Branford Public Schools is proud to present 

This new site is designed to highlight technologies used at BPS, to provide insight into our educational practices, and to teach school and community members how to use these important technologies.  Teachers, students, parents, and community members are welcome to enrich this initiative by adding videos, asking questions, and providing us with helpful feedback!  Please subscribe to this website or check back frequently to see our latest additions. 

 The short video clips you will find on this website can be divided into three main categories:
  • Screencast- These typically include footage of actual software with a narrator explaining the actions on the screen.  Screencasts are a great way to help users better understand how to use the features of software, an app, or website. 
  • Videos of Instruction-  These are typically 3-5 minutes in length and show examples of students using     technology for learning in and out of the classroom. 
  • Curated Videos-  These are existing videos online that have been curated into our collection due to their relevance to Branford Public Schools.  

Please search below to view some featured videos!  Enjoy!!!

WebPath Express


District Website


Library Websites


Notability (iOS)

 Videos of Instructions:

Smartboard in the 4th Grade


Rocket Design, Construction, Testing


Ipads in 8th Grade Science


Building Robots at BHS


Goggle Chromebooks in High School English


Branford High School, 1965


"What's up with technology at our schools?"

 Curated Videos:  

Edmodo at a glance


Explaining the Common Core


Personalized Reading with myON