygons are triangles, rectangles, and squares (also known as quadrilaterals because they have 4 sides), pentagons and hexagons are polygons. I hope you enjoyed learning about complementary and supplementary angles and polygons and I’ll see you next time!

By reporter Maya

Coral reefs

What is spring show we are making boards about ocean and my board is about Coral reefs.


Coral reefs start to form when young coral insects attach to rocks under water or the edges of islands. When coral reefs grow, they can turn into one of three types. These are: fringing, barrier, or atoll. Fringing reef is a coral reef that is close to the shore. A barrier reef is a reef that is running parallel to the shore. An atoll is a ring shaped reef.  



How is the Great Barrier Reef dying chart.




Hi my name is LUKE!

And I am going to talk about taking Oliver and Sharlet home and guinea pigs in general. Oliver and Sharlet are the two class guinea pigs and I take them home every Tuesday. I have 4 guinea pigs of my own so taking these ones is not a problem. On the contrary it's fun so when I take Oliver in Sharlet home they play with my guinea pigs a lot, in addition we do the guinea pig Olympics. In the guinea pig Olympics the guinea pigs run do obstacle courses, swim, eat and go through mazes. Every guinea pig is good at something (except for Oliver and Sharlet who do not compete and just watch) one is great at the swimming, one is great at the running, one is good at the mazes, and one is great at the obstacle courses, and all are good at the eating.

By reporter… LUKE!!

The auction is coming up.  The auction is an event at Bridges that will help fund our school’s financial aid and will also give adults a great way to spend an evening.  There will also be a dinner and some adult drinks. The auction will also be a good way to meet people and the rest of the Bridges community.

The auction is an event where everyone is welcome (as with almost any Bridges event) and I invite you, even encourage you to invite a friend to the auction because that way, with a larger group, we can get more money for activities and teaching.

I hope you go to the auction, and I also hope you enjoy it.

By Reporter Roy

Sir Failsalot

Hello reporter Miles here. Today I will be telling the sequel to my story about Sir Failsalot. This story takes place after Sir Failsalot was accepted into the knights of the square table. It will include several new characters who are knights of the square table. It will also include a stack of needles. Now our story will begin.

Sir Failsalot finally had become a real knight. At least a bit of a knight. He and the knights of the square table sat in folding wooden chairs around an old rickety square table located in the middle of a field. There were 3 other knights sitting at the table. First of all there was tricky Ricky. Tricky Ricky had planned to become a spy although he had a problem. For no exact reason nobody believed anything he said. He would have to say that something was not happening for people to believe it was happening. Ricky always wore a brown cloak and he carried with him a dagger made of iron. The leader of the knights of the square table was Bernardo. Bernardo had a helmet with a spike on the top which he always wore. He was a former soldier but he had to leave the army because he would sink every ship he sailed on. Bernardo was a massive man. He was extremely strong and he wore a pair of lead boots that made him very heavy. He carried a large battle axe with him and he wore Armour made of fur, leather and chain mail. He always spoke when he shouted and he had a tendency to have to crush something every few minutes. The fourth member of the knights of the square table was perhaps the least mentally stable. Her name was Stacy Starsmile. Stacy Starsmile always smiled. Her eyes were bloodshot constantly and her hair was dyed pink. She was always happy and upbeat despite the fact that she was a pyromaniac and had been locked in a mental asylum for 5 years. She had one goal in live. She wanted to be the most popular girl in high school even though she had never been in high school. She just tried to destroy anything that she thought would stop her from becoming “popular”. She always carried a lighter. And she wore  a pink dress. Then there was Sir Failsalot who we all know well.

Our heroes were sitting at the table as they had been for hours until they heard screams coming from a barn outside the field. They rushed to the barn and opened the barn door. Inside there was a massive pile of needles. A farmer was laying on the ground by the pile of needles covered in needles.

“Help me please I was trying to get a piece of hay out of this needle stack but I have been pricked.” The farmer said painfully.

“Sure we will help you,” Ricky said.

“Why must you lie to me.” The farmer replied to Ricky.

“Oh sorry I mean we won't help you at all” Ricky said

“Thanks so much,” the farmer said.

Stacy had an idea. She suggested burning and it watching as its screams of misery filled the air. Stacy of course had her idea turned down. Sir Failsalot suggested to have him and Bernado whacked it until it was destroyed. They tried whacking it but then the spray of needles got into their faces and they fell back in pain. Then Stacy went insane and snapped.

Stacy spoke in a deep demonic voice that didn’t seem very normal for a 16 year old girl who just wanted sunshine, smiles misery and burning. Well those last ones kinda make sense.

“You puny mortal needle stack. You have not begun to see the infinite screams of pain that sound out through my realm of fire. You are but a small obstacle in my conquest of this silly mortal realm. I have destroyed countless cities. You are but an ant compared to me.” Stacy said in a deep echoing voice that sounded almost as if she was possessed by a demon.

The needle stack didn’t really see the threat of a 16 year old girl so I didn’t really care about what Stacy said. Stacy sat down on the floor and gave up. Then tricky Ricky had an idea.

“Do not disappear and leave the piece of hay back here for no reason.” Ricky said.

Then the needle stack disappeared and a single piece of hay was left lying there. The knights of the square table were thanked by the farmer and received a small amount of gold and then they returned back to their table so they could sit down. That is the end of the story I hope you enjoyed it.

This is reporter Miles, signing out

          Urban hiking

In urban hiking we went to the waterfront in the city. We walked from the

school to the city to go to the waterfront. When we got there, I was skipping rocks with Peter. I saw that the shore was flooded I was a bit upset that the water came up so high. But nothing but a bit of a flood that can´t stop the fun. Next we saw the Hawthorne bridge move. It was a really cool experience to see the bridge move. It's been 6 years since I've seen it.  We went back to the river to skip rocks. I skipped it twice then Peter skipped it 3 times. It was really cool. The group went back to the school.

by Pedro

LEGO Elective

This week new electives started.  One of them is the Lego elective. I am in the Lego elective. Ms. Hauger is the teacher. It was great. I am building a robot.

by Drew

Spring Show Explained

                             By: Noa

Hello fellow parents and alumni, today I am going to explain what the spring show is and why you might hear about it. So each year we have the spring show which is on May 16  from 6:00-8:00 where we will have boards with our ocean projects and even some projects about

Vikings (which is not as big as projects as our ocean projects) and this will all  be held at Providence Hospital which we have borrowed their massive auditorium that is usually used as a place to explain medical devices and other matters.

