Jiaheng (Julien) He & Sung Wan Huh

Project Summary

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There are widespread commercial applications of lasers, such as laser cutters, laser pointers, and laser printers, just to name a few. Due to their well-defined frequency, narrow divergence, and high intensity, lasers are used in many different fields, including medicine and science. Currently, most lasers used are either inorganic or crystal lasers. However, those lasers are relatively inflexible compared to organic lasers, due to their fixed color, difficult manufacturing process, and high production costs. Therefore, many researchers have begun to investigate the more versatile organic laser. The goal of our work was to increase the versatility of the organic laser by making it transparent, durable, and cost-effective. In this study, we first recreated the organic laser of Kozlov et. al., 2000 to learn how to operate the machinery necessary to create organic lasers. Next, our study designed a setup to test organic lasers. Through educational guesses and trial and error, a system to effectively test the organic lasers was successfully created. Lastly, we created a more versatile laser using a glass substrate and the plastic lid of a takeout box from a local restaurant. The results showed that the laser we built successfully lased while being transparent. The plastic laser, judging by the substrate alone, was about 100,000 times cheaper than the substrate used by Kozlov et. al., 2000. This advancement in creating a cost-effective, durable, organic laser is an important step in revolutionizing its mass production and expanding its applications.
 Jiaheng (Julien) He

My name is Jiaheng He and I am (before June 8, 2017) /was (after June 8, 2017) a senior. This is my first year in Breck’s Advanced Science Research program.
I am from China and came to the Breck in 11th grade.
I have a strong interest in Physics, and I think Math just a tool for Physics. I believe that MATLAB is better than Mathematica, and C++ is better than python. (Fight me!)
In my free time, I like to sleep and play CS:GO, WOT, WT……….
   Sung Wan Huh

My name is Sung Wan Huh and I am a senior. This is my first year in Breck’s Advanced Science Research program
I'm from Korea and came to US in 5th grade. I've been an international student at Breck for 6 years.
I'm interested in Physics and Mathematics, but I only like Physics because it is applied mathematics.
I've played cello since I was 4, and I play in Breck Chambers Orchestra and in Minnesota Youth Symphonies. 
In my free time, I like to sleep.

"Science research taught me to never stop asking questions, to never stop seeking new solutions and to never stop challenging accepted norms. By only exploring the definitive scientific world, anyone could be limited in his or her knowledge or capabilities. Yet having the soul of an explorer can always lead us to make the small step that eventually becomes a big leap, changing history."
"Science research has allowed me to understand the beauty of the research experience and finding something that is new and original. Often in regular classes, we are encouraged to follow the material that is laid out for us, but Advanced Science Research encourages you to search in uncharted territory in a particular field. There is no limit to how many questions I can ask, and I found this freedom exciting."
Honors & Awards

Jiaheng (Julien) He (2017) & Sung Wan Huh (2017) worked at Chemical Engineering and Material Science department in University of Minnesota under the guidance of Dr. Russell Holmes. Julien will be attending the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and Sung Wan will be attending University of California, Berkeley this coming fall.

Tri-State Junior Science and Humanities Symposium

  • North Central Tri-State Junior Science & Humanities Symposium participants

State Science and Engineering Fair

  • Office of Naval Research – U.S. Navy and Marine Corps Award
  • SPIE International Society for Optics and Photonics 1 st place high school project award
  • Minnesota State Science and Engineering Fair participants

Twin Cities Regional Science Fair

  • International Science & Engineering Fair Alternates, awarded an opportunity to attend Intel's

international competition in May 2017 in Los Angeles, CA

  • 3M Foundation Sponsor Award
  • United States Army Award
  • Top ribbon signifying qualification to the Minnesota State Science Fair Competition in March
  • Research Paper Competition Finalist signifying qualification to the North Central Tri-State Junior Science & Humanities Symposium in March