The Choir Lobby

Notes from R:
-Oh my goodness...
I can't believe we just did that whole performance in the rain...with just a little help from Deben, John, and Adam...
you all are usual!!!!
I guess in one is a final performance I will never forget.
More importantly,
I will never forget that so many of you showed up and did this with me.
You raised your voices in song for me
one last time...
You are very special, and I think you know by now that I love you!!!

Congratulations Class of 2017
I am so proud of you all!!!

You Light the Way

Listen to OUR Beethoven here!!!:
A few words to describe our Peace Project Concert:
el duende!!!
earth shaking

This is us at the John Lennon Peace Wall in Prague.
 Singing here inspired our
Peace Project!!!

Here is a link to our Instrumental Program's Website:

What's going on in the Auditorium:

BHS Auditorium

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Thanks for the memories

Senior Slide Show 2017

Fair thee well...

Beethoven Memories

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