At the show we will be seeing the 8th graders work in mythology or how we like to call it Top God, in which people will be voting on which god is the most interesting based on what they told us in their speech which they will tell us when they are on the podium. But when top god is starting you will get the flyer which has our drawing or poetry contest winners, in which likely you have a child who entered.  

At the spring showcase we will have our schools very own Glee club! Which if you don't know already know, it's basically our school choir but expect we are singing song that are not related to the school like we will be may be singing the song Dynamite and you guys will be able to sing along!

Thanks for reading, I would like to acknowledge the fellow eighth graders which are our eldest kids in the school for getting up their on the podium and speaking in front of all of us. Thank you see you next week on the flamingo room website….


April 5th

posted Apr 5, 2019, 5:38 PM by Desi Pritchard


Wacky Work Together Wednesday is on Wednesday and is very rare and every time it is different. Basically this time we talked about successful ways of living. Using former kids parents, current parents and former parents. One visitor was 20 years old that came to our the school to talk about their successful ways of living. Maya’s mom came and told a story about how she was diagnosed with cancer. She didn't freak out- she was brave. Roy’s Dad  came to the school to tell a story about him and his three brothers who started a company. The boss didn't believe that it could do it. He took a deep breath who said I think I can do and yet he did it. There was this grown up name Zach, who was a former kid at the school and has Asperger's and OCD. He came to this school and this school made him happy and told him not to give up and now he is very successful. Mr. Snyder came over and talked about being vulnerable. Mrs. Paddock came to talk about how she saved the school with other parents. Mrs. Long came and talked about her kid and being a parent. Now I can be successful.

by Oliver

Hello, reporter Miles here. Today I will be talking about our assignment to make ocean projects for the spring show. I don’t know what I’ll be working on yet. I originally was going to write about some of the civilizations from history who depended on the ocean but I was informed that that’s not going to be ok. Perhaps if I go on a diet of only four leaf clovers I’ll be lucky enough to get it negotiated into being a project. Enough about what I think and now for some information for what exactly the projects are meant to be. Everybody in the class will be working on a project about the oceans. An example would be somebody writing about sea turtles and what their life cycle is like. The person would research the topic with their team. Then they would write their research down and slap it onto a board and bring it to the spring show. We can have teams with up to three people on them. Working alone is also an option but if you do you’ll probably do pretty bad. I hope that I can either get on a team or recruit a team if I can get a project that works. I hope you enjoyed this short little website about our ocean projects. Have a good weekend and enjoy the rest of this weeks wonderful website. This is reporter Miles, signing out.

Top God

Hi Guys, Ari here! This week we will be talking about Top God. Top God is an event that happens once a year. Top God is a event on a study of Greek gods. The 8th graders are working non stop on their speeches and are getting ready for Top God on Thursday May, 16. Expect emails from Ms. Pritchard on Top God details.

The participating gods this year are Cerberus, Hermes, Apollo, Hephaestus and Poseidon. There are only six 8th graders this year. The event will also include a Poetry reading, Slide show, Ambassador awards and the main event- the Top God winner. Top God is located at Providence Medical Center off of Glisan and 45th. That is all the necessary details for this time.

Thanks for reading reporter: Ari

Barnacle Art Project

                  By Drew

This week on Wednesday we started to make clay barnacles for project day. First, we inflated balloons and then we mixed up this weird batter stuff to make what we were going to use for the barnacle. It was made of toilet paper, glue, flour and some stuff called joint compound, I guess that’s a thing.  Then we made a pancake and covered the bottom of the balloons with the weird batter stuff. Then we covered them in plastic wrap, twisted the top and took it out of the plastic wrap. Then we put it in an egg carton and now it is drying probably until next Wednesday.


Camera people come to Bridges

Today, April 4th, the camera people came to Bridges and videotaped the students .They videotaped us outside of school and inside of school. They recorded us in math, science and recess. What we have to do is not look at the camera or distract them.  We can’t touch their equipment, if we do we could ruin their time and recording. The camera people want to record our actions so then they can show other people how we are and what what we do in Bridges Middle School. The camera people share what they have recorded from Bridges and then share it with the children and parents that don’t go to Bridges for the auction.

By reporter Peter

The end

Hello! It’s Website time! Today we are going to learn about some new geometry vocabulary words that I am learning in math class. I am now doing geometry in math. The first angle we are going to talk about is a line. I’m not going to talk about all the lines in geometry or give too much information because I haven’t studied all of them yet, so I’m just going to talk about the lines I have started studying, Then we’ll move on to angles. Now, one type of line is a line segment. A line segment is a part of a line that is bounded by two distinct end points and contains every point on the line between the endpoints. Now we are going to talk about lines themselves. The notion of a line or straight line was introduced by ancient mathematics o represent straight objects with negligible width and depth. Lines are an idealization of such objects. Next is a point. A point in geometry is a location. It has no size, no width, no length, and no depth. A point is shown by a dot. A line is defined as a line of points that extends infinitely in two directions. I has one dimension, length. The last line we are going to talk about is the ray. A ray is a line with a single endpoint that also extends infinitely in one direction. Now we are going talk about angles. In class we are learning about obtuse and right angles. A right angle is an angle of exactly 90 degrees. Corresponding to a to a quarter turn. An obtuse angle is an angle of greater than 90 degrees and less than 180 degrees, and lastly we are going to talk about complementary angles and supplementary angles. Supplementary angles are 2 angles whose sum is 180 degrees, and complementary angles are angles whose sum is 90 degrees. I hope you enjoyed learning about different lines and angles, and I’ll see you next week for another website.

by reporter Maya


For this website I am going to write about fitness on Tuesday this week. So first we stretched in Ms. Mesa’s room, then we played soccer or basketball. I played  soccer with Ari, Margo and Peter. Others played basketball. Class went so fast that day for me. After a while of playing soccer and basketball, it was time to go back to class. After fitness, we talked with Ms. Pritchard about what we are going to do on our ocean project.

By reporter: Liam and Gwyneth

My Dad

On Wednesday, we had art.  We did some cool things, such as making clay barnacles and squeezing water out of (clean) toilet paper.  This was fun, but later we had the main event, Wacky Work Together Wednesday. What it was, was people who had struggles in life and came out of it stronger (in more ways than one).  We had a lot of different people come. And, you can call me bias, but my favorite was my dad’s. He talked about his company. And how it evolved from something that would have been bad.

