Artville is the center of art activities for Pre-School, Kindergarten, First Grade and Second Grade. It is a magical moment when children enter the art room for the first time and are introduced to the flying dragons of Artville. I feel that the creativity and spirit of fun that inspired the painted dragons will continue to inspire children of all ages as they explore their ideas and express their dreams.

Child’s play is really all about learning, and in Artville, we play to learn.  Children learn about the elements of art; line, shape, color, value, texture, form and space.  Our cultural heritage is explored through the Masterpiece Art program and field trips to museums.  By learning to appreciate art throughout the world, children develop empathy and multi-cultural  awareness.  But the most important thing in Artville is having the experience of thinking with the playful, creative mind.

We use mostly permanent paint in Artville. The importance of this is illustrated by the sad state of Dinky's head and tail, (Dinky and Winky is the two headed dragon in the banner below). The formerly bright colors of the dragon on the left faded within three years, even with a protective coat of acrylic gloss. Your child will create paintings that you will want to keep forever. We wear smocks, but they don't cover everything.  You can plan a particular "Art Day" outfit, so that not everything in your child's closet has paint spots. 

The Rainbow Rotation

The six day schedule corresponds with the colors of the rainbow. Your child might know what color day they have art, and then you can help them remember to wear a shirt that already may have a little splotch of paint on it.

 This Way to Artville...
If you want to visit Artville, and I hope you all do, it is in room 179, formerly 407.  You can find us via the Upper School entrance, up the stairs by the cafeteria and left through the back hallway.  Or you can travel the way your children do, up the stairs by the kindergarten, turn right, then left, then right. 
  You should emerge right outside our door.  

Artville Wish List
  • Shoe boxes, cardboard tubes
  • plastic containers with or without lids
  • functional blender
  • tin pie pans
  • yarn
  • Etc.

Painting a mural in Paccha, Peru

                                                     Never Too Old for Artville!
                                                    Two Artville alums drop by with a gift of sponges, and helpful suggestions for the Tunnel of Fun.