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Please read below for thoughts from the Sepot family,
 through Leslie Peters:

Thanks to Hilliard, pronunciation podcasts are up for the German and Czech carols Music Makers and Mainstreet Singers are doing. Thanks are amazing!!!

I said that I would write more about the events of the week but I was at a loss for words...still a little numb... Then this gorgeous email came in that said it all. It is from Patti-Ann Rahl, a parent of two of my former students, the singer we worked with at the grave Friday, and a singer with the fantastic female vocal trio, Sin Sisters .PLEASE read this:
Solos are here below. As you can see I got creative and I will explain in school. I did the best I could to feature as many people as possible without compromising quality.
CD Solo Work
 Please remember that this is only the start of the year, and the start of all of the opportunities. Some of these songs needed a certain type of voice to match the meaning of the words and the style of the music... So it is possible that you sounded great, but your voice was too powerful, or too meek for the songs you wanted to be considered for. In general, I was THRILLED that SO MANY of you auditioned. I always learn so much about you when you come forward like this...BRAVO to all.

I am still feeling a little emotional from all of the events of this week, so I am unable to express myself clearly.I will try to write more sometime this weekend....but let me at least say that I am intensely proud of my students, as they made huge sacrifices, put their hearts on the line, and shared their beautiful music with all of the friends and family of Tally Sepot. You honored this beautiful girl with your voices.
Rest in peace Tally,
 you truly were a point of light.

Save the date:
CD Release Party-Monday, November 23
6:00-8:30 pm
More details to come!

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