My dad (his name is Dave) went to a collage in California.  But he got sick and had to go home for a few months. But when he called to tell them he was coming back, they told him his financial aid was gone.  That was hard, because he really liked his old school. Dave decided to change to Portland State University. He had to work during the day, and do night school.  His little job soon became a business, because he had been recognized as someone who would do jobs that nobody else would want to do, and with great determination.  How he described it was, people would go to him and say, “Nobody wants to go work there because it’s full of mud. Will you do it?” And my dad would say, “Okay,” because they had to pay for collage.  When he got out of collage, he kept doing the same thing, because he had started to work with his brother, Uncle Drew. This was because he had enough people coming to him and asking for jobs that he needed help and my Uncle Drew wanted to help him.  My dad’s company soon went from two young guys, fresh out of college, into a small river restoration contracting company, complete with a small excavator. Then they got a job. It was on the Methow river, in Northeastern Washington. The job was pretty big and it was very difficult.  When he and his brother started, the person who hired him saw their excavator, he said, “There’s no way you can do it, you need a bigger machine.” But they told him, just come out to the job tomorrow, and we’ll see what we can do. They did the excavation. Then there was a flood, twice as high as record high.  The architect who hired them told them that the next thing they were going to do was impossible and that two other contractors had tried to do it before them, and both had failed. They had to put a log jam eleven feet below water level, and they did it, without putting a single person in the hole and doing it better than expected.

My dad's company now includes more than twenty people, not counting him, his brother Drew, and his other brother Dan.  I get to visit him in the summer on his job sites, and sometimes even run excavators.

He and his brothers are VERY successful with their job, and I love him, and I love the road trips to his jobs.

by Roy

Top God

Hi Guys, Ari here! This week we will be talking about Top God. Top God is an event that happens once a year. Top God is a event on a study of greek gods. The 8th graders are working non stop on their speeches and are getting ready for Top God on Thursday May, 16. Expect emails from Ms. Pritchard on Top God details.

The participating gods this year are Cerberus, Hermes, Apollo, Hephaestus and Poseidon. There are only six 8th graders this year. The event will also include a Poetry reading, Slide show, Ambassador awards and the main event- the Top God winner. Top God is located at Providence Medical Center off of Glisan and 45th. That is all the necessary details for this time.

Thanks for reading reporter: Ari.

    Raja Ampat:

                   The last aquatic paradise

When I first learned about Raja Ampat a place in Indonesia, I was stunned! It was a safe haven for fish, mantas and sharks.   Raja Ampat holds the title of world largest mangrove forest. The mangroves serve as a nursery for some fish and trap sediment, which allows coral to grow. The citizens of Raja Ampat create patrols  to keep hunters away made mostly out of civilians,with one police officer. When I watched a documentary about Raja Ampat, I saw a photo of a coral growing on a mangrove tree root which blew. My. MIND!

That’s all for now, See ya next week!-Margo

      Successful People

There was a older kid name Zach who was a kid who went to Bridges Middle school he had ADHD and he went to a public school he try to make friends and he got bullied he try to fit in like everybody else. Zach’s Mother tried to look for school for him to fit in but then she did. He went to Bridges. He did not want to go because he wanted to try to go 6th grade with his friends to try to fit in again.

His first day at Bridges he shadowed. At Bridges he felt nervous. He did not feel like he did not belong at the school. Then eventually, he made friends. He talked about Spiderman with Ms.Pritchard how Peter Parker and him relate about he got bullied and how he could not to talk to girls. Then he told us  about if have you ever felt like don’t belong or feel nervous. I really relate to Zach and his presentation was kind of helpful about what I'm going to do in the future.

By reporter Pedro      


                     This Wednesday we made barnacles. We made it out of toilet paper, glue, and water. We mixed the paper in the water then dried the paper and then tore it. After that we add some glue to the paper and then put it to a small balloon. Then we wrapped it in a foil.  After that we unwrapped it. But if your balloon is bigger than you will need to add more paper. For example I had to add more because my balloon was bigger.

By reporter Salil     

Habitat Endangered

Today our ocean habitat is in more danger than it has ever been. We are slaughtering animals for one part of their body and catching animals and not wanting them and throwing them back in the ocean dead. Though the funny thing is they were here before us. There still is hope but we will need almost all of the world to cooperate and we need all Fishermen. We need to more build sanctuaries for the animals or everything will die and yes that includes us. This is a global crisis that shouldn't have ever happened but our arrogance got in our way making it so that ruined the place that we originated from. We used to live with them. We evolved from the ocean to land now what do we do we kill the friends we once had.

Please help us and mostly the wild life that isn't so wild. Every person counts so the next time you eat seafood ask where it’s from. Thank you for considering the following.

By reporters Declan and Luke.

 Our Oceans In Danger

                           By: Noa

Our oceans are in danger because every day Illegal fishing is happening and our fish populations are depleting rapidly. Our reefs are dying because the decline in fish in our ocean. So think what can you do for the ocean because if we kill our fish the food chain will collapse for example:

If you killed of all the worms on land the the birds would die because the birds eat worms and if the birds died all the bird eating groupers would die which means all of the bears would die because they cant eat grouper and then the humans would die because they couldn't eat bear so in conclusion one link in the chain can make the biggest difference.

So we have explained how the oceans affect the food chain. So let's talk about what we can do for the ocean first of all we can pick up trash on the beach when we see it. Second you can help authorities catch illegal fisherman and poachers by reporting any illegal fishing you see or hear. Lastly we can NOT and I mean NOT to step on coral reefs.

So to finish off this article. I want to say that the ocean is your friend. It helps feed our ecosystem so if we hunt and fish in regulation our reefs will stay.

Thanks For Considering Helping The Oceans!



March 29- Spring Break

posted Mar 22, 2019, 3:59 PM by Desi Pritchard

Spirit Week!

So this week is spirit week. Where we can dress up and I mean…. Its optional but people love dressing up! Each day we have a theme.

Monday was crazy hair or hat day on Monday. We did have a lot people with dyed hair and crazy hats and even Luke wore a medieval helmet from Germany. some people even dyed their hair Just for This occasion.

Tuesday was Superhero day where people dressed as superheroes. Lots of people dressed like a superhero even Gwyneth (Ms Pritchard’s Golden Retriever) was dressed in a Red felt cape.

And we also had A person in a Unicorn mask and a robe on.

