The Choir Lobby

Notes from R:
If anyone is interested in an upright piano for FREE, please contact me at my school email. I know someone who would like to give one away. You would be responsible for the cost of moving it to your house.


Congratulations to Colin Sheehan for organizing such a great event last night!
Branford really appreciated it, as shown by the fantastic turnout.
I am so proud that many of my current students participated.
(Just when you thought you were done for the year you jumped in again)
I am even prouder that so many alumni came to sing!
What an absolute thrill it was to get to work with you again!!!
Particular thanks to Chris Velardi who is there EVERY TIME he is called!
Toni C: Your speech was fantastic and moved so many people!
You are a true inspiration to us all.
Thanks to Chris Dormer and Spencer Steinke for helping me out in the band.
Thanks to John Tedeschi and Chris Altavilla for help as well.
Marissa Salazar, Kelsey Mulligan, Scott Towers, and Colin...awesome singing.
Jess Strassburg...always there to help...the lighting was amazing on both
Town Hall and the Blackstone Library.

BHS Concert Choir with Alumni

A note from "C" and "R" concerning the musical
 (NO...we have no idea what we are doing!)

We would like to announce that next year's Assistant Stage Manager is Louie Orifice.  We know Jared and he will make a great team!

Here is the Slideshow/video from the Senior Concert:

Senior Slideshow FINISHED.mp4

Below you will find a video/movie of pictures from our
Austria/Czech republic Performing Tour. Enjoy!!!

pops movie.mp4

What's going on in the Auditorium:

BHS Auditorium

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