Making your website work for you

Website Optimisation seminar for smaller businesses
by Tony Cattermole, Bridge Lincoln

In partnership with the City Business Library

This non-technical workshop is for you if you don’t yet have a web presence, or if you have a simple website you want to improve.

It’s aimed at owners and managers of established smaller businesses who want to make better use of the internet to market their company and find new customers.

What it covers

  • Why website optimisation is so important to the success of your business
  • Domain names 
  • Keywords and keyphrases 
  • How to achieve higher search engine visibility 
  • Getting the best from a web designer 
  • Website design and optimisation 
  • The differences between search engines and directories 
 Please emailTony Cattermole's email addressfor more details

Feedback from City Business Library 

May 2014

As promised please find comments recorded on the feedback forms from your recent seminar. The feedback forms scored you nearly all "Excellent" 

Comments included:
  • Very clearly delivered, very useful information
  • Very engaging and comprehensive
  • Very good answers given to all questions
  • Good content, excellent presentation.

December 2013

The bulk of the forms scored you 'all excellents'. 
  • Excellent coverage and very instructive; not superficial
  • Very informative
  • Very thorough look at websites which makes it understandable to novices

November 2013

The forms scored you all 'excellent' 
  • Very informative and relevant
  • Your talk was truly excellent, and I'd be so grateful to receive the slides when you have a moment .Thank you enormously.

May 2013

The feedback forms scored you nearly all 'excellent'. Comments included:
  • Learned a lot!
  • Lots of info & well presented
  • He simplified info to give a good background
  • Informative, relevant and interesting
  • Relevant content and to the point – well delivered and approachable when answering questions
  • Very clear summary of the topic and really learned some important new things – very useful
  • Raised issues that are relevant to me
  • Very informative and makes you very aware of the various methods to optimise your site
  • Really informative session – one of the best I have been to in any library – already knew quite a lot in this area but picked up some really good additional hints