With all the budget cuts we've been going through, it's getting more difficult to obtain the tools necessary for our school to function in the way that it was intended to. Our principal, Sheari Taylor does an outstanding job allocating the funds available and the PTA has been indispensable in enriching the lives of everyone in the Bret Harte community. But sometimes you need someone extra to get down and dirty, nose to the grindstone, making things happen. Booster Club fills the potholes. When teachers run out of paper, we supply it. When the school falls behind in technology, we update it. Then, there's OSS. Our volunteer parents, grandparents, siblings and friends sacrifice their time making sure that every 5th grade student has the opportunity to attend the Outdoor Science School. Booster Club not only fills these needs, but creates some fun in the process. So the next time you see those Booster Club members selling popcorn on a Friday afternoon, remember that they are there for your child, and happily so.