Computer Basics and Proper Usage

Computer Basics and Do's and Don'ts

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Technology DONT's
 Following these simple rules will help keep your computers and technology running smoothly and prevent issues.
 1. Don't install toolbars, music services, instant messaging or weather apps, such as Ask, Google, Babylon, iHeartRadio, iTunes, Pandora, Weather bug, coupon printing apps. Go to the websites but do not download or install anything. These are the major causes of issues with the computers. Also be careful when installing updates, like the Java updates. There is often a check box to install a toolbar. Make sure it is unchecked.
 2. Don't shut down a computer by using the power button. Use Start (or Windows logo on lower left corner) >Shut Down or CTRL-ALT-DEL logoff and shutdown. Using the power button to shut down a computer can cause damage to the hard drive. This does not apply to Chromebooks or tablets. It does apply to desktops and laptops.
 3. Don't move any computers, printers, IP phones or other technology without first contacting the IT department. Moving devices can cause damage and network issues if not done correctly. This includes rearranging computers in classrooms.
 4. Don't unplug network cables from desktop computers - damage to the cables and ports can happen, and if not plugged back into the right port, you won't be able to login.
 5. Don't let students use a computer with a teacher login. If the student login does not work, let the Help Desk know so we can fix it. Teacher login's have more permissions and students can cause a lot of issues.
 6. Don't leave your computer unsecured. If you are leaving the room for a short time, make sure you use CTRL-ALT-DEL and then "Lock the workstation" before leaving. When you return, you simply use CTRL-ALT-DEL and your password to get back on. Make sure you lock your classroom door also. Make sure you don't leave mobile devices, like laptops, tablets, and Chromebooks unattended.
 7. Don't install any software without prior authorization from the IT department. Some software contains code that can cause issues with the computers and network.
 8. Don't store personal files on the network drives or computers. This takes up valuable storage space that other staff need. Personal files will be cleared out of network drives.
 9. Don't store any files on the C: drive. Many computer issues require the computer to be reimaged which wipes everything off the hard drive. All files should be stored on the H: drive. The H drive is network based and is also backed up.
 10. Don't leave computers and projectors on all night. Please shut down your computers (using Start>Shut Down) at the end of the day. Projectors (including the Smart board ones) need to be shut down when not being used. This will save electricity and lengthen the life of the devices.
11. Do not eat or drink near your computer. Food particles and liquids can get into the device and cause damage.

Computer Security

-          never leave  your computer on and logged in when you are not in the room. Others can access your files and email.

You can use CTRL-ALT-DEL and then LOCK PC to secure it. Come back, hit CTRL-ALT-DEL again, enter your password and you are right back where you left off. You should still shut down your computer at the end of the day.

-          Never allow students to use a teacher computer with the teacher account logged in. The teacher should log out, and the student can log in with their student account.

-          Never share or write down your passwords. Keep them secure.

-          Do not download toolbars or install software on your own. This is a violation of district policy and the number one cause of computer problems. Use caution when installing updates as they sometimes try to sneak these things in. You can install the updates.

Chromebook and Laptop Handling and Care:

Proper Care and Handling of Your Laptop or Chromebook


The rules below also apply to the use of laptops and Chromebooks

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