Grant Parrish & James Williams

Project Summary
The goal of our study is to determine if a correlation exists between activity level of a patient and their recovery time to a traumatic brain injury (TBI). After having both played school sports for years, we observed our friends suffer from TBIs, and noticed there appears to be a difference in the recovery times of students who are more active than those who are less. The purpose of our research was to quantitatively and qualitatively evaluate the role activity plays in recovering from a TBI. Because injured tissue requires more oxygen to survive than healthy tissue, we hypothesized that people who are active both before and after their TBI will have shorter recovery times.

We worked with Hennepin County Medical Center’s Brain Injury research team. We focused our study on concussion-like injuries reported in HCMC’s emergency room:

1) Step one of the study consisted of admission of patient test subjects. They took a SCAT 3 Symptom Evaluation Scores during their admissions as well as two weeks, four weeks and three months after injury.

2) In step two we created an Activity Questionnaire that categorized individuals into Sedentary, Moderate, and Active groups. The questionnaire asked questions about their occupation, age, injury, and activity basis.

3) Step three was to create a survey for practitioners in the fields of neuroscience and sports medicine. The survey sought to compile their suggestions for improving TBI diagnosis and research.

The information we gathered in all three steps will contribute to better understanding diagnosis and treatment of TBIs
 Grant Parrish

My name is Grant Parrish and I am a senior. This was my first year being a part of Breck's Advanced Science Research program. My scientific interests were in all areas of the medical field, as I am very passionate about helping out others. I loved being involved with patients and talking with them about all the struggles that are faced, and how we can better understand what they are going through in order to solve them. I am also involved in both hockey and soccer at Breck, and I believe that is why I wanted to look more into Traumatic Brain Injuries
   James Williams

My name is James J Williams IV. I am a Senior and have been at Breck ever since preschool. This was my first and last year of being a part of research. I have an interest in working in the medical field, and learning how the body works in coordination with exercise and neurologically. 

"Science Research was a great way for me to get my foot in the door of the medical world. It made me more comfortable talking about new topics, and gave me great presenting skills. I learned many things that will push my abilities in life, and I am very happy I could be a part of this team."
"In research I learned how to time manage myself and how to create professional work. Being a part of science research is being a part of a community. Ms. Crenshaw was a big help through all of this."
Honors & Awards

Grant Parish '17 & James Williams '17

State Science and Engineering Fair

  • Minnesota State Science and Engineering Fair participants

Twin Cities Regional Science Fair

  • Top ribbon signifying qualification to the Minnesota State Science Fair Competition in March
  • Research Paper Competition participant