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Latest "Notes" from "R"
I am ordering 200 CD's from the great concert we had at Tabor a few weeks ago. The cover and insert are just as beautiful as the music it contains. The CD isĀ titledĀ 
Earth Song. I believe it captures the raw energy and amazing sound of our groups this year. Each CD will be $20.00. You can take your chances when they come in, or you can E-Mail me with a number you would like reserved. I will not be able to re-order these so please take advantage now. or

To my graduated Seniors:
Jessica Strassburg, our hero once again was able to upload the "Senior Slideshow"!!! Scroll below to find it.

To all Choir students:
I will be working on getting the Spain video and pictures up here soon.Please keep checking this website for updated information.
A huge thank you to Sasha and Izzy for coming in on Thursday and finishing getting all of the choir music put away so the library is ready to hand over to our new librarians. Izzy was working when I came in at 7:30!!! They both stayed at least a 1/2 day. They are amazing and dedicated...thank you so much!!!!

Senior Slide Show Part 1

Senior Slide Show Part 2

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