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 Our projects have been a great success. We have donated pillows, dog toys, cat toys, toys, gifts for teachers and on our our way to creating even more.

The supply ask list has been updated! If you have items available, we would love them.

Some of things we are looking for:
       Small sized, round coffee filters
                *Dollar stores have them!
      Popsicle sticks, all widths
       Scrapbooking hand punches 
      Home depot gift cards
       Sewing Needles
       Zots adhesive dots
       Embroidery Thread
Why projects on Wednesdays?

 Working on projects helps the kids build important skills. They learn to create an idea, work with others in collaboration to create their ideas and experience the sense of joy in their accomplishment. They learn what to do when frustrated, how to solve problems and how to work patiently.

We donate or give away all of our projects. This allows the children to understand giving is important and they begin to think outside of themselves. Many people have donated to help us out and this is the experience of gratitude for the kids.

June 1 - Last website for the year

posted Jun 4, 2018, 3:24 PM by Desi Pritchard   [ updated Jun 4, 2018, 3:52 PM ]

Welcome! If you have been following us, you have seen the amazing progress the Flamingos have made in their creative writing and their ability to tell a story. They are sharing their memories of the year and how they have liked being Flamingos. 
Thanks for reading- we really appreciate it. 

Nike with Mrs. Byrnes

Hello everyone, before we dive in I just wanted to say that this is an interview with Mrs. Byrnes, who recently took incoming student James on a special outing that his family purchased at our fundraising auction.  Now that you know the facts, let's start!

Me: So what did you do with James on the ¨special outing¨?

Mrs Byrnes : We went out to lunch then we got to go to ¨Niketown¨ in downtown Portland and go upstairs in a special area to work with a designer to create our very own shoes.

Me : What was the process of having the shoes made?

Mrs. Byrnes : We worked with a Nike designer to pick out our favorite shoe type, try it on for the right sizing, and then we went to a computer station with him to do the designing. We got to choose from colors, materials and other details to create our one-of-a-kind shoes on the computer. Then, when we were done, the Nike designer put in the order to be made special for us. It will take about 6 weeks for them to be made and shipped. James will have them in time for the first day of school next year - which will be his first day of school at Bridges!

Me : What did James want his shoes to look like?

Mrs. Byrnes : He wanted them to be comfortable, and colorful. He ended up choosing black for the main part of the shoes with green, red and orange details and white soles.

Me : Was James happy with his new shoes?

Mrs. Byrnes : He certainly had fun designing them, but he will not gt to see the finished shoes until later in summer when they arrive by mail.

Me : Where did you take him to lunch?

Mrs. Byrnes : To his favorite, Kentucky Fried Chicken, for popcorn chicken.

Me : What did you end up having?

Mrs. Byrnes : Chicken, mashed potatoes and a biscuit with butter and honey - YUM!

And that's how it went down. And you will want to make sure to be at Bridges´ 2019 Auction on April 13th so that you have a chance to get this package for your student next year! I truly do hope that you found this worth your while and I hope you look for more Information about Bridges Middle School. Farewell.

When I started out at Bridges I wasn't a flamingo. Half way through seventh grade we decided that it would for the best if I  joined the flamingo room. I have to admit I was sceptical of this decision, but I´m happy that I did.

I´ve learned a lot in the flamingo classroom like mayan math, wich from my perspective is simpler than the math that ms.Pritchard has us doing. I also learned that the mesoamerican civilization was not as complicated as I anticipated.

One of my favorite memories in the flamingo room has to be when the reptile guy brought in the crocodile. Another big thing in the flamingo room is botany.We would go out into the garden and pull weeds and learn about succulents.

*sigh*art class, the class to express yourself through the therapeutic ways of...wait it may be that way for OTHER people but for me it is different. It's the class period when paint adheres itself mysteriously into my hair (even if we aren't painting!)

Well anyway currently in social bridges we are working on an egg tower. Now that is a interesting concept.A tower that can support an egg for ten seconds, but there's a catch, there's always a catch.We only can use news paper and a limited amount of tape!(how dare you limite my tape usage!!!)

Another thing that I love about being in the flamingo room is that some Fridays Ms. Pritchard bring her dog, Lacey.

by Rosie

Gametruck Party

We had a gametruck party that my mom planned this school year. I love video games. I think you do, too, but you might not like video games. I could very hardly wait on the day of the gametruck. Sometimes you get to excited for something and can’t think of anything to do before the time came.

We were split up into three groups and each group had different times of what we did. I was in the second group, which had the gametruck party after something else. That something was eating lunch for an hour and after the hour it was time to go inside the gametruck. I know the first group went inside the gametruck first, but I don’t know what the third group’s schedule was.

I had fun all the time, but there was still two bad times, which happened inside the gametruck. The food was tasty and there was desert, too which you know, was very sweet. One of the bad things in the gametruck was that I made a new friend named Margo and we, together, played Minecraft, but I preferred to play super smash bros. for Wii U instead. The other bad thing in the gametruck was that when I played super smash bros. for Wii U, I kept losing.

Let me tell you a little about the gametruck in case you don’t know anything about it. The gametruck is totally videogames and consoles and they switch the videogames every once in a while. There are mostly old consoles in there, which is a reason I don’t know. There is even outside laser tag, which is still totally like laser tag, except it’s outside.

Maybe you could plan a game truck party sometime when you’re an adult. Maybe you’re thinking about it right now and want to do it. Your child would really love it if he or she love videogames. You could also do it just like how my mother planned it. Try visiting the website of the gametruck right now.

by Avinash

What I Liked About Being a Flamingo

I think being a flamingo was nice. One of the things I liked being about a flamingo was leaving at 3:15 instead of 3:30. Another thing I liked being about a flamingo was doing projects on Wednesdays because they sometimes looked cool. My favorite project was making a collage for mother’s day. There are other things I liked about being a flamingo, too, like we do a little less homework than the seventh and eighth graders. Ms. pritchard let us have a little fun sometimes, which I know everyone would like. I also liked doing a website on every Thursday and Friday. I learned what you can and can’t compost when we were learning about soil. I even learned to protect the earth when I was in the go green elective. One more thing I learned was volume in math. I still like being a flamingo, but I think I’m ready to go upstairs.

by Avinash

Hey guys, its Donovan and this is going to be my final website as a Flamingo. I'm going to be talking about what I’ve done as a Flamingo.

At the beginning of the year I was nervous because Bridges was a whole new school. I don’t know why I was so nervous because pretty soon I was making friends all around! The funny thing is that on my very first day here I fell asleep during class! Can you believe it?! Good thing my friend Jenny woke me up before the teacher did.

During the school year the rest of Flamingos and I have done several projects such as making sock Gomes, animal masks, watercolor and so much more! I’ve had a variety of electives and all of them were super fun! First there was Chess, then Coding and right now is Track and it will also be my last one. My education course was a bombing success! We learned about the Mayan, Inca and Aztec who live in Mesoamerica as well as the Human body. Did you know that in the back your Eye there are some things called Rods and Cones which help you see color, shape and depth.

Over all I must say that I have Improved many of my skills. I have grown much faster, been able to make more friends, and I’ve matured a lot! I give this school year 10/10! It’s too bad that I won’t be here next year, I love it here so much but fate is fate. I’m sure with my new and improved skills I’ll have just as good of a school year at my new school as I did here! Thank you for reading my article! Have a fantastic and awesome summer. Bye-bye!

By : reporter Donovan

  My favorite elective                

On Wednesdays in Bridges Middle School we get  to do electives. My favorite elective is track.  In track elective we run laps. We also brought water bottles with us. I had so much fun in my elective. Let’s have a party.

by Salil

This year by Oliver.

This year I came in December in the middle of the school year it was a little bit hard because I just wish schools and one day I and it was  it was a really hard my first day was Wednesday and that's a project day so I had a really good school experience and I was really shy on my shadow day but now it is the end of the  year and I really like the school I got lots of friends Kellen Breezy and Jude and many other friends I really like the science class and art and social studies and I can't wait for next year.

 How to do take apart day works is that the parents or the Teachers bring machine. That don't work anymore. They bring it to the school. And then we take it. When we're done we recycle the objects.  Apparently Parents or the teacher comes to help us take apart objects. Take apart day is the last day of February. It happens once a year.Some people take apart a printer and some people took apart a computer or an iPad and lots of things like that .  I took apart a ipad and & watch I looked at in on a microscope on the computer and it was really cool and it was still moving. looked at the little chip in the iPad. My first thing I took apart was an iPad first we had to take off the screen the suction cup I don't know why we had to do that and then we unscrewed it to the third layer used Audis 3 huge batteries.It was very fun.

by Oliver

My life in the Flamingo class IT IS AWESOME!!!!. We like to do things that I thought we could never do like miss a day of school not rely we do Projects all day and it is a short day. It is as fun as the time when we got to pet snakes. and I made a friend with one of the snake and it was Albino Snake. I was happy as ever. And we got to go to the Field and play Soccer. and that was fun and it was more fun when Collin could play. but he left to go Texas.  now it is sad to go out there cus he isn't thaer no more so yeah. But we get to do fun things still like Projects and recess with Oliver, Kellen, Mo, Donovan, Simon and Ari so that is fun to play. Plus I can't wait till next week when we have teams and we do active games against other teams and that will be fun so that is going to be the most fun time for me and all I did this year was worth it. Thank you Ms Pritchard and all of the Teachers.

    by reporter Alluwha 😀

Old muggle studies

This was my first year being a Flamingo and I got to experience what Muggle Studies is. The memories I have from it are great. Most of my friends are going to be upstairs next year and I’ll be a second year Flamingo but Muggle Studies is a mix of kids from all the grades.  

Every Wednesday at the beginning of the year we did something right between recess and electives called Muggle Studies. I got picked to be in Mrs. Mesa’s muggle studies. Some days we went to the Under Armour track and field. The group was me, Lance, Alluwha, Dex, Timothy, Simon, Jackson, Alec, Logan, Cedar, and Collin. Sometimes we would run around the track, and we would sometimes play soccer, frisbee, or lacrosse(with the tiny sticks). And sometimes Ms. Mesa would also play soccer with us and we would always talk when we were on our way to the field, and when we were playing soccer Alluwha shot and the ball hit the crossbar. I hope something happens like this next year. The thing I want to improve next year is being able to go off campos, and to get better at math.

My favorite elective was chess with Mr. Palmer, I also loved Karaoke. I will always miss being a first year Flamingo.

By reporter Kellen   

This is a solemn goodbye, but I don't know about you but I like to make my goodbyes so fun I forget their goodbyes and that's just what I’m going to do. When I started attending this school my behaviour was atrocious but the teachers here in just one year brought me up to be (in my opinion) well mannered individual, but my personality is still intact! I have participated in many exhilarating classes and some classes that were less than fun, but if there is one thing I have learned this year it is that you have buckle down and let the lesson end before your mental stability! Eh ehm sorry about that I’v taken to many lessons to the thinky thinky spaghetti lately.

We the flamingos did many fun excursions like the game truck and the bridge walk and I feel like those walks and occasional days of really sustained learning and my sanity. This is the Bhodon’s last website and it was basically one and a half paragraphs to say “GO HERE!!!” so I hope you enjoyed it Bohdon sinning out for real. 👍😉✌

by Bohdon

Hello, I'm Simon, and I’m writing about the year I’ve had in the Flamingo room, and the experiences I’ve had over the course of this wonderful year. This year has been amazing for me in so many ways, and I’m going to share them with you.

To begin, I have learned a lot through recess. I´ve learned to be positive and to not dwell over the negative thoughts.We're studying the human body. We're lucky to have guinea pigs in the flamingo room and have lacy, on Fridays.Also we are lucky to have pizza Fridays which I end up bringing my own pizza and I'm sad that I won't be able to be in the flamingo room next year but I grew out of it and I´m ready for the next step in my education.

I liked the reptile show and the guy who brought the snakes almost got his leg bit by a cobra which was exciting, not in a good way but in a scary way and there was this huge snake and there was a lizard who could stick to glass and also it could make a barking noise when the guy touched it and the snakes liked going around our necks like a necklace and there was a crocodile.

by Simon

Hello everyone, Jenny here and I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that Summer is almost here! That means no more homework and long car rides to school! A time to relax, have fun, and much more! Now for the bad news. The bad news is that next year I won’t be here to write articles and stories for you guys. It’s time for me to leave the nest.

I must say that I’ve had a very enjoyable time here in the Flamingo room. I’ve made so many happy memories here with all my friends. Not to mention the Top God showcase! I loved all the fun things we did like Take Apart Day, the garden, the time all those snakes came to the school, and of course project Wednesday. I’ve also learned about how you should act and the best way to handle a problem in Girls Group and Social Bridges! It was so much fun!!!

Next year will be a lot like this one expect for the fact that I’ll be upstairs. I wonder whose home room I’ll be in? I hope I’ll be in Mrs. Hauger’s home room because she teaches my Math class so I’ll know her really well already! She’s also really funny!

I must say that I’ve learned alot about myself this year. At the beginning of last year I wasn’t that good at social things and by the end of last year I improved a ton but, that didn’t mean I didn’t have an outburst or two. I still had things to learn and Bridges still had things to teach me and I’m happy that they did! This year of Bridges, my last Year in the Flamingo room, has helped me improve my skills of keeping my emotions under control, thinking about others more, and much more! I simply can’t wait for next year when I’ll be in 7th grade! I wonder what I’ll learn next year? The human body? The Patriotic table? Who knows but no matter what it is, I’ll just keep moving forward! Thank you my dear readers for all the support you’ve given me throughout the year, I can’t thank you enough. Next year I’m sure that when you read next year's Flamingo kids articles you’ll find the same joy you had when you read this years Flamingo kids articles! Have a fantastic summer!

Written by: Jennifer Grace

Remember Me, Field trips

By: Owen

What could be better than the end of the school year. I mean I'm happy but at the same time I'm sad.  We have gone on a lot of field trips most of them we just to go to a park. Field trips in the school are special because we don't get to do them often mainly because of school behavior. I am here writing my last website of the school year to tell you about the field trips we've gone on this year.

How about we talk about the bridges walk. The Bridges walk is  where everybody who gets to leave the property can go on a field trip and learn about bridges, the Portland Bridges not the Bridges Middle School. I was allowed to go on the bridges walk and I did. There are plenty of other people that went on the bridges walk but only the people that could leave the property were allowed to go on the bridges walk. We walked on the Hawthorne and Tilikum bridge and yet it lasted three hours. It took 3 hours because we took a lot of breaks in between Bridges. We learned a bunch of fun facts about the bridges. Did you know that the Tilikum bridge is the earliest Bridge built in Portland history. The  the lights on the Tillicum Bridge change because of the water temperature, the depth of the water and the wind speed. We walked about 3 miles that on the bridges walk.

Anyways enough about the bridges walk. Let's talk about the art field trip. At first I thought the art trip was pretty bad. Once again only the people that were allowed to leave the property you could come. There are a bunch of tables full of art. There was pottery, wood sculpting, metal working, paintings and my favorite glass working. The art teacher [Miss Thompson] was the leader of this field trip because she like art so much. I thought it'd be fun. We got to buy some of the stuff from the tables and most of them were for the teacher. All the rest of the field trips were just trips to the park and running track and they didn't really qualified as a field trip, they were just for PE.  Even if we did only two real field trips and all the rest for just a walk, they were pretty good. I'm going to miss these field trips mainly because this is the last time I'm going to write until the next semester. My favorite class was science class. I like how we study the human body and how we studied moss and soil. What things are good for the environment and what things aren't. It was very interesting for me. My second favorite subject was PE mainly because I was pretty good at hoop dancing. I hope I can improve next year I've matured a lot this school year. My favorite person in the school were the pets. There were so cute and they really filled me with hope and affection for animals. I'm going to miss this place over the summer very much. This is Owen doing his final report for the school year and he's going to miss it.

by Owen

Hello I'm Kazi I'm from the Flamingo room And we do a lot of neat activities.  game truck is an example of one of these things me and a couple other people had a lots of fun. The flamingo website  was awesome we have to write about things that we did in Flamingo classroom. Some of the kids in the flamingo classroom lost their privilege to go to field trips obviously those kids can‘t go  to the Gathering of the guilds. During the Gathering of the guilds I did these really neat things such as using clay to make these small sculptures and I also went to use a weaving loom. I'm kind of proud of how I'm better at writing and reading I also and proud about  how much more confident I am in myself.

by Kazi

Hello everyone Breezy here I hope you are having a great Friday so far. So for people who don't know next year I am going to be in 7th grade. I´m still not very sure if I´m excited for 7th grade or not. All I know is next year I will be a teenager I won’t be in Ms.Pritchard’s class and it will be harder and different. This year was great in Ms.Pritchard´s Flamingo room.

The first few months in the Flamingo room we did botany. I had a fun time making the science posters. I also really liked going through buckets of soil and studying plants with microscopes especially because we found  bugs in the soil it was cool seeing them up close.

This year at Bridges I think my favorite elective was definitely Watercolors with Ms.Pritchard. I also really liked girls group. In projects I loved making the christmas gnomes and ornaments for teachers and family members. Jude and I made our poster about Mayan Incas and Aztecs clothing I wouldn't say it was fun but we survived. Something I am looking forward to is Science. I know I should definitely get used to project because I'm going to be doing a lot of them in 7th and 8th grade. I can wait until it's summer.


