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What is the buying club?

It is a cooperative that connects you to your local gluten free artisans. Buying through a cooperative allows the

What is in my box?

We hand pick items from local artisans and in some cases national artisans to bring you an assortment of gluten-free items. The assortment varies each month but will always include sweet and savory items. Much will be freezer friendly and all will be delicious. You can choose from three box options: Family, Kid and Foodie.

Do you accomodate other allergies?

We can sustitute dairy free, or items made only at a gluten-free facility if requested. Such boxes may have less variety. We cannot accomodate egg-free or soy-subscriptions at this time. As we grow we may be able to accomodate more variety.

How do I get my box?

You can pick up your box at one of our pick up sites. Currently we have one site in Palo Alto and are interested in expanding to San Mateo, San Francisco and South Bay.

Can I purchase additional add-on items?

Yes. Each month you will receive a list of products from the artisans for that month that can be delivered with your CSA.

What if I can't pick up on the designated day?

You are required to pick up on the pick up day. You are allowed to place 2 vacation holds a year on your box. At the Palo Alto site you may pre-arrange for a late pick up 72 hours in advance, but the contents of the box may need to be modified due to the longer storage time.

What if I don't like something in my box?

Trade it out with one of the many gluten free goodies in the grab bag.

How are payments processed?

Right now we accept personal check or Paypal from a verified account. Since we are not making a profit, we don't have the ability to absorb credit card fees at this time.

How do I get a pickup site near me?

We need 10 members in an area and a cool pick up site available to start a new pick up site. Email buyingclub@breakingbreadblog.com to express interest.

Bay Area Gluten Free Buying Club | Palo Alto, CA | www.breakingbreadblog.com