Wednesday  was future day people mainly dressed as old people or something like a robot or something science fiction. I was a wasteland prospector I had a gas mask and a cavalry hat along with a trench coat which to a lot of people look really menacing.

Thursday was Fantasy day which is a day where we wore something that was from fantasy.

We had Medieval and made up things we also have some other weird made up things that people made up here like miles silver hat.

Friday will be inside out or backwards clothes.

Which we will be wearing inside out or backwards clothing kinda like won't be alone if you forget to put on your shirt right.

Thanks for reading! Happy Spring Break!

-Reporter Noa

After months of work, Noa and Luke are submitting their last chapter in their book! Amazing job, guys!

War Never Changes The Last Interlude

River nodded off to the E.M.

I wonder what Pat’s doing. Daniel thought.

Wait where is Pat. I GOTTA FIND HIM.

Daniel got up and ran into Rivers room.

“Wake UP!” Daniel said.

“What why” River said.

“We gotta find Pat.”

River got up and said;

“Ok yeah lets go.”

River got up and followed after Daniel.

“I've gotta get my regular clothes” River said.

“Ok We're gonna have to get into the safe deposit boxes”  he said.

They snuck into the cryo vault and got her clothes and items.

They had gotten outside and they walked down one of the transit trenches.

Seconds later they were at the apartment and saw SPECKLES!

They ran to Pat.

an apartment building crumbled like blocks made for children.  

Speckles swiped at Pat throwing him into a wall.

River picked up a thin piece shrapnell and threw it at Speckles

He turned his head and breathed a gust of fire at River.

Pat got up and ducked behind a car.

“IT CAN BREATHE FIRE???!!!” Daniel yelled out.

“Guys over here” Pat said.

They ran over to the car and hid there.

“What do we do?” Daniel said.

“Hmm…... I got it!” Pat said.

And then he told them the plan.

River and Daniel went up the stairs leading up to the top.

They stopped in the middle of the stairs at the sight of a worker.

The worker  turned around and asked.

“What are you doing get off this site your gonna get yourselves killed!”

“Were up here to defeat that cat Sir” River said in a determined tone.

“Ok just be careful!”  

They ran up the stairs and onto the roof and started yelling

“HEY SPECKLES WHOS A GOOD BOY?” Daniel yelled as he dropped a brick on his head.


Speckles took the bait and flew towards them.

“NOW!” Pat yelled as River and daniel lassoed a futuristic rope onto the rebar sticking out of a building.

And they slid down the rope. The building compressed into a ball and then exploded into hulls of concrete and steel. River looked at the pile of junk and a crushed speckles.

Daniel and River ran over to Pat and watched the burning remains of speckles.

The Party Two weeks later…

As River and Daniel found out found out the Graham family owned a lot of the real estate in the united regions because The Grahams had Rebuilt society after they inherited R.U.S.A (Remnants of the U.S.A) the Grahams had found their secret riches in an old bank vault from the year 3000 and had tons of insurance.

River and Daniel where getting out of their limo.

“Now you kids have a good time I'm glad you guys got adopted!” the driver said

They walked up the apartment stairs and a man in a trench coat bumped into them.

“Uh uh s-s-sorry” the man said as he ran away trembling.

River and Daniel walked up to Pat on a bench.

“Hey congratulations on getting adopted” Pat said

“Thanks” River said


River and Daniel were playing hide and seek and River was in the bathtub hiding river giggled because Daniel couldn't find her. Just then the bath tub crashed down through the floors through bathrooms and down to the sewers and then she was in a quonset hut like the one she was in in 1951.

Then she walked out of the hut confused and slightly cut then she saw the sign Alpine Restaurant. “What?” River thought. She looked around and saw a man hole with ladders leading up to it. “They must have built over the fallout!  she concluded.

Our story has been told for now but It isn't all told yet. The River and Daniel Still have secrets to uncover….

The memories flashed in Rivers mind.

“All I want the U.S citizens to know is War Never Changes” the radio said

End of Book One….

The Last Day Of Elective

Urban Hiking

And The Special Surprise

By Peter

It's the last day of elective and I'm so hyped up because Ms. Hofeld is going to take us to Starbucks and the Elephant Deli. It's near the Tilikum Crossing, Ms. Hofeld sent an email saying that you need to bring your own wallet or your own money to buy Goods and snacks. I bought, yogurt with granola, soda and oatmeal chocolate chip COOKIE ! Owen got A multi fruit snack and a COOKIE . Everyone else got what they felt like. It was sad that it was going to be the last day but at least it was a good day to be with everybody.

The end

Hi Guys! Ari here and this week we will be talking about future day. On Wednesday A.k.a Project day we had future day. Future day was and idea chosen by the ambassadors for spirit week. One of my friends from the upper class made his own robot costume. Wednesday  was a fun day as it was elective day. Future day was crazy day as everyone was crazy. I think future day was an amazing idea and the ambassadors did a great job planning it.

Thanks! For reading reporter: Ari.

“Boot Camp”

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, during Greek Mythology, a period in Ms. Pritchard’s room, the flamingos have to go somewhere else.  The solution for that is to have them go to an hour recess NOT!  We all wish we could, including the teachers, but what we actually do is we have Fitness and Boot Camp.  Most of the flamingos go to fitness. But some of the kids who have a tough time behaving in fitness or need something more challenging go to Boot Camp.  What Boot Camp is when Declan, Luke, Roy, Kellen, Pedro, and Oliver go and do things fitness related with Mr. Lautenbach. And he knows how to get us to work hard.  When it is raining, we do circuit training (I will not talk about it because I dislike it and my body is always sore the next day). When it is sunny, we go to a park in Portland that is normally a giant fountain, but during the winter, they drain the water and you can use it for parkour.  It is also great for hide and seek a.k.a. Eagle Eye. The other two places we go is the under armor track and a park nearby it. We do obstacle courses at the park, play Eagle Eye, and play Infection Tag. Infection Tag is great and each round of tag normally does not last long. This is because we just choose someone to target and chase them until they get too tired to run anymore.  We have to work together and communicate. Something we all struggle with. Most of the time it works great. Then we go back to school. Thirty minutes later we are all on our way home and are complaining to our parents about the pain and aching in our legs.

By Reporter Roy.


For circuit training we went to the park. We ran  1 lap around the hole park.