Hello good people of Oregon. Turns out my last website was not  my final website. Today I will be talking about the year. This year I have done lots of stuff. Such as studying the maya, aztec and inca. I have become better at a lot of subjects in school. My favorite parts of the year were the weekends and breaks. Just kidding I don’t hate school that much. But still I love weekends.  Which is quite obvious probably. Even early in the year Wednesday was my favorite school day like it still is. I have made some decent art pieces I guess. My favorite book I have read had to have been the Fablehaven book series. I liked it because it was a fantasy book and I love fantasy media. Perhaps the funnest thing the school has done for us was the game truck that they bought this month. I had a lot of fun at it. They had a real good couch and like a bunch of gaming consoles with different video games. Way back in September I didn’t really know anything about Bridges. Now I know a lot. I have improved a lot on all the subjects in school which makes writing and math way easier which is real nice. I now know that Oliver the kid in our class turns into a guinea pig at night and Oliver the class guinea pig turns into a human at night. You may say that I’m wrong but it’s true. I have more friends than I did at

my old school which is nice.

I am really proud of myself for one primary reason. I have managed to write 4 chapters of A Tale from Silin. I could only put two chapters on the website which is kinda makes me sad. Hopefully I will be able to release more chapters next year. (chapter five is in the making right as I’m writing this document). I have made a lot of websites and i’m proud of myself for making them too. I Think that we should not have school on Mondays because Mondays are the days that the entire world in covered in horrible Monday particles which are toxic to me. I hate Mondays. Enough about Mondays. I was surprised when I was promoted to the highest reading class in the school. It took some time to get used to being around all the eighth graders but now I kinda know some of them. I think I should talk about my favorite things at this school.

My favorite project was our presentation about botany. My favorite thing to happen at recess was a certain society that was created around the time of Halloween  and lasted a small amount of time. It was more of a social hierarchy. If you want to learn about this mysterious group ask Camron what fort newt newt was. You might get an answer. My favorite class is electives. My favorite elective was karaoke which ended  on the second to last Wednesday of school. My favorite normal non Wednesday class is writing. My favorite recess activity is talking. My favorite teacher will not be revealed because it would hurt the other teachers feelings. But I will reveal that my favorite genre of music is dubstep. I like that some of the pillows on the couch have lavender in them to make them smell really good. My favorite dog that has come to this school is undecided. Ms. Mesa’s dog is really cute but Lacey is too. I just can’t make a choice.  I think this is a good final website but I have on more thing to say.

by reporter Miles

Year as a flamingo                                         


My favorite elective was watercolor and we technically did art like on Monday and Thursday. Cooking class was my second favorite elective and we cooked salad, pasta and tacos.

Muggle studies

My favorite part and only part about the muggle studies is the Rube Goldberg machine and the incline plain is the most crucial part. The incline plain is important because it is the part where the marble goes down.

Gametruck Party

We had the gametruck party in May and this was one of the times where we could interact with each other outside of school. The gametruck had games such as Minecraft, Rocket league and Nba2K18.


Art is my favorite class followed by math and we did so many fun projects. My favorite was the sock project. In art we had printmaking night which I am sure some of you were burnt by a hot glue gun.


Social is my third favorite class followed by reading witch is fun because there are books that are fun to read. In social my favorite part about it was the egg tower which we are working on right now. I don't have much more to add because social was mostly just side conversations.

Bridge walk

On the bridge walk we were split into groups  was with Mrs.Hauguer. We went on the Hawthorne bridge, Stop at Omsi for break, Tilikum crossing and a stop at the South Waterfront.

Art field trip

During the art field trip we took the max Green line to the Oregon Convention center. The convention was called gathering of the guilds. Most almost all of the flamingos were not able to go due to their behavior of campus. The convention had many people who do this for a living promoting their business to.

Take apart day

I enjoyed take apart day :D

Inca gods when they were expanding

Image result for Tupac Inca

Tupac Inca was the second great ruler and the 10th god. He was great at making and winning wars, and that's what he did for his lifetime. (He did at least 50% of the expanding).

Pachacuti was the 1st of the great rulers and 9th Inca ruler. The great rulers were the matches for the fire of the expansion that raged on from 1408 to 1528. His name means he who transforms the earth and he certainly lived up to it! To better communicate with the people under his rule he made ALL of them learn a spoken but not written language. And finally he died from natural causes.Image result for Pachacuti

During the time he was alive he made some great development during his reign. He constructed two important Inca roads one from Tumbes to Pachacamac and the other from Pachacamac to Cusco. During his time small houses for Chasquis on Inca roads were built. Chasquis was the runner with mail in the Inca period These called coptras. Image result for huayna capac

Top God

The gods you see above were the gods that were on our poster board at Top God. The Top God 10th show was a big success this year Ms.Pritchard was rewarded a crown for making Top Gop a success for 10 years in a row. This year again i would like to congratulate Victoria Rhodes for winning 🎉Congratulations🎉.


You can´t forget about break it is really fun and currently i am playing soccer with my fellow classmates. We do have fights here and there but we always have a fun time. Sometime at break I go to something I like to call the social corner where there are 8th graders just talking about life.


You can´t forget projects. It is fun here and there but we always have something to do so I will give it a point for that. This week I went to work on the garden during projects and technically I was just watering the plants we are growing.


Every Wednesday Dr.Mesa Jude's dad comes to read a story to us and this week we asked questions about his job my question was what is when you are checking to see if a person had colon cancer called?


Thanks for reading my stories throughout the year Reporter: Ari

GoodBye- I will miss you website.

May 25

posted May 25, 2018, 4:28 PM by Desi Pritchard   [ updated May 26, 2018, 6:14 PM ]

Our Bridges Field Trip

We went on a bridges trip to see some bridges in downtown Portland. I think there are lots of bridges in downtown Portland. We saw several bridges. I had fun on that field trip. Let me explain the field trip to you.

Here are the bridges we saw on this bridges field trip. We went through the Hawthorne bridge, which is on the Willamette river and it was a great view. We also went through the Tillamook bridge, which looked cool. I don’t think we went on any other bridges, but I didn’t mind at all.

We don’t need to pack anything except several simple things, which I’m about to tell you. We were supposed to pack a snack because of reason, which I don’t know. We are also supposed to pack a water bottle in case we get so hot, which is a reason that I don’t know either. And lastly, we are supposed to put the two things I just told you in a smaller backpack, which is a name I forgot.

This field trip was good except some things I kind of didn’t like about it. We didn’t get to go inside any buildings, which I kind of wanted to do because they can look cool in this city. We didn’t get to ride any trains or streetcars, which I love because I know why but don’t know what words to say for that. We didn’t get to eat anything except the two things that we packed because our field trip doesn’t go over lunchtime.

As you can see, this field trip was just a walk. But we stopped several times to play a bit. Sometimes field trips are like that and that’s ok. And there are still more field trips in the future.

By reporter Avinash

The Adventures of Jenny the Elf and Jacob the Sorcerer

Last time when we saw our heros, their step-mother sent them on a quest to hunt a slime. On their search for a slime, they came to a fork in the road. They knew that no matter which path they took, they were sure to find a slime but, there was untold danger around every connor. Knowing this, our heros decided to go to the Silly Swamps, an area known for its peaceful and not-so-deadly animals. And that was where we left off so let us continue the story!

The sun was blazing, the mud was sticky, and the swamp was dead silent. The two siblings had been walking for hours and sure, they have had fun in the Silly Swamps but, they have yet to find what they came for. “UGH!!! I don’t know how much more I can take!” Jenny yelled full of rage. She was so mad that her pointy Elf ears were turning red along with her face. “I’m sure that we’ll find a slime.” insisted Jacob.

“Yeah, but that will take hours! We could’ve just gone to the market and buy some but NO! We can’t because our silly step mother wants fresh food! It is fresh! I swear I’ll..” while Jenny was ranting, a pink slime the size of a goat jumped onto her head! “HOLY COW! WE FOUND ONE!” Jacob cheered as he ignored his sister’s yelling. Once he thought the moment was right, he whacked the slime off his sister with his staff. “You ok?” Jacob asked.

“I am now but we should really go after the slime before it runs away.” Jenny said as she loaded her bow with steel tip arrows. Then as quick as the wind, she ran after it.

Jenny jumped up onto a tree and then into the air and took aim. In her eyes time seemed to slow down. She used this to her advantage and pulled back the string of her bow, took a deep breath and…. FIRED!!! The arrow zoomed through the air and struck it’s target! The slime was injured for sure  but it wasn't down for the count. Suddenly, the slime stopped dead in its tracks. “Uh…. what’s it doing?” Jenny asked in between deep breaths.

“I’ll take care of this!” Jacob said as he fired a ball of dark energy at the slime. It missed. “WHAT!?” Jacob yelled full of anger. He fired a second round and then he missed. He fired again but it missed. He fired two more times and… both shots missed. Finally, Jacob hit something but it wasn’t what he was aiming at so it missed. “THIS IS HOPELESS!” Jacob screamed at the top of his lungs. When he looked back to where the slime was, it was gone. When Jacob turned around, he saw Jenny passed out on the ground with a popsicle stick in her mouth. {TO BE CONTINUED!}

Written by: Jenny Lautenbach

Chef Owens Cooking Class At Bridges

By: Owen

Cooking class has given me some impressive cooking skills. Not a lot of people like cooking yet for some reason I do. Cooking class at Bridges is an elective. Electives is basically what it sounds like, we pick something we want to learn about  and that's what we learned about. We have done a lot since we finished the talk last time. We've made hamburgers, S’mores most recently, fruit and meat kabobs but on separate sticks, pancakes and Hot dogs not in that order.

Why don't I talk about making a recipe right now. How about we do  the old kabob recipe. What could be better than a good old kabob, actually a few things.  First you pick out your ingredients. You can do fruit, which is optional. You can put any number of things on your kabob. You will need a grill, olive oil  and your ingredients. First you soak your sticks in water and keep them there until your ingredients are prepared. Turn on the grill to 350 degrees. Once your ingredients are prepared in any order you want, you place the  kabobs on the grill for 20 minutes. When 20 minutes is up you can eat them. It will turn out pretty good.

Enough about the kabobs  I think we should talk about a different recipe. How about  some hamburgers. You will need your meat, most preferably ground beef, buns, a grill and other stuff to go  you want to add on to your burger. First turn on the grill to preheat for 20 minutes at 400°. Once done grind up your meat until it's thoroughly mixed. Then take chunks out of the meat and press the chunks until you form the raw patties. Once done, put the patties on the grill and cook 5 min on every side. After that put the patties on the buns, add on some other condiments, optional , and enjoy. All of these were pretty good. I feel like I did a pretty good job doing it.

Once upon a time there was a dog named named  Lacey and she lived in a place called Borneo. One day Lacey  went outside to play.

Of course there was a butterfly. And she ran after it to the point where she got lost. She  couldn't see the Butterfly. Lacey was in a panic. She was lost in a jungle.    

by Oliver

Hello Miles here. Let’s talk about Jeff the one legged centipede. Let’s just call him a monopede. Jeff looks like a centipede with one leg attached to his middle section. Jeff lives inside a space potato. Because of having one leg he moves around by squirming like a worm. The space potato he lived in traveled at a top speed of negative bleventeen divided by zero to the power of a bag of cheetos. Jeff was a normal sized centipede with one leg. His space potato was the size of the size of a pumpkin. One day Jeff was doing what one legged centipedes do. He was thinking about the millipedes and they’re giant amount of legs. Jeff had arms for the antenna that was on normal centipedes. In the middle of his thinking session his space potato crashed into earth. Mashed potatoes flew everywhere. His once glorious space potato had crashed. He had ended up the forests in Canada.

He slithered around in the forest until he came upon some people who were wearing plaid hats, plaid shirts, plaid pants, plaid shoes, and plaid gloves.

“Hey it’s a one legged centipede that appears to emit the smell of potatoes. We must destroy for it is not plaid.” said one of the plaid people

You see centipedes have bad eyesight so it took Jeff a second to realize that the entire forest was plaid. The grass, the leaves and the squirrels had plaid fur.

“These people must be plaid extremists” Jeff thought.

Then Jeff slithered away. Although the canadians were faster. Jeff had a plan. He used his arm antennas to pick up a blade of plaid grass. It’s a little known secret that plaid grass is the strongest material in the world. Jeff happened to know that secret.

Jeff tapped one of the plaid people’s toes. They flew back into the sky never to be seen again.

“That centipede blew Bob to the heavens. We better run.”

They ran away into the distance. And that is a story about Jeff the centipede

He later grew a new space potato and continued traveling through space.

Social Bridges.                                                         

Hi! Guys Ari here and this week we will be talking about social bridges                                    

First we make teams we are doing 3 or so people teams.  

The egg drop need something to hold the egg and make it stable for 10 or more seconds. My group is making a spacecraft looking thing to put on top of a pad or what I call a launch pad We have 1 foot of tape and a couple sheets of newspaper. We also have one pair of scissors and could ask for other supplies if needed.The supplies we have are what I think is top notch. I am partnered with Bohdon, Rosie and of course ME. In social bridges my group is working hard on this and might be done by next Monday. Mr.Shaw is letting us do this to work on are teamwork skills. Mr.Shaw is letting us do this because we learned the privilege.

Goodbye! And thank you very much for reading reporter Ari.


Outside in the garden, Alluwha, Cedar, and I, are pulling out weeds. It is by the old playground. There were a lot of weeds by the slides, so that meant that we had to do more work than usual. We all used at least two rakes, cause it was much easier to take the weeds out. I did not use two, I used the the big rake. Then I found a bunch of weeds over in the corner, so I walked over and I raked them up. I saw a spider in the ground, but I just ignored it. That was when Alluwha found this piece of small larva. But it was just some kind of butterfly larva. We used the slides for moving the plants to the pile faster. But we weren't allowed to get rid of the ferns. Next time we are going to put brand new soil there.

By Reporter Kellen

What I have learned as a Flamingo.

As a flamingo, I’ve learned that I really enjoy working on projects to make things. I especially enjoy it when I’m working with one or two other people. I enjoy the creativity of the projects too. Working in groups has helped me by making me look at things in different perspectives.

I learned that Ms. Pritchard is really good at her job, one of the ways that she shows this is by being a good leader and being able to keep us in line. She is firm when she tells us to work. She also helps us a lot by constantly reminding us to mind are own business, or as she likes to say: “If it doesn’t involve you, it doesn’t concern you.”

Another thing that I’ve learned from knowing Bridges for five years, is that you can always find the best of friends. You always know after a while who is really your friend, and who isn’t. The kids here have helped me a lot by socializing with me and telling me what’s okay and what’s not.

One of the exiting and fun perks of being a flamingo, is that you’re always confined in one room, not being allowed to cross the barrier of the door without explicit permission from a teacher and without trained military personnel in; front, back, left and right.

Some of the phrases that Ms. Pritchard uses are; “It’s April people!”, “She said for the hundredth time!”, “You’re killing me! Are you trying to kill me?”, “Every gray hair on my head is personally because of you, and you are responsible for every one of them.” the last and definitely the least: “Keep your mind in the game.”

By: Reporter Jude


Morning recess, after writing, we go outside and go play street ball AKA Soccer. The game was constructed by; Kellen, Mo, Donovan, Ferres, Oliver, and Simon. We started playing on the concrete but we kept losing the ball, and kept going in the factory right next to the school. so we don't play that direction any more. That’s why we made a compromise and went against the   garbage cans. But that didn’t work either because the cars were in our way. Then we moved somewhere else. Oliver found us a different place, he put the cones in front of a parking spot, then another one against the big black fence. Now that we had found the perfect place, but we didn't know what we should play, so we made a new court and played world cup. The teams playing were; Mo, Ferris, Oliver, Donovan, Simon, and . Mo and I had to score a goal, as well as every other team. We were most likely going to play it many more times.

    By Reporter Alluwha

Everybody in the flamingo classroom is learning about area and volume in geometry. Everybody in the flamingo classroom watched A Math Antics video Math Antics | Math Video Lessons for Free plus more. You will need to know how area works before you can work with volume. Area is the measure of 2D shapes, and volume is the measure of 3D shapes.

by Salil


My  elective is the track elective. There are different kinds of electives. The  electives are track , sewing , cooking , Karaoke , and green team. In different electives we do different things. You get to choose three different electives. To choose different electives you mark one, two,and three. After you're done you pass on the paper to the collector. I had so much fun typing about this. Happy day.

by Salil

Hey guys it's me again I'm going to tell you about what I did in writing with Mrs. Hall, so I went to writing while  everybody was doing their website and when I went with Mrs. Hall, we first started off with writing in the room and then we share what we wrote.

First: Oliver shared a spooky story with us and then after everybody was done sharing, Mrs. Hall asked us to write a story about some pictures that were on her computer. One was if you had some chalk and the drawing came to life what would you draw? I answered with Minecraft. There were a lot of really interesting and awesome answers.

Second: Then she showed us another picture with a dinosaur on a found poster like the ones like for a lost dog or a cat. So I wrote about that and I wrote about a Minecraft Steve who found some chalk and created his own little dinosaur. When he created the dinosaur the dinosaur became really hungry and it ate Steve.

Third: We shared what we wrote with the dinosaur and the chalk. Simon drew a picture of a dinosaur drawing a dinosaur with chalk and then the T-Rex came to life and then the dinosaurs took over the world. But then it was time to leave the Writing group and have our stuff ready for recess. Then we went out to recess.

By reporter Donovan

You should get this game

In muggle studies this week, we played Picwits.

I won second place, but it was a close game between Mo and I.

When we were playing I had a lot of random and funny cards.

Ms. Hauger won the first game, now let me tell you how you do so.

All players are given eight red cards, and those cards have pictures of various things.

The last person to use a camera judges first.

