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We are relaunching BRAT into a modular solution for a variety of applications - here is some basic overview of the product and information about the initial  Keyless Motorcycle starting module.

What will BRAT do?
BRAT will give users the ability to start their motorized vehicle without a key in – it only requires their Bluetooth enabled cell phone to be with them. This product will be unique that it will not disrupt the existing keyed start or existing connections. Their cell phone will be paired to the BRAT which when in the close proximity of the system, will allow the user to start their engines. The system will only check at initial starting for the location of the cell phone. Since this system compliments their existing system, the key system will always work in parallel. This prevents having your key flapping around and marking up the finish; yet still allows complete use of the factory key in emergencies and when left for servicing.
Compared to other solutions which require a key FOB, ours provides a very clean interface – no additional parts to carry around or be concerned about replacing – replacements can run up to $75 per key FOB. Most everyone has a Bluetooth enabled cell phone and carrying their cell phone is a good safety practice.

How does BRAT work?
The BRAT module simply pairs with your Bluetooth-enabled cell phone. Simply by having your phone on you, your bike will power up with the press of a button. No application to install on your phone, just the built-in Bluetooth capability.
When you press the button on your motorcycle, BRAT will search for your paired cell phone. Once it confirms the phone is in proximity, it will energize the relay and your bike is ready to go. Your phone only needs to be in range for this to work, so your phone can stay in your pocket.
Secure - the system is paired to your cell phone, protected by a unique 4-digit pin code and your phone’s own unique address; supporting only one phone at a time.

  • Quick access to starting your bike and riding
  • No key ring beating in the wind - damaging your finish/paint
  • No key to fumble with to insert and turn
  • No need to remove gloves to search for key
  • Helps you remember your cell phone
  • One cellphone can be paired with multiple BRAT units - one cell phone to start all of your motorcycles
  • No transponders, keys, or key FOBs - just your bluetooth enabled cell phone!
  • No expensive replacement “key” - pair to another cell phone or use the factory key
  • No application to install on your phone
  • Allows existing key operation - no need to give up cell phone for servicing, allows key to be back up
  • Easy installation - connects in parallel with the factory system
  • Works with most Harley, American, and Metric bikes
  • Variety of “activation” options available - push button included