The Advanced Science Research Program gives the opportunity to students interested in science to have an actual research experience. The students are placed in a research lab with a faculty mentor and spends time during the summer pursuing a research project of his or her choosing. Students are matched based on their interests and talents with university mentors. Then they work for at least 320 hours during the summer in the lab, starting either during May Program or the first week of June. Summer research experiences are offered at universities and colleges such as the University of Minnesota, St. Thomas, and Augsburg. During research, students learn to use a vast array of databases to find information on their research topic. As they work in the laboratory, students keep a notebook following the guidelines of the laboratory in which they work.  

    Once school begins in the fall, students enroll in the Advanced Science Research 
class. During class, students write research papers, design posters, and create PowerPoints. They present their work at the Minnesota Science and Engineering Fair and at the Junior Science and Humanities Symposium. There is also a formal seminar presentation held at Breck School given to mentors, research students, and parents. The Science Department believes that doing real research and working with mentors encourages students to pursue careers in science. Unlike our regular science classes, where science is taught using books and discrete laboratory experience, the Advanced Science Research Program immerses students in real-world scientific studies. The excitement and interest in science generated by the program enriches our science program.