Judging involves taking a white card and putting it in front of you. The white cards have a phrase or a word on it.

The judge closes their eyes, then all other players pass a red card to the judge.

The judge opens their eyes and shuffles the entries, and only then can they look at the entries.

It is all in their power now, they choose their favorite (it can be serious or silly!) and whoever’s entry is chosen gets the white card and become the judge.

by reporter Bohdon

In gym we played with a parachute and it was fun we had the chance to play popcorn and we played cat and mouse.

by Simon     

May 18, 2018

posted May 19, 2018, 8:58 AM by Desi Pritchard

Top God Showcase

Greetings everyone, Jenny here and I must say that last night’s showcase was a blast! Now I’m pretty sure that everyone reading this knows what the Top God Showcase is and if not, where have you been? Anyways the Top God Showcase is when the 8th graders of Bridges choose which of the Greek Gods or Goddess they want to help them have the honor of watching over our school. If you think about it, it’s a lot like politics in a way. It takes a ton of hard work to prepare for Top God, everyone who wasn’t an 8th grader had to make a board about something of our choice. My groups broad was about Mayan Masks.

The Gods and Goddesses who entered the race to win along with their 8th grade helpers were :

  • Persephone, Goddess of spring growth with her manager Amelia Arms.

  • Artemis, Goddess of the moon, the hunt and young maidens and by her side is her manager Rylie Leon.

  • Hermes, God of roadways, travelers, merchants and thieves and with him is Kree McCormick.

  • Chiron, the first ever Centaur and non God to enter the Top God race along with him is his trusty manager Alec McLean.

  • Hephaestus, God of blacksmiths and fire and with him is Kiran Meters.

  • Athena, the Goddess of wisdom and her manager Mackenzie Morris.

  • Ares, the God of war with his 8th grade manager Lance Newland

  • Hades, God of the Underworld and with him is Casey Peters.

  • Aphrodite, the Goddess of love and beauty and by her side is Victoria Rhodes.

  • Apollo, God of archery, music, poetry and his campaign manager Jacob Wice-Budner.

Now that we know who’s in the race, let's talk about the special guest. The special guest for the 10th Top God Showcase was none other than Poseidon the God of the Seas and all ocean life.

After Poseidon said a little speech, there was a super funny and awesome slideshow! The slideshows stars were the 8th graders of crouse but, one of them couldn’t be here because he and his family moved to Texas. We will all miss him. One of my favorite parts happened after the slide show and that was the special acknowledgments. Mrs. Byrnes gave an award to the parents that help around our school and my dad was one of them! I am so happy for him!!

Then once the special acknowledgements were finished, Kree McCormick read some beautiful poetry to the audience. Then came the beginning of the award ceremony. First there was the Ambassador Awards. In the Ambassador Awards there can be three winners and those winners were Cameron White, Alec McLean and Amelia Arms! When their names were called the crowd cheered just like people do when their soccer team scores a goal. Then the second award ceremony came, the Social Detective Award! The winner was very shy when she first came to Bridges and she usually had her nose in a book or tried to spend recess with the teachers. But as time went by, she opened up more and went out of her comfort zone. She made more friends. The winner was Rylie Leon!

Now is the time for the moment of truth, the Winner of Top God Announcement! Suspense was lingering in the air, the crowd was silent, waiting to hear who had won. The Winner of Top God was…. VICTORIA RHODES!!! The crowd was going wild! I bet her parents are so proud of her because I sure am! Top God was certainly a blast and I’m positive that you're enjoyed this article and please be sure to read the others. Until next time, this is reporter Jenny signing off.

By: reporter Jenny


Composting is always good for the environment, but most things can’t be composted. If you compost a thing that can’t be composted bad things will happen to the environment. One thing you can do to find out if the thing you want to use is good for the environment or not is taking a close look at it because you might see that it’s not good to compost.

Here are three things that are good to compost, which will help the environment. Greens are the most good to compost because it’s vitamins and minerals for plants. Newspapers are really good because it keeps the soil happy and healthy. Even eggshells are good for the environment because it gives calcium to the ground.

Here are three things that are not good to compost, which will make bad things happen to the environment. Meat can’t be composted because it attracts flies and other animals that want to eat the meat that was composted. Food mixed with sauce is also bad for the environment because it ruins the compost. Definitely, trash can’t be composted because it will heat up our planet, Earth.

You should always look for a compost bin if you have food that can go in it because you know why. It’s not good to throw food in any other bins because it will damage a little of the planet. Try to never throw food on the ground because that is definitely littering our planet. Try to look up other things to compost so you know it the thing is good or not.

Try talking to your teacher about composting and go on a hunt for things to compost with your class. It’s always good to think about the environment and take care of it. So try your best to think about the environment.

By reporter Avinash

Hello everyone it's your bestie Breezy back with another website. Today I am going to tell you all  about what we did in social bridges this week. This week in social bridges we were being tested by Mr.Shaw to see if we could handle using just enough supplies. The assignment was to make a hat out of newspaper scissors and tape.If you didn't know I am obsessed with unicorns so of course I made a unicorn horn for my hat. When we had finished making our hats the next assignment was to make up a story about our hat and make up a pretend character. I was a unicorn so my story explained how I live in Unicornia. I eat bad children and I am the Unicorn princess. Everything in Unicornia is a neon color. I told them about the day and night fairies the day and night fairies control the sun set and the sunrise. I told them about how important peace, love and happiness was in Unicornia. After that I wanted to end my little skit thing so told them whenever you see a rainbow all the way on the other side is Unicornia. Okay everyone that is the rest of my website for today. I hope you have a great rest of your Friday.Image result for unicorn



Hi everyone it's me Donovan and today I'm going to tell you about my elective track.

Before I go into the details about track I'm going to tell you what we all saw on the way to the track. We saw BABY DUCKS! They were so fluffy and cute! Anyways about track, when I first started track, I was pretty bad at it but, over time I improved at it. Two days ago I made my own record because you know the starting point on the track where every runner starts? That's where I started. I ran around the track so fast that I pasted Mrs. Mesa! When I looked back because I did not know how far I ran. When I looked back I was already halfway across the track!

I made it to the spot to where we started and I had to take a breather. I was already out of breath and then I started to stretch. Than I drank some water to gain energy to run some more and that's when I saw Mrs. Mesa walking up so I decided to run some more. I ran at least one or two more laps before I was wiped out from running. My lungs were on fire! I told Mrs. Mesa this she said to do some slow walking to relax so I did. That helped a little.

After awhile it was time to leave. We were hoping to see the baby Ducks again but they weren't there so after that we came back to school, grabbed our backpacks and left.

By reporter DONOVAN

This is a story about a boy and his quest for the freedom of his people… sort of. This boys name is Betory, he is a small boy as the story starts. At the age of 6 he is 2ft tall and he had almost white eyes with just the smallest hint of blue, his skin a 5E2C04 (look it up). This story begins sector 7, sector 7 is a ruin that Betory’s family and a few other families were first to live in because the sectors 1-7 were for the people who were neither the richest, a royal or, the best warriors in a VR deathmatch. These were deathmatches, no one died but you could still get scars. You could pay money to get weapons,  armor and stats, or you could just do it the normal way by grinding (fighting menial enemies until you're totally STACKT!!!). So basically a live action R.P.G.  

Anyway, back to the story; Betory and the other families in sector 7 lived in tents. The tents were pretty old and had a lot of moth holes in them, but the families made due. Every once and a while the people who lived in sectors 8-10 would dump their trash in one of the 1-7 sectors. They would switch out which sector they dumped their trash in in shifts. Betory was waking up from his hard bed made out of twigs and leaves, when the shoot was pouring down trash nearby. The shoot is a tube that comes down from the domes that separate the sectors. He saw a bright light inside a freshly laid pile of trash so he went to see what it was all about.

It looked like a headset, on the top it sade Zartech. Zartech was the highest quality brand of headset company. Even though it was great quality the headset had a crack. Betory found some glitter glue and patched it up. Then he put the headset on. From that moment forward Betory’s life was never the same. To be continued...

by Bohdon

We are doing a sewing elective.

We are sewing monsters,With Mrs.O'Donnell.

Also I am almost done and it looks really good. The monster has Elvis pants and it is gonna be fun to build. We are sewing cute monsters.  

I that the Elvis legs were stylish and that is awesome  

My monster is stylish so hope you like the word stylish   

So what on till nextime and all have something that will catch your attenchun.


The work up to Top God      

     Reporter: Ari 😐

In the flamingo room we are working on a poster board with information on the Mayans, Aztec and Incas. In the flamingo room most of us missed the deadline of last Friday and took till Wednesday to finish it up. We all worked very hard and we hope you enjoyed the show.

All of us in the school have information on science and what we are working on. We have one on NASA, Inca engineering and The Inca expansion. My group board is doing really well and we were one out of the two groups to finish on the Friday deadline. We don’t want an award for being done, all we want is the respect of all the work we put in to it.

At the event we were able to meet some alumni students who graduated from the school. We had the god Poseidon there and had a fun time. This week I would like to congratulate Victoria for winning Top God 🎉Congratulations🎉.

Thanks for reading reporter Ari and hoped you enjoyed the behind the scenes work on the Top God event.

Bump website

At break we are playing a basketball game called Bump. The people who play it at break are me, Alluwha, Donovan, Oliver, Ferris, Mo, Ari, and Lance. Here is how you play: you have two basketballs, two shooters, and you have to make it in the hoop. If you make it then you go to the back of the line. And if the next person in line makes it, the person who is still shooting is out. But if the person misses the shot and you still have the ball in your hands and your opponents ball is bouncing right next to you, then you can bump the ball with your ball, so it takes you a more amount of time to get a shot and keep yourself safe from getting out. That is how you play bump. And we also play a game that is bump, but called Ultimate bump. That is where the person who gets you out is out which means you are back in the game. It's like a never lasting bump.

By Reporter Kellen

 Today in Mrs. Mesa’s Fitness class, we had a fun activity: Just Dance. We also had the choice of jump roping, shooting baskets, hula hooping or playing a mini lacrosse game with  a game of basketball. We had a lot of fun. I chose to play the mini lacrosse game with Kellen. Then I rotated to jump roping where Breezy and Jude were playing. Jude was really tired but eventually he twirled the jump rope anyway. Next I rotated to Ms.Mesa’s trampoline. I jumped until I got tired then I took a break to drink some water. Then we changed stations and I changed to the hoola hoops. After that Ms.Mesa called everyone over to play duck duck goose. First Jenny was the server she tagged Ms.Mesa but Ms.Mesa cheated by going the other way. and had to be chicken soup the chicken soup is where the people got tagged. And they have to sit in the middle . Cedar was the second server and he tagged Avinash. Avinash tagged Rosie she cheated so she was made into chicken soup.This week Ms.Mesa’s class was a lot of fun!


In Bridges Middle School we can drink tea. There are different kinds of tea. For example there is lemon ginger tea and blueberry tea. First you bring your teacup, then bring you a tea bag from the pantry. After that you bring the hot water, then last and least you leave your tea bag for three minutes. I hope that you have fun making tea. Happy drink.    

by Salil

We always use hot glue in Simple machines.Simple machines is a muggle study on Wednesday.We're making a Rube Goldberg machine to pop a balloon . Our Rube Goldberg Machine Is made of three inclined planes and a pulley We also have a car to pop the balloon .

By Kazi

April 27

posted Apr 27, 2018, 3:32 PM by Desi Pritchard   [ updated Apr 27, 2018, 3:48 PM ]

  This week, students worked hard on Spring testing as well as preparing for the Spring Show on May 17th

🍕Cooking elective🍕

Hi! Guys this week we will be talking about the cooking elective.

This week we made Tacos in the elective. We had 3 job options: make the meat, shred the cheese and cut the vegetables.

  1. Here is how you cook beef first put the pan up to max heat.

  2. put olive oil in the the pan and spread it around.

  3. put the beef  into the pan and spread it around and make sure you get both sides of the beef.

Next for the other food

  1. Grab a chopping block and a sharp knife and choose a veggie that you like.

  2. Make sure you cut the veggies.

  3. Grab a can of refried beans from the store and put it into a pan medium heat spread it around and cook it for about 4-6 minutes.

  4.  After you our done cooking the meat, veggies and beans put grab some tortillas and if you want it warm cook it on a pan for 15 seconds each side.

  5. Grab a plate and enjoy your meal.

Hey hoped this helped you make a nice dinner for your family and                    

    Thanks for reading reporter Ari. 😐


The Adventures of Jenny the Elf and Jacob the Sorcerer

       It was a sunny day in the magical kingdom of Memetupea, and deep within the kingdom, in a lush forest, there stood a stone house. In that house lived a mother and her two step children. The oldest child was named Jacob and he specialized in sorcery of the dead. His eyes were light brown and he had dirty blonde hair. His robes were midnight blue and he had a magic staff made of dragon bone. The youngest child was an Elf named Jenny. Her eyes shined like sapphires and her hair was the color of a sandy beach. She wore green and brown hunting gear and carried a bag of arrows and a bow made of oak with flowers on it. She was one of the best archers in the land.

        Jenny was sleeping soundly… that is until her stepmother slammed the door open with a loud bang! “Jenny get out of bed right now! This is no time to be lazy and sleep! We're almost all out of food and water so I need you and your brother to hunt me a slime!” Her mother screamed.

“Okay, please calm down mom, I'll get you your slime.” Jenny said as she got out of bed and got ready for the day.

”You better, or you'll be in big trouble!” Her stepmother said and then left the house in a huff.

“Ugh I hate slime, it's so gross.” Jenny mumbled.

“You’re telling me, but we should get going sister, you know how mom gets when she's cranky.” It was Jenny’s brother Jacob, a very talented sorcerer in the arts of undead magic. The siblings shuddered at the memories of their angry stepmother.

         Soon the two were outside walking along until they came to a three way fork in the road. “Alright! We both know that no matter which path we take we'll find a slime, the only problem is we don't know which is the safest and which one is the most deadly.” Said Jacob looking at a map. Jenny looked at the signs and finally said, “I say we go to the Silly Swamps, we never been there before so we might as well.” They agreed and set off into the Silly Swamps.

What will happen to our heros? Will they find a slime or will they fail epically and have to face the wrath of an angry stepmother?

Find out next time on “The Adventures of Jenny the Elf and Jacob the Sorcerer”!

By: reporter Jenny

Hey what’s up, I'm so excited to write about these Incan guy’s 😓.

It's a long bloody story so put on your seat belt!

Ah, were to even start...well, roughly 600 years ago the Incas built an empire that stretched 2500 miles and contained 12 millions subjects without the aid of the wheel or the horse.

The Incas believed that their ruler is the son of the sun (that's English for you) because they relied on the sun for light and to grow their crops.

They did not do much except strengthen their military until their 10th ruler came to power and started the expansion. To unite the people under his control he required the state leaders to learn a spoken, but not written, language.

And the 11th ruler added millions of subjects to the Inca  by taking over everything from Ecuador to Colombia but not the forest land because they were not used to the terrain, but their enemies were.

Once the 11th ruler died (in 1525) from smallpox causing his four sons to plunge into a bloody war for the throne. He contracted the Smallpox from someone who came in contact with a European. Eventually they agreed to disagree, and split the land into four pieces calling it the Four Parts Together (very creative).

All right that' was a good one, but sadly, that’s it for now, see yuuuu!!!

By reporter Bohdon

Ms.Mesa’s Class

 Today in Ms.Mesa’s class we had a choice of jump roping, Shooting baskets, hula hooping or playing a Mini lacrosse game with the basket ball. We had a lot of fun. I chose to play the Mini lacrosse game with Kellen. Then I rotated to jump roping where Breezy and Jude were playing. Jude was really tired but eventually he twirled the jump rope anyway. Next I rotated to Ms.Mesa’s trampoline. I jumped until I got tired then I took a break to drink some water. Then we changed stations and I changed to the hoola hoops. After that Ms.Mesa called everyone over to play duck duck goose. First Jenny was the server she tagged Ms.Mesa but Ms.Mesa cheated and had to be chicken soup. Sedar was the second server and he tagged Avinash. Avinash tagged Rosie she cheated so she was made into chicken soup.This week  Ms.Mesa’s class was a lot of fun!


Girls Group This Week

Hello everyone! Hope you’re having a great Friday. If you don't remember I have talked alot about girls group before. You know  how fun it is and that we make things and do activities. This week, we went outside and did something really fun. It involved teamwork because us girls are a team and have to work together at times. In girls group we went outside in our backyard. Ms.Thompson split us into two groups and each of us would have to create an obstacle course for the other team to go through. On the side that I was on, we created a swing and a slide. Then we put hoola hoops on the ground. We picked up soccer cones and called them helmets. Wa-la! We were done.The slide and the swing were the best part. Then we went through the other teams obstacle course. Finally the other team went through our obstacle course. Ours was very difficult for the other team because the whole time you would have to keep the helmet on your head.  Well I hope you enjoy the rest of your Friday.


In reading class we are reading Bridge To Terabithia. It is awesome and Kellen, Donovan, Cam, Cedar,  Wyatt, and I are in the group We are on chapter five, Giant Killers. It is exciting. Doesn't that sound cool? It is about another world and these two friends Jesse Oliver Aarons Jr. and Leslie Burke. And they find this other land and they call it Terabithia. I know the entire story because I listened to it on book on a book tape. I don't want to tell because it might spoil It for everyone else. Ok all I’ll tell one thing- it involves giants. I mean It does have the name giant Killers after all.  


  By Reporter Simon.


We celebrate birthdays with the whole school. They can always be fun and exciting. I always will love celebrating birthdays. Maybe you would love what I will tell about birthdays. Imagine if your school celebrated birthdays the way we do.

