About Us

Welcome to our site. We are two brothers with engineering degrees who are into technology and motorcycles  Between the two of us we have been riding for over 10 years. We have recently moved closer to each other and to our father who rides and we have taken advantage of this closeness by doing rides together.
We love the freedom that riding brings to us, but we had a couple of complaints that centered around having to use a key for bikes. We are fans wearing protective gear and we can’t count the number of times that we have put all our gear on, only to realize that our keys are still in our pockets. We end up having to at least remove our gloves and start looking in our pockets to find the keys. The other issue we have is the damage that a key ring could do the finish of the bike and if you are like us, you take pride in keeping your bike sharp.

We began researching keyless solutions, but soon found that none of the current options suited us. The most popular solution was a FOB system. While that met our requirements for a keyless solution, it had other items that concerned us. One was if we lost the FOB, it could be expensive to replace. The other main issue we found was that some of them required us to do a significant amount of alterations to the current ignition set-up and could even affect the use of the original key. We passed on those options and figured we would just keep looking. Then last year on a group ride, we were using our phones to pull down directions for our next stop when the question came up about using our phones as keys to the motorcycle. We always carry our phones with us for directions and for emergency situations. We figured this would work well and this would never make us go digging for our keys.
Based on our previous research and our requirements, we decided it was best to build the system for ourselves. We made a prototype that allowed us to use the Bluetooth capability on our phones to engage the ignition system. That way when our phone's Bluetooth is on and paired with the motorcycle, we can start the motorcycle up without the need for the key to be in the ignition. Using our phones also allows us to use more than one phone and if we ever get a new phone, we can just pair the device with the new phone and there is no additional cost. We also focused on making a few changes to the bike as possible because we didn't want interfere with the ability to use the key or affect the kill switch at all. 

Our final solution allows the original key to work normally which is great in case we need to give someone a key for the bike like our mechanic. We still carry our keys on us for things like our saddlebags, gas cap, and as a backup in case our phone dies, but now we don't have to worry about fumbling for our keys once our gear is on or about the key ring flapping in the wind and scuffing up our finish. As we worked on it and started using it, others that we told about it began asking if we could build systems for them. This made us decide to look into making them and selling them to like minded bikers that wanted the same convenience factor and somewhat of a cool factor of being able to use your phone as a starting system.