Brentwood Congregational UCC

On behalf of the Congregation of Brentwood Congregational United Church of Christ, I would like to welcome you.  We are located at 2400 South Brentwood Blvd.63144, in the heart of Brentwood, MO.

Our church has been part of the Brentwood community since 1922. Together we seek to find ways to follow Jesus in this new century and to be a faith community where people of all ages can build together, create together, grow together, serve together.

At BCUCC you are not asked to check your mind at the door. You will not be told what to think or believe. Instead, you will be encouraged to join us on a faith journey, to read the Bible for yourself and believe and live as God guides you.

The United Church of Christ, of which our congregation is a part, has two main themes: "That they all may be one" (John 17:21) and "God is still speaking."

We believe in unity with all Christians and respect for followers of other religions or no religion.  God is not frozen in the past, not limited by space or time. God can be your companion in your journey towards new hope and new community. We are excited about God's extravagant welcome and desire to reach out especially to those who have felt there is no room for them in the church: the excluded and alienated, the homeless, the questioning.

If you are searching for a new church, a place for a wedding, or if you are just searching, I would be delighted to talk with you. Feel free to call the church office at 314-962-9966 or contact me by email at

In Christ's Love,

Pastor Susan