We celebrate the birthdays on the last friday of every month at noon, which can sometimes be hard to wait for. We all go upstairs and celebrate the birthdays in the hall surrounded with a few rooms. We celebrate the people thats birthdays are on the month we’re on, like in January, we celebrate the birthdays that are on that month. We sing happy birthday to the people thats birthdays are on the month we’re on.

The treats we have are delicious and one is also for the kids who have allergies. We have ice cream sandwiches, but only for the kids that don’t have any kind of allergies to them. For the people that have allergies to the ice cream sandwiches, we give them popsicles. But we don’t do other things for the birthdays because we need to work at school.

We definitely get in line for ice cream sandwiches and popsicles so we don’t fight. We enjoy our ice cream sandwiches and popsicles during recess, which can be sometimes be good. Every time I eat an ice cream sandwich, my mouth and hands get messy. I like to eat mine with the whole paper off it, but some people like to eat as they take off the paper.

But birthdays aren’t the only thing we celebrate.  We also celebrate Halloween and sometimes Valentine’s day. I’m glad that we still celebrate holidays.

By reporter Avinash

Project Boards

TDO Announcement

This week I’m writing about the project boards like last year. This year we are studying the Aztecs, Maya and Inca. I am writing about the Inca engineering, like their road system. Some others, like Kellen, Simon and Owen, are working on Inca weapons. Most of the class is researching Inca and Maya, but not Aztecs. One of the thighs that I learned is that the Inca have two highways, the coast road and the mountain road, without inventing the wheel.


I’m not going to be writing the Darkness Outside for a while. I will be working on the project boards, so it will be weeks before I write it again. I hope all of you will be okay for a while.

April 20

posted Apr 20, 2018, 3:48 PM by Desi Pritchard


Straws aren't just fun colorful drinking tools. There's a lot more to think about when you go to a restaurant or to the store and you see straws.

Did you know that 100,000 marine creatures a year die from plastic entanglement and these are the ones found. Approximately 1 million seabirds also die from plastic?

The Last Plastic Straw is a project of Plastic Pollution Coalition. Did you know? Over 500,000,000 plastic straws are used each day in the United States. In only the past twenty years, people have come to expect plastic straws in every drink, in an example of extreme waste being generated for minimal convenience.

Straws are made from something called single use plastics. This means that most people don´t reuse them. They also NEVER decompose so they will NEVER leave this planet!!!

So next time you even think about using a straw or see anyone else using a straw remember the sea animals and tell them about the danger and spread the information. And if we work together we can change the future for our environment and the earth.   


by Rosie

Last week the family met. Enjoy Chapter 7

Chapter 7

After a tiring day, it was time for dinner. “This is a delicious meal that my son in law made. I think you will love it,” Larm told his parents before dinner. Larm made an announcement.

“This is a great day and for my parents. Jim Shwort and Margaret Shwort, they took me away from the thing that I loved.” Larm said in a sinister way.

“We are your parents you know, are you okay?” Jim asked.

“You took me away from my home and you are killing the darkness!” He told them.

“Why is this happening, is this real?!” Jim freaked and all of the family members answered at the same time, “This is perfectly fine but you don’t understand, do you?”

By Reporter Cedar


We are starting new electives. The first elective was sewing with Mrs. O’Donnell, the second one was cooking class with Mr. Shaw, the third one was track with Mrs. Mesa, the fourth one was green team with Mrs. Hauger,

And the fourth one was Karaoke with Mrs. Thompson. I chose Mrs. Thompson's elective. I was going to choose track but I love music, so I put it second on my list.  

Mrs. Thompson has an app on her ipad that played on apple TV. We had to be positive and be nice to people's song choices. The first one was Kree and she sang the Percy Jackson theme song. The next one was Alec and he wanted me to do never gonna give up by Rick Astley. Then next was Jude and he wanted you are Sixteen Going on Seventeen. But he didn’t want to do it so Dexter and Kree did it together. Then next was me and I did Girls got Rhythm by AC/DC. I think this new elective is going to make me like music even more.

By Reporter Kellen  

Mayan Event Masks

The Mayan were one of the many great civilizations. Their culture was unlike any other but in a way somehow close to the Aztec and Incas. The Mayans lived in ancient mesoamerica. A very huge part of their culture were their makes.

They wore and made these masks for three major purposes / places. One of the groups are called Event Makes.

Event masks were designed to be worn during important events such as weddings and birth ceremonies. These masks often depicted gods or animals. These masks used amazing designs with bright, vibrant colors painted onto wooden surfaces.

They resemble animals because the Mayans believed that the spirits could be with them for any Ceremony or Festival. They also believe that wearing a spiritual mask make it seem as if the spirits themselves are attending the sacred ceremony or festival.

Event Masks not only resemble animals, they were inspired by animals. Event Masks were only colored with bright colors because the use of the vibrant colors represents happiness and bliss. Animals are a really important factor for the Mayan. They believe there needs to be a spiritual connection for any good to happen.

This article was written by : Jennifer   

The cooking class at Bridges Middle School

By: Owen

Yesterday we have new electives and I made it into cooking class.

 It was pretty fun  in cooking class we made pasta and spaghetti which are pretty much the same thing. We made two types of pasta angel hair pasta which is this noodle and the curly pasta. They didn't taste any different from each other they just look different.

Here are the steps to making both pastas they don't really change at all depending on what type of pasta you have. First we put the dry pasta in boiling water and stirred it for 9 to 11 minutes. Then we made the pasta sauce by chopping up tomatoes, garlic, onions [no I did not cry while cutting the onions, like a boss] and shallots whatever those are. After the noodles were finished and the sauce was made, we shredded the parmesan cheese as an option for sprinkling on top. So after all that  I could not wait to try the pasta or as I call it spaghetti.

You know what it actually turned out pretty good. The sauce was perfect the noodles were tasty. I didn't really like the parmesan though because I hate cheese. After that day I felt like a real success and I now feel like growing up as a cook. Anywho this is been the report of my first day at cooking class in Bridges Middle School.

What it Takes to Make a Top God Poster Good

In order for a Top God poster to be good, most of the things that are supposed to be on the poster have to be good. It’s good to think about how it will look before you create the poster. Otherwise, you have a problem. So beware of anything wrong when you create it.

There can’t be too little or too much information because that means it takes to long or not enough learning. You can also add pictures, but it would be best if you only had one on your poster and if it tells about the thing your studying. The papers also have to have enough information on them to tell enough about all the topics of the thing your studying. You can’t have very few papers, because that doesn’t tell enough of what your studying.

There also has to be a picture on the poster that looks nice. The picture on the poster can’t be messy because that would make it look ugly. The best thing to do for a picture is to glue some cutout things on the poster. One thing that would make the picture ugly is just scribbling all over the poster except the papers with just one color.

You can study all kinds of things, but they need to be things that you can study at school. If you choose something that you don’t know about, which will make people learn the wrong things, then choose another thing to study. You must write the things you learned in your own words because not doing that means not learning anything.The best thing to do to not copy words on a paragraph on a website your researching on is to not look at the words.

I like making a poster for Top God. It can be very interesting. I hope that the upstairs kids will make a good poster. I also wonder what they will study for their posters. I hope they get good grades.

By reporter Avinash

Mayan creation masks

Mayan creation masks are what? Mayan creation masks are supposed to representative of the animals in the world. The animals that they eat and that they feast on. So they make these masks for the animals. The reason they feel bad and want to pray for the animals that they kill.

 How how to make the Mayan creation  masks

First we have to cut up plastic drawers in small but also not too big pieces. Then we have to pick out a mask. There was a horse, a duck, a fish, a bear, and a cat. I chose the cat because I really wanted to make a panther. So we grabbed pins and put warm water in them.  Miss Thompson gave us a pile of plaster gauze. Then we set our plastic masks on to a table, then put the plaster gauze over the mask .We have to make two layers so the mask does not fall apart. When we're done with that, we have to let them sit for a few days, then we're probably going to take them out then paint them. Then we have the Mayan creation mask.

So that is what we did in art. That's why it is a D.I.Y for the house.

by Alluwha


This week some of the kids of Bridges went to a track for the track elective.During track we would run or sprint around a track. The person teaching this elective is Ms.Mesa. This is something is that the flamingo classroom learned in fitness that applies to track. When exercising like in track your brain gets pumped with endorphins making you go high on joy.

by Kazi

Top God showcase                    

         By Reporter: Ari

The Top God showcase will take place on May 17th. The lobby at the event will have some poster boards with some info about what we are doing in Mayan times. In Mayan times we are currently choosing our topic and learning a little about the Incas before we choose.

This year marks the 10th Anniversary of the Top God show. For your information the 8th graders are going to have a speech to tell you about their God. In projects we might be working on the board in the weeks to come.

In the Top God show we will have to ambassador awards and a few more awards as well. We have fluffy chairs in the auditorium by the way. Please mark your calendar for may 17.


               Name of show: Top God showcase

               Date: May 17

               Name: Providence Health Center

               Street: 47th and Glisan

The Green Team Elective


Hey guys whats up? It's your bestie Breezy here. Guess what? We have new electives. Yeah amazing right? Well our elective is all about taking care of the earth. You know kind of like earth day. That is not all. The best part is we collect plastic foam and other things like straws and glass. We make art with it. Even though this elective seems very challenging it's really not. We are making really cool designs shapes and even things we can hang up for decorations. Right now we are making a decoration for our classroom. With plastic straws, hot glue, scissors, string and a needle.  I'm not exactly sure what the thing we are making is called but here is a picture of an example of one that someone else has made. Be honest isn't that beautiful? If you like it so much then why don't you make one at home?

Image result for hanging decorations made with plastic straws


Hello  readers of a tale from Silin. I hope you enjoy this chapter. Today we will be looking at a new character. Her name is Rif. She is the same species as Cal coi she is the same species as Cal coi, a sil chai. She is a antagonist so don't suspecting her to be helping our protagonists in the upcoming chapters . She lives in the council tower, The Main government building for the sil chai. The sil chai are just like cats so Rif represents the cold and precise hunting side of cats.

Nobody will be mentioning Bill or Cal coi in this chapter because it is devoted to the evil sil chai council. You will get a first look at sil chai workers and rulers in this chapter so it will be extra fun. Now let’s begin the reading.


A tale from Silin

Chapter two


Rif  sat on her chair in the council tower. The bustling city below her was a breathtaking sight for those who don’t sit in a chair in the council tower all year. But today, Rif saw the potential it would have once the master of her race could be awoken. The Sil Chai could conquer the galaxy and the land beyond. She eyed the hologram of earth in the middle of her chamber.

“Zoom in to point B1.” Rif said to her digital servant.

“Yes my lady” said a robotic voice that somehow came from everywhere in the room at once. The tabletop hologram zoomed in on earth to the city New York.

“Ah the ancient U.N.E structure called the Empire State Building. It reminds me of our council tower. I think I will force the humans to build monument to our master there.” Rif muttered to herself.

Rif heard footsteps. With the press of a button on her metallic Cat sized chair, the doorway force field went down. An unusually tall Sil Chai walked through. He was wearing the normal Sil Chai attire of a worker’s jumpsuit. He stood as tall as a full grown human. He had the main of a lion and the fist’s of one of the councils finest soldiers.

“You betrayed the council, Li Sok” Rif angrily said.

“You gave so many powerful artifacts to that human king. You could of served us like a true knight of our people. But you had to go aid that puny human. Do you realize why we preserve half of this planet for Humans to roam free? We do it so we can be reminded of how lucky we are to be workers and builders and not barbaric grunts. They have populated so many places but there is only one human civilization that will match us and they became who they are purely through luck and not strife. You know why we are superior? It is a useless action to try to help those worms. You will be executed for your crimes against our culture. I will not be attending the event of your death. I must plan the invasion of Earth, the location of the last object needed to awaken our master.”

The two Bots marched Li Soc out of Rif’s room.  She walked out of her room. As she was walking she said “Turn on doorway force field until I return”. She walked across the halls of black metal and purple lights. She made her way to the exit and walked across the streets of the city. As she was walking she noticed something different. A small  building had blue lights on it instead of purple and silver metal walls instead of the normal black metal walls that the silchai used. She took a small metal oval with a purple dot in the middle.

“Destroy the establishment with incorrect lighting at my coordinates.” She said into the device.

Disgusted by the experience, she marched back into the council tower and started licking her paws so she could look good when she greeted her ancestors from earth, A species of creatures called cats. She took the elevator down to the Lower underground floors and walked along the long metal corridors for a bit until she came to a door unlike most of the doors in the under ground.  It was massive and took up the whole end of the tall corridor. It the neon power grooves depicted a scene of a tall lion sil chai wearing formal robes staring down the corridor arms crossed.

 “Input code violet 15” Rif said.

The doors swung open by themselves revealing a massive room  with hundreds of Sil Chai working on different things. There were many Sil chai workers working on machinery and building different bots and tools. On the far side of the gigantic room there was a less factory like and more office- like place. But Rif was not interested in either. She walked over to a platform made of pure white glass with. It was as big as tire. A Sil Chai at a control panel walked up to Rif. This flux transporter has been modified to look like a transporter from a cinematic  recreational program from earth called Star trek. We thought it would confert our less evolved ancestor. A scowl went across Rifs face.

“Our ancestors do not understand advanced entertainment you idiot!”  Rif yelled.

“Even if they did”   they wouldn’t watch star trek all the time.”

“Yes me lady.” the sil chai said.

The sil chai she was talking to was wearing a star trek costume wich annoyed Rif even further. “As soon as they see a civilization as advanced as theirs they start watching their shows.” Rif thought.

“Begin the transport process”. A small smile spread across Rif’s feline face as as she said the words. Just like in the earth show Star Trek, the kitten materialized on the pad like transporter.

“ We got him from a colony on a planet outside the solar system earth is in.” said the sil chai worker.

The kitten had bright orange fur and a white chest. It started around the room looking at the sil chai making machines and other stuff. The kitten saw all the machines and technology. It was stunned. Rif kneeled, all the sil chai in the room kneeled one sil chai scientist kneeled quickly and knocked over a few beakers of chemicals. They all stared in awe at the cat. Cats were their ancient ancestors.

“They look just like a tailed version us but they stand on four legs.” The sil chai who transported the cat said. “Hi i’m Quo and this is our leader Rif”.

The cat darted away and hid under a desk. We’ll need to keep him in a place he will be

comfortable with until we get the final relic.

I hope that you loved that chapter. Stay tuned in for more of a tale from silin.

And remember, there will be a new part every week. This is reporter Miles,

Signing out

Stellated dolechedrin is the process of taking a 2D  shape and making it into 3D. I am making stellated dodecahedrons to look like stars. I use origami paper, and sometimes post it notes. The origami paper is four by four centimeters. And the post it note paper is three inch by three inches. The big origami paper is five inches by five inches. I hang them up in Miss Haugers room, and use a paperclip to put it on her ceiling. You need a ceiling that’s elevated with ceiling tiles. Put fishing line on the paper clip, and raise it up to the ceiling, then stick it up there. Another tool I used was needle. You can learn more from youtube videos. In conclusion, I would really appreciated it if you try to make it yourself, and teach other people. Donate to Bridges!!!

Reporter: Wyatt

April 12

posted Apr 13, 2018, 7:29 AM by Desi Pritchard

Different Baskets for the Auction

There are lots of baskets for the auction that people can bid on. Each basket has some kind of things in it, like Timbers game things. Some baskets can be exciting. Some are even good for kids. Some baskets have tickets for different places, but there are other stuff in the basket. And if you bid on the right basket it will be important and good to use.

One of the baskets for the auction right now has useful movie stuff. There is definitely movie tickets in the basket, which means you don’t have to get tickets online. There is also a small bag of popcorn, which would be good anytime, but mostly for movies. There’s even a Twentieth Century Fox seventy-fifth anniversary collection with movies.

Another basket for this auction is a Star Wars basket, which has all Star Wars things. There are books, which you can read and other kinds of books to use. There are even movies to watch, but I think I’m not going to watch the movies in the basket if I win it. Star Wars fans should definitely bid on this basket because they would love it.

One more basket is a basket with baking supplies, which might make your mouth water. There is definitely baking supplies in this basket, which would be good if you need some. There might even be some baking cookbooks, which kids might like. This basket can sometimes make you think about bakery treats and wish for them.

My favorite basket of the three I wrote is the baking basket. I love bakery treats, and I’m sure a lot of people love them. There are even more baskets which can also be exciting. I hope you like the three baskets I wrote about.

By reporter Avinash

Watercolor elective                       

This week in class we started 10 minutes late due to Ms.Pritchard doing something. One of the eighth graders started setting up the class for this and we were getting tired of waiting. In the beginning of the elective about 6 minutes after are start time I said ¨Ok people, you know the drill. Paper, brushes, water, paint and the teacher can come and we would be started¨. Ms.Pritchard is in love with pinterest and we in the class will now say Pinterest alert when she does one she did not plan to show. In the more mid of class we yelled ¨Pinterest alert, Pintrest alert. At the end of the class we all were happy and got some art done and enjoyed saying the Pinterest alert. In the class one of my friends put a bit of a high amount of color in the middle and then put saran wrap on top.

Ms.Pritchard and I said when that technique was done it turned out into a beautiful leaf. All of our arts turned out different and all were cool looking and one sad thing is that this is our last watercolor elective unless it is up for voting again.

by Ari

Hey what’s up, long time no see!

I know you have been waiting for one of these because I've been watching you.

