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If you have reached this site looking for ticket information for our production of "Les Miserables" welcome!
You will find all the information on the sidebar item:
 Ticket Information

Stay tuned for the Merchant Window Display Contest!

All evening activities have been cancelled including Pit Orchestra :-(
Ugh...I hate snow!!!!

What's going on in the Auditorium:

BHS Auditorium

Les Miserables Rehearsal Schedule

 With all of the awful weather predictions for this week...we are going to have to be ready for some creative scheduling. Keep your schedule free please and use any snow/down time to keep up and get ahead on your school work.     

I will be updating this schedule tonight.                                                  

Tuesday, March 3                   2:30-4:30             Backstage Crew

Tonight is cancelled...I will talk to students in choir about coming after school.

Wednesday, March 4             2:00-6:00 pm  Sound Load in 

                                                  3:15                   Leads at gym

                                                  6pm    Act 1 without Orchestra, with Mics


Thursday, March 5                  3:00-6:00               Barricade sequence


Friday, March 6                     3:15                   Leads at gym

                                                3-10 pm    Backdrop painting on stage (Maria and Jess)


Saturday, March 7                10:00-8:30             All Cast

                                                      Run Play

                                                  (Make sure Act 2 is ready for Monday)

                                                                               Costume Work

Sunday, March 8                   10am-6pm            Light Cues


Monday, March 9                  6:00-7:00             Cast Warm-up/prep work

                                                7:00-9:30              Act 2: Music w/orchestra

Tuesday, March 10               3:00-9:30              Wet Tech

Wednesday, March 11          3:15                       Leads at gym (easy)

                                                 2:30-4:30             Backstage Crew

Thursday, March 12             7:00 D/B              1st Dress Rehearsal

                                               (Science CAPT Testing during school)

Friday, March 13                   3:15                 Leads at gym (easy)

                                                 2:30-4:30             Backstage Crew


Saturday, March 14              1:00 D/B             2nd Dress Rehearsal

                                                                             (SAT testing)

                                                 6:00                     Cast dinner                         



Production Week

Please note:

Cast call schedule will be decided and posted at a later date.

Orchestra Call is always an hour before show time.


Monday, March 16                  7:00 D/B            Final Dress Rehearsal    


Tuesday, March 17                 3:15                 Leads at gym (easy)


Wednesday, March 18           7:30                      1st Performance


Thursday, March 19              7:30                      2nd  Performance


Friday, March 20                    7:30                      3rd  Performance


Saturday, March 21                7:30                      4th Performance


Sunday, March 22                  2:00                       Final Performance



Tuesday, March 24                TBA                     Mandatory strike

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