Nate Breitenfeldt 
- Chemistry

Nate worked in the Chemistry Engineering Department at the University of Minnesota under the supervision of Dr. David Blank. Nate characterized a new amino-acid coumarin dye that can be used as a sensitive probe of protein structure and dynamics.

Samarth Damania 
- Computer Science

Samarth worked in the Computer Science & Engineering Department at the University of Minnesota under the supervision of Dr. Jaideep Srivastava. Samarth used data-mining techniques to determine factors that contribute to costs paid for the top 25 most-commonly used prescription drugs. 

Robby Dorn and 
Saeed Haki-Hashemi - Materials Science

Robby and Saeed collaborated on a project in the Chemical Engi- neering and Materials Science Department at the University of Minnesota under the supervision of Dr. Russell Holmes. Robby and Saeed engineered photo-luminescent thin films with organic spacer-layers in order to make more efficient organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs).

Andrew Engel and 
Alejandro Fenn - Engineering

Andrew and Alejandro collaborated on a project at Medtronic, Inc., under the supervision of Dr. Gaurav Jain. Andrew and Alejandro engineered an optical cell to determine rates of dissolution of commonly used metal-particle contaminants in lithium-ion batteries. 

Anna Hendrickson and
 Eva Wang - Biochemistry 

Anna and Eva collaborated on a project, working in the Hepatology Research Lab at Hennepin County Medical Center under the supervision of Dr. Jeffrey Albrecht. Anna and Eva investigated the role that two proteins—cyclin D1 and PPAR—play a role in cancer-cell metabolism. 

Caleb Kumar

Caleb worked at Access Genetics under the supervision of Dr. Ron McGlennen. Caleb validated a neural network that he pro- grammed last year to diagnose bladder cancer. 

Annie Jiao 
- Medicine and Health/Behavioral Sciences

Annie worked in the Veterinary Science department at the University of Minnesota under the supervision of Dr. Tim Johnson. Annie determined the efficiency of multidrug-resistant plasmid transfer from lethal bacteria to other bacteria. Annie’s work will aid in developing strategies to control spread of highly drug-resistant plasmids. 

Taylor McCanna 
- Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Taylor worked in the Physics Department at Augsburg College under the supervision of Dr. David Murr. Taylor designed, built, and tested grounded and mobile field mills and then launched the mobile field mill as a payload on a weather balloon. Her mill design will be constructed and then launched worldwide to study the global electric current, which is an indicator of global climate change.

Aris Prince
 - Behavioral Science

Aris conducted her research under the supervision of Dr. Martha Nance. Aris studied knowledge of brain disorders and ways in which different generations access information on the disorders. 

Jessica Ryvlin and 
Claire Simpson - Medicine and Health

Jessica and Claire collaborated on a project, working at the University of Minnesota Department of Pediatrics under the supervision of Dr. Angela Panoskaltsis-Mortari. Jessica and Claire investigated immune response of a new treatment for chlorine gas exposure.

Ellen Soskin 
- Microbiology

Ellen worked in the Microbiol- ogy Department at the University of
St. Thomas under the supervision of Dr. Jayna Ditty. Ellen quantified chemotactic response of the bacteria Pseudomonas putida (FU1) to determine its feasibility 
in bioremediation of toxic furan compounds found in pesticides and weed killers used on farm crops.

Roshny Vijayakar 
- Medicine and Health

Roshny worked in the Divi- sion of Neonatology at the University of Minnesota under the supervision of Dr. Raghavendra Rao. Roshny studied long- term effects of perinatal iron deficiency on glucose-transporter expression in the brain.