  1. So without further ado here goes Comedy Corner with Bohdon!

  1. Why do seagulls fly over the sea?

(because if they flew over a bay they would be baygulls.)

2. Why can't Elsa have a balloon?

(because she would... let it go!!!)

3. What do you call a dinosaur in math class?

(a dinosnore)

4. Why did the man put his money in the freezer?

(because he wanted cold hard cash😎.)

5. Why did the student eat his homework?

(they didn't have a dog)

6. What did gumbo’s therapist say in there first session?

(let's discuss the elephant in the room)

7. What happens when you microwave corn-dog?

(it terns in to pup-corn.)

8. What do you get when you cross a vampire and a snowman?


9. In what class did the witch get an A in?


10. (this one is from Ms.Pritchard) how many seconds are in a year?

(12. January 2nd,  February 2nd,.... July 2nd,august 2nd, you get it.

I hope I made you laugh cuz thats all for now. Good night!

By... the… Bohdon!!!!

This week we learned about parallelograms. Parallelograms are lines that don't touch, for example train tracks, a door, a table and more. Things that aren't parallel: one example is the clocks hands. A shape can be a parallelogram if the opposite lines  are not touching. One example is a square. It's a parallelogram because the lines are not intersecting. Geometry is very fun and interesting.

I want to learn more about geometry.                                                                                              By reporter Salil

What is art?

Art is the true embodiment of

the mind, the soul, and the body.

For life is Art and art is life.

and that is good.

For every man,woman,and child

art is different

And that's ok

by Kazi

Mayan Glyphs

Hey there everyone, Jenny here and today I’ll be joined by my friend Donovan. We have a great story for you folks! Today we’ll be talking about the Mayan Glyphs!

On June 15, 1952, Mexican archaeologists broke into a passageway within the Temple of the Inscriptions at Palenque. They stumbled into an underground crypt holding a limestone sarcophagus. Inside lay the bejeweled body of a ruler of Palenque, his face covered by a haunting jade mask. No one knew who this great leader was? They could not read the hieroglyphics carved on the sarcophagus.

The reason why they couldn't read the hieroglyphics was because the Mayans had their own writing system. We call this Mayan Glyphs. The way they read are pictures that spell out a word or sound. In the past years archaeologists have learned to read what the Mayans wrote. Today we know the names of kings and queens, how they lived, and when they died, transforming our view of Maya culture.

David Stuart was a young boy who began his study on Mayan Glyphs at age 8. Once he was 18 he made the final breakthrough in the process of Mayan writing. Thanks to him, we were able to understand what those hieroglyphics meant. In our opinion the Mayans were the most evolved people of their time. Well there you have you it, this has been a flamingo review of the Mayan Glyphs. Be sure to read all the other articles by our fellow flamingos. This is reporter Jenny And Donovan signing off.

By: reporters Jenny and Donovan

In muggle studies  we went to Keller fountain and it was COOL.It was like a river  and we walked to go under a “waterfall” and it was LOUD! I had to go because it was so loud so I went out from the waterfall and I loved it. Absolutely a ***** rating! And in the summer it would be a good place to go to and have fun. It was my first time going there, and if it was the right weather I totally would have played in it but it wasn’t the right weather. Dexter, Jackson, Casey and Lance were playing tag with me but I was worried I would slip because it was slick. I definitely am going back in the summer. It would be a good field trip for our whole school. It reminded me of a river in nature, it was really really pretty!!! :)

By Reporter: Simon   


There are three types of Maya masks:the death mask, the battle mask, and the event mask. We´re making the third kind of mask. We´re using plaster gauze. Right now we're still cutting the gauze but soon we will start to form the actual mask. I love the thought that we will have part of the maya tradition that we can hang on the wall.

The masks are inspired by animals. I say this because they used vibrants like purple, yellow and blue. They also painted flowers and leaves on the mask.

The mayan death masks were made to be worn by a corpse.

Battle masks are self explanatory.

by Rosie

The Darkness Outside


Last week the Shwort’s found out about the rest of the family.

Enjoy chapter 6.

Chapter 6

“Are you hungry Larm?” Mrs. Shwort asked. “I could eat some matzo with haroset,” Larm answered. Mr. Shwort remarked, “We were thinking more like boneless pork ribs with asparagus.”

“I will think about it in my meditation.”

“Your meditation, what do you mean?”

“I mean that I want to be peaceful and connect to my surroundings, so I meditate”

“Huh?” Mrs. Shwort thought out loud, “Never thought of that before, but that is a good idea.”

The next day they flew to the West setor. It was huge and very futuristic and his family lived in the Rotlen skyscraper but it was a office building. “Um, Larm.” Larm answered, “Yes.”

“This is an office building. My family has a company for making ships.”

They never thought that their son would have a company but the place was amazing and full of green. “This is amazing Larm,” Mr. Shwort commented.

“This is it,” Larm said while opening a door.

“Hi dad, who are they?” A secretary asked.

Larm answered the secretary, “This is my mom and dad.” The secretary remarked, “I will let the family know!”

She picked the phone up and started talking. Almost a second later people started coming from every direction. “Hello grandma.”

“I have heard stories about you. You are a physics professor, right?”

It was very overwhelming and then one of them said, “Let's have a feast tonight with our great grandparents!” They all cheered for the idea.

By Reporter Cedar

                                      A tale from Silin

                                   Chapter one, part two

Heres some more of A tale from Silin. I hope you enjoy it.

Hiding in the bushes was an alien creature. It was a short little humanoid alien that  resembled a cat. The alien was using a tiny little glove on it’s paw-ish hand that was emitting a stream of purple lightning. The lightning was passing through the bushes and electrocuting the lizard while also holding it up in the air. The creature reminded Bill of his cat at home called Ralph.

“Who are you and why are you trying to fry that lizard with lightning.” Bill said.

The alien turned around and looked at Bill.

“ A carbon based life form.” The alien said. “How can this be a human. Last time I checked humans did not have access to the technology needed for such clothing implements.”

The alien was obviously more intelligent than Bill.

“Human, do you know what a planet is?” The alien asked.

Planets are large balls of rock or gas or pretty much anything.” Bill said.

“You can’t be from this planet. You know what a planet is and you wear artificial fabric you can’t be a human from around here.”

“Well then, welcome to the planet of Silin, Child who’s name I do not know” The alien exclaimed.

Bill was now 100 percent sure that this place was a different planet. he was shocked. He assessed his situation maybe he could contact a U.N.E colony.

“I’m from a space faring Nation called the U.N.E do you know how far the nearest U.N.E colony is from here?” Bill asked.

Well there are the ruins of one on this planet. The council destroyed it and killed its people.” The alien said in a glum tone.

“Your basically little furry cats, I can't imagine Cute little furballs destroying a U.N.E colony!”

Then Bill looked at the lizard, who was by now fried and floating in the air.

“These fuzz balls are definitely as advanced as humans” Bill thought.

“Why Haven’t you just shot me if your species is xenophobic?” Bill questioned,

“ The council will kill me on sight because I questioned their ideologies. One of them is to shoot aliens on sight.” The alien grumbled.

“I led a band of militia into a giant planet wide mining operation and shut down all the power and destroyed the generator. They couldn’t make bots to fight and other tech without their power. A species native to the solar system used that to their advantage and wiped out the operation. Now I'm on the run.” The alien said.

 “But I've forgot to say my name” the alien exclaimed. “I am Cal coi i'm a sil chai, a race native to this planet, what is your name humanoid child? ” Bill shuffled his feet around in the grassy forest floor. “Well my name is Bill” Bill said.

“Nice to meet you Bill.”  Cal coi said.

The fried lizard dropped to the forest floor. Cal coi walked over to it and pulled a string of burnt hair from the giant plume on the lizards head. Cal coi then started rolling around on the ground and started playing with it like the cat he was.

Bill walked over to the fried lizard. It looked like a  fried reptilian troll doll.

“Why did you kill this poor lizard?”  Bill asked.

“Well It is and invasive species. They came to this planet before The council Turned to Its present state. They were split into two groups, The ones that looked like normal lizards and”, The following words were in an alien language.

“What did you say?” Bill asked. “

my translator Is losing power.” Cal coi muttered”. “

From now on I'll only turn it on when I’m talking to you. I know where I can get power but it might be guarded.” he said.

Then he sprinted of into the forest on all fours. Bill ran after him.

He had a kind of robotic feet which made him quite fast. Bill realized that he had alot of technology attached to him. He appeared to have a jumpsuit that blended in with the forest when he was running. It seemed like he had a lot of stealth measures. He appeared to have a small metallic speaker. Attached to his ankle that emitted sounds of different forest animals making it quite hard to hear him run. As Bill ran the forest became more lush and green.  He started to change his pace to a steady walk. Cal coi stopped running on all fours and started to walk on two legs. He seemed to get more cautious the farther they walked into the forest. Bill almost tripped of a long root that arched through the earth like a tunneling worm. Then Cal coi halted. Bill could see something strange through a patch of green bramble thicket Behind the bushes there was a huge cylinder stuck into the ground with two purple neon stripes on the side of it. It looked like a huge dark colored metal battery stuck in the ground. The lines On it let out a hearty glow that Cal coi stared at for a minute. Then Bill heard a metallic marching sound as a robot walked onto a  circular metal pad that had the battery stuck into the middle. It had a ring of the neon purple light surrounding the floor of it. The robot had a metal head with with one purple eye. It had the same the same purple neon lines and dark metal color scheme of all of the alien tech Bill had seen. The robot , it had a heavy energy rifle in It’s metallic hands so it was definitely not just a repair bot.

“That robot is the only thing between us and that battery.” Cal coi whispered.

“Now if you came out and stepped into its line of view it would attack you. But if I walked out it would take a few seconds for it to recognize me as an enemy of the council and all other Sil Chi loyal To the Council. My plan is to go out and disable it by jumping up onto it’s back ripping of the control panel and reworking it’s A.I While I’m doing that I’ll need you to run around dodging the energy bolts coming from it’s rifle.” Cal coi ambitiously whispered.

Bill nodded his head in agreement that battery was the size of one of those stupid clunky cars that older people drive around instead of using more modern forms of transportation. The purple glow coming from it showed that under the metal plating a storm of energy was waiting to be used.

by Miles

April 6

posted Apr 6, 2018, 4:52 PM by Desi Pritchard

Hey guys whats up? it's your bestie Breezy. Today I am here to tell you all about Ms.Pritchard´s elective.I don't know if you know, every Wednesday we have electives. In this elective we do water colors. Water colors are so much fun because we love to experiment. By experimenting I mean we put things like salt wax and plastic wrap on the art to get a certain color or texture. I did a really cool experiment. Yesterday, after I painted some artwork, I put plastic wrap over my painting before it dried. Then I twisted and moved the plastic wrap around. Then once it dried, the paint moved around and it made a really neat pattern.The week before that, we used droppers and then added salt. The water followed the salt and when it dried the painting looked so interesting. Here is a picture of the painting that I put plastic wrap on. Isn't that cool?      

           Reporter: Breziah

Top God Showcase 2018                    

Hi! Guys Ari here and this week we will be talking about the Top God event.This year, in 2018 celebrates the 10th year of the Top God event.This years Top God even will be at the Providence health care center at 6:30 to 8:00 we ask you to come by 6:00 for parking and to see our posters for what we are working on in Mayan Times in the lobby. To let you know Top God is an event that the 8th graders host to show you what they are doing in mythology. In the lobby we will have a paper to ask you who you would like to vote as the Top God of 2018. I have a little insider note about the event: the ambassador awards will take place at the show as well. For your information, the Top God event will be on Thursday, May 17. Another piece of information is we have a poetry and cover contest for the Top God event sheet.

This year we expect you to see an incredible performance by the 8th graders.We only have 170 seats so come early, the late comer will be standing in the back watching.

Thank you for reading reporter Ari.

The Darkness Outside


Last time the Shwort’s devised a plan to destroy the black hole and they found there long lost son. Enjoy chapter 5.

Chapter 5

“It have been 60 years since I left,” The old man wept. Mr. Shwort remarked, “I think that is our son, but older from extreme gravity from the black hole.”

“Can we reverse the aging?” she asked, even though she knows the answer. “You know that we can’t. You're a doctor, you know more than me!!” Mr. Shwort yelled at his wife in disbelief, “I’m sorry I yelled, but I guess this is family reunions.” And they all had a group hug.

They came to the synagogue to tell the town. “This is a miracle.”

“You've certainly grown, a lot.”

“But you died?”

“You are amazing”

The Shwort’s were very crowded and could not get out of the synagogue. The Rabbi had a secret exit for some random reason but they drove back home out and back to the home farm. This should be a cause for a celebration,” Mr. Shwort announced. Mrs. Shwort exuberantly said, “I'll bake a cake!!”

“Thank you so much but,” Larm stopped for a second, “you should see this picture.” It was a picture of a woman with three children. “These are my children and my wife,” He said, “I want you to see my kids, they are in the West district.” Mrs. Shwort answered, “of course I will see them, we are now great grandparents Jim.”

By Reporter Cedar

Recently, in Maya history, we have been researching Maya goddesses and gods. I have chosen Ch’en, Ixtab and Ixchel. Though I must warn you that the Mayans had multiple goddesses and gods for everything, including more sensitive topics.

Ch’en is the goddess of Humans, the moon, fertility, growth, sexuality and procreation. With growth comes ailments, so Ch’en is also the goddess of disease. Everywhere in Mesoamerica, including the Maya area, she is associated with water. From the rain and rainforests to waterfalls. She also has a terrestrial counterpart in the goddess ¨I¨ ( or Ixik.)

Ixtab is the goddess of death, and the patroness of those who die difficult deaths.  It was believed by the Mayans that all upon death were immediately gathered by Ixtab and brought to the eternal paradise. Ixtab is one of many death goddesses and gods

Ixchel is the wife of the supreme Maya deity, the mother goddess, the goddess of the moon and the goddess of medicine, or was (more on was in paragraph three sentence two!) Reference : was Yet over the ages her roles changed and she was transformed by time. She then was adopted by the Aztecs as Lady Xochiquetzal. Lady Xochiquetzal was the Goddess of love, fertility, flowers and pleasure. She was as beautiful and abundant as a rose. I hope you have enjoyed this report on Maya goddesses. Let Ixchel forever be upon you and your children and may Ixtab leave you for a ripe time.




Mrs. Mesa fitness

Hi everybody, It's Kellen again, and today I am going to talk about fitness with mrs. mesa. At Bridges Mr. Palmer left the school to find another job, he is now a construction worker. So Mrs. Mesa offered to teach humanities.

And now she is teaching fitness. Tuesday was our first day of fitness with mrs. mesa, we were going to jump rope. First she showed us a video of a jump roping sport called double dutch. Then we lined up and went outside.

When we were outside, Breziah and Oliver were holding the rope. Then I went. I had 20 jumps. Alluwha was break dancing while jumping, it was pretty cool. I tried to do the best I can to make Mrs. Mesa be really impressed, but I could not think of a good move to beat Alluwha. I think this new fitness is going to be a success at Bridges.

By reporter Kellen.


Owen’s Guide To

Ms. Hauger’s Math Class


We are currently learning about Algebra. I learned how to add, subtract multiply and divide negative number. It was a little hard at first but I figure it out soon enough.  and then I learned about Multiplying by the square root and cube. All you have to do to right this problem is draw and number and put a small 2 or a 3 on the top left corner. When you do that  that's like saying x times x equals the answer or if you talk about a cubed number your really saying x times x times x equals the answer. I hope I never stop learning. It's pretty fun when you get used to learning math. It's amazing what you can do with math. All you have to do is study and learn it.

By reporter : Owen Hanson   


In Geometry we learn about shapes and angles. There are different kinds of shapes and angles.One example is a right angle. A right angle is a 90° angle.   

Another angle is a straight angle which would be 180 degrees.We learn the names of the shapes like hexagon, pentagon, and decagon.In the future, we will be learning about parallelograms.

by reporter Salil

This week some of the children decided to enter in one of two contests for Top God.the two of the contest are poetry and art and I will tell you about the art contest. It is where a bunch of students draw a picture for the front page of the program that you will receive. Which,I think I have a pretty good chance at winning. And here's a description of what I drew: it's a bridge with lightning pillars. The lightning pillars because Zeus is my favorite God in Greek mythology and the bridge is because I go to Bridges Middle School. Also there is a truck that says Top God showcase 2018 and the truck is hauling all the stuff needed for the Top God showcase.

by reporter Kazi

Muggle studies

In muggle studies we are learning how to double dutch. double dutch is a jump roping sport. and double dutch there are two people at each side of the jump rope and two jump ropes. you have to  jump Both ropes in a certain way so they don't hit each other. The people on each side of the end that are swinging the Rope They have to do it in a certain way. they have to keep it in a certain pattern. We have to do the calculations of the jump rope at the exact time and when to jump in. Because they put one jump rope going the other way and then the other jump rope they other way. So when they get that technique down people like your friends or anyone else they go inside the jump inside like a regular jump rope but there's two of them. But Mrs. Mesa is teaching us -outside how to do double dutch. you have to do breakdance moves and cool tricks. and so far I have done the best breakdance move. It is fun but hurtful because you have to jump on concrete with rocks. When you have to get on your hands and it hurts when that happens a lot because it's landing on rocks. It is a very, very, very fun D.I.Y thing to do at home or anywhere and I hope you like my story.

                                                 By reporter Alluwha😎

The Auction

There’s an auction every year in this school. It is where you bid on things and if you get the highest amount of money you win the thing you bid on. You might pick something to bid on that can be very nice.

