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Just got a really cool E-mail from one of our former student Tech Directors, Jake Braver. He has been working in the movie industry as a special effects specialist for a while. (kids...I believe I told you about him, and there is a cool photo he took of me from the booth that is on the main wall in the choir room) Also, you might remember that he worked on
The Fault in Our Stars
Anyway..please read:


I hope this finds you well! I'm currently in London prepping X-Men: New Mutants. We start shooting in January.

I'm writing to let you know some of my good friends and I made a movie for teenagers... and for people who used to be teenagers. 

Paper Towns opens this Friday July 24th !!

Variety says:
"If it’s authenticity these young adults seek, they could do far worse than this second film drawn from a John Green bestseller (after last year’s hit “The Fault in Our Stars”): It may not subvert every cliche of the high-school romance genre, but director Jake Schreier’s coming-of-age dramedy nonetheless pulses with moving and melancholy moments as it follows a 17-year-old boy who spends an unforgettable night with the girl of his dreams, then decides to pursue her when she suddenly leaves town the next day."

Here is a link to the trailer:

And here is a link to buy tickets:
Please go see it!! 



I met with Hilliard and Alana yesterday, (two of our three Trip Coordinators). It was fun to tell them all about the trip and to make plans for the school year. We are working on ideas to get everybody ready to travel.
 It is going to be really fun!
My next project in these next few weeks is to select music for next year. Doing this site tour really helped refine my ideas on repertoire, and what those audiences want to hear from us.

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What's going on in the Auditorium:

BHS Auditorium

Don't worry:
I'll get some new things up here soon!
Maybe pictures from the trip can be posted.

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