Then we switched to play infection tag t. The first person to be the tagger was Roy. How infection tag works is you supposed to count to 20 I hide behind a sculpture. Roy was starting to look for us he was a really good runner. The first thing he did was he tagged Kellen I ran before they could see me. Before I could run again Roy & Kellen saw me running. Eventually I got tag. The next thing I thought of was that when you are playing a sport it's not who is the best or winning it’s about having teamwork.

By reporter Pedro  

Interview website auction

by Kellen

The auction is Saturday April 13. The school raises money from the auction and donates it to financial aid. Mrs. Byrnes is offering a special package to buy for the auction. You can buy a limo ride and lunch with Mrs. Byrnes. I asked the kids in the classroom where should she take to lunch.

Pedro: Morens

Boone: Pine Street Market

Oliver: Grasa

Declan: Pastini

Maya: Subway

Roy: Ramen Ryoma

Margo: Sushi Yohana

Miles: Olive Garden

Noa: Pizzicato

Luke: Subway

Salil: Mcdonalds

Peter: Elephants Deli

Ari: Cafe yumm

This week I came to know about a wonderful new art called paper quilling. In the Flamingo classroom, Ms.Pritchard introduced the paper quilling as an award to the flamingos.

Paper quilling involves use of these materials- strips of colored paper, glue and a base sheet. For making a paper quilling art work, you fold the strips of paper and then you roll the paper and glue the rolled paper together and then glue it to the base sheet.

There are many shapes you can make out of the paper. For example this time I made circles out of paper. Next time I will try to make a fish out of my quilling.   

I love this artwork I want to do it again.   

By reporter Salil

Yesterday was the last day of my glee club elective before spring break with Dr. Hall. We did a song called “Dynamite.” that we might be doing for the school spring show in May. We also could do a solo song, with meant that we could sing a song of our choice after we sung our original song. For my solo, I didn’t exactly sing, but I did do a dance that I am learning. I am taking Bollywood dance classes and I have been practicing almost everyday for a few performances. So, instead of singing I danced to a Hindi song called “Sun Saathiya.” Dr, Hall was ok with it and she said that I really should perform that for the show. Hope you enjoyed the website and I’ll see you later!

By reporter Maya.


Hello readers, Margo here. Today I’m gonna be talking about where I am going for spring break, Sarasota, Florida.

When I first heard about where I was going this year, I was not exactly psyched. Why, you ask? Because I went there last year.  Here is what I did every day : Wake up, eat breakfast, do whatever, eat lunch, go swim in the pool, read, go to Grandpa Aaron and Grandma Judy’s for a while, walk to the duplex, go to bed and do it all over again tomorrow. This year, I am staying in a ‘island circle’ house, Whatever that is. The pool will be kinda small (think over sized bathtubs). It will be  near the small grocery store I went to last year with the sign that said some stuff inappropriate for the website. I also remember that in that store there were blue gummy sharks (my dad said I have a good memory for sugar). Sarasota is not a bad place. There is the Jungle Garden where you can see animals. They have flamingos that you can feed! There are some decent restaurants. Plus, some of my relatives will be there! (On my dad’s side.)  I am leaving this Sunday and I will have to wake up at 4:00 am. Oof. The funny thing is that on vacations is I always wake up early. Sooooo, that is it for this week! Margo, out.!

Hello my name is Boone. Today I will be telling about tide pools. (And no not a human pool.)

What is a tide pool?

Tide pools or rock pools are shallow pools of seawater that form on the rocky inter-tidal shore. Many of these pools exist as separate bodies of water only at low tide.

What kind of sea animals live in tide pools.

Many animals live in tide pools such as, Starfish, Sea urchin, Sea cucumber, barnacle and sea anemone. There are also thousands of fish.


Many people treat tide pools as there own fish tank. They don’t care what they put in there they touch and squish animals that may not want to be touched. All I am trying to say is think before you do.

For this website, I am going to write about Spirit week. This week was Spirit week. There are five themes. The themes for this week were.  Monday, Crazy Hair or Hat Day. Tuesday, Superhero Day. Wednesday, Future Day. Thursday, Fantasy and Friday is Inside Out or Backward Clothes Day. I wish that we could have Pajama Day. I’ll bet that some people had pajama day at their school. I did not have a spirit week at my school until my last year at that school. I don't think that I participated in any of those except for one day. So this year is my first full week of Spirit week. My first Spirit week has been going well. On some days, people actually dressed up for the right day but others did not do anything at all for some of the days. On Monday, I had my Dad’s cowboy hat.   

By reporters: Gwyneth and Liam   

Hello reporter Miles here. I'm writing this article on the fantasy day of spirit week. I am honoring the ancient story of sir Failsalot by covering my bowler hat in tin foil and wearing it to school. Today I will tell an ancient tale of a knight who had the amazing ability to fail at most of the things he did. sir failsalots story has been passed down for centuries and today it shall be told like never before. There are many tales of Sir. Failsalot although I will be telling the story of his first adventurer.

Our story takes place in medieval Ireland. Failsalot had made the long journey from Ireland to the kingdom of Camelot which was mentioned in the myth of King Arthur. He had dreamed of becoming a knight so he asked if he could become one. King Arthur had his guards throw him out because Failsalot was a total stranger with no experience in battle walking into his home and asking to be a knight. Failsalot was sad that his dreams had been crushed. Failsalot had to go back to his job as the village idiot in his hometown. Failsalot was put in a massive birch cage and hung from a tall pole. People would throw anything they could find at him for entertainment. After two days of being back at his horrible job Failsalot had enough. He gave up his job and decided he would go out and make himself into a real knight. Failsalot took a sledge hammer and made himself a protective coat of chicken feathers.  He had his armour and weapons now all he needed was a noble steed. Failsalot found a donkey and decided he would use it as his mount.

Failsalot then rode his donkey to the mountain looming over his town. The mountain was known as Billie’s mountain because the bandit leader Billy lived had made his hideout there. Failsalot rode all the way to the end of the road up the mountain. At the end of the road he was confronted by a massive troll holding a great waraxe. The troll was three times his size. The troll raised his axe ready to chop his head right off. Although Failsalot did what he did best and failed to see troll because he saw a penny on the ground near him. Before the troll could swing his axe Failsalot dived out of the way to grab the penny. Although he failed because the impact of the axe hitting the ground flinged the penny into the air so far that it went out of side into the heavens above. Then the penny flew down and hit the troll in the head so hard that it squished him into a pancake

Without even swinging his hammer Failsalot had killed Billies toughest goon. Failsalot walked past the end of the road to the cave were Billy lived. Failsalot went into the cave which was lit by torch light. The cave lead down into the depths of the mountain. Billy reached the bottom of the cave were he saw the bandit Billy. He was plump and round like a ball. He had a great brown beard. He was large enough to be mistaken for a boulder. He had two stubby little arms. He looked like a balloon. When Billy saw Failsalot he started squealing like a pig loudly. Billy was turned on his side and his liar was filled with discarded food. Billy tried to roll his ball like body away from Failsalot. Billy ran at Failsalot and struck him with his sledgehammer which made him fly throw the air like a soccer ball. He broke through the caves walls and flew out the side of the mountain. Billy was defeated and the town was never terrorized again. Failsalot then was invited to become a knight of the square table which was a weaker and poorer version of the round table. Failsalot got his dream of becoming a knight and went on many other adventurers.