You always have a chance to win cool prizes in a basket if you really need it. People might bid on a basket they might really need like with tickets, toys, and books. You might win the thing you bid on and you might not, so be sure to be a good sport. It’s always very good to win something from the auction if you need it.

We are raising money so that we can help families pay for tuition. Some of the money goes toward paying for school expenses and the rest goes to financial aid. The auction raises awareness about Bridges Middle School. Bidding on items helps us raise money for our school.

It helps people who are coming here to get along very well and talk. It’s a chance for them to dress up very nicely and enjoy a nice meal out. It helps keep adults away from their kids for an evening if they cause a lot of trouble. It helps adults to network.

The auction can always be really exciting. It can sometimes be a really good event. And there’s always next year even if you don’t win something. And you will always forget when you lost.

By reporter Avinash

It's always moist in oregon 😜.

Hi, it’s Bohdon and I’m here to tell you about a hike that we went on during our fitness class.

First, we rallied up, drank some water and went to the track.

Then we ran for awhile around the track and away from the teachers.

Then once we were all worn out we went for a hike up a large hill.

Halfway up the hill I was crouch walking because I am afraid of heights.

(by the way We saw a banana slug along the way!)

When we reached the top we walked beside a road and Owen pumped his arm up and down to make the trucks/buses honk their horns.

On our way back we saw where Ms. Hauger lives.

It was very moist the whole time, so most of us were happy to get back inside.

Once we got inside our faces were lectured off.

Anyway, that’s all for now, byyyye!

by reporter Bohdon

In math I'm currently working on the pythagorean theorem. It's very interesting and even though im only just starting I still think its my favorite kind of math that i've done in awhile.I love how you can find the missing number using the most complicated way possible!!! It's amazing!!!

You can find the number using the formula A2 + B2=C2. It seems hard when you first start but it’s actually  pretty cool,fun and easy (at least for me).

The Pythagorean theorem is when you take two of the numbers that are in the problem but you need to find the other number right? Well if you use the right formula it’s easy to learn.first you need to find the other numbers and then you have to put them in the formula. Here is a example, let's say you have a triangle like this one

so as you can see this problem is not complete WHAT IS Csquared ???????

Well I  will tell you. It’s 16,900. Some of you might be thinking WHAT?!?? But if you just keep trying and stick with a growth mindset you'll figure it out.

by Rosie

Hi Miles here. Last time I tried to put in a tale from Silin into the website there was a horrible copy and pasting error. I’ve decided to put all of Chapter One into the website. Chapter two is complete but I don't want to put too much stuff into the story. Now I’m sure that there are no Copy and pasting errors. Now the story will make sense. So time For the Improved story.

   A tale from Silin

 Chapter one

It was the year 2276.  Bill, a 12 year old boy, always wondered what was behind the basement  door no one ever mentioned. When ever he said anything about it, his parents just said it just lead to some boring old basement built in the 21st century. Bill was very curious about it. It had a lock on it. Bill couldn’t find any keys that fit in the lock. He ventured out in the yard, because maybe, the key would  be out there. At least it would be easy finding it. No one used keys anymore.

Bill walked over to the old South American pot his mom kept outside. He reached in and felt nothing. Then he picked the pot up and laid it on the ground a foot away from its original spot.

    A key was on the ground where the pot used to be. Bill put the key in his one of his jean pockets and exclaimed.         “Yes.”

    He went back into his house and went down the stairs to the basement. He walked through the short hall. He stood in front of the basement door, he got out the key and put it in the lock. He turned the key in the lock and the door swung open. Behind the door there was a storm of whipping wind and flashing lightning. The door was flung into the storm and Bill fell into the void of wind, dark clouds and lightning.  Everything went black.

When Bill woke up everything was blurry, and he felt numb. He got up on his feet. He was missing a shoe and he was very wet. He looked around he was on a sandy beach. A large forest was farther inland. A small creature was sniffling around in the sand. Bill walked up to the creature it looked back at him. It was a lot like a beaver but it had black stripes on its sides and a trunk. It blew through its trunk and made a loud bugle like noise. Then it ran into the forest. Bill followed it in curiosity. He tried not to freak out, as this was probably not earth. There was a lot of nice looking flora in the  forest a lot of the trees were these aspen- like trees with orange and yellow leaves. The place looked like a forest in fall. But there were some strange plants in the forest Like a tall plant that looked a tall vase made of celery with a wide hole in the top. Bill was looking a the strange plant when it started to shake. A cloud of tiny seeds with little wings flew out of the top. The seeds buzzed of and buried themselves in the soil. Bill moved on into the forest. Lots of furry rodents scuttled by, Bill spotted some jack rabbits with deer horns, “those look like those jackalopes some people say are real” Bill thought to himself.  Bill walked on He saw a metal pipe stuck in the soil. Bill walked up to it and took a closer look. It had some strange writing on it. It was definitely not a natural object. In fact it looked industrial.

Bill was pretty sure that someone  lived around the area.

“Anybody here” Bill shouted. “Come out from where you're hiding.”

A lizard as big as a grown man ran out of a bush. It had a towering plume of rainbow colored hair. Bill remembered the komodo dragons he read about in books. When they were near extinction in the  twenty second century, a group of scientists had modified their DNA and launched them into space. That was about one of the most interesting things that happened in the twenty-second century that Bill had heard of. The colorfully haired Lizard put it’s head up to the air and screamed zzzzzzlllleeeeeeeeeeeeeppp! It kept screaming for about a minute, then it went silent. It crawled up to Bill and sniffed him.

The lizard snarled in disapproval of Bill’s normal blond hair. Then it started licking his shoe with a long purple tongue. It seemed to like the taste of it alot. Then a  bolt of purple lightning shot out of the bushes at the lizard. The lizard started floating up into the heavens. Bill was flabbergasted by the levitating reptile. The blot of purple lightning seemed to be lifting the reptile like an arm.

The stream of purple lightning lifted the lizard into the air. It was coming out of a patch of red bushes. Bill rushed over to the bushes and ripped away the vegetation. Bill then saw the cutest rainbow -haired, lizard -hunting, alien ever.

to be continued…..

I hope you enjoyed the story

This is reporter Miles not signing out.

Hi guys it's me again and on Wednesday we were doing projects. One of the projects was card making and these are Mayan cards that that we made. We use the Mayan cards because we study the Maya and we write down everything we know of in those cards. We started making these cards about a month ago and we made our own little covers for it. Mine has an ice cream cover and someone else has a monkey on it.

So how we made the cards was we needed cardboard and when we received the cardboard we cut it out into the Valentine card shape but not like the ones we give out so after that we punched holes at the very end so we could fold that and put string through it and then I was the one who did the string tine and I also put the string in the holes twice I messed up on a couple but at least we had it all done. Then we put our names on it.

Next Wednesday we were still working on the card but this time we were putting paper in the cards so we could write in there.

by reporter Donovan

March 22

posted Mar 23, 2018, 4:01 PM by Desi Pritchard


Old Man Jenkins and The Three Bullies.

Three bullies were walking down the street on a surprisingly normal Halloween night. The bullies were trick or treating and stealing treats from smaller kids. All of a sudden, the three bullies,  Jeremy dressed as a demon, Cyrus dressed as a mummy, and Dexter dressed as a clown, stumbled upon a spooky house. There were no decorations, except a big, plastic cauldron filled with candy and covered with cobwebs. There stood a dusty sign above it that had “take two”, engraved on it. But the three bullies had a different idea.

¨Who cares?,¨ said Dexter.

¨The sign is more like a suggestion,¨ said Cyrus.

¨I call dibs on the nerd rope,¨ yelled Jeremy.

They all ran up to the plastic cauldron and took a moment to enjoy the sight. Cyrus was the first to reach into the plastic cauldron. He pulled out a big hand full of candy. At this moment, they thought they heard a faint scream (NO). They shook it off and said, ¨Eh it was probably a haunted house.¨  Next was Dexter, who plunged his hand into the big cauldron and pulled out big hand full of candy. Once again, they thought they heard a faint scream (NO) again they shook it off. But this time they were a little freaked out. So Jeremy reached into the plastic cauldron as fast as he could and he also pulled out a big hand full of candy with the nerd rope, of course, this time all they heard was a disappointed “sigh.”

Then the three bullies decided to call it a night and ran to Cy and Dex’s house to enjoy their plunder. Their parents were out for the night so they had the house to themselves.

Once at the house, the boys ran into the living room and turned Friday the Thirteenth on the TV. Then they dumped all of their candy in piles in front of them and started to trade, scream, and gorge on candy. At ten o'clock, Cyrus moaned, “Uuuh I think I ate too much candy.¨ A second later he was running to the bathroom and throwing up. He came running out of the bathroom  stuttering frantically. ¨What's wrong?¨ Jeremy asked.

¨I...I c-c-can't t-take off my costume¨ Cyrus exclaimed!

¨Woah woah slow down what… happened?” Dexter cooed.

”I threw up all over my costume. so I was going to change my clothes when I realized I am an actual mummy!”

 “I did think your costume looked less like toilet paper” giggled Dexter.

  “Look in the mirror!” Cyrus told them.

They looked and they saw something terrifying. They actually turned into a mummy, a demon, and a clown. “Holy unholy!” Jeremy and Dexter screamed in unison. The three were yelling and crying when Jeremy said in a trembling voice “Wait, let's do some research on that house to maybe find out what happened to us.”  And so Dexter pulled out his laptop, opened it and said “Does anyone remember the address of that house?”

 “I think it was 6666” said Cyrus half sobbing.

    “Of course!” said Dexter angrily.

                “Ok” sighed Dexter as he clicked away on his laptop, as the other two in the corner were in the fetal position. “Aha!” yelled Dexter excitedly. “I looked up the history of that house and I found out the previous owner was an old man named Jenkins. He was chased out of town by bullies. They teepeed his house until he moved out but he couldn't afford another house so he passed from the cold on Halloween night. Maybe his spirit is still there and we can go ask for forgiveness” Jeremy said hopefully.

“I can't be a mummy forever” said Cyrus sobbing.

“Let's do this- Hehehe- sorry, clown reflexes” Dex said giggling. “Let's do this!”

They were halfway there and running as fast as their legs would carry them when Cyrus’s legs popped off!  He face planted but felt no pain and said “Oh ya I forgot I'm dead.” Everyone walking by said nice costume or something of the sort.  Jeremy grabbed his dismembered legs, then Dexter heaved up his undead body and started to run with Jeremy.

They finally arrived at the spooky house but this time the big plastic cauldron was not there. The three were a little confused but didn't care about that. They were more focused on returning to normal. They ran to the door screaming, and smashing the door bell! But nobody answered so the bullies waited a second and nothing happened, still nothing. So the three bullies body slammed the door simultaneously and it swung open with great force! But there was nothing inside. They panicked and ran in. The door swung closed. They felt a strong wave of nausea when all of the sudden, they could see more clearly almost like there was wax paper over their eyes. A figure stepped into their vision, then another and another and another. Suddenly, there were easily thirty figures all shaped like various monsters. The trio realized at the same time those figures were kids all mutated into what they are assuming were their halloween costumes. The children roared angrily “We told you not to take the candy but you didn't listen!!!”

“No I can't be stuck here, no!” Cyrus said terrified. Almost immediately, Dexter ran to the nearest door. He opened the door and ran through but he found himself running right back in. Sadly this story is coming to an end so let's end it the traditional way. The three bullies looked up at the old ceiling and howled “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!”

The next day... Extra Extra! Three boys gone missing on Halloween!

PS: respect your elders!!!

by reporter Bohdon

Favorite Book or Movie Character Day

Hello everyone! I’m so happy to see you! This week is spirit week! If you don’t know what spirit week is, I envy you. Everyone in school can dress up all week long, that is if they dress up in certain dress code for the day. Here are the dress codes for this spirit week! YAY!

Monday is Crazy hats or hair day.

Tuesday is Mix-Match day.

Wednesday is Favorite book or movie character day.

Thursday is 80’s day.

Friday is Twins day.

I’m writing about Wednesday, it’s my favorite day of this spirit week. Tons of my fellow Flamingos were very creative! Everyone’s costumes were amazing. Avinash was the main character of the book series “Bad Kitty” which of crouse was Bad Kitty. Rosie was Dandelion the Orange from a book the she is writing called pickleLaNd. (pickleLaNd is how you write it) Ari was the famous Mickey Mouse! Now do you all see what I mean when I said they’re creative.

Some of my friends from 7th grade were also in the spirit of spirit week and dressed up as well. Alec was Eggman and not the Eggman from Sonic, I don’t know what Alec’s character was from but, Alec says it’s from Batman. Jackson was Anubis the Egyptian God of death. Dexter was Greg from “Diary of a wimpy kid”. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that, good thinking Dexter, good thinking.

I must say that the 8th graders had the most ideas because they’ve been alive longer so they’ve read more books and seen more movies. Victoria was Wonder Woman and I liked the lego Wonder Woman earrings she wore. Amelia was Harry Potter from Harry Potter.

I almost forgot to tell you how we choose the days for spirit week! The ambassadors come up with the ideas and then they take a vote. So be sure to thank the ambassadors. There you have it, that was “favorite book or movie character” day! I’ll see you all again after spring break!

By: reporter Jenny


It is twin day today and Avinash is my twin. I am excited that we are going to dress the same on the twenty third, Avinash's  birthday! We are going to wear blue clothes. Avinash and I are looking like twins, because we are wearing gray pants and a blue shirt. Donovan and Owen are wearing the same green  MineCraft shirt. Jackson and Riley are sharing the same denom shirt.

By reporter Simon

Mayan Math In The Flamingo Room

By Owen Hanson

In the Flamingo Room we often learn about math But we also learn mayan math. Mayan math is pretty complicated. Mayan math is a lot different than our math. So instead of using numbers and letters they used sticks and stones or bars and dots. The dots represented one and the bare represented five. Plus they had multiple sections for addition, subtraction, etcetera. The mayans used this math for making buildings and doing there farming.

It turns out that the Mayans were so advanced, they made the first celestial calendar. They did this because of algebra and their way of math. This is how they also build a very alabrent temple to honor their snake God. They built the temple and at the very right time when the sun is in the right position, the sun will actually use the shadows of the temple to form a snake. This is called the Equinox. It took a lot of trial-and-error to do this but they eventually did finish the temple.

So the Mayans were pretty smart. They had their own method of math and they figured out how to build the first Celestial calendar. They were all great architects in fact they even predicted that the world was going to end in oh my gosh today, just kidding, they messed up on that one. Anyway enough talk about the Mayans. To learn more go to

[mayantimes .com].

by reporter Owen

The Dark Knight

In a land filled with magic, mischief and excitement there was a knight in gold armor.

Everyone adored the knight but the knight turned on everyone because of a secret plan he had but the King saw the knights plan was to destroy everyone with an army of dragons. The knight turned from adored to hated by everyone.

A man and his pet dragon, Lilith, were strolling around the village. When the man heard what the knight had done, the man was outraged the man wanted to see why. The man mounted his dragon and flew off . When they found the knight’s evil castle they landed and went in. The man saw a bunch of egg shells and it filled him with dread and reminded him of a certain memory he likes to keep  suppressed. The man went up to the castle and they fought many evil creatures. When they got to the evil knight they saw the knight hide an army of dragons. The man noticed the knight was part dragon. The man asked the Dragonborn why did you change to the side of evil. The Dragonborn man replied because everybody hates my species so I'll destroy them all.

The man said “violence is never the answer.” But the Dragonborn man thought this man was insane because the Dragonborn thought violence was the answer after all he is always right.

There were a lots of choices for the the man, the man could talk him down, the man could fight him, the man could even join him. The man decided to talk him down, that was the best option overall.

The man talked him down for a while, the Dragonborn man decided to stop his plan and the man and his pet dragon Lilith became known far and wide as heroes.

by Kazi

Crazy hat/hair day                                 


My crazy hat came from the happiest place on earth, Disneyland. One thing about my hat is that it glows rainbow after you turn it on with the on button. Another thing is that my hat looks like Mickey Mouse's head when you put it on.

Crazy hat day was the first activity in spirit week. One other thing is that crazy hat day is a day where we can break the rule of wearing hats. One other thing about crazy hat day is that anyone in the school can wear a hat and it can be any hat.

One other thing- we went to the Under Armour in fitness class with Mrs.Pritchard and Mrs.Mesa. We had break and that was one of the times we were able to show everyone in the school our hats. We all were playing our outside and indoor games. We all asked each other what hats we are wearing during break.

Thank you for reading Reporter Ari

My Birthday

Today is my birthday!

My birthday is always exciting. We always have a birthday at home and at a place where birthdays can happen. But my birthday is always near spring break, which makes it harder to have a birthday somewhere with guests.

The place where I’m going to celebrate my birthday is Glowing Greens. Glowing Greens is a mini golf place which glows in the dark. The one in downtown Portland is pirate themed and the one in beaverton is alien themed. The Glowing Greens location I’m going to for my Birthday party is Beaverton.

I always have a birthday breakfast every year, which can either be cereal or a doughnut. For a cereal, I mostly have a special event cereal or Lucky Charms. For a doughnut I only go to two stores to get one, Sesame Doughnuts or Voodoo Doughnuts. This year I’m going to have Lucky Charms because my mom recommended that.

The best thing of all about my birthday is getting my phone. It’s going to be an iPhone 7 and it’s going to be jet black, which is shiny. The wallpaper I’m going put on my phone is a snapshot from Super Mario Odyssey. The five game apps I’m going to get are Om Nom Toons, Dragon Land, Bowling King, Disney Emoji Blitz, and Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.

