login link for Discovery Ed Student Center:

Username Setup Schemes:

Staff Accounts:  
Username:  Gmail address            Example:  ateacher@brentwoodmoschools.org
Password:  initial password for the account:  changeme
        Kdg/1st Grade Student Accounts:
          Username:  network username plus .bsd                  Example:  27astu.bsd
          Password:                                                                                123abc

                 2nd-5th Grade Student Accounts:
                     Username:  network username plus .bsd                                  Example:  25astudent.bsd
                     Password:  graduation year - three letter network password                        25-hat

 Note:  If you want to have your secondary students use Discovery Ed with individual student account access, contact Jeen for account checks/setups.   6th-12th Grade Student Accounts:  

   Many of these will already have accounts set up from elementary school.  

   Middle School Accounts:
   username:  network username plus .bsd                                                  example:  21astudent.bsd
   password:  graduation year + hyphen + student's 4 digit lunch PIN         example:  21-3920

   Password resets for student accounts are done at the administrative level.
   Mike Royal can do this if you have one or two students who need a password reset.
   For a group of student password resets, contact Jeen Steiger.

Jeen Steiger,
Sep 2, 2016, 8:02 AM