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Notice that basic info about proctoring --- the guide and troubleshooting and tips pages ---are referenced on the testing page of this intranet site.  Additional info is on the troubleshooting page of this intranet site. 

12.01.17:  The following info and attached files have helped in solving some of the testing session problems we have encountered during the first week of Winter testing.

Proactive Proctoring for NWEA testing sessions*

Proctor the session on a “wired” PC (one that connects to the network by cable --- BHS/BMS library circulation desk, HS lab “Smartboard” PC, all BMS lab PCs, most classroom “Smartboard” PCs in all buildings, MT lab PCs, MG library PCs.

Troubleshooting --- when a student is “kicked out” and can no longer find his/her name in the testing session.

On the proctor console:

1.    Select the student in the test session.

2.    From the Select Action menu, choose Do Not Confirm.  (this should release the “lock” so the student can rejoin the session)

3.    The student's status should automatically change to Awaiting Student.

4.    The student should now be able to rejoin the session.

Refresh the proctor console

In some cases, your computer may have lost its connection to our servers, or your browser may have timed out the connection. If the steps above to change the student's status do not work, take the following steps on the proctor computer:

1.      Navigate away from the test session by clicking the Home link at the top of the page. Note that this will not interfere with student testing.

2.      Select Manage Test Sessions.

3.      Click Return to Testing.

4.      Check the student's status and follow the appropriate steps above.

Close and reopen the testing browser or app:

If the student still cannot find their name, and you have verified that the student's status is Awaiting Student, have the student close and reopen the testing browser or app and try again.

Keyboard Commands for Testing if you need to force the testing browser or app to close.


*Printable document for above "Proactive Proctoring" tips is attached below; it also includes the following info in table format:

"Student Status --- What it Means"

"Which Action -- Pause, Suspend, or Terminate"

"Keyboard Commands for Testing"


Jeen Steiger,
Dec 1, 2017, 9:27 AM