Invitation to cooperate from Brian Reynolds and Family Systems

We are now demonstrating Verbol voice Studio on

We communicate at least 10 times as much information by voice as we do by text, but then we lose most of it. Now we have the technology to retain, share and utilise as much of our speech as we wish to.

Our Verbol voice prototype is far reaching and there are many improvements we wish to make. I am writing to suggest how we might work together cooperatively to achieve this. I propose a Verbol Cooperative with its first objective to help us package, distribute and support the technology so as to make voice communications as ubiquitous as text communications. Here is a verbol voice presentation with more detail at Invitation to Cooperate;.

We are working on a cooperative license with which to publish ideas, specifications, inventions, code, songs etc. This is coming together in COOPY a licensing scheme to enable multiple contributors to cooperate by mutual licensing so as to preserve rights while sharing ideas, opportunities, inventions, implementations and revenue therefrom. Like open source with a commercial element. Here is our Verbol Executive Summary.

The sites linked to are a work in progress and may evolve as you review them. We would like your thoughts and feedback. To get in touch, please email

Best wishes, Brian.

PS a personal note

I live in Jamaica and this has made me acutely aware of the disadvantage our Jamaican language (Patois) speakers have in achieving literacy in a school system which recognises only English. I request urgent cooperation in helping to level the playing field in the information age for Jamaican speakers.