You got a Google Drive REBOOT last semester, now it's time to GO FOR THE GOLD!
Below is a series that will begin next week to help you take your Google skills to the next level!  
Each session will be offered as a Lunch-and-Learn session with me in the library. 
Come to one or come to all!  Don't forget to bring your laptop!!

Are you tired of grading endless papers? Are you looking to work smarter, not harder? Come see how Google Forms + Flubaroo can help you win the grading race!  Bring your laptop and a 3-5 question quiz to practice!  This will be a HANDS ON, interactive session!
Tuesday, February 23
Autocrat is a script that will allow you to automatically create merged documents from information in Google Sheets.  Need to send form letters to students or create printable documents from spreadsheet data? This will get you across the finish line!
Tuesday, March 1
Whether you're looking for a tool for student e-portfolios or just curious about Google's website platform, this session will give you the basics on how to create a site and get started personalizing it.  This little known tool could be a BIG WIN for you and your students!
Tuesday, March 8