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          Theater Theory & Performance
                --Professor Thomas King

        My name is Patrick and I'm a student in Professor Tom King's Theater Theory & Performance class at Brandeis University.  This page is a part of the Mapping Brandeis Project, which strives to create an online archive of performance spaces across Brandeis Campus.

    My project focuses on the performance aspects of Waiting at a Bus Stop.
    In what sense is the act of waiting a performance?
    How is the way one performs while waiting affected by those around them?
       This topic entered my mind as soon as we began discussing strips of behavior, discussed by Richard Schechner, and the idea of how one is, in a sense, always performing, as expressed by Erving Goffman.  Strips of behavior, also known as restored behaviors, are defined by Schechner as "
physical, verbal, or virtual actions that are not for the first time; that are prepared or rehearsed" (Schechner 29).  Recently I have been using the Brandeis transportation services, the "Bran Van" and the Crystal Shuttle, very often.  What interested me was the way in which people, while waiting for these vehicles, tried to express themselves to others, often with little to no verbal communication. 

    Throughout this site are many links, some local, some to outside pages.  You are encouraged to explore as you wish, but also to make frequent use of the back button to avoid getting lost.  To begin, please start by viewing my recorded
Strip of Behavior.
    Subsections of this project include:

Front Page.  General site information.
Strip of BehaviorDetailed description of the event itself.  How was this performance unique?
Analysis of this BehaviorCommentary on this strip of behavior.  What caused this performance to be this way?
 The 2nd Stop
The return to the site in an attempt to repeat and expand on the performance
 History of the Performance Site Details about the location of this strip of behavior and links to related pages

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