Different people celebrate birthdays different ways. I’ve been waiting so long for it and now the time has come. And getting my phone, that’s the most exciting part of my birthday I’ve been waiting for.

By reporter Avinash

The Darkness Outside

Last week Mrs & Mr. Shwort had a funeral for Larm, after that they went to the prime minister and gave some bad news. This is chapter 3&4, enjoy.

Chapter 3

When they cruised back home they talked to prevent any more tragedy from the black hole, so they created a quaint little organisation to prevent the black hole from spreading. Mr. Shwort asked the prime minister to rent a building in the office square and Mrs. Shwort drew blueprints for the plan. “But what is the plan,” a reporter asked the Shwort’s. “We are creating a huge electromagnet, then we eject the black hole into space and finally we suck up the mass to speed up hawking radiation and destroy the black hole.”

“We should check if we can find anyone near the black hole can be escorted somewhere else,” Mr. Shwort reminded the team of officers. One of them asked, “Okay but how are we going to do this in time.”

“You have plenty of time, about a month to do it and escort them to a mega hospital so that they can be checked for any cancer cells.” Mr. Shwort was worried because maybe they died already. The grief took over him and he couldn't think of anything else.

Chapter 4

When Mr. Shwort came back home Mrs. Shwort was cooking a delicious stew again. “How was taking with those sexy officers,” Mrs. Shwort sased him. Mr. Shwort remarked, “Wha-what no, their not sexy!”

“I’m just being sassy with you,” Mrs. Shwort explained. Mr. Shwort had some bad news, “I might be depressed honey.”

“Wait what, how.”

“All the people that might die or already be dead.”

“It’s okay baby, all of them are probably-”

The phone rang- ring-ring ring-ring, “Hello, this is Mrs. Shwort.”

“This is Officer Gray,.  I-I think your son is alive but older, you should see this.”

When they arrived there they saw lots of refugees sitting everyware. Then they went to officer Gray. “Hello,” he said, “This is your son.”

He was a very old man that looked nothing like their son. “This is not Larm,” Mrs. Shwort scowled.

“Hi mama, it has been a long long time.” The old man said weekly.

By Reporter Cedar

Hi it’s me Miles. Today I will talk about walking or O.L.J.S (one legged jump scooting).  In the last two Wednesdays, we’ve been walking around the places with watery stairs. Some people call them fountains but they don't know that there's an obvious difference between a fountain and stop signs and stair thingies. The fountains we went to had stairs and pools and waterfalls. One reminded me of the Colorado Mesa because it had almost the exact same orangish color and step like shelves of rocks. I guess the fountain steps reminded more of the Mayan pyramids were studying in class. Despite it being spring, the fountains weren't fountaining stuff. Although because it was a wet day there was a bit of water in the square pools. At least it was better than the first fountain, which was dry. There was some nice stuff that wasn't a fountain like the cherry trees that have just bloomed. It isn’t quite satisfying to see only the cherry trees blooming while the other trees were bare and leafless  I think this is enough stuff for one paragraph.

by reporter Miles

Chess Club

Hey guys its Kellen once again and today we are going to be talking about my elective: CHESS. In chess we have Mr. Palmer with us. The members are, me, Salil, Alec, Cedar, and Mo. There  are many kinds of pieces in the game chess, for example: there is the Bishop, Rook, Knight, Queen, pawns,(the most useless piece in the game) and most importantly the KING. The King is the most important part of the game.

Now I am going to go over the rules, the Rook looks like this:♜. And can only move forward backward and sideways. The Bishop looks like this: ♝.and can only go diagonally. The Knight looks like this:♞. And can only move in an L position. The queen looks like this: ♛. And it is clearly a Rook and a bishop together. When we were in the library, doing our elective for the first time. I was playing chess with Salil, I won by a Rook and a queen.

Next I played Mr. Palmer, and that was the ticket to 3rd  place. Alec was playing Mo in the last round, Mo won the tournament. Me and mr. palmer were battling for third place, until it was time to go, we called it stalemate. I think this new elective is going to be a real success for me.

By Reporter Kellen.  

Spirit Week

Once a year at Bridges Middle school the week before spring break we have Spirit Week. Every day of spirit week has a different theme. Monday is crazy hair or hat day. Tuesday is Mismatch clothes day. Wednesday is Dress up as your favorite character from a movie or a book day. Thursday is 80’s day and last but not least Friday is Twin day.There has been several costumes and fun activities this week. Most of the students really enjoy Spirit week before spring break it's just a really fun way of ending the week. The best part is even the teachers dress up sometimes.There has been a lot of really funny acts and costumes this week. My two favorite days of spirit week are Crazy hair or hat day and twin day. Okay well I hope you now know why people are not brushing their hair or wearing 80’s clothing or looking exactly like their friend.


Fitness with Mr Palmer

Hi guys whats up its me again. I'm going to tell you what happened in fitness today. We first we line up into our ranks like the first row, second row, and third. That is where we stand.Before we do anything we always stretch first.

After we are stretched we partner up with someone and played Bean bag toss. When your partner catches the bean bag you take a step back. Then we did a ninja game, so there's a person in a chair blindfolded and there are keys under the chair to make sound and he/she has to guess where you are, by listening.

Bohdon was really good at listening He was listening to their breathing and he caught four to five people out. Then it was Avinash’s turn and I was picked to go and I slowly got the keys and made it back. I almost got out then it was time to leave so we lined up on the line and went down stairs.

By reporter Donovan

 The Solar Lanterns

In projects me and Logan made in Lantern. First we grabbed our supplies. A lantern, glue sticks, glue gun, a roll of paper, tape, and coffee filters. First we set up the roll paper. then put tape on the edges then we hung the lantern on the tabol. then we folded the coffee filters in a special way. then glued them on. After we folded them I smelt it this will sound very funny but it smells like caramel good caramel .   I showed the teachers and everyone in the class. So I went back to work with Logan made more of the coffee filters in the special way. then we heat up the glue guns and start gluing them on. We have to do it in a certain way because we wanted to see what it look like at first that's what Miss Pritchard told us.

So we do the first line of the lantern and actually looked really good. Miss Pritchard said keep on putting them on so we did we did the second line. then the third line then for fun  we helped the folders. all the way until the half of the lantern then we stopped. Because it's time to go to our next class. Then when we got back it was lunch time but we loved it. and  thanks to Logen help me it was really nice of him and I can't wait till next Wednesday when we can finish it.

And I can work with Logan again.

  By reporter Alluwha😁

80s day.

On 80s day we listened to 80s music and wore 80’s clothes. People were wearing leggings, button up shirts, sweaters tied around the neck and band shirts. There's different kinds of things to do on 80s day. We listened to 80s music such as Bon Jovi and ACDC. Eighties day was so much fun, it was my favorite spirit day out of all the days. I wish we had 80s day again.

by Salil and Wyatt


March 16th

posted Mar 16, 2018, 3:47 PM by Desi Pritchard

Salil's trip to Chichen Itza.

This place is called Chichen Itza. This is a pyramid that was built by the Mayans. It’s in Mexico. I visited Chichen Itza pyramid with my family. I was 10 years old.

The name of the pyramid sounds like “Chicken pizza”. But actually it is Chichen Itza!!

The pyramid was built with stones. There are four sides to the pyramid. Each side has stairs going up to the top. At the entrance of the pyramid, there's a huge stone serpent guarding the pyramid.       

Inside this big pyramid is another small pyramid. This was discovered in 2016.

This pyramid is a temple to the feathered serpent God of Mayans.

These are some other Mayan ruins at the same place. This is called the temple of thousand warriors. The picture below shows pillars.

This is Salil- at Chichen Itza!

Mayan Calendar has 18 months of 20 days and 1 month of 5 days only.


Hi again! Jenny is back with more new about Stargirl. If some of you weren't here when we talked about it last time ¨Stargirl¨ is the book that girls group is reading.

All right, so Stargirl became popular and loved and even became a cheerleader but, Stargirl cheers for the other team as well. At first it is not a big deal until everyone at the school gets into the games and their team keeps on winning. Stargirl´s cheering for the other team is making everyone mad, expect for Leo.

Now everyone hates Stargirl and still Stargirl keeps being herself. Oh did I already tell you guys that Stargirl and Leo are dating? Anyways everyone keeps shunning Stargirl and they shun Leo when he’s with her. It's just so romantic!!!

After that Leo goes to a wise friend of his and asks his friend for help. His friend says that Leo must choose that he cares for Stargirl or what others think about him, and the class ended leaving at a total cliffhanger!!

Snice that was where class ended I think now is a good time to end this article, don't you? I hope you have a good day a stay happy. Bye-bye!

By: reporter Jenny

Four square

At break Mr. Palmer refs a sport called four square. Four square is a sport where there is a square that can only hold four people, there is square 1, 2, 3 and 4. We made the square out of chalk, so when it rains it soaks away. Now I am going to tell you how to play: the first person who always gets the ball is the server, and he has to serve it to any parts of the square. It has to bounce one time in the square. If it hits the ground more than once, you’re out. And if it goes out of bounce in the air, the last person who touches it is out. This is a game where all Bridges kids can play and participate in.

By reporter Kellen

Pi Day

Pi day is a day when some people celebrate the Pi number and have pie. I like Pi day because we can have pie and everyone knows that a lot of people love it. Pi is the most special number, which is why there is a day to celebrate it.

The Pi number represents 3.14, which I bet some people never knew that before. I wonder why they made a decimal number into a pi number, because numbers aren’t usually that special. The Pi number also is mostly seen as a symbol, which I can’t type on this website because I can’t change what the numbers will look like. This little holiday is celebrated on March 14th because the number has a three on the left side and a fourteen on the rights side, which can sometimes look like March 14th.

People sometimes use the Pi number for math, which is sometimes a good idea. They will use it for any kind of math, especially for decimals, because the Pi number is a decimal. It’s mostly easy to use the Pi number for math for those who have learned it. But decimals have a lot of numbers and sometimes people do that, which makes it harder.

People can eat any flavor pie they want to eat, which I like. My favorite pie is a chocolate pie, because I think it tastes the best especially if it has whipped cream on top. I like fruit pies too, but they sometimes taste too sweet, so I only like the ones that aren’t too sweet. Whatever pie someone gives me on Pi day, I will always roll with it.

Pi day is the only number holiday every year. It’s very short, but most people don’t mind. Some people celebrate it at home or at school. It sometimes can be fun.

by reporter Avinash


Coding With Ms Hauger

Hi guys its me again with my coding class, last time we had just got started but now I've gotten a new website it’s called scratch it’s REALLY COOL.  But you have to sign in to join but you can make your own account on the scratch program, there is a icon that's a cat you can make it walk.

I made mine fly in a circle while it was meowing I showed mrs Hauger, and everybody laughed I did to it’s good to laugh at your own mistakes. Because I did not know what I was doing on the new web site then the 15 minute warning came and she said we could do any games that involve coding after the 15 min it was time to leave.

By reporter Donovan

The Darkness Outside


This is the second chapter of the story that I wrote last week. Enjoy chapter two.

Chapter 2

On Sunday, Mrs. and Mr. Shwort went to the synagogue for a funeral for Larm. It was a rainy day but it seemed impossible for rain to be in a dyson sphere. The Rabbi was okay with it and felt great sorrow for Larm. When it was 1:30 PM, they started the funeral, “Barukh atah Adonai Eloheinu melekh ha'olam, dayan ha-emet. We honor Larm Shwort and the great sacrifice that he made. I will let Mr. Shwort do the rest” The rabbi told the audience.  Mr. Shwort began, “This is a huge tragedy for my wife and I. He was a great son with amazing intelligence with a kind heart.”

After the funeral with their new ship they went to the north government building to see what was going on. When they arrived there the Prime Minister greeted them with a cup of tea, “What seems to be the problem?” the Prime Minister asked. Mrs. Shwort replied “We want to know what is going on in the NorthEast sector.” “I thought you heard, the fission reactor created a black hole. Thankfully no one was hurt.” The Prime Minister replied. Mr. Shwort corrected the Minister “Except for our son named Larm. He died 20 years ago.”

The Minister was shocked, “Oh my god, I thought no one was-” Mr. Shwort interrupted him, “Black holes are very mysterious, so much so that they don’t leave a trace of anything they devour.”

By Reporter Cedar

Other features that El Castillo had suggested astronomical understanding, and this place is called Chichen Itza. This is a pyramid that was built by the Mayans. It’s in Mexico. Intent on the part of the Mayan builders. And so it seems the ancient Maya may have used this building as a type of calendar to signal the right times to plant, harvest their plants, and hold ceremonies.

The steps

They had 9 stepped levels split between the sides of the pyramid. These divided the staircases into 18 terraces. They represent the 18 months of the Maya calendar.

The temple

The temple is on the top of the pyramid. This temple is the temple of the god Kukulcan.

Snake heads

On either side of the north facing staircase there said to be a representation.

by reporter Rosie

This week in muggle studies with Ms. Hauger  we played the Game of Life. When Ms. Hauger asked what we wanted to play we found that The Game of Life was highly suggested.

The Game of Life was created in 1860. And a version was created in the year 1960 to commemorate the 100th year of the game’s success. Another version once again in 2010 arouse the difference being in the rules and nothing else. Different types are made very often, they’re just The Game of Life but referencing different games, movies and shows. For instant the one that we played was the Simpsons version. We teamed up into groups of two and made consecutive decisions. Jude and I were partners together and got second place. It took some time but we finished in the end. If you are searching for a good family night game The Game of Life is the best choice to make.

by Bohdon

Owen’s Projects Day  

    We do a lot of projects at Bridges. We even have a special day called Wednesday A.K.A. Projects day. On projects day, we create products and then we give them away to somebody else, Such as charity and other people. For example, a long time ago we made chew toys for cats and dogs out of t-shirts and tennis balls and we made the cat toys out of sewing cloth, stuffing and catnip and gave them to Angels with Misplaced Wings. Check them out at (angelswithmisplacedwings.org) or like last Christmas we made little Christmas  gnomes for the teachers out of whole socks and rice for the teachers of course.

There is just one downside - all the projects deadline is lunch time and Ms. Pritchard only accepts top quality products before we give to other people. Plus projects day is a privilege so there is no goofing off allowed. But don't worry, Ms. Pritchard lets us drink tea to help us focus on our work and calm us down.

When we came back to school on a project day after winter break lots of people were doing different projects. I’m going to tell you about one of them. We are currently taking some dried out markers and putting them in jars of water to make homemade dye. Then we pour the dye on cooking trays and dip some coffee filters in the dye. We will use them to decorate lanterns and make them look like little planets. We are mixing the dye to make the coffee filters more colorful and pretty. We are still not done yet though but it's in working progress.  

That's not all the projects we are doing. We are making and decorating pillows for  Ms.Pritchard’s couch. We have even decorated a lamp by hot gluing a bunch of toys to it. Now all we have to do is spray paint it.

Any way, making donations are the main reason for projects day, and that's what makes Brides Middle School a good middle school.

This is reporter Owen Hanson reporting projects at Bridges Middle School.

Hi! Guys Ari here and this week we will be talking about my watercoloring elective again.

This week in watercoloring we cut out our experimenting work last week to make a collage.We were missing two guys in are elective last week. Now that the other guys in the elective are back we were able to have odd conversations. We listened to some calm music and worked on our art while talking at the same time.

Watercoloring is a technique in art when we take a dirty cup of water and a clean cup of water. Next we take a certain type of paint I don't know the name and dip a brush in it after we put water on the brush. Some famous artists actually have there most famous paintings out of watercolor.

 The salt technique works such as this. Grab some salt and put it in a cup and it does not matter the amount. Now put some water color on the paper then spread the salt all you want. That's it and it's so easy all you need is paper a cup of water, paint and salt.

Thank you so much for reading reporter Ari.

Interview with Ms.Thompson

Ms.Thompson is the art therapist at Bridges Middle school. Ms Thompson has been working at Bridges Middle School for five years. She says she has really enjoyed working here

I asked her some questions for a teacher interview. It’s my first teacher feature!

The first question was why do you teach art?

Her answer: “I like making art and also like helping other people make art. I basically help and teach them to be creative and be proud of what they make especially if they make a mistake.”

The second question I asked her was: Is there anything else you wanted to be when you grew up other than an art teacher?

Her answer: “I wanted to be a veterinarian or an engineer.”

The third question I had asked her was what is your favorite part of teaching at Bridges. Her Answer: “I get to know each individual student and I have time to meet with students when they are having a hard time.I also love to hang out with my students and do art.”

Thanks Ms.Thompson for letting us get to know you better.



The Baby Dragon

This is a story from the imagination of me’ Kazi.

There once was a man and he stayed in a village filled with adventure and excitement. Magic and mischief filled the air. On one Sunday morning the man woke up to see a dragon egg on his bed. He took the egg to the kitchen and put it next to the furnace so it could stay warm and hatch. When he got to his job he made some armor for some knights and some shields as well.

When he got home he noticed that there was an egg shell next to the furnace. He frantically looked for the baby dragon. When he looked in his room he saw his little baby dragon sleeping on his bed. On the next day he made his baby dragon a little bed made out of straw and fabric. He named the dragon Lilith because the dragon was a female. The man and the dragon became the best of friends.

The End

Social Bridges

This week in social bridges we are making a catapult/hoop for a project to work on our teamwork and my partner is Ari. Me and Ari have come up with an idea. Me and Ari made sure we were good teammates and that there is not I in team and there is a we.

So we received ten popsicle sticks, four rubber bands, one cup and a ping pong ball. Next week we are going to see if our catapult works.


by reporter Simon     

Oliver and Oliver

Part 1

Once upon time there was a boy named Oliver.One day he when into a

guinea pig store. He looked at one guinea pig. That guinea pig bit  him.