That was the story of Failsalot’s first adventure and I hope you enjoyed this website.

This is reporter Miles, signing out.


March 15

posted Mar 15, 2019, 4:25 PM by Desi Pritchard


Thank you cards, Auction                               

Hi Guys! Ari here and this week we will be talking about the Auction thank you cards. By making a donation to the school you will receive a thank you card made by us in the Flamingo room. In projects for the past two weeks we made about 20 cards, all made by hand. Each card takes up to one or more periods. When you think of a period that's 45 minutes.  We the flamingos can’t wait to see the reaction on the cards although I will not be at the Auction. We make all the cards on Wednesday A.K.A Project Day. As you should know Project Day is something all of my class enjoys we put our time and effort into all the items we make. We sometimes make our projects to donate to charities. I’m not sure what the charities our but I know they enjoy them. Hope you enjoy the thank you cards and the Auction itself Reporter: Ari signing off.

 The Lizard Brain

The lizard brain is if you have a choice, hard or comfortable, the lizard brain  would choose comfortable. Let's put it like this: if I was on a mat, I wouldn't be scared to walk on the edges of the mat, but if the mat was 100 stories tall, I would be really scared and not do it even if I can't fall. That's your lizard brain choosing comfortable. We know our lizard absolutely wants to stay in your comfort zone but if we do get out of our comfort zone the lizard would freak out. The freak out is a signal to tell us that were in a learning experience that means you should use fear as a learning experience.

by Oliver



In this school we do something called IEW. Everybody does a different article in IEW. In IEW we first highlight the words for the key word outline of the IEW article. Then we write the write the words that we highlighted. After that we rewrite the article in our own detail with the key word outline. One example is I wrote about clownfish.

From reporter Salil  


Hi my name is Boone today I will be telling you about ski patrol. Ski patrol is a very important job! You do a lot of work such as cleaning up the forest and making fences so people do not fall into tree wells.

What it takes.

To be a ski patroller you have to train a lot. For instance,  you have to learn how to deal with broken legs and arms. You have to be a good skier, it can be scary sometimes and you have to be able to stay calm.

I am interested in this because I saw a snowboarder in a tree well and I would also be very scared in that position. And I know that if I did not stop to help he could of died. Honestly you do not need a lot of skill just stay calm and help. :)

by Boone

The Art of Quilling

Image result for quilling art

Oh the wonderful beautiful, amazing, art of Quilling. Quilling is the art of rolling, bending, and folding of paper. You can use tools like Knitting Needles, Tooth Pics, Chopsticks, Pencils, Paint Brushes, and any other round surface you can use to make shape. The cool thing about Quilling is that mistakes become beauty, and remember that Quilling doesn't come very naturally it takes practice just like everything else in the world. I think that all art is imagination and there’s no mistakes, but I do highly recommend that you try it.

By reporter Declan  


For circuit training we did soccer. The team was split into 3’s. It was a even number of people. Our circuit teacher Mr Lautenbaugh was the goalie. Kellen and Luke & me where going against the other team Declan & Oliver. one of the teammates was having bad sportsmanship. He was being mean to one of the other teammates, he got sent out. I did not like the fact the he was being mean so I said “the game is not a real soccer it's not about winning it's about having good sportsmanship” I said.

By reporter Pedro

The guinea pigs

By Drew

The guinea pigs are Oliver and Sharlet. Oliver is a boy and Sharlet is a girl. They are very cute and sometimes Peter and I feed them carrots and sometimes apples. Oliver and Sharlet are Miss Pritchard’s guinea pigs. She takes care of them every day and we take care of them sometimes and Peter and I spoil them with carrots. It's wonderful to be at flamingo kid and have the guinea pigs in the classroom it's a very good privilege to have the guinea pigs in the classroom .I love the guinea pigs .


Hello reporter Miles here. Today I will talk about the class dog, Gwyneth. Our class dog is the one and only Gwyneth. She is Ms. Pritchard’s dog. She is a golden retriever. Gwyneth comes to school when she wants to (she usually comes on Thursdays and Fridays). Gwyneth usually wants to come to school so we get to see her a lot. Gwyneth could be mistaken for a pile of skin sand to her sandy color. Although she is not a pile of sand. She is a 5 legged floor horse (also known as a dog). Roy and I  call Gwyneth a five legged floor horse because she has a fifth leg (also known as a tail), She is also called a floor horse because just like a horse she can reach horse-like speeds when she’s chasing her ball and she lives on the floor. Gwyneth has a yellow ball that she carries around in her mouth. She loves it and sometimes drops it near people because she wants them to throw it for her.

Although Roy has speculated that it is an egg that never hatches. 5 legged floor horses grow from 5 legged floor horse trees. If you bury the egg of  a 5 legged floor horse it will grow one of the trees. New research is being conducted every day on 5 legged floor horses. Perhaps we will discover more about them in the future. So be excited for new research on them. I hope you enjoyed this website article.

This is reporter Miles, Signing out.

For this website I am going to write about fitness on Tuesday. We first had a talk about Ms. Mesas mirror in her class room. Ms. Mesa’s mirror was broken and so we had to think of something to give back to her or maybe do something kind to her. For example, say your neighbor brings you a cake or a pie to you. Then you would give something back to them like even a kinder thing to bring. After the talk, we went out for a walk around the neighborhood near the school. While we were walking, some of the people talked. Others did not talk. We walked to the track. Our goal was to either run, walk or jog eight laps. Some of us achieved that goal others did not. I was surprised when the time was up and we had to go because it felt like it was to short. But, you know time flies when you're having fun.

