2013 Year in Review

Welcome to the Brandhofer 2013 year in review (sorry it was late!).
Our January was pretty uneventful. We were looking forward to February, though, when we planned to go to Las Vegas for Valentines Day. When February finally got here, we went to Vegas and stayed at the Cosmopolitan, one of the new high-rises across the street from Planet Hollywood. The room and view were spectacular. We had a balcony overlooking the fountains at the Bellagio. We could see everything that was going on. We always try to catch a show when visiting. This trip we were lucky enough to see the amazing Ron White.

In March, one of Alan’s friends from High School, Dave Hanson, was in DC on business, so Alan traveled down the beltway to meet and have dinner with him. An afterdinner walk took them by the ever impressive Whitehouse. We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day being a part of the parade in Ocean City with a lot of people from the Free State Corvette Club. It was loads of fun to decorate our cars (and bodies) with green. The parade wasn’t very long, but there were a lot of people who lined the streets to see it. The day was supposed to be a washout, but miraculously, the sun came out, and we were able to enjoy ourselves after all. After the parade everyone enjoyed the many parties along the boulevard and some Guinness may have been consumed.

In May, we attended Corvettes de Mayo at Sunset Hills Winery in Purcellville, Virginia. Fun was had by all that participated.  Sunset Hills has become one of our favorite spots to go to relax and have fun. We saw ZZ Top with the Ben Miller Band at Pier 6 in Baltimore. They were both awesome. The Ben Miller Band played some homemade instruments, and have since toured Europe. They play bluesy tunes, like ZZ Top’s songs. They have some fantastic pics on their Facebook page, if you’re interested in seeing them.
We were delighted to attend a memorial day parade in Sharpsburg, MD. It is always special to observe the laying of the wreath, followed by a spectacular small town parade.
Myrtle beach-A few cars from our Corvette club went to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to attend the Myrtle Beach Corvette Club’s annual car show event. We stayed at a wonderful resort on the beach.  They treated us to a fantastic dinner that Saturday night, and we left wishing we had another day there. Maybe next time, we’ll stay a little longer.

In June, Alan went to Texas on business. It is not common for him to travel for work but it was a special one week treat for sure.

We went on another trip with the Corvette club in July. This time it was to Nashville. We were really busy with club activities this year! We first spent the nite in Asheville, NC. When we got to Nashville, some took a bus to the city, and some stayed at the hotel after a busy day of driving. We went on a showboat, named The General Jackson, and had a great dinner and watched a great show there, went to Churchill Downs, the Jack Daniels Distillery, Mary Bobo’s Boarding House, and a fancy restaurant called Modells, where we met up with a lot of people from the Corvette club in Nashville. We got some southern hospitality from these kind folks, as they put on a great dinner in our club’s honor. We also drove the Tail of the Dragon in North Carolina in the rain. After leaving there for home, on the way to our house in Virginia, our beautiful red Corvette, REDBULL, was sitting at a gas station waiting to get out behind a truck with a trailer on the back of it. Guess he decided he changed his mind about going out at that particular spot, then proceeded to back up right into us. So, a few hundred dollars later, Redbull was fixed and ready to go again.

In July, we purchased a 1973 Corvette Roadster. The car was purchased sight unseen, and shipped from Indiana on a big auto transport. One of our Corvette club friends found it for us, and let’s just say, it was hard for Alan to say no. It’s Metallic Yellow, but looks more like gold. It has taken Redbull’s place in our garage now, while Alan works on it.
We also went to Syracuse, New York in July for their Corvette club’s main event of the year at Sylvan Beach.  Of course, it rained the day of the show. There were hundreds of cars there. We ended up in a restaurant overlooking the beach, having a great time despite the weather. Let’s just say New York has the tastiest pizza of any place ever! Any excuse is a good excuse to eat for this club.

We entered “the ‘73” Corvette into its first car show in August, the Rayburn Car Show.
FSCC picnic was at The Barn at Serra Valley Farms on August 18. The food was delicious and there were a lot of members there. We played games and ate BBQ. It was raining outside, so most of us were under cover. The rain didn’t damper our spirits, as we had lots of fun.
Alan decided now that he has a car that he can work on, he needed a Kwik Lift. He found a guy that sells them, so we headed out to Carlisle, PA to get one. “The ‘73” is on top of it in the garage right now.
Our Corvette club has a booth at Corvettes at Carlisle every year. It’s a premiere event for the Corvette community, near and far. Alan goes to promote our club’s yearly event called “Corvette Weekend” in October, where anywhere from 600 to 700 Corvettes ride down the Ocean City, MD boardwalk.
In September, Jeff Stouffer and Alan went to the Baltimore Gran Prix.
We took  “the ‘73” to the Westridge Car show and it won its 1st trophy.
Then we saw Willie Nelson @ Pier 6. Brenda happened to get fourth row tickets! He was great! We also saw, at a different date, Several Species, who are a Pink Floyd cover band. They rocked!
The first weekend in October was our Corvette club’s Corvette Weekend. Alan is the Webmaster and the Head of Registration for this event, going back three years now. He does a terrific job with it, and really enjoys doing all he can for anyone. We also have rallyes, a car show, and fun shows, as well as vendors who sell cool stuff.
Later on in October, we were at Sunset Hills once again. We had really great weather in October and November in Maryland and Virginia. The club celebrated that great weather by having a Corvette Car Show at Sunset Hills, with a winner in each generation of Corvettes. 
At the end of October, we lost a club member to a senseless accident. Our friend, Pat Nolan, was killed as an intoxicated man drove around a curve at a high rate of speed at 6 o’clock in the morning, and struck the building he was in. We went to the funeral a few days later, and it was standing room only in the church. Afterward, they had a great dinner in his honor, where everyone brought food. RIP Pat Nolan. He was 57 years old. 
In November, we went to see John Fogerty at our first concert at the Lyric Opera House. John played to a packed house. He has been one of Brenda’s favorites since she was 12, the other being Willie Nelson. John was someone neither one of us had seen before. He did not disappoint. It was a fantastic nite!
Thanksgiving was nice. We put up the Christmas tree and decorations on the mantle, and in the living room. Alan put up the lights on the house outside. We had Brenda’s Mom and Dad over to our house in Virginia, where we had turkey and the trimmings. Mom made the most delicious pumpkin pie! Then we watched the movie Elf. It was hilarious.
December has been a quiet month so far. Here’s wishing you and yours the best year ever in 2014!
Happy Holidays!