Mission Statement

Brentwood Congregational United Church of Christ Mission Statement

We, the members of Brentwood Congregational United Church of Christ, recognizing our blessings and our obligation to God and His Children, do hereby claim the following mission in His work: To recognize Christ in all those with whom we come in contact, to restore the broken unity of all God's children in Christ, and to hold as sacred the Words of Scripture; to grow personally and spiritually in our understanding of His Holy Word through worship and Bible study, and to encourage the same growth of others; to demonstrate through our daily lives the joy we have found in His grac, and the peace that comes from following Him, and to serve as leaders in our church and community, and to demonstrate and equip all for service to others.

Youth Group Purpose Statement

Brentwood Congregational Youth Group strives to:
Strengthen our youth's knowledge of the Lord, to prepare them to
Share God's love with others by
Serving community and
Celebrating God's presence in their lives as they
Encourage one another throughout their walk with Christ