By reporter: Gwyneth and Liam


Quilling is rolling paper into little rolls and making it into an art piece. So first Mrs. Pritchard searched on pinterest to find art pieces out of quilling. I was going to make a fireplace. But to roll them up you have to use a toothpick to roll it up, and we would hold it between 30 and 60 seconds. There are a lot of ways to make a different circle, but there is not just a circle, you can make squares too. My mom helped me make a few other circles though. I cannot wait to finish this project.



                                                    A paranormal story

Hi, My name is Omri (I’m a girl). I am  13 years old and I am going to Silver Bridge Academy.

I put  my uniform on and  noticed a strange robotic girl next to 16 students.  A young woman came up to me. “Hi there!” she said. “I see you noticed one of our MODELLA robot assistants.” she told me.

“Umm… what do they do?” I asked .  The robot I saw looked like my old friend Elvira who went here.

The young lady just introduced herself as Ms. Lizano.  My day went fine but I woke up to see two eyes looking at me  it was the Elvira-bot.

Omri?”  the MODELLA bot  asked. “ Save us.” the robot said. Then she was gone.

I immediately saw Ms. Lizano come up to the robot.   

“Elvira, What do you think you are doing?!  Focus on the assignment!!!!!!” Ms. Lizano said.

She will save me and the others.” the robot replied. “ You only Hurt us.”  Elvira continued.

I woke up and saw police cars around the school. One officer handcuffed Ms. Lizano.

“ What’s going on?” I asked a officer.

“ We found that your teacher murdered students and turned them into MODELLA robots.” he replied.

Now I am at home wondering what happened. It turns out the robots were possessed.  (Noa this is not copying F.N.A.F. .)

                      The end!


My Elective

Urban hiking

The last day of my elective

By Peter

My elective is urban hiking and what we do is we walk to different parts of the Portland city or we walk North, East , South or West. It's fun to go and see different parts of Portland and see different animals and trees and more wildlife. But next Wed., it's going to be the last day of urban hiking and Ms. Hofeld is going to take us to Starbucks, because I suggested it for the group have a fun time.

Letter to Bridges Middle School: I think we should have a coding elective using online coding classes. If none of the teachers know how to code or xcode if at least one knows how to code


Coding is something that is used to create phones,apps,games,and tv’s. We are using swift coding. There are different types of coding that use different commands but sometimes the commands are shared meaning the same command may be used in different coding types for example the “print” command does the same thing in python and swift coding. The first and easiest thing we are going to learn is variables. A variable is a user made command. The way you make a variable is by typing “var ______ = _____” the number before the = means the name of the actual variable and the number after the = means what the variable does for example var app = application “app” is what you type to trigger the command the “application” means the output of the “app” command. now we are going to learn about the “print” command. Print is a command that you use to type something when you run the app for example “print (“hello world”)” would type “hello world” when you run the app. You can also use variables in the command. Like “print (app)” with no quotes at all would type “application”.

By James

Drain the ocean

The set of youtube videos, Drain the ocean is about what would happen if you were to drain the oceans.  They are by national geographics and uploaded by TheWorldIsBiggerThanMe.  The videos are really awesome. One of my favorite parts is the Hawaiian Islands.  They turn out to be HUGE. Another amazing one is the deep water coral. They are these massive structures created by coral that lives deep underwater.  Drain the ocean also mentions a line that goes around the entire globe where the ocean’s tectonic plates are separating and it makes a line of volcanoes that goes around the globe.  The line also goes through Greenland and makes some impressive things such as boiling puddles. Drain the ocean is a cool group of six videos that I highly recommend.  If you want to learn more about the geography of our oceans, then this might make a good resource.

By reporter Roy

Hello! Welcome back to the Website! You usually hear about what happens in School, but today I a going to be talking about what I will be doing for spring break. This year for spring, I am going to Cancun, Mexico. Have you been to Cancun? I have 2 friends from school that have been to Cancun. I am super excited that I have started packing. I am also studying my Spanish because when I go to Cancun, I am going to be speaking to people in the official language of Mexico, Spanish. I also sometimes try to talk to classmates in that language to try at impress them. I hope you liked hearing about what I am going to do for spring break, and I’ll see you next time for another Website!

By reporter Maya.

March 8

posted Mar 8, 2019, 2:49 PM by Desi Pritchard


In this school we do something called chess elective. There are two different kind of sides in chess. One is white and one is black. If your on white you always make your move first. Also each piece you move moves differently  same thing with taking pieces. Here are names of the chess pieces.

1. Pawn

2. Knight

3. Bishop

4. Rook

5. Queen

6. King

By reporter Salil      


I am in chess elective. Mr. Shaws Elective. I am in this elective with: Wyatt, Elliot, Ferres, Mo, Salil, James, Luke, Avinash. I was at the same table as Mo & Ferres.

I was going to play Mo, the 2 time chess champion. I knew I was going to lose big time but I at least tried. But there are these things right by the chess board and they give you an amount of time, like 5 or 20 minutes. I was going to lose to Mo because my time had only five seconds left. But right when the second went to one I ran out of time and Mo made his queen go forward and was in checkmate with my king, he is so good that he beat me either way. After that huge loss against Mo, I played checkers with Ferres. She is really good so I lost and I played online chess.

I am looking forward to chess club.


Hello my name is Boone and today I will be telling you about Bodyboarding. I have been bodyboarding since I was 8 years old. Bodyboarding is a beach sport also known as boogie boarding but the more professional way to say it is bodyboarding. To bodyboard you need fins that guide you. You also need a board and the others you probably could guess. I like bodyboarding because I love the ocean and I love to swim. Another of my favorite parts of bodyboarding is crashing. Crashing is the same thing as a mistake and a mistake means you did something wrong. Which then you can learn from it. Bodyboarding can get you outside and can also make you strong!

By Boone   


In comedy elective we are doing stand up comedy. We were doing tongue twisters like can you say,

toy boat    toy boat toy boat   toy boat

New New York     New New York     New New York    

After that we did different face emotions, mad, sad, depressed, happy, mischievous and more. Then we walked across the room doing weird was to walk. Then we made are jokes or funny lines then we came up the front of the room and told are script and all of them were funny.

by reporter Oliver

For this website, I am going to write about math on Tuesday. What we did, is we got into groups. I had three people in my group. The groups either have two, three or four people. What everyone had to do is pretend to purchase an aquarium fish tank. When we did that, we got to look on Amazon for filters and things in need to make a mini aquarium. But the thing is, we don’t actually build the tank. We imagine the things and how it would look in the tank. We also had a budget of pretend money which is $200. We would be looking on Amazon for resources and plus we are learning prices. The good news is that nobody went into the internet trap. Getting into the trap means searching stuff that we are not supposed to search. We did all of this with Mr. Wikler, not with Ms. Hauger. Our group only had 40 cents left.

