GROWTH Assessments are given in the Fall, Winter, and Spring.  The steps you will use in creating a test are described in a document that you will find in  the Quick References section linked from your opening map page.  Look for the Quick References link on the  page that opens when you log into the MAP site at teach.mapnwea.org:

Printable resources for testing linked to the "Quick References" page:include:
  1. Proctor Tips and Troubleshooting (7 pages)  ---- tips to supervise (proctor) your test administration 
  2. Proctor Guide (24 page printable)
  3. Student introduction to MAP Testing (1 page printable)
  4. Test Navigation Keyboard Shortcuts (1 page printable)
The Quick References for Printed Resources page also links to additional resources.  For example, a great channel page for the MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) Progress assessments will lead to a page of tutorial links.  

         Explore the following group of tutorials about Testing forMAP Growth: