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Chapel & Religion Classes 


 Students in gr. 1-4 participate in Chapel once or twice a week, and have a 30 minute religion class every other 6 day cycle.  PreK students participate in chapel twice a month, and have a 20 minute religion class every other cycle.  Chapel and class are interwoven.  In class we delve into stories and questions rigorously and intellectually. 
 In chapel we contemplate the power and mystery of God - 
we praise, we pray, we sing, we listen, and we abide in God's love. 

Schools can no longer simply feed children the answers, and ask them to regurgitate information with which we've filled their heads.  Our world today requires THINKERS and PROBLEM SOLVERS and CREATIVITY.  We will ponder and ruminate and reflect on the truly profound questions that children ask. 

The primary texts for Chapel and Religion Class come from the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures.  We explore other faith traditions as well, and often use picture books to learn more.  Parents and students are always welcome and encouraged to speak in chapel about how you live out your faith or values.