At 12:00pm Oliver woke up and he was a guinea pig and he was at school in the pet cage.

The next morning, Oliver thought it was all a dream. He was still a little tired. He got out of bed.  He woke up and he brushed his teeth. When he came back in the room, he saw guinea pig tracks on the ground. And then when he came to school he saw another guinea pig named Oliver. Then he started to realize that they switch bodies at night.

To be continued

by reporter Oliver

   Mayan Math

Mayan math. Last week we learned Mayan math, that’s learning about how the ancient Mayans did math. I didn’t learn it when everyone else did because I was gone because I went on a vacation with my family.  When I got back Donovan taught me the Mayan math. I was confused at first then I saw the sheet that showed what their numbers meant and I got it.

How to do mayan math

This is how you do mayan math; One pebble means 1 number, and a stick means  the number 5. A shell means 10 of one number, and that is how you do mayan math. And that is very confusing, but we got to learn how to do mayan math!

It was cool to learn how the mayans did it, and the best part of it is, is that  we get to build up are mayan math activities!

                                                     By reporter Alluwha

March 8

posted Mar 10, 2018, 8:31 AM by Desi Pritchard   [ updated Mar 10, 2018, 8:43 AM ]

Working on Mayan Math

Hello everyone happy Friday! Today I am here to tell you all about a story that I'm writing. It is not what you would call exactly finished yet. I'm really enjoying writing it especially with my friend Jenny. The story is about a stray cat that has a hard and sad life. Everyone sees her as a really mean personality but inside she's just protecting herself.

In the middle of the story an animal catcher captures her. She has to find out how to sneak out of the the animal shelter without  anyone noticing. Before she can make her escape she gets adopted by a wealthy snotty family. She has a choice to jump off a four story mansion window or stay there with the horrible family. After she decides this huge decision she runs into a little girl walking with her dad. She realizes she really loves the little girl and that she is in a great family.   

I got the idea from my friend Jenny who shared some ideas with me about a cat story. I had wanted to write a kind of emotional story, one that people would tear up about. I’m not going to lie, I kind of teared up myself when I was writing it so grab some tissues before you start.

Jenny thought of the title “Pretty Kitty: A New Start”  and I liked it. I had never written a story about a stray pet just pets that were owned by someone. Some other stories I had written about owned pets {Fluffy a chapter book ,Precious And Her Adventures and Hampsterina} Well I hope you enjoyed me telling you about the story I am writing.  

by reporter Breziah

Presentations on myths from other cultures to compare to the Mayans!


Hi! Guys Ari here and today we will be talking about my new elective.

Electives is a time where we do things such as art or social but with much more options. This week we were able to get new electives. Here are our options.




- Card games

- Crochet    

We have some nice options this time. We will be talking about my new elective this week, watercolor.

My new elective Is watercoloring and the art teacher in training teaches it. I thought this was a good fit for me because I love doing art. We learned many techniques in water coloring.One of the techniques is the white wax crayon technique and we draw a design with the crayon and then put watercolor over it.

I said to the teacher, “Stop! We already learned many techniques today and we need to be able to learn some more next week and the weeks to come.”

We made some random art and had some unusual conversations. By random art I mean we did some experimenting with watercoloring. I met some of the students and were able to know them a little better even though I have been here since october. We were missing a few of are friends in watercoloring this week because they were out sick or on a vacation.

Thanks for reading reporter Ari.  

Hello everyone, this is Jenny and today I have a story about why you should help out with chores. This story is called ‘Little Red Hen”.

Life was simple on the old farm for Little Red Hen and her chicks. They lived peacefully with Cat and Dog. Cat and Dog were so lazy that they never helped Little Red Hen when chore time rolled around. Planning to bake bread, Little Red Hen wished she could have some help.

The next morning at the crack of dawn, Little Red Hen headed for the field with her pail full of seeds. Dog was sleeping in the road just then. She woke him up and asked for help with planting the seeds. “Nah, I rather sleep than work”. replied Dog. He yawned and went back to sleep. Little Red Hen rolled her eyes and went to the field to plant the seeds by herself.

Eventually autumn came. Little Red Hen walked happily to the field . there she met Cat who was licking her paws. When Little Red Hen asked Cat to help her harvest the wheat, Cat refused. “Not I, for I refuse to get my paws dirty”.

She said. Cat swished her fluffy tail as she walked away. Little Red Hen eagerly bundled the wheat. She carried the wheat to the mill where the miller grounded it into fine flour.

Bringing this back to her kitchen, Little Red Hen bumped into Dog and Cat again. Politely she asked them to help bake the bread. Again Dog and Cat, who were a little lazy if you asked me, both replied. “Not I”.

Well by now Little Red Hen was used to doing all the work by herself, so she begun to bake. In a jiffy, the breeze carried the delicious smell toward Dog and Cat.

“Who will help me eat the bread?” called Little Red Hen.

You guessed it, Dog and Cat volunteered. Little Red Hen announced that any friends could eat - who had helped. Then she fed her young chicks with a grin on her face. The chicks said that it was the best bread they ever had. When she heard this, Little Red Hen clucked and smiled.

The End!

Well there you go, one story about why you shouldn’t be lazy. I hoped you enjoyed this article and be sure to read the other ones too. I see you all next week. Bye-bye!!

By: reporter Jenny

Mayan Math

Mayan math is when Mayan people use symbols to represent numbers. Different symbols represent different pairs of numbers. It sometimes is hard to understand this because a lot of the kinds of math are hard to do when symbols represent numbers.

Dots, bars, and shells represent numbers of Mayan math. Dots represent ones and they add several more dots to bigger the number. Bars represent five dots, which means it equals five and if you add another bar the number will be ten. A shell just represents zero and just that number, which might means it might not be used very often.

They are used for the same kinds of math we use in our country. But we only learned the basic kinds of math for mayan math. Addition is used the same as we use it, so it might be the way people think that if they haven’t learned it. So is subtraction, so it’s a lot like how we use the math except they use symbols instead of numbers.

Dots can also represent some big numbers like twenty. It means that a bar equals five twentys, which might feel a little weird. A dot can also represent four hundred, which might be a little tricky sometimes when you’re using symbols. A dot can also represent eight thousand, but there are even more big numbers that represent a dot!

Mayan math can be a little confusing, but it’s fun to learn symbols that represent numbers. There also some things you can do with Mayan Math, like a game. Mayan math can sometimes be important to learn.

By reporter Avinash

Math Class with Ms. Hauger

In class, I recently learned about algebra and tessellations. Tessellations all were invented by a famous artist named M.C. Escher.    M.C. Escher was pretty fascinating and drawing tessellations. He didn't know what he was doing, he was just drawing what he was wanting to draw.  M.C. Escher had drawn thousands of tessellations, never knowing what he was drawing. He was just drawing what he wanted to draw and he never quite realized the math behind all of it. Scientist and mathematicians looked at his art and figured out that every single inch, every single centimeter of  M.C. Escher's drawings were perfect.

Now tessellations is like math and art had a baby. To put it more clearly Tessellations is art that has a bunch of patterns and they never  overlap or have gaps. Now tessellations have a lot more math than you might think. So tessellations use all types of symmetry like translations, reflections, rotations, dilation's, glide and bilateral.

We are also currently learning about Algebra. I learned how to add, subtract, multiply and divide negative number. It was a little hard at first but I figure it out soon enough.  I learned about multiplying by the square root and cube. All you have to do to write this problem is draw and number and put a small 2 or a 3 on the top left corner. When you do that,  that's like saying x times y equals see.

I hope I never stop learning. It's pretty fun when you get used to learning math. It's amazing what you can do with math. All you have to do is study and learn it.

By reporter : Owen Hanson   

Chapter 2


Then an old man came out of the mist screaming out in a mythical voice something in an unknown language.

NÍ MÓR DÉANAMH!!!!!” these words echoed in the caves. He then ran forward yelling at them to fly away. They ran, the last thing they saw was the old man being pulled down with the balrog as they both fell Sharlet and Oliver ran and all fell black.

They then came to and found themself right at the edge of a cave in. Sharlet helped Oliver up and continued walking. They soon come to a wooden bridge looking path, Oliver pushed his staff against it to check if it was stable then walked on. What they saw next stole their breath: a mining system filled completely with what had to be at least three armies worth of workers mining away. The mining site had to be about thirty miles wide, and sixty miles long. Sharlet and Oliver crouched down on all four legs and walked along.

“Sharlet?” Oliver asked

“What?” Sharlet snapped quickly.

“There’s no way forward, we need to drop down.” so Sharlet tied rope on to the pole on bridge and the other end to make a harness on Oliver. Oliver dropped down and onto a train looking track. Sharlet then did the same. Finally when she dropped to the bottom, not looking where she had been going she dropped into a wooden cart that was passing through the track. There was a loud crash and all was silent with the exception of the machines. Then the creatures charged out at them and Sharlet and Oliver ran. Unfortunately there was nowhere to run to. Soon the two spellcasters were taken and knocked out. For the second time in the day they came to in a strange situation. They found themselves in front of a great fat sloppy looking… ogre????? Sharlet yelled out in a horse voice.

“Oliver? Are you there!?” Sharlet exclaimed madly.

“I’m fin-” Oliver was interrupted by a gruff yet almost squeaky voice:

“Bow before me.” it bellowed.

“Who are you?” Oliver asked.

“I am Japanty, the Emporer of Mordor and sa-” Sharlet cut in,

“Like the volcano Mordor?” She asked

“Well yes but-” she interrupted again:

“So you could show us da way to the top?” Sharlet and Oliver talked in lowered voices over him.


“Yeah Oliver?”

“See those fleshy sacks under his chin?”


“Twist them!”

“What are you two whispering?!” the orange ogre yelled over them. Sharlet quickly and very cleverly, answered.

“We were just saying that we can’t bow if we are tied up.” The ogre thought on that and finally, yelled out in his language and they were cut free. Sharlet then jumped up and wrapped her paws around Japanty’s sack and twisted the two spheres in it.

“Harder Morty har- I mean harder Sharlet harder.” Oliver egged her on. Sharlet twisted as hard as she could.

“Wouh wouh, Sharlet let im’ breath.”

“What?! I thought we were eliminating him!”

“No were just getting him to talk!” Oliver yelled out.

“So now are you going to tell us the codes- I mean path!?” Oliver stuttered.

“Fine fine!!” Japanty screamed.

Sharlet and Oliver packed up and left with a map in hands and a code to vault in pocket- I mean just a map in hand.

To Be Continued




The Darkness Outside


Hello I am Cedar. In writing class,  I am writing the first chapter of this story. The story takes place in a theoretical structure called a dyson sphere that produces obscene amounts of energy.

Chapter 1

Once in a vast dyson sphere there was a small Jewish family. They were trying to live a normal life but they always feel sorrow for there only son Larm. It has been 20 years since he was gone, the last thing he said was he was going to the NorthEast sector to get food and supplies. It made sense but he never came back. He took the only ship they had so for 20 years they had to farm.

On the 20th year of Larm’s disappearance, they earned enough money to get a ship, it was small but it had to do. They had the dad named Mr. Shwort go to the northeast sector and he saw a nothingness. It was so ominous and he didn't see the northeast sector but then he realized, “My son is dead!”

When Mr. Shwort came back Mrs. Shwort was cooking dinner, “Did you find Larm.” she said exuberantly.

“About that, there's something I have to tell you.” he said with a sorrowful tone.

“What is it,” she said frightened. “There’s a weird black thing in the center of the northeast sector.”

“Oh m-m-my god.” she cried with a jittery hand holding the pot of stew. She began to cry and for one moment everything didn’t matter.

“Come here my darling.” Mr. Shwort asked as they walked to the couch and prayed, prayed for their son. “What should we do now,” Ms. Shwort said with a tired voice, “I don't know, I-I need to think on this.”

By Reporter Cedar

Coding with Mrs.Hauger

Hi everybody I'm going to tell you about coding. Wednesday, we have electives. We now have different ones. I used to be in chess. In coding we get to learn how to make a snowman or a happy face.

First  we needed to go to the website she assigned us to. I then started watching a video that tells how to code. I started to try it. It did not go to well.

First my snowman was sideways then it was good after that I watched another video on how to make a face. We had 15 minutes left and she was wondering if there are any coding games I said there's a website called cool math games. I went to a game that makes your brain think- it’s called Bloxorz.

Then the day was over after the 15 min so I signed out of my chromebook and left for the day.

By reporter Donovan

If you want to try the coding here this is the web https://www.khanacademy.org/computing/computer-programming

My elective is card games and we learned how to play poker and how to bet but not with money.

How to play is  whatever one's hand is and how good of a hand is. One time I received  a  pair of aces and  kings. Some people play casinos such as the famous Las Vegas.

And the game is fun, really fun game that you can play with family and friends.  And I hope this convinced you to play but don't gamble if you're a beginner. That is advised, not a requirement. But I would recommend that you don’t gamble. Hope you liked it!!!

By reporter: Simon


    Every year at Bridges, there is something called art night. Mrs. Thompson hosts it every time. We were printmaking. We built art pieces that were 3D and printed them.

    I made a piece of work called the ugly tree. My mom did something cool she did a puzzle thing. I made a bridge out of popsicle sticks, and put a B in the middle for Bridges. Right after that, we rolled paint on the piece and placed it on paper to dry.

By reporter Kellen

Miles here, I have a new elective. It’s called one legged jump scooting (also known as O.L.J.S) or as simple folk call it, walking. But still, walking is basically one legged jump scooting. We need to tell people what walking is in a more civilized way so  O.L.J.S is perfect. In O.L.J.S we walk around this exotic type of snail called Portland (some people think it’s called a city instead of a snail). We even get to admire it’s beautiful native wildlife. Of course we have your average squirrel but there is one creature that lives around here that is the true apex of evolution.

I’m talking about the wild water ostrich, or goose as some folks call it. The water ostrich has an elegant call or honk that i screams out if it sees anything. They can swim through the waters and fly through the air. I guess that they should be called flying  water ostriches. They have fun sized cousins that some people call ducks but I call them fun sized, flying water emu’s.

The class is taught by Mrs. Thompson. Her mother came  to walk with us this Wednesday.

It’s nice to have a class were we can see portland and get fit at the same time. I hope we”ll get to go to new and good looking places all around Portland. Next Wednesday is going to hold some great one legged jump scooting possibilities. Speaking of that maybe it should be two legged jump scooting. It kinda makes sense because we use one leg at a time to walk.

This is reporter Miles, jump scooting out

Fitness class

This Thursday  in Fitness we played a few games. They were both nice and they were suggested by students.We were very happy and getting a very good amount of exercise.

For an example, we played Four Corners, which is a self-explanatory game.

We had a lot of fun with this game. We have to go around into four different corners . One person stands in the middle. As they count to ten, everyone runs to a corner. If you can’t get to a corner, you are out.

For another example, well I can't remember the name of this game but I will still describe it for you. To play the game, you need a chair, a blindfold and 10 people minimum and a random object to play. One person must sit in the chair that will be in the middle. Then one person will choose somebody. That person that has been chosen must quietly  go to the middle and grab the random object but the person in the middle must point to the person that is trying to grab the object. You must grab the object before they do that.

by reporter Kazi

Mayan insanity!

Hoy it’s Bo and MR. Tiny Hat Man (my left pointer finger), he’s good for typing. Any way let's move on to the website, so different nonsense. We are learning about mayan math but I don’t want to get copyrighted by the person who's doing math so I’ll stick to my terf. Jude brought in a board game called Mayan Madness it’s basically Uno with math.

  1. The dealer shuffles the deck thoroughly.

  2. They pass 5 cards to each player.

  3. Then shuffles the secret number tokens, a cardboard coin with a number on the bottom.

  4. And flips the top card of the deck if it's a wild card, a skip card or a reverse card it stands for 0.

  5. The player left of the dealer goes first by playing a card in the discard pile, then drawing a card.

  6. Continue clockwise

  7. The cards have numbers on them some have a - and some have a +

  8. With those you change the discard piles number

  9. If you change the discard piles number to the number on your token you flip it and get another. A token is placed by you after the dealer shufeld them sorry

  10. The first person to flip five tokens wins!

  11. Skips skip the next person's turn a temples of 0 sets the discard piles number to 0 and you play another card a wild can be anything from -10 from 10 and a reverse changes a -  to a +.

Hope you at least sort of know how to play and want to you can find it at West Slope Library.   Log three, this doc is over, Bohdon.


In our classroom we drink lots of tea.

We have different kinds of tea. We have British blend, chamomile, candy cane, green tea, Indian tea, Red rose, Blueberry tea, Cinnamon apple,  Wild berry Zinger, Sunset, Sleepytime, Sweet and spicy, Compassion Green Ginger, Pumpkin spice and organic green teas. Breakfast tea, Lemon ginger, Black, sweet and Spicy.

How to make tea sacks. (From Bohdon)

Step 1 cut the herbs when the dew has dried off them

Step 2 dry outdoors in a paper bag

Step 3 cut coffee filter into rectangle

Step 4 folding sides over the middle

Step 5 set finger in the center then fold two sides up onto each other

Step 6 hold together with a staple.

I'm going to teach you how to make tea.

First you pick out a teacup and the kind of tea you want. You need to boil water and when it's ready, put the hot water in your tea cup. Let the tea bag stay with the hot water for three minutes.  Make sure it's not too hot before you take the first sip. We reuse the tea bags. Last of all you can drink the tea.

by reporter Wyatt and Salil

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