By reporter: Liam    

My Elective

Urban hiking

By Peter

My elective is urban hiking and what we do is we walk to different parts of the Portland city or we walk North, East , South or West. It's fun to go and see different parts of Portland and See different animals and trees and more wildlife. Sometimes you see geese or ducks.It's adventure to go and see more of the world in urban hiking.

     The Story of an Albino deer


My first memories were of thousands and thousands of trees. I am romping around when I hear my mother, Speckle calling me to her. A tall buck stands beside Mother. Will he tease me?

“Rowell, this is your father. “ Mother said as she groomed my sister Lily who had already met him.

“ Hello there Rowell. Did you know white deer bring good luck?” Father said kindly.

“N-no the other fawns make fun of me because I am white.” I said.

“ Hm. and how about your mother?” Father asked nuzzling me.

“Mother is good to me, But she spends more time with Lily.” I say .

“Rowell... you were not supposed to say that!” Mother said. “ At least Lily is pale!”

Father led me away from Mother. Lily gave mother a look as she followed me.

Now, all the does in this part of the forest care for me, Father is busy leading the group of deer  but at least he gives me and Lily gifts.

 One day Mother was passing by the group. She was very pale and looked sad.

 Father gave her some herbs  and told her to live in the empty cave.

“Mother?” I asked I noticed her belly was very large.

“Rowell… I am so sorry  I am pregnant and I feel that  your half-sibling will be born.”



My little brother Thorn had been born and Mother is talking with her new mate,Chase (Thorn’s father) .

Thorn romps around  picking berries with the does.

“Big Brother! I got three big raspberries for us to share!” Thorn said .

I smile happily. ” What about Your mother and Father ?” I asked Thorn.

“They already Ate some grass” Thorn said as I ate my raspberry.





Hello, reporter Miles here. Today in math class (taught by Ms. Hauger) we started a new project. In this assignment we make up a government or company funded project. An example would be a baseball stadium. Then we calculate the costs and add in our own special twists. What I’m working on is something called the BANK BUSTER 3000. The BANK BUSTER 3000 is a massive airship that serves one purpose, to bankrupt the entire nation by being extremely expensive. It’s a hypothetical hovercraft that's a massive flying hunk of metal with tons of engines and electrical wiring. The first unique thing I added was that one of its power sources was a bunch of horses on treadmills. I found the price of horses and the price of treadmills. The total price of the horses and the treadmills was $10,599,000. But that is only a small part of the total price of the BANK BUSTER 3000. So far I’ve calculated the price of electrical wiring and the price of rooms. I’ll also need to worry about more energy sources, food stores, special materials, weapon systems, shielding against hard weather conditions such as hurricanes, wi-fi connection, high altitude life support systems, scientific equipment, requirements for housing, workers for maintenance, security guards, engineering rooms, emergency systems and on top of all that the most important part. The other duplicate hovercrafts. This may sound ridiculous, but I plan to make it so the airships can link up to each other to make larger airships and as I make more slowly the entire world's economy crashes because it cannot sustain constant production of these things. The people who get hired will be rich. But cash will do nothing when every single resource in the world has just been put into the airships. So your lucky that these don’t exist. It’s gonna take tons of calculations to determine the cost of these but I’m excited to work on this math project more. I hope you enjoyed this article. Have a fine and dandy weekend.

This is reporter Miles, signing out.

Glee Club

Glee Club means that  you're happy while you’re singing. You do it for the pride of it, knowing that no one will laugh and you can just have FUN together. If you’re afraid that your voice is going to crack, don't worry because you’re singing in a group. If you mess up it will hidden by the voices of the other performers. We start out with with karaoke then we choose a song as a group to sing at the Spring Show. Most importantly Glee Club isn't just about singing, it's also about friendship, teamwork, kindness, smiles, and having fun.

By reporter Declan

Brian Skerry                                                               

Hi! My Dudes Ari here and this week we will be talking about Brian Skerry an ocean photographer for National Geographic. When we were learning about Brian Skerry on Tuesday I learned more about how we have discovered our oceans. Did you know we know more about Mars than our Ocean. Brian Skerry has covered many stories for National Geographic. Brian Skerry's main goal is protecting special underwater ecosystems in US waters. Brian Skerry started doing underwater photography in 1998. Brian Skerry has been in the water for more than 10,000 hours in the past 31 years. Brian Skerry has even been in TED Talks. He recently had his own exhibit in the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C. as well as other museums worldwide.

Thanks! For reading Reporter: Ari

And here is one of the many Brian Skerry photos.

Image result for brian skerry photos

Yesterday, we got our new electives. I got into Glee Club with Dr. Hall. This is a karaoke singing elective where we pick a song and sing at a Spring Show. People may some suggestions and we started practicing those songs with karaoke. We didn’t have a karaoke machine, so instead, we just watched them on TV. When we were making suggestions, my suggestion was La llorona (Lah- yo- ro- nah), from the movie Coco. I was a little nervous that the others in my elective wouldn’t be able to pronounce the Spanish as well as I could, But Dr. Hall told me that It will be okay. I really enjoyed my first day at this new elective and I am super excited for the next day. Oh, and If we had any more suggestions, Dr. Hall said we could tell them to her.

By reporter Maya.

Zen doodling elective

    By Drew

In the zen doodling elective we are drawing zenful houses. Ms Thompson is the teacher. So far it is my favorite elective. I really like drawing the houses. The houses are drawn from the front view.  We can make the house look however we’d like. They can be diagonal or even a little wonky. I drew a house with a cat jumping out of the chimney.

Zen doodling.  It is simple and complex at the same time.  This year we are doing it in ms. Thompson class with her and ms. Rainbow (assistant art teacher)  the zen doodles are in the form of houses. They can be normal ore they can be twisted or deformed.  They also look funny if you streeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetch them really long or tall. If you make them rounded, they might look like a smurf house.

You can also make a big mansion and then connect it to another mansion and so on.  If you get bored of that then you can take the mansion and add more details or add details and make another mansion in the background.  

Zen house doodling is a great pastime and anyone can do it.  Even if you can't draw straight lines.

by reporter Roy

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