Jyotirmya Kumar & Karthik Papisetty

Project Summary


    Prostate cancer is a disease that impacts millions of men around the world. The purpose of this research is to identify key targets of the cancerous cells in the prostate and to disrupt the signals that these cells use for invading the prostate gland and distant organs. This study examines the carbohydrate Hyaluronan (HA) and its receptor, RHAMM, as a target in order to inhibit prostate cancer. HA has been shown by many studies to help advance prostate cancer. To study the effect of RHAMM on prostate cancer cell growth and migration, normal prostate tumor cells, mock prostate tumor cells, and CRISPR cells (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats) without RHAMM were used. The growth, migration, and protein expression of these cells was measured in 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional plates. The results show that the RHAMM CRISPR cells displayed impaired motility and slower growth in the 3-dimensional and the migration assays. In 16 hours, the migration of the RHAMM CRISPR cells was more than 50% slower than the growth of normal and mock tumor cells. Therefore, it is apparent that removal of the receptor RHAMM is an important step to reduce prostate cancer metastasis.

 Jyotirmya Kumar

    My name is Jyotirmya Kumar. I am currently a 12th grader, this was my first year in science research. I enjoy playing tennis and ping pong. I have played the piano for the past seven years, I also playing the traditional indian drum, the Tabla. I am interested in pursing Computer Science and Economics in college. I also enjoy listening to music, reading, and hanging out with friends and family.
   Karthik Papisetty

My name is Karthik Papisetty. I am currently in 10th grade. This is my first year in Advanced Science Research, but I have been participating in science fairs since I was in 6th grade. After this year, it has become apparent to me that I have an innate scientific interest in Cellular Biology. In Breck School, I am a member of the Robotics team and am also a member of the Varsity Tennis team. Outside of school, I enjoy playing competitive tennis in tournaments sectionally, and nationally. I have been playing tennis from the age of 10. I have also been playing guitar for 6 years. I enjoy spending time with friends and family in my free time.

"Insert Pithy Quote HERE!!!."
“Science research is not just about you. It’s about like minds coming together to cooperate in something truly revolutionary. It not only gives you a great experience, but it also advances the scientific community.”

Honors & Awards

Jyotirmya Kumar (2017) & Karthik Papisetty (2019) worked at the Masonic Cancer Center under the guidance of Dr. James McCarthy. Karthik is a sophomore, and looks forward to continuing his research next year.

Twin Cities Regional Science Fair:

  • Earned top ribbons, signifying qualification to the Minnesota State Science Fair Competition in March
  • Selected as Research Paper Competition Finalists signifying qualification to the North Central Tri-State Junior Science & Humanities Symposium in March
State Science and Engineering Fair:
  • Beckman-Coulter 2nd place Science Award.
Junior Science and Humanities Symposium:
  • Minnesota Academy of Science